Makeover Monday


So…it’s not Monday. I’m so sorry about that! Billy got sick and a few days later I got saddled with the same thing (a really bad head cold) and that totalled about a week of terrible sleep and a stuffed up foggy head and got me BEHIND on pretty much everything. Gone are the days when getting sick was bad but it was also a little good because it meant skipping work & cozying up on the couch to some chick flicks. Instead it’s about slothing around the house making pathetic attempts at entertaining a 10 month old and napping at the same time. Which – turns out – isn’t possible.

Monica is such a beautiful woman. She has my favorite mix of brown eyes + freckles that I can’t get enough of!
I has so much fun playing up those brownies and giving her a 1000 watt glow!



What I used: {makeup capsule approved}

IIID Foundation in Medium Dark (sunlit + stone + ruby + pearl)
Sunset from the Naturally Pretty Palette on her eyes
Demi Wispie Ardell Lashes
OCC Liner in Sebastian on the lips
Hot pink gloss on the lips (strawberry parfait)
Brun in the brows


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Last year I was big old pregnant during this sale and I had some SERIOUSLY high hopes about what I would fit into come fall…”Baby weight? It all comes off in the hospital, right?” Wrong.  I had to return/save for later pretty much everything I bought. So this year I’m definitely gonna take advantage and ya know, buy things that fit me.

I know I might be a little late on this for all you fancy “card holders” who got in on the sale early but I cannot be trusted with Nordstrom cards. So to me the sale starts today! Hurry and get the cute stuff cause it goes fast!

I had a really hard time narrowing down my favorites but here’s what I loved the most!


1. Soft fit tee
2. Soft Chambray (have this – love it)
3. Striped Hi-Lo 


1. Striped Pull Over
2. Wear EVERYDAY cardigan
3. Leith open front Cardi


1. Hourglass Kit. (fav primer & LOVE this lip & liner! Haven’t tried the mascara yet but I have high hopes based on the look of it:)
2. Bobbi Brown Kit. I’ve been dying to get my hands on this palette so now is the time! I know I would use every single color. The eye liner is one of my #1’s so that’s a no brainer.
3. Laura Mercier Chubby eye sticks. I am a huge fan of these. They are such pretty colors and perfect for a quick on-the-go eye.


1. Boots with the fringe
2. Heart eye Frye’s
3. Devi Boot

Have great weekend guys!
Love you,


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