Makeover Monday & National Adoption Month


Today’s makeover is very special to me.

Meet Amy.

Her hair (natural color BTW) is like spun silk! I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it, she also has the most gorgeous green eyes and that beautiful freckled skin I love so much. But maybe the most gorgeous thing about her is her glow.


If you can’t see the light shining from her I don’t know what to tell you. She is warm and kind and beautiful. Amy is the proud mother of 10 beautiful children! She’s been fostering kids in need (56 so far!) and adopting any that needed a permanent loving home (8) since she first got married. I thought it would be fitting for November’s National Adoption month to spotlight her story.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel defeated and powerless when we see the devastating things going on in the world around us but Amy is a reminder that one person can be mighty. That it’s not all out of our hands. That there are people who need our love right in our own neighborhoods and giving it could change everything.

It is so touching and inspiring I really hope you’ll take the time to watch!


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Day to night in 5 minutes flat

day time

I’m always showing easy every day looks. Which are that. Great everyday looks. But they are also something else.. a perfect jumping off point for a sexy  5 minute Night look. You can whip it out right before you go out on a date or with friends or if you just wanna be sizzlin’ for no apparent reason since it’s only a 5 minute commitment anyway.

Here’s what I look like around 5pm on a typical “mommy makeup” day :

day time

And this is 5 minutes later:

after (1) copy

Here’s the low down.

First gotta get a little color! Nothing brightens me up like a little tan but rather than pack on the powder bronzer I’m gonna save myself some time and spray on my Tomas (one of my FAVORITE products from Sally Beauty). No worries, it totally works over your foundation to give a nice punch of color.tomas 

I apply it like I would some contour so It sculpts as well.

Just creating a 3 on each side of my face and then spritzing down my decotage and neck so it all matches.


Next is darkening up the eyes!
I’m taking this bronzy liner (Palladio Precision Liner in Dark Chocolate) all around my eyeballs to give a little balance to the dark lip I’m about to go for!

Now I’m taking this pretty Palladio Herbal liner in Raisin around my lips and blending it in.


Next I wanna give my hair a little oomph so I’m going to give myself a deep side part and add a little body!

I’ll spray in this Kenra Generic hairspray in the root and shoot some heat in there with the Ion Whirlwind Pro. I make a few parts about a half of an inch apart around the crown and repeat this. It gives the whole head of hair a fresh blow out look!

Easy Right!?


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