Friday FAvorites!


It’s funny. The experiences that look the coolest or most glamorous the most in my life are generally not the best ones actually. My happiest moments the ones where I felt truly content and at peace are just seemingly ordinary moments that wouldn’t really impress or entertain anyone.
My dad always used to tell me a story of how he and his friends once got a car up to 160mph (not sure the exact number…sorry dad!) he said afterward they talked about it for years. Always bringing it up in front of girls or patting each other on the back talking about how cool it was. He said the truth was none of them actually enjoyed the experience at all. They were scared and uncomfortable. It was dangerous and stupid and they all knew it.
He used that story to show me that just because something sounds or looks cool and attractive or fun doesn’t mean it actually is.

I posted these shoes on insta already but I thought I better give a link here as well. The most comfortable and cutest sandals I’ve owned in a long time. And don’t let the photos on the website fool you, they are much better looking in person!

Spinach and artichoke dip pasta. Could it get any better than that!?

These little hooded rompers are SO dang cute and easy on the wallet. I’m a huge fan of one pieces on babies, they just look so squeezable and cozy!

I feel like I could find a bunch of different ways to style this super cute emerald midi dress! It’s just screaming summer to me!

I love peanut butter everything + homemade granola give me major nostalgia (my mom used to make it when I was a kid) so this is a MUST MAKE

My brothers are often showing me funny stuff from the internets. I always think they’re hilarious but sometimes I feel like it would only be funny to us (you know siblings tend to get each others humor type thing) this video they showed me today had me rolling, more so the second or third time watching. I don’t know which camp it falls under (funny to us vs. funny to most) but I just had to share it just in case.

Hope you have a delightful weekend!


Eyeliner School: The soft wing

99 times out of 100 when I’m doing my makeup in the morning the last thing I want to do is struggle with a winged liner. Its just so much work and so easy to mess up! Unless you use a trick.

This is a way to get a really soft and sweet wing that is also VERY forgiving is to use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner! (Which made it hard to decide on whether to call this eyeliner or eye shadow school!)


Dip the small end of the brush into a dark (or bright come to think of it) eye shadow and start your wing at the outer 3rd of your eye drawing toward the end of your brow.
You can leave it like that or if you’d like to have a lower line as well start it softly beneath your pupil and draw to meet up with the top wing.

Pretty simple eh?

Happy Hump day!



Monday Makeover – Red Hot redhead!

This is the beautiful lady on the other side of the camera in my newest videos.
Janae Godfrey
She’s incredibly talented, beautiful, tall, sweet, funny, creative, trustworthy and kind. Her and her sister Jamie are so magical that Mandi started calling them the Unicorn Sisters.
It’s really caught on around here:)
Makeover Janae

Can we talk about how CRAZY it is that MAC brun even works on a ginger babe!? It’s such a cool brown but as soon as it hits her gorgeous skin it warms right up!

makeup_capsule copyIngredients:

Maskcara Cosmetics in Walnut (contour) + linen (highlight) + shadow (nose contour) pink grapefruit (blush) + pearl (pearl)

Loreal Voluminous Black Liner

Sunset & Java from Naturally Pretty Palette

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

MAC Brun 

OCC Sebastian Liner

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer


Winner Winner Chicken dinner!

I had an extremely difficult time choosing a winner for the #swiftestmakeup challenge. They were all so amazing!

After much deliberation we (I enlisted help from my sister & the unicorns)  chose….
Emily Fox & her fantastic counterpart livening up the background with some genius moves.
This is a MUST WATCH! I’m so excited for you to have your makeup capsule Emily, you deserve it!

Since there were so many other fantastic ladies who put themselves out there I just couldn’t let you walk away empty handed! For EVERYONE, yes, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who entered (within the contest dates) I’m going to give you a $25 gift certificate to Maskcara Cosmetics!!! Just email maskcara blog a link to your entry and we will email you your gift code!

Now for the winner of that Sonnet James dress


Trina Gallop Congratulations!!!!!
Please email me your shipping address at [email protected] and we will send that right out!

Thanks so much for entering these fun contests you guys! Have a fantastic weekend!



PS thank you SOO much for all the sweet birthday wishes, I got teary reading them, I’m not usually such a bawl baby!