Super Fancy.

I teamed up with Nordstrom to create a fun party dress for ringing in the New Year….
but truth be told, I have no fancy plans for NYE.
Actually, I never really do.
One New Year’s I decided to fulfill all of my teenage dreams and go to Vegas to celebrate (I live about an 2 hours away) and it was a gigantic disaster.
I don’t know if any of you have ever had the pleasure of being in Sin City on such a night but it is not for the faint of heart.
Everywhere you go it’s so jam packed sardine-style you think you should be married to half those people by the time you squeeze through em!
These days I usually just hang out at the house, play games and eat treats until midnight…but if I was going to go somewhere for a NYE party this is totally what I’d wear:)

When I saw this dress I was thrilled! It’s such a pretty beige color and I love anything with sparkles and/or fringe so I was sold.
I was looking for something to go over it (it’s strappy and I needed more coverage) the girl at Nordstrom pointed this jacket out. She said it’s her very favorite because it’s soooo flattering and comfy and they usually sell out of it as soon as it comes in. OH MAN! I’ve never put on a jacket that I’ve loved more. True story. It has a little bit of padding in the shoulders and the cut hugs your waist perfectly!


dress5dress2 dress4

Photography by Ashley Flowers

Dress: J.O.A
Jacket: BlankNYC
Earrings: Tasha
Shoes: Steve Madden
Lipstick: Dolce & Gabbana Bon Bon


Makeover Video – Jarica

Jarica is my new neighbor! She has two little boys and one little girl, her whole family is adorable.
In the short time I’ve gotten to know her I’ve just fallen in love with how sweet and good hearted she is.
I did her makeup for her family photos so I did a really soft natural look.

After she went home I kept thinking how fun it would be to really glam her up so I called the next day to see if she wouldn’t mind coming back so I could do a much more made up look on her as well. I’ll post that one next week!
I think it’s fun to see a couple different looks on the same face…especially one with these bambi eyes.



My Vote on Marsala

I think it was last week (my days-nights-weeks are kind of running together…) that I heard about Pantone’s Color Of The Year for 2015.
Marsala – described as “A naturally robust and earthy wine red”
As I skimmed the interwebs it didn’t seem like everyone was on board with it.  I get that, I mean, it’s basically brownish red which I haven’t seen on the top of anyone’s favorite color lists lately BUT I was actually kind of thrilled about it.
Although last years color, Radiant Orchid, is probably prettier to look at as a leading lady, 2015’s choice makes a much better co-star.
Marsala is sooooo good at being makeup.
Anything with red undertones is going to make your eyes look AWESOME but this color has the added bonus of also being earthy/natural-ish at the same time.
Double threat.
So I gathered together some of the robust wine’s themselves and I can’t wait to start experimenting with them!



1. Topshop Lipstick in Inhibition
(I have really been loving all of Topshop’s lipsticks! They are nice and pigmented with great lastability.)

2. MAC Lipstick in Verve
(This lipstick is really gorgeous! It’s a little a little more on the brown side so if stuff tends to go warm on your skin, I’d skip it but if stuff goes true to color or cool this will look perfect!)

3. Essie Nail Polish in Berry Naughty

4. MAC Sketch Eyeshadow
(this will make your eyes electric whether you have green, blue or brown – or somewhere in-between)

5. Bobbi Brown Pot Blush in Milk Chocolate
(You can use this on your cheeks or lips and it’s the greatest texture!)

6. Stila Shadow in Metallic Merlot
(These are probably my favorite shimmery shadows in all the world.)

7. Clinique Black Honey Sheer Liptint
(for Marsala in it’s sheerest – most natural – dosage)

Are you on board with Pantone 2015? If no, what color would you have picked?

Happy Hump Day!


Holiday Makeup Tutorial!

When I posted THIS hair tutorial a few weeks ago I had a lot of requests for a tutorial for the makeup.
Cause it’s kind of perfect for the season.



(some of ya asked about this shirt so here’s a link to it!)

Christian is a huge fan of a red lip (although he’s pretty sure this is a purple lip) he said I looked really “fancy” and he was a little sad when I wiped it off before I went to bed:)

Nick is not as much of a fan, bold lips are not his jam.
I think sometimes when a guy sees a bright colored lip all they can think is that if they kiss you it’s gonna get on them. That and I think they usually tend to like their lady friends looking natural, like they just wake up that way…and no one I know wakes up with shiny red lips.
Still though…me and Christian love them.


Maybelline Nudes Palette
Ardell Demi Wispies
Jordana Lip Liner in Cabernet
Buxom Gloss in Red Poppy

Ruby Blush

hope you wear it & love it!!!