Makeover Monday – Rachel the Golden Ticket Winner

You may or may not remember our Willy Wonka style giveaway over the summer so let me update you!

We hid a golden ticket into a random compact and then stashed a bunch of silver and bronze tickets into orders as well. The BIG prize was a trip to vegas + a makeover! I was really nervous the ticket would just get thrown away by someone who had no idea what it was all about but luckily Rachel was the recipient and she knew exactly what it was and this last weekend she finally claimed her prize!

She is naturally gorgeous so doing her makeup was a total breeze ( she’s also a hair stylist as you can tell by her perfect hair!)


On her IIID Foundation I ended up using Linen for her highlight & Shadow for her contour! I’ve never used shadow alone before but she was so olive it actually worked perfectly!

Since her eyes are so big and beautiful brown I really wanted to focus my attention there! I used a dark neutral navy shadow (midnight) to go around her lash line top and bottom. I chose the blue because I think it really brings out her eyes because of the color contrast, but it isn’t a loud enough blue that it draws attention to itself. Hopefully that makes sense! One of the biggest things that made her eyes pop were the lashes! I used some new lashes on her that I’m so excited to tell you about! I’m going to do a whole post but in the meantime they are called Picky and they are awesome!

I wanted her lips to still be shown off but softer so I used NYX Taupe to line them and give her a little plumpness then I filled them in with Lip Tar in Hush.


She brought her mother and mother-in-law and I truly loved all three of them. So incredibly down to earth and enjoyable to be around. I can see that they are a very close family and it’s so fun to see both sides of her family hanging out together.


We took them to Hash House A Go Go because it’s one of my Vegas favorites and we all just shared everything, which goes to show how much we hit it off:) (my sister and Janae came also but she wasn’t in any of the photo’s since she was taking them!)



This was our appetizer! First time I’ve ever eaten fried green tomatoes but I’ve been dreaming of them since I was a kid and Fried Green Tomatoes was my FAVORITE in the wolrd.

They were delicious…even if they didn’t look anything like the ones from Whistle Stop Cafe:)



I can’t tell you how grateful I am that Rachel was the winner. It was my first time doing anything like this and she was so patient and gracious with me during the planning and I it turned out so fun because of who she is!

This giveaway might have to become an annual thing!


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Friday Home Favorites

So I’ve been living in my house for over a year now.

And it still isn’t decorated!

I blamed it on the baby for like 6 months and I’ve been without excuses for about 6 months now so..its time!

I don’t necessarily mean “decorated” as in picture perfect or anything because that’s just not likely to happen in my life…more like put together. Where everything has a place. And homey, photos of our family on the walls…that sort of thing. It just furniture and us in here and without a place for the toys and the shoes and the books it gets messy SO EASY!

I keep tryin’ to get Mandi to get over here and whip it into shape but she’s up to her eyeballs with projects and she already knows how pitiful my attempts at DIY’s are:)

So anywhoo I’ve been searching the internets for some good stuff so I figured I might as well share my finds with you…and hope for the same in return! Especially if you know of a great site for inspiration or great deals!


This Couch….in my dreams….why do I even look at Anthro furniture? Just to torture myself!?

Mirror I’m thinking about for my makeup room. (Speaking of that if you were privy to the periscope I filmed earlier this week – so fun hanging out with you guys – you saw the makeup room’s wall in all of it’s glory and we all agreed it isn’t finished yet. When it is I’ll post about it since many of you have inquired about the brick)

Coolest lamp!

Such a pretty shower curtain

OK so I may have gotten side tracked (can you see why I’m so bad at this?! ha) but I think it pretty much counts! How cool is this map? The whole map is silver but it scratches off to full color, so you can track your travels!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!




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