Happy V Day!


My good friend Janae Godfrey (who is incredibly beautiful and talented) had a really fun photo shoot idea.

Using Pink smoke bombs.

I smelled like fireworks, stained my shirt pink and my eyes stung for the rest of the night but I gotta say…it was worth it:)
They turned out pretty dang cool!

vday  vday3 vday4



I still have NO CLUE what I’m gonna do for Nick. Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated!
I’d love to hear anything cute your guy has done for you, cause I just love love stories. I ask EVERY single married client how they met their husbands. It’s probably my favorite thing to hear about.
Have you read our love story? It’s pretty great…but I guess I’m a little biased:)

SPOILER ALERT (if you haven’t read it) Everyone always asks why Nick broke up with me. Trust me we’ve talked about it like a thousand times and the answer is pretty boring.
He always says he was just too immature for a healthy relationship.
I know that kind of sounds like a cop out but I think it’s true.
It seems to me what we look for when we’re dating is often at odds with what we want in a spouse.
Someone mysterious, aloof, gives us a chase and keeps us guessing… that’s all so exciting and fun when you’re dating but you want your life partner to be committed, devoted and honest.
Sometimes it takes a heart break or two to realize what you really want I suppose:)

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Love you guys!




I know it’s pretty cold like…pretty much everywhere – except here.
Don’t hate me but it’s been 70 degrees in St. George for the last 3 weeks..and counting!
( I laugh now – you laugh come July when I’m stuck indoors to avoid heat stroke)
So spring is DEFINITELY on my mind. That’s not unusual for me though even when it’s ice cold in February I am always already wearing shorts and pretending it’s spring by now. In my opinion winter should end when Christmas does.

So here are some of the new inspirations I’ve been searching out to get us pumped for a new season.
Which is your favorite!? I’ll film a tutorial the winner this week!

Look One:
I love the brows and the lip color in this one It’s like the PERFECT pink.


Look Two:
another lip love. Eyes.  the mole. and the brooding dude:)


Look Three:
This screams spring to me!  All of it.


Look Four:
HOT red lips. Peach cheeks and a brown smokey eye. Yes.




Valentines Day Makeup!

Raise your hand if your husband hates red/dark lipstick!?
(I know you can’t see me but mine is firmly and sadly raised)


So for V day I must forgo the traditional winged liner & red lip (at least that’s what I think of when I think of lovers day makeup?) cause I’ve got to cater to my main squeeze on this ONE day. (Truth be told I always wanna look hot to him so I avoid dark lips for pretty much any date night…)
He’s a sucker for eyeliner and a nude lip. I can slide in with a hot pink lip too…as long as it isn’t too dark, he’ll never know the difference.

So I that’s what I did for this tutorial for holiday sakes.
BTW the lipstick looks a lot lighter in the video than it did in person the photo above is closer to what to expect!

(I gotta say…’m pretty stoked about my skin in this video before I even start with the makeup! I don’t think it’s ever looked this clear! This wash/moisture + this tool are rocking my world)

What I used:

IIID Foundation in sunlit highlight + stone contour + pink grapefruit blush + Pearl Illuminator
IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette (Warmth, Noir & Mocha)
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer
Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara (since when did we start comparing those two things? Apples and oranges!)
Brun Eye Shadow (brows)
OCC Sebastain lip liner
Flower Lipstick in Camelia Charm
L’Oreal Doutzen Lipstick

Love you!


Friday Favorites

Sometimes I look around at my incredibly blessed life and it actually scares me.
How could things be so good? Somethings gotta give. Somethings gotta go bad.
It’s true.
Life is filled with peaks and valleys, so I know there are trials and tough times ahead.
A comforting thought that I have when I start worrying about that is that at times when my life wasn’t this good.
When I was going through really hard things.
Even at the most difficult times, I have always been more-or-less happy.
It makes me feel like even though a perfect life is not attainable, a happy life is.
It’s cliche I suppose but it’s true. Look for the good. Cherish the sweet moments.
Value life for what it is and don’t hold out on happiness for what it isn’t.

I love that.

So Billy has been extra fussy the last few days and that’s always so stressful with a young baby because it could easily just be teething or general fussiness or a little bit of a tummy ache but it could also be an ear infection or something of the like. My main go to is always thinking it’s an ear infection. Then I’m asking Nick “Should we take him into the doctor.”
“He’s not feverish?”
“I know but before when he had one he wasn’t?”
You get the drift.  I feel like I’m always worrying about things like this as a mom. So a couple of days ago I decided instead of wondering all the time I’ll just get myself otoscope of my own. Then if it looks fine I can put myself at ease and if it’s red then I’ll know I need to take him to see the Doc. I did a little research and found one on amazon (my BFF) I plan on bringing it to my next Doctor’s appointment so he can show me exactly how to use it and what I’m looking for.
Anyway, I thought I’d share because it only cost 40 bucks so if it saves me two unnecessary doctor’s appointments it’ll have paid for itself in co-pays alone!

I also wanted to mention that for all of you who purchased Maskcara makeup at the launch party (or since the release) it was a 2-4 week pre-sale (I know some folks missed that message on the product page) but the time has come! We started shipping this week! There was a HUGE amount of orders so we’ve been busting our butts to get them all out ASAP! Thanks so much for your support! I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Have a great weekend!!!