Face Shapes

Highlighting and contouring guide for your face shape! It really makes a difference!


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So after all this talk about these gosh darn face shapes you are probably feeling one of three ways:

1. Sick and tired of it. (I am sorry about that)
2. You are still completely lost on what yours is. (you’re not alone!)
3. You love this series. You not only know your face shape, you’re now addicted to assessing the shape of every random stranger and friend you come in contact with. (I hear ya)

To those in the sick and tired camp. Good news, this post is now closing this series! YAY!
To those who are still lost: I have tried and tried to think of a way to help you out the easiest, most effective way. Until I had perhaps the best idea of my entire life!
Why not put me and those other face shape lovers to work?

Here is what I propose: Pull your hair up in a pony and snap a centered selfie, post said selfie to instagram with the hashtag #spotmyshape
Then me and my army of 3’s (you guys will help me out, right?) will stop by and give our assessment. This is awesome because lots of people could easily spot someone else’s face shape but have a much harder time with themselves.
Let the instagramming begin!

Side note:
There is a fair amount of gray area here. Not many people fit perfectly into one category. For instance I think that I am somewhere between an oval and an oblong since my face is fairly thin, for the most part either HAC placement would work for me. The main point is not to get it down to a perfect science, it’s just to understand your basic shape and the general areas where you will place your HAC. Just looking at the placement on the faces that are similar to yours will hopefully help you understand it!


Oval Faced HAC

Oval faces!
So… I feel like I don’t really need to tell you guys why your faces are so great because every hair post on the planet that talks face shape is always saying things like “You are the lucky ones! You can wear your hair however you want!”
So I figure you already  know you’ve got it good:)
Ovals are the most “proportionate” and balanced of the shapes which is pretty sweet.
Also you’re sharing your sexy silhouette with Beyonce, Megan Fox & Rihanna.
And of course Chalize Theron who, you may already know this, has like the worlds most propionate and symmetrical face. It’s kind of fun to look at. Anyway it was virtually impossible for me to find a photo of her that she wasn’t already HACing in so I finally settled on one that was a little washed out, if you google photos of her from the Golden Globes that day, most of the other photos look much more like the after:)
The main thing here is just defining all of the natural shape and bone structure and not over doing it.