Friday favorites!


I remember being a teenager and talking to my dad and thinking all the time that he didn’t know what he was talking about (I know I’m so ashamed!) The older I get the more I see him as a person. Not just a dad. The more I know him, the more I love him and the older I get the more I think he knows exactly what he’s talking about. I feel like taking the time to listen, really listen to people and really try to see them, the more you can’t help but love them.

Is this a scarf or a blanket? Cause either way, I’m on board.

Vivian does it again. I love this look and I’m so thrilled she the new palette in it!

Billy was short on 3-6mo clothes so I headed to target and they had some really cute tops and bottoms for only 5 bucks a piece! Check em out if you have littles!

Did you have favorite looks from the Golden Globes? I LOVED Emily Blunts hair the most.

These earring are COOL!


Love you guys! Have a fun weekend!



Treat Yo self

I LOVE a good scalp treatment.

Think about how often you exfoliate your face (which should be about once a week, right?) and then think about the poor neglected other half of your head. How often does it get a little TLC by way of banishing the dead skin? Probably not very often.
That’s why every year right around about now when it’s so cold and dry and I’m already feeling like getting a fresh start on everything (including my healthy diet – I’m looking at you spinach shake)

After all of the craziness of the holidays it’s more than likely you have been neglecting your self a bit.
Well, not tonight! Cause tonight your gonna give yourself the best scalp treatment a girl could ask for.
Cause it feels soooo good and your scalp will totally thank you for it by having more body, growing hair stronger and healthier and staying cleaner longer.

Here’s what ya do:
First head to Sally Beauty to get stocked up on the supplies!


Start by brushing through you whole head (I love using a wet brush for this task – Tear free isn’t just for kids)

Take a boar bristled teasing comb and start by making a part right down the center of your head. Now exfoliate that part by massaging it with the bristles of your tease comb. (using enough pressure that you’re loosening that dead skin but not so much that it actually hurts)

Next drench the parting with your Argan Scalp Treatment Oil.

Repeat those same steps about every half an inch on your whole head.

When you’ve got the entire scalp exfoliated massage the oil in really thoroughly (or if you’re lucky have someone do this part for you!) allowing it o be distributed onto the your hair as well. (if you’re hair is long you can add oil to get it to reach the ends)

To get an awesome deep condition while you’re at it grab your blow dryer and warm your head on a low setting for 10 minutes!

Finally wash it out (the oil takes a little extra scrubbing to rinse out completely) and condition as usual. ( I used K-Pak Generic )

You’ll feel so fresh!

What do you do to feel all brand new for the new year?

IF you have something awesome to share you could win yourself a trip to New York and
a makeover with a celebrity stylist courtesy of Sally Beauty.
Just share your New Year, New You look by…

Facebook: Visit the New Year, New You Challenge tab on the Sally Beauty Facebook page. Upload an image and complete the entry form.

Instagram and Twitter: Upload a photo with #SallyBeautyChallenge in your caption. Once you share, you will receive an auto-reply within 24 hours to visit the Facebook tab and complete the entry.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


This post was in collaboration with Sally Beauty, so fun working with them!

Tip Tuesday (er wednesday?): The great mascara search.

Waaaay back in June I started a journey in search of “World’s Best Mascara”….
and I’ve been traveling on that journey ever since.
I come to report with good news and bad news.
Let’s start with the bad. ( I like getting that stuff outta the way.)
As much as I wanted to find a HOLY-GRAIL-WORKS-AMAZING-ON-EVERYONE-NO-MATTER-WHAT! mascara.
I didn’t. (crying emoticon)
I have come again to the conclusion that mascara’s are like bra’s. Everyone wants something different from them and everyone’s starting from a different point to begin with. Some things are pretty universal and I’m just thinkin’ mascara isn’t one of them. It seemed like all the recommendations were so different and often opposing!

The good news is I tried over 40 different mascaras and came up with my favorites in the bunch. I use them on all of my clients and love them.

My lashes are short, fine and fair. (everything lash dreams are made of, amiright?)
When looking for a mascara I want something that thickens, lengthens and makes them really black.
What I’m looking to avoid is anything that dries them out, makes them look clumpy/spidery and/or takes too many layers to build (who’s got time for that!?)

I chose three different formulas in three different price ranges.


YSL Shocking |  Too Faced Better Than Sex | L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
These formulas are all pretty similar at first use (thick/creamy/easy to apply, good dark coating), the biggest difference I noticed from least to most expensive is that the shocking stayed fresh and creamy the longest and the Voluminous dried out the quickest BUT I could have purchased three voluminous tubes for the price of one YSL.

I had a lot of great feedback when I first started my mascara journey, so reference the comments of THIS POST for more to read other thoughts!




click the photo to be directed to THE BRAND NEW WEBSITE! – check it out and/or make your pre-order!

I Hope you love the new site as much as I do! (thank you so much Gadabout Creative – website genius, Jamie Joyet – art genius & Jessica Janae – photography genius for making it so beautiful!)
And to all of my beautiful models! (gotta check out The Freckled Fox blog she has awesome hair tutorials and a bunch of other fun stuff as well
Thank you SOOOO MUCH to everyone who joined the party! It was a HUGE success! I had a ton of fun with you guys!
(if you weren’t able to join but you wanna see some of the fun stuff we did check out the maskcara cosmetics instagram page)