sky high curls

Maybe I need a support group for my Big Hair addiction.
Maybe I was supposed to have been born in Texas. (I sometimes wish I was)
Maybe if big hair is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Especially when it’s as exotic and luscious as this…

A super quick trick for thick full curls!

1. I started by pulling up random pieces (I don’t section off when I’m doing this style because it looks more random and the curls are less likely to stick together)
I spray Oribe Beach spray at the root and through the lock of hair (this spray is not cheap but OH MY it is the best stuff out there. The smell alone is worth it:)

2. Using a tapered wand, wrap the piece of hair around the very smallest part of the iron and hold.

3. Slip the wand out and hold the piece for about 30 seconds so it can cool a bit

4.  Wrap the rest of the piece around the fatter portion of the wand. Let it cool before tousling and finish with a nice dose of Beach spray on the whole head.

I only used step 1-3 on the the hair on the crown of her head for all the hair below that I just wrapped it around the curling iron (this speeds up the process quite a bit!)


Photography jessica janae

Model: Elana Ali Jadallah

Makeover Monday Elana

I loved getting a chance to makeover this stunning woman. As you can see, she looks perfect without a stitch of makeup! I really wanted to do something exotic with creamy dark  lids and natural lips. She has so much beautiful hair I really wanted to make it as big and billowy as possible! {I’ll show my tricks for that tomorrow!}





Photography by Jessica Janae
Model: Elana Ali Jadallah

What I used:

Stila 10 in 1 Illuminating BB Cream
IIID Foundation in Dark for the HAC (on sale for CHEAP right now at Brickyard Buffalo!)
MAC Brun Shadow for the brows
Maybeline Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo on her lids
Loreal Gel Liner in Blackest Black on her tear line & both lash lines. (this is the best thing I’ve found for staying power in the tear line)
They’re Real Mascara
Maskcara Jem Blush (On sale too!)
YSL  Cool Guava Rouge 



PS Fair skin makeover coming next!

Friday Favorites


I love quotes that make me think. This one definitely did.

I LOVED this post about the reality of a perfect instagram! I often feel like my life is FAR far less glamorous than everyone else’s. Especially other bloggers. I get a little bummed out sometimes thinking I’ll never be that perfectly put together all the time…but this post made me feel a little bit more like we all are more the alike than we think!

Ok. So I’m already shopping in the non-maternity section even though I really have no idea what size I’ll be when this little cutester comes out. I just feel like its such a waste to buy anything I can only wear for 2 more months! I couldn’t resist this dress. I got one in nude but I LOVE the mint too.
It was a hard choice (lately whenever Christian doesn’t like something I do he tells me “I really don’t like your choice.” The other day he was arguing with me and I said “I’m sorry Crush, it’s just the truth.” he said “Well, it not my truth that I like!” it made me giggle. I feel that way about certain “truths” sometimes too.)


I cannot believe July is already over! School starts here in like 11 days! How did that go so fast??

These cards are so cool, I feel like they would make a fun unexpected gitft.

These Colour Pop eye shadows are INCREDIBLE. They are creamy so the pigment is super vibrant but the formula is thin enough that they are totally crease resistant. Plus you can use your fingers to apply them in a pinch which makes them SUPER time friendly.

If you’re around my age (29) and you’d like to take a hilarious childhood walk down memory lane CLICK HERE!

Also I need your help! I’ve been trying every lash product on the planet (think serums, base coats, mascara …EVERYTHING) in preparation for Lash School. I feel like I need some direction with mascaras that are a must in my list. So if you have a favorite please share and tell me what you love about it!

Love you all! Have a spectacular weekend!


Pretty Picks

I’m hosting  2 contests  for winning a $45 gift card at Sally Beauty & they are also giving away a tote to anyone who spends $45 in store! So along with the details on how to enter I thought I’d round up my list of must have’s that I’d choose with the winnings:



1. Everytime I go to the pool I swear I’m not going to get my hair wet..and every single time I change my mind half way through cause I’m sick of trying not to get splashed! I really notice a difference in my hair when I’ve been swimming a lot too. Even though I’m not blonde I have highlights and they get green easily. If and when they do one treatment with this baby and it’s gone!

2. I swear by duck clips for bouncy long lasting curls. I’ve tried getting the cheaper ones at drugstores and they are just too weak and slip right out of my hair. So if you’ve tried using duck clips and had that same result, try these. It makes a huge difference (Here’s a tutorial when I used them to create BIG hair!)

3. I’m in love with this antique pink color. So gorgeous. Sweet Memories

4.  I used to LOVE using K-Pack from Joico is a deep conditioning treatment every once in a while because it does MIRACLES on my hair but the price is hefty. I tried this just in case once and I honestly can’t tell the difference. For a smidgen of the cost I haven’t looked back.

5. I’ve talked about this beautiful nude liner a bunch of times. It’s a fantastic color and it’s SO inexpensive.

6. Remember while back when we were all struggling with the Tomas nozzle? Well our voices were heard!! If you see this new packaging snatch it up because the nozzle and the continuous spray is better than ever. NO more splotches and the color is at perfection!

I forgot one of my favorite things! (well there are a lot of things not on the list – curling irons, Tanwise etc) but these I could still fit with the $45 limit!
Face Razors!  I swear by these things cause I HATE waxing and these do the job of getting rid of side burns and fuzz without the pain. A lot of ladies are afraid of shaving their face but it’s actually kind of exfoliating and it totally won’t make hair grow in thick, that’s an old wives tale:) Here’s a video from MM&L all about it.

Contest one: Win a $45 gift card and a “Skype Beauty Consolation” with me where we can chat about how to use your card and I can answer any other beauty questions you have!

Enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the second contest you’ll receive a $45 gift card!

How to enter:
During the contest period, follow Sally Beauty on Pinterest:
Create your “Sally Beauty Boho” board
Repin the contest image
Add $45 worth of product from to your “Sally Beauty Boho” board
Email Pinterest board to [email protected] by August 29, 2014
Contest dates: August 1, 2014 – August 29, 2014
Prize: Five (5) Grand Prizes. Five Prize Winners will receive a $45 Sally Beauty gift card
Official rules