Eyeshadow School: Ombre Lid

Happy Monday!
I come to you with another installment of shadow school! We are almost through the different techniques (just a couple more) and then we will move to colors (for your eyes & skin tones) and some other fun stuff. I hope you are all enjoying it so far!

Every Eyeshadow technique simplified! So awesome!

Photos by Jessica Janae
Step one: Prime those lids! Seriously I always want to skip this step but it’s not worth it!

Step Two: Using a fluffy brush cover your whole lid with a Midi Shadow – MAC Soft Brown in Photo- (any medium shade shadow colors are included!) From your lashline all the way up to where your brow bone begins.

Step Three: Take a Crease Brush and a deep shade to softly run across the lash line. (MAC SMUT in photo)

Step Four: Using a Light Shadow (preferably one with a little shimmer) and a fluffy brush highlight right below the arch of your brow. (MAC Nylon in photo)

Why I love it: It’s so simple! And looks really flawless with a teensy bit of effort.

Pair it with: Some tightline eyeliner and lashes for an extra glamorous look!

Who it looks fabulous on: It looks especially pretty on prominent eyes and hooded eyes. (weird because those are kind of seem like opposites, but it’s true:) Because it recedes the lid right above the eyeball and brings the arch forward to balance everything out.


Friday Favorites


I love this. It seems you have to be careful where you place compliments and criticism. They each have their place.

OK so I know I’ve been kind of on a bender with this author but my latest greatest I-couldn’t-put-you-down book is The Hypnotist’s Love story. I don’t like giving away much with my book recommendations but for some reason this one didn’t seem that interesting to me so I put it off for a while but when I finally picked it up I was hooked in like two pages.

I really LOVE this adorable dress!

I think I love this Diaper Bag. I need to pick one already!

This pasta dish looks like absolute heaven to me right now.

I’m getting pretty excited about this IT Cosmetics Gel Liner Right now. It’s super black, easy to smooth on and stays in the tear line!

And I might just have to get this little Too Faced Collection ASAP!

Did I mention how much I adore this makeup!?

i hope you all have a terribly good weekend!


Cancer Cutie: Super Hero Jayden

PS I Adore you was sweet enough to share Jayden’s story with me and I wanted to share it with you all as well.
Told by his mother, Roberta.


Jay is the youngest of 4 kids.
He has a brother who is 12, a sister who is 16, and a sister who is 18.
Jay’s dad and I have been married for 19 years.
We were high school sweethearts.
My mom,  Jay’s grandma has multiple sclerosis and lives with us as well.
Jay and his sister’s perform in a small circus.  He does acrobatic tricks with them and his sister’s also do Ariel acrobatics.
Our family is really close,  and enjoy playing games and going on hikes together.  


Jayden was a happy and healthy 10 year old boy, or so we thought.  Unknown to us his body was being taken over by cancer of the blood, otherwise known as leukemia. In August Jay began having headaches almost daily.  We thought it was his eyes causing it, so we took him to get glasses.  When that didn’t help, we told him to drink more water.  Then February 2014 came and he started having symptoms of a sinus infection.  We took him to the doc and got him antibiotics.  While on the antibiotics, his fever began to go away and he started to feel better; however as soon as the antibiotics were finished the fever and pain returned.  Jay was prescribed a second round of antibiotics and the same thing happened again.   For the next 2 week he ran a fever daily from 100-101.  He wasn’t acting sick, so Brett & Roberta (Jay’s parents) thought maybe he had  been exposed to mold or something.  Wednesday, March 5, 2014 (Jay’s brother, Joey’s birthday) Roberta took Jay back to the doctor, where things began to get worse. At this appointment the doctor heard a very pr]]prominent heart murmur and noticed that Jay’s liver was enlarged.  She ordered blood work and found that Jay’s hemoglobin was at 4 (normal is 12).  This was critically low, if Jay was an adult he wouldn’t have been able to even move off of the floor.  She told Roberta to take Jay straight to the emergency room.   During the same test, Jay’s platelet count was normal (about 8000).  By the time they retested his blood at the hospital, 3 hours later, it had dropped in half to 4000.  At the hospital,  Jay was immediately admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit because of how dangerously low his hemoglobin was.  Once admitted to the icu, the doctor requested to speak to both Brett and Roberta together where she explained that she believed Jayden was sick with leukemia.   The next day her suspensions were confirmed.


This is the latest update from his battle with cancer. Written on August 8th (about a week ago) on his birthday:

Jay was admitted to the hospital in Denver today for the, hopefully, last time.  We are praying that his time goes as well as the last round.  Today is Jay’s 11th birthday.  The nurses decorated his room, sang Happy Birthday to him, gave him some board games as a present, and even made him a cake!  It really meant so much that they have made such a big deal out of his special day!  Last time I updated you, I mentioned our family vacation with Shining stars.  We went on that and had a wonderful time!  Jay was exhausted by the end of each days activities, but it was nice to be “normal” and not have to run to doctors appointments and hospitals.  We met several families who have children in remission or finished with treatment.  It was great to talk with them and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have told many of you, that if we can just get through this phase it should get better from here…unfortunately, I was wrong.  We still have another phase, which is supposed to be one of the hardest.  Towards the end of August, Jay will start the next phase; which will last another 2 months.  He will be able to do all of his treatments in the Springs, but they will be pretty intense.  His hair will fall back out, he might need a blood transfusion during it, he will probably have mouth sores, and he will probably run lots of fevers.  One of the chemo’s can cause problems with his heart, so they will do lots of echo’s and watch it closely.  Another chemo can cause problems with his liver, so they will watch that very closely as well.  To be honest, I went home and cried yesterday, after talking to the doctor about what t expect next.  I want to badly for this to be behind us.

I can’t imagine the pain that Jayden is going through right now, nor can I imagine how difficult it must be for his parents to see him like that. My heart breaks for the whole family. One thing I keep thinking is that to be going through all of this is enough, too much. They shouldn’t have to be stressing about the money it takes to pay for all of the medical bills that are adding up as well. It’s just too much for one sweet family to have to bear.
I know not everyone is in a position to give monetarily right not but if you are, I know it would be such a huge blessing for this family. And for Jayden.
100% of the proceeds will go to Jayden’s family.


Tip Tuesday: One Quick Zap

Probably a year ago I noticed something that looked like a little zit hovering over my top lip.
It was all red and never came to a head and I just figured it wold heal eventually…but after about a year it was still there.
Because it wasn’t too big I was mostly able to ignore it but the fact that it was so close to my lip and so red always made it look like my lipstick was applied badly (which isn’t great for a so called makeup artist!)
It started to really bother me and it didn’t seem that any amount of concealer would cover it for long.
I had a friend tell me I should go see a dermatologist and get it taken care of…which I put off doing for months!
Finally a few weeks ago I had a few comments referring to my lipstick being sloppy and decided I’d procrastinated long enough!
I called and made and appointment and a few days later walked into his office.
He took one quick look at my lip and said I had a Cherry Angioma and he could zap it for me in a hot minute.
He said it might leave a little white mark but it would probably be much less noticeable than the red one.
It’s only been two weeks but there is a teensy mark where he zapped it.
Exhibit A:
After spending about a year being subtly bugged by it and then having it taken care of in less than 10 minutes (plus it was covered by insurance) I really felt the need to share incase anyone else had something similar!

Plus it’s always a good idea to get these things checked incase it’s something more serious.

Happy Tuesday!!!