Superbowl Makeup

I felt after my last makeup video (the vampy look) that basically freaked Nick out, I though I’d better hook him up with a look that’s a bit more boy friendly. This little nugget is a surefire winner with the menfolk. Sometimes to the extent that they cannot stop panning away from the game so all of them can enjoy the hottie in the crowd. This photo was taken during one such closeup of beautiful Katherine Webb.


Which was an exciting moment for me because I don’t expect a smidgen of makeupspiration from sunday night football.
I love it because it capitalizes on your eyes AND lips AND skin all in one – which can sometimes be a little bit much but this walks the line line perfectly!


What I used:
Amrani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.5
IIID Foundation in Medium
IIID Illuminator
IIID Blush in Jem
Lancome Shadow in Impress
Anastasia Dip Brow (this isn’t what I used, this is much better though cause you don’t have to mix it and you get the same result!)
Black Silkissime eye liner
NYX Taupe Liner
MAC Lip Liner in Hip N’ Happy
Soap & Glory Half Naked pluming gloss (it smells like popcorn!)
Wispies Lashes 
Beauty Blender
Elf Contouring Brush
Urban Decay Setting Spray in All Nighter

Have a fun weekend, if you try the look and take a photo I’d LOVE to see it! (tag me or email me or whatever you have time for:)


Already feeling spring fever as usual!

I love the season change because it always gets me freshly excited about new makeup looks. Unfortunately I always get excited for the seasons long before the actually show up. I guess that’ll give time to have the looks aced before the warmth of spring even shows up

Here are some I have my eye on right now:

hottie hottie2 makeup makeup2

AND In honor of the Super Bowl I decided it would be prudent to do a tutorial of Katherine Webb’s gorgeous makeup that I will post tomorrow!

I’m pretty excited about it.

Remember last year when I won the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards?! GUESS WHAT? they are accepting entries for this years contest HERE
You really should enter, you have nothing to lose! I can’t tell you how amazing and life changing it has been for me. AND LISTEN. You don’t have to have a huge following to win. It is such a wonderful experience just being able to do the challenges and be a part of the contest. Enter. Right now:)

Tip Tuesday – Meeting silly insecurities head on.

Back in my glory days – also known as middle school – a terrible thing happened.

I heard through the horrible 3-way calling grapevine that one of my friends mom’s said  I had a “horse-face.”
The earth shattering news hurt. It hurt bad. I found myself studying myself in the mirror asking “IS IT TRUE?”
It was. It had to be.

After that I was so embarrassed. I tried my best to hide it. It was often on the back of my mind. When I laughed or smiled big I would self consciously cover my mouth, maybe then no one else would notice.
I never told anyone because, in the rare event that they weren’t already aware of my equine features I wasn’t gonna be the one to bring it up.
For years I held on to this insecurity. People could say anything about me, but not that, please not that. It was my insult Achilles heel.

And then, one day I just got sick of caring about something so silly. I waved the white flag and said to The World
“OK. SO MAYBE I HAVE A HORSE FACE BUT SO WHAT!? HORSES ARE MAJESTIC ANIMALS! I LOVE THEM! I AM HONORED TO SHARE SUCH A RESEMBLANCE!” and then I laughed really hard and I didn’t cover my mouth even a little. And even though this exchange with The World actually only happened in my head, it felt good.
It felt fantastic.


Since  I’m no longer in seventh grade it took a long time for me to hear it again. It took posting videos on a very unfiltered place called YouTube but when I read “horseface” I was really happy that I’d put that insecurity to rest because it didn’t bother me a bit.
I just smiled and took the compliment gracefully.


Makeover Monday – Emily

Emily is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. In fact she rarely buys makeup at all because whenever she goes to purchase anything for herself she decides she’d rather get something for one of her children.
I would say my motivation for her makeover was only about her much needed pampering – and that was definitely part of it but – there’s another much more selfish reason:
virgin eyebrows, baby.
I day dream about beauties like these!
Add that to such a beautiful woman and I feel like I’m Scrooge McDuck on a money swim.
SideBySide View

What I did:
Started by tweezing some arches into her brows and removing and stray hairs, then I filled them with MAC Brun Eye shadow
Then I used that same Brun color to create some depth by using a contour brush and placing shadow on her crease, I created a “C” shape on the outer 1/3 of her eye and swept it beneath her eye at her lash line.
Next I dabbed Lancome shadow in Impress to get that gorgeous bronze glow right in the center of her lid above her upper lashes. Then I used Loreal Gel Liner in Blackest Black on the root of her lashes to make them look fuller and to further define those peepers.
Then I doubled up on mascara and even used a strip of lashes to make her brown eyes look huge!
Now time for some IIID Foundation in Dark to HAC and for concealer beneath her eyes. Stippled  Princess Peach blush in her apples and dabbed onto her lips as well for some lasting color, then topped with some luscious pink gloss!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!