HAC for the Oblong

Are you guys having fun with this? I am actually amazed it’s taken this long to post seeing how much a difference each face shape is! It’s making me guilty feeling like I’ve been showing all of you how to contour the cookie cutter way and not catering it to your separate needs.

Although, it might be that it’s still really similar I’m just so close to the situation that it looks completely different to me. You know, like when twins think they look TOTALLY different…Either way, I’m glad we’re covering it now. And just so you know, I am now obsessing over face shapes. Identifying everyone my eyes come in contact with and then projecting imaginary HAC all over their gorgeous faces. So if you catch me staring…

On to the face shape of the day: Oblong.
If your face is much longer than it is wide but is in an oval shape this post is for you, I’m approaching this as a thinner version of an oval.

Why is it awesome to be oblong?
Usually this face shape comes standard with some pretty great cheekbones!
I love how oblongs smiles are so contagious because they seem to embody your entire face.
Good company: Blake lively, Gwyneth Paltrow & Tyra Banks.

Highlighting and contouring for oblong faces.

Big difference to notice here is you want to be very careful not to contour the sides of your face and instead to shade right beneath your cheekbones and beneath the apples of your cheeks.  Another tip is to be careful with blush choices, use something vibrant or light in color as apposed to something dark so that it doesn’t sink in your gorgeous cheeks!