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IIID foundation!!

Maskcara – IIID Foundation in Medium, IIID blush in Shortcake & Illuminator in Pretty in Pearl.
Eyeshadow- Hot cocoa, Rustic & Chesnut from the Cargo Vintage Escape Palette (seriously LOVE this one…I have a palette addiction)
Lips- Buxom Lip Polish in Celeste

(Please excuse the face I’m making, it was the only one I could get matching screen shots with!)

Thank you all for all of your support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

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Will it be available internationally?
Not yet:( In the beginning I was completely sure I would be shipping internationally because I have so many amazing readers all over the world! Then I found out about all of the stuff with customs….holy cow, they really make it difficult! I promise to work towards it until we get there but sadly, I’m not there just yet!

When and where can I order it?
On midnight EST of BLACK FRIDAY November 29th, you can get to the shopping cart here on the blog:)
To better explain what day I mean I will show you a sample schedule:
3pm Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) Eat major amounts of turkey.
4pm Regret eating so much, regret not wearing buffet pants
6pm Eat more cause, it’s just sitting there…staring at you.
8pm Take a short nap/Watch It’s a wonderful life
10pm Eat pie, throw in a roll cause “hey, it’s Thanksgiving!”
11:59 pm Start getting excited to buy some IIID FOUNDATION!
12am on Black Friday Getcher self some makeups!

What about ANIMAL testing?


Does this answer your question?
Cause seriously, did you think I’d allow that!?
No animal testing, baby.

What is your return policy?
I racked my brain on how to work this out for a while now. I’m a small business and I have a much smaller profit margin than large makeup companies so to take a return is a pretty big loss, BUT 2 things: 1 I personally don’t buy ANYTHING unless there’s a return policy I approve, cause I have to have a backup plan and 2: I believe in the product %100 percent.
So if you get it and don’t like it for any reason I will be happy to accept the return for a full refund.
I only ask that you be mindful and let me help you get the right shade if you’re not sure so that we can try skip that whole process if possible:)

What do you use to apply it? 
You can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush. We have the ideal brushes for HACing in our store along with our AWESOME beauty blenders!

What type of coverage is it?
The contour is a light to medium coverage and the highlight is medium but can be built to a full coverage. I have found that it is enough coverage for %90 of the people I have tried it on. If you feel you still need more coverage it can easily be layered over liquid or cream foundation as well.

How can there be only 3 shades?
Since IIID Foundation is not just one color there is actually a lot more leeway on the shade. I have found one of three shades has worked for nearly every single person I have done. The only exception being, I have had a few women of color that the Dark shade wasn’t dark enough. I will be adding a 4th shade ASAP!

How do I know what shade to pick?
Great question! I will have photo examples available on the cart to guide you but I also  figured the #spotmyshape hashtag worked so well, we might as well do this for the foundation color as well!  If you take a photo of yourself  without foundation in natural light and either post it on instagram with a #spotmyshade hashtag or email it to me with a #spotmyshade title I’ll give you my color recommendation. I know some of you might be uncomfortable with posting a photo of yourself without foundation but if you’re not I would really appreciate it. For other women to be able to see the faces and find one that matches their own would be AWESOME. If not I totally understand:) [email protected]

Why have we been doing foundation in one color for so long?
Beats me! I think it might be because we learned to color faces with an apricot crayon at a young age.

Is it long lasting?
YES! If you are oily you may want to set with a setting powder but I would recommend that for any foundation for oily skin:)

How much will it cost? 
For the whole HAC Pack (including the highlight, contour, a cream blush & an illuminator): $47

Individual prices are $12 for each single.

Will people try to steal it from my makeup bag?
Yes, this is very likely. Lock that shiz up! 🙂

What are the ingredients?
You can see details for every product here!

Is it oil-free?
I’m not exactly sure what ingredients make it quality as “oil-free” since there are emollients in it, but I am finding out:)

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