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Makeover Monday – Robin

When I met Robin the first thing I was mesmerized by was her GORGEOUS sparkling blue eyes.
They are truly stunning!
But once I started actually doing her makeup I started to realize her mouth was JUST as pretty. The most gorgeous full lips and beautiful smile.
They way she generally does her makeup is all eyes and while she certainly can’t go wrong with that I thought I’d create a more “balanced” face. Meaning try to walk the line of drawing the same amount of attention to both the mouth and the eyes.


What I used


IIID Foundation in amber + aura + ash + black cherry + pearl


New brow pen I’m testing + colour pop Black N Brown brow pencil
Pup on her lids and on lashline + Cole for more definition in the crease and on the lash line
& Sabrina to highlight the brow and inner corner (all of these can be found in this palette)
Esqido False lashes in A lash Named Desire
( I also used Aura to brighten up her inner tear line)


Sebastian Pencil + colour pop gloss in A Boo

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!
Talk to you soon!


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