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Time for a tan.

This girl has tried it all! The best products and tips for a natural looking sunless tan.

{UPDATE! I have found a new self tanner that I love even more and the price is even better! Check out my most recent post on that HERE}

It’s march.
There is absolutely NOTHING I like more about spring than the return of sunshine.

Disagree if you like but if there is anything I know, I know this:

I look better tan.
Call me crazy but I think most people look better with a little color.


You look healthier
Your eyes looks brighter.
Your teeth look whiter.
You look thinner.
Your muscles look more defined.
Red spot, blemishes & cellulite almost disappear.
Outfits look more put together.
..and many other things I can’t recall at the moment.

Unfortunately if done improperly tans also can also:
make you look like an umpa-loompa
make you look dirty
give you skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spots
leave you streaky and patchy
make you smell like tequila and corn chips

The line is a fine one.
I have spent enough time on the Snooki side of it that I learned how to stay on the Jen Aniston side.
Even if you are an avid sun tanner I very much recommend adding some sunless products to your regime. It will save your skin and you’ll get so much more bang for your buck.


Best Self Tanning Products Ever.


Jergens |  Sun Labs |  Toma’s

Sun Labs:
I get the Sun Labs Overnight tan in Medium – It’s been the perfect color on every skin tone I’ve tried it on.
I wish I worked for these guys cause I guarantee I would be their best employee. Sadly they don’t even know I exist. I am just a lowly sun labs groupie. I have posted about this stuff relentlessly so to those of you that are long time followers, I am sorry, but I am sure you agree that the newbies need to know!
Why it rocks:
It has a bronzer which is good for those of use who have instant gratification needs.
It doesn’t smell AT ALL. This is a huge one for me. I hate the smell of tanner so bad that I’d almost rather be white most days (in my case white is more of a pale gray-green no such thing as milky white over here)
The color is VERY natural and not at all orange.
Cons? It’s color isn’t as long lasting as some others I have used, but to me the benefits out weight this and since it doesn’t stink or streak, I don’t mind re-applying it.

{Get it here}


This stuff is fast and fabulous.
I like to use a spray on my face and chest because it’s quick and those are the areas I need to apply most often (since I exfoliate my face I lose most the tanner regularly)
I have never known it to clog my pores but I do wash my face every night. Side note here: many self tanners HAVE clogged my pores including sun labs SPRAY VERSION, the lotion version has not.

Cons: I think if you used the spray can on your whole body it would be difficult to get even and you would run out really fast.

{Get it here}

Don’t. Freak. Out.
They fixed the smell.
I promise.
Aside from what used to be an icky after-smell, this is an awesome product. You can use it like you would any other lotion except it gives you buildable color that won’t be streaky because it’s so gradual.

{Get it here}


1. First things first, shave & exfoliate:

In order to avoid the dirt-streaked-spotted-tan you gotta start with debris free skin. Before I do a tanning treatment I take a CSI shower. Like if I was going to commit a crime and didn’t want to leave my DNA trail I would shower like that.

2. Lotion up your dry areas.

Self tanning tips
Don’t apply regular lotion on your whole body (you want your skin to be able to soak up the tan) you just need a little bit on the extra dry areas so that they won’t look darker than the rest

3. Apply Tanner

Self tanning tips
Tan one body part at a time. Meaning lower leg, feet, upper leg, bum, tummy, chest, decolletage, upper arm lower arm & hands. Start with one pump and work up, it’s better to start with less product and build up than to have too much at once.

4. Apply Tanner to your Face:

Self tanning tips.
This is controversial because a lot of people prefer not to tan their faces. I think having a tan face is a major part of the fun. I prefer to have a tan under my makeup too rather than just wear darker makeup or a lot of bronzer because I think it looks more natural and it isn’t as likely to rub off throughout the day.
I have used products that have broken me out but Sun Labs and Tomas do not.
I do wash and exfoliate my face every night though, so I end up reapplying my tan twice as often on my face, which isn’t hard because it’s such a small area.

5. What about my BACK?

Some people have a willing participant around anxiously anticipating the opportunity to tan their back.
But the rest of us are left with a big white spot in the middle…UNTIL NOW!

After my frustration with white-back syndrome came to it’s peak, I got to work finding a cure.
And find one, I did.
Sunless tanning tips.

6. Reapplication:
When will you need to reapply? Probably every 4 or 5 days but if you are trying to build your tan you will need to do it more often, like every 2 or 3.
It may sound like a lot but if you are in the habit of putting on lotion daily this really won’t cramp your style much.


body butters

You did all this work and by golly it had better last!
Here’s how you get it to:

1. Stay lotioned up. Apply a regular lotion or for added bonus Jergens Natural Glow once or twice a day.

2. Keep your skin moisturized. Did I already say that? Must be prettttty important:)

I hope I covered everything with this one, but let me know if I didn’t!
May your tans be as glowing and gorgeous as you are!


P.S. I have an old tanning video too, if you’d like to check it out. HERE

Oh, and one more thing if you hate using gloves like I do, wash your hands with baking soda afterwords. Tanner will completely wash off!
Post on that HERE

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