Tip Tuesday: Erase your makeup

When I got “the makeup eraser” in the mail I was imagining when I opened the box it would look a little bit like the “magic eraser”


….which it totally didn’t.

To me, It was just looked like a normal pink cloth that I’d wash dishes with.

The instructions said to simply dampen the cloth with water and wipe away your makeup (eyeliner. mascara. everything) So, that’s what I did. I wasn’t in front of a mirror while I was doing it and it sure didn’t feel like anything was going to happen besides a smearing of eye makeup all over my face but when I went to check out the damages guess what was there? Nothing! My face was completely makeup-less. I even tried it with waterproof mascara to make absolutely sure.

It’s like the Magic eraser (which always blows my mind with it’s ability to clean off ANYTHING from my counters) has a cousin who’s soft and velvety and who also has magical removing elements and I’m just now meeting her.  It’s an honor.

I have already praised the merits of removing makeup with coconut oil which I still love, but the beauty of this is the ease!
All you need is that cloth and you’re good to go. No residue either. Plus when it gets all black and dirty you just throw it in the wash and it comes out as good as new.
(I have not had the time to test it yet but the instructions boast that you can wash it over 1,000 times)

I’m into it.

Easiest way to remove makeup EVER!

Get it HERE ( I couldn’t find it In-stock on Amazon)


PS To all of my LOVELY Canadian’s I am so pleased to finally let you know that all Maskcara products can now be shipped to you!! I am so excited about it because I have hated having you left out! To all of my other international ladies, we are working on more areas as we speak!

Friday Favorites

You guys are never gonna believe where I am going today…
Remember way back when I first fell in love with Wen and then fell even deeper in love and then joked about how I think me and Chaz Dean (the creator of Wen) were besties waiting to happen?
Well, apparently someone over at Wen headquarters saw that post and TOTALLY agreed with me.
They called to see if I wanted to be in a Wen INFOMERCIAL! TO which I said “HECK YES!”
I can’t even wait. And they even gave me special permission to photograph all of the backstage happenings for you guys!
It’s all going down on Saturday so be sure to be following me on instagram or twitter if you wanna see how it all works, I love that sort of thing.

In the meantime, I gathered up some of my favorite things from the internets lately I thought I would share:)

I got this dress to wear to my informercial extravaganza, do you like it? It’s REALLY comfy.

Anything citrus sounds good…just looking at these orange julius photos makes me drool.


I love this quote because sometimes I get caught up with what I have to say or how I look or silly thing like that with friends. It really just comes down to how you make people feel. I want more than anything for people to feel comfortable, safe and happy around me. That’s what I want people to say about me when I’m gone. That I made them feel warm & loved. Keeping that in minds helps other things fall to the wayside.

here is something so inexplicably gorgeous about longer than life red hair, it’s just magical to me.

These honest slogans had me rolling.

This room is just….from my most glamorous dreams. (Mandi, can you help me create this!?)

I made the mistake of trying this blazer on yesterday. It’s wayyyyy out of my price range but it fit so perfectly! Now I know no other blazer is going to compete!
Now it will sit in my “wishful thinking” shopping cart on my browser for who knows how long!

Also, here are some cyber flowers to all of you beautiful mothers out there! You are making the world a better place, I hope you enjoy your Mother’s day!


(photo cred: thebouqs.com)


Pregnancy Tag

Has anyone else noticed how many pregnant bloggers there are right now!? Barefootblonde, Caraloren, Emilynoel and thedaybook just to name a few.

It kind of makes me feel bad for all of you who aren’t currently pregnant (so, most of you I’m guessing) because in my experience pregnancy isn’t nearly as interesting when you’re not currently experiencing it! But it kind rocks for everyone who is cause you’ve got tons of fashion advice to use and a bunch of sisters right there with ya!

Now, this is probably because I am with child but I find myself wanting to know more about everyone else’s pregnancies, so I thought it would be fun to start a little pregnancy tag to hear about all the goings on.

How far along are you? 19 Weeks today!

How did you find out? Well, no one really believed me about this but I swear I can feel the implantation! With both this baby and Christian I felt weird cramping right about when the baby would be implanting. Both times I was absolutely convinced it was a baby and took a positive pregnancy test a good week before I even missed my period!

Morning sickness? Yes. Lots and lots of it!

Are you finding out the sex?! YES! It’s a boy!!!!! ( was sure both times around that it was a girl before the ultrasound…shows what I know!) Nick and I were super excited, Christian was SO disappointed he was really rooting for a sister. He’s come around to the idea now but still asks me every once in a while if we can switch him for a girl! haha

Mood changes? Not anything huge. I feel like I’m definitely more weepy, pretty much anything even a little touching totally brings on the water works. Also, I feel a little more opinionated, in a way that I feel like EVERYONE needs to hear my opinion about everything. I usually don’t feel that way at all!

Cravings? Now that I’m mostly past the aversions I am starting to experience the CRAVINGS! Which are WAY more fun, but sometimes strange. I ate a whole jar of pickles in two days. Salt and vinegar chips. Club sandwiches (with the toasted bread).


Other symptoms? Tired constantly. My hair is thicker! My skin seems to be breaking out less. And I have gas. Sorry but it’s true, and so NOT fun!

Excited for!? That beautiful baby to come out, of course! I seriously am having MAJOR baby hunger. I just hear the word baby and I’m like “Where?! Get it in my arms!”

Nursery? Haven’t even begun on that yet!

Do you have a name picked out? Yes. When Nick and I were dating he told me he wanted to name his son Will. I loved it. We are going to name him William and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna call him Billy:)

Any Pregnancy MUST HAVES? I really don’t know! I kinda want to buy that pregnancy pillow that people rave about but I’d really like to hear if anyone has some good advice on that!

OK so I wanna hear from any of you who are pregnant too! And I’m gonna tag Amber at Barefootblonde.com since she’s almost done!

Hope I didn’t bore any of you too much with all this baby talk:)


Tip Tuesday: Snarehair

My hair is fine and I’ve got a lot of it.
Which is a total recipe for disaster for tangled up tresses as a youngster.
I would sooner eat an entire plate of goopy spinach than let my mom within an inch of my head with a brush or worse…a comb!
Which earned me the nickname “snarehair” among my peers.


(excuse the fancy trimmings in this photo. Having a house with 8 kids rummaging around sometimes looks like that)

The first time I tried “The Wet Brush” I wondered, if this miraculous hair detangling machine had been around 20 years ago what would my life have been like?
Would I have had more friends? Perhaps it would have saved me from a very awkward looking decade and it certainly might have saved me from the bowl haircut I got that inspired my classmates to wonder (aloud) if I was a boy or a girl.
If I could go back and hand this little rugrat a wet brush would I?
I don’t know. I mean, look at me! I had it going on! If I went back and gave myself nice combed hair to boot… it just wouldn’t have been fair.
What I can and will do though,  it offer up this brush to ANYONE with damaged tangled hair or with daughters who are dangerously close to snarehair status.
We can put an end to the suffering. With The Wet Brush.


If you haven’t already heard about it, cause I know I’m not the first, this brush is the real deal.
Brush your hair in the shower, out of the pool, brush it after a wind storm for all I care. It won’t hurt.
It won’t rip or pull.

It might change the entire course of your life.

IN FACT. I am proud to announce that this brush is the newest and finest addition to “The Prettilist” (my list of all tried and true favorite products.)

Hope you’re all having a fabulous day, you’re the best:)