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  • Before & Afters Makeup

    Monday Makeover – Julie

    This beautiful woman was one of the winners of my Mother’s Day Makeover a few months ago. We were kind of devastated because her video was somehow corrupted and we weren’t…

  • Hair

    What hair color you should have.

    If you know me you know that I hate to over complicate things. Especially beauty things because I’m always afraid I’ll scare people away with making something seem overwhelming when most…

  • My Life

    Five + One + Three

    This last week has been kind of a big deal around here! I thought it made for a perfect time to give a little state of our family update:) Crush turned…

  • My Life

    Breaking bad habits.

    I don’t know if it’s just that I am sort of in the beauty industry, or the blogging world or if it’s just that I spend time on social media but…

  • Hair Hair Tutorials

    Festival Hair

    I know that braids are so hot right now. It makes me feel kind of outside the club. Like in Junior High when all the cool kids in school went snowboarding…

  • Friday Favorites

    Friday Favorites

    I was checking my girl Mandi’s blog earlier and she’d posted about this amazing series called “12 Steps to Change” about addiction recovery. I had about a million things I should…

  • My Favorites Products

    Get out there, gorgeous.

    I really wanted to share a video the Maskcara Cosmetics team, my beautiful friend Cass and I created that we just finished! It completely embodies the message and the belief behind…

  • Products

    Tip Tuesday – A Diva believer.

    OK it’s not terribly often that I feel the need to break for usual programming and vere into “Lady Talk”. Only when something is sort of life changing for me to…

  • Before & Afters Makeup

    Makeover Monday – Marie

    Happy Monday! Let me introduce you to Marie! She is absolutely beautiful and such a kind hearted soul. Marie is close friends with my mom and works with her in our…