The Cure.

I’m not talking about the band.

And I’m not talking about that really cute movie that came out in the 90’s.

I’m talking about the most amazing thing that has happened to my dead skin cells since…ever.

OK so a little back story here.
As a makeup artist who gets her hands on hundreds of faces the biggest concerns I have are with skin. So often it’s dehydrated and in need of exfoliation. I’m ALWAYS singing the praises of having a good moisturizer and using it religiously and also not stripping your skin in the first place to cover the whole moisture thing but I’ve been stressing about a good recommendation for the exfoliation part.
I recommended a PMD machine but the price isn’t very wallet friendly and it’s a little harsh.
Aside from that I really hadn’t had anything that wowed me in the dead skin department.

Until my girl Missy sent me this exfoliating “aqua gel“:


She always sends me her new favorite things that she’s selling at her Pop-up shop but this one had a note on it that it was her favorite of the favorites. Which peaked my interest. I went right in the bathroom and tried it and OH MY HEAVENS TO BETSEYS.

Words that I have used to describe it so far:
A miracle. Crazy. Life Altering. Weird. Incredible. Gross. Voodoo.

And listen, I usually take weeks or even months of vetting a skincare product before sharing it but this time after just a couple of weeks I felt like I was sitting on a gold mine and I couldn’t take one more minute without telling you guys about it. In fact, I’m pretty disappointed in those of you who already knew about it and didn’t tell me. Doesn’t our friendship mean anything to you!?

It completely removes my dead skin and it isn’t one bit painful or rough on the skin. You just apply it to the surface of the skin. Wait a couple minutes. Then Rub your skin in circular motions. You will start to feel your removed skin under your fingers. Rinse thoroughly. Be floored over how clear and smooth your skin is.


(yes, I even do my mirror face while washing it. The dorkiest.)

If you don’t believe me just look at all these amazon reviewers. ( you might see a comment that says it isn’t actually your dead skin you feel as you are rubbing your face but I did test this with a latex glove as the reviewer says and no it did not ball up at all. Not to mention it balls up much less each time I use it and regardless one way or another it’s exfoliating my skin. I know how that feels:)

I’m so thrilled to finally have an answer for getting a good exfoliation. Use 1-3 times a week depending on your needs and don’t forget to follow with a good moisturizer!



Mother’s Day Makeover – Lourdes

I have never in my life seen prettier skin than I did on this beautiful ladies face!
She couldn’t have been much over 5 feet tall but she has a huge spirit. And two lovely daughters. All three of them look like sisters and you can see their closeness from a mile away.


I hope all of you had a beautiful Mother’s Day.
It is definitely one of my very favorite holiday’s because I love my mother and love being a mother more than I can possibly put into words. It was something I would have probably put off for years if I hadn’t have become one by surprise. I was in no hurry to be saddled with a big responsibility like that. I thank god every single night that he knew what I needed much better than I ever could have. I can’t imaging having spent one more second of my life without my son and without knowing what my calling truly was.

Love you! Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day Makeover Lisa

I feel like Lisa is one of those people that you meet once and you never forget. She has a 1000 watt smile and is ALWAYS using it! When we were taking the photos we tried and totally failed at getting a serious face, fittingly so because I would’t even recognize her without those pearly whites showing!
After struggling for years with infertility she was able to adopt the most beautiful daughter and soon after that found out she was pregnant with a miracle baby! You’l learn more about her and her equally as sweet sister in law who nominated her in the video. I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them both like I did.

Work place warning (this should have been added to both previous posts!) tears are most likely going to be streaming down your face by the end:)




Foundation: IIID in Sunlit + Stone + Pink Grapefruit + Pearl
Lip: Liner Sebastian + MAC Japanese Maple
Brows: Black Liner + MAC Brun
Eyes: Black liner black Eyeshadow  (smudged with Brun)

I hope you guys are enjoying this series, I am LOVING it!



Mother’s Day Makeover Marianne

My next incredible mother is Marianne Franks and her two beautiful and sweet daughters.
I only have sons so far and I’ve always thought it wold be just fine if I get all boys, cause boys are so great …but then I see relationships like these girls have with their lovely mom and I think, MAN I do want a girl!

If you take the time to watch this video (which I HIGHLY recommend) I’m guessing you’ll see what I mean. She’s a pro at the daughter thing by now seeing how she has 6 of them!

She had the kind of genuine soul that makes you feel instantly comfortable, like you could tell her anything or come over to her house and just hang out with her and a smile so big you can’t help but smile back.





Maskcara cosmetics IIID foundation in:
Sunlit highlight + stone contour + Dahlia Blush + Shadow (nose contour) + Pearl illuminator
Kat Von D Tattoo liquid liner on her upper lash line

Video by Janae Godfrey + Images by Jessica Janae


I loved these beautiful ladies so much! It was funny because after doing a whole day of makeovers I’m usually pretty worn out but after a full day celebrating these mothers with their adoring fans I just found myself exhilarated and inspired.