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Hall monitor alert.

You wanna have a second helping of ice cream? I’ll totally support you in that.
Have a secret love for trash TV? Dude, I love Miama Housewives too!
6 days of unwashed hair? I’m happily handing you another shot of dry shampoo as we speak.
Want to call in sick today? Hells yeah, you do.

Some people were put on this earth to volunteer for the homeowners association, to hand out tickets and to otherwise keep us on our best behavior…
but others  have been put here for the exact opposite reason. To convince those with an overactive conscience that they should take  a break.
And 99% of the time, that’s me….
except when it comes to Sleeping in your makeup.
I’m not going to make you feel good about that.

I’m sorry.
It’s an awkward position for me too.
And I’m not just talking about washing your face either, I’m talking about removing your eye makeup as well.
Your eyes and lashes will thank you if you give them some time to breath each night. Your makeup will look much better applied to a fresh face than it will applied to one with yesterdays remnants.

Of all the eye makeup removers in all the world, I have a favorite. It’s cheap, easy and natural:
Easy, cheap and natural way to remove your makeup. I've never tried another way I liked better!
Get some coconut oil at any natural grocers or CLICK HERE
This microfiber headband was a gift from Spa Sister. I’m really in love with their whole line of really adorable bath products!


P.S. I’m Sorry for being bossy, it’s only because I love you:)
P.P.S. In all realness, I totally understand if you sleep in your makeup, only when there are extenuating circumstances though!
P.P.P.S. I suck at tough love.

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