Introducing Eyeshadow School. Day one: The Rules.

Let’s talk about eye shadow.

On a quite regular basis I hear these words (or some derivative of):
“I am clueless with eye shadow.”

For a long time this struck me as odd.
Eyeshadow is so simple?
Is this just something people say? Like “Oh, I’m bad with names.” Or “Don’t look at my house, it’s a disaster!” (Cue spotless home)
I decided that it must be but after so many years of hearing it SO many times I finally decided I needed to find out what the problem was. How is something so simple becoming so complicated?
Why don’t women feel confident about their shadowing abilities?
What’s the deal here?

From then on “I’m terrible with eye shadow.” was no longer a question when posed to me, it was an opening for an interrogation.
What do you mean? What can’t you do? What looks have you tried to attain? Why didn’t it turn out how you wanted?

Finally, I came to some conclusions on what the gap was and Eyeshadow School was born.

Fist things first.
I’ll start with the
According to me:

You already know this but the differences might be making you feel like you are doing something wrong trying to attain a certain look when you’re not, eye shape can completely change the way shadow looks.
Take for instance Lilly Ghalichi:
lillyeyes copy


An awful lot of the eye shadow pins on Pinterest that I see all the time are done on eyes like these.
Her eyes are prominent.
This changes the way shadow look A TON. For a couple main reasons.
1. You can see her eyelid below the crease when her eyes are open.
2. Since her eye protrudes the thickness and heaviness of her shadow and liner can be amped up a great deal without it looking like a black eye.
3. She has a natural crease that is heavy. Even if she only put one color of eyeshadow on her entire lid it would like much darker in the crease because it’s deep and that creates a shadow.
And while I LOVE her eyes and I think that prominent eyes are beautiful, most of the eyes that I makeup or see on a daily basis are not prominent.
Usually, most women I see are somewhere between Lilly’s eyes and Jessica Beil’s eyes:

She has a lower, finer crease. The shadow below her crease can’t really be seen when her eyes are open.

Both are stunningly beautiful. And both can do any eyeshadow they want! But it’s not going to look the same and if you expect it to, you’ll probably think you did something wrong.
All of this might be really obvious to some of you but it took me a long time to figure it out for myself so I think it’s an important thing to share!


The other thing I hear and see a lot is “The Proper way to apply eye shadow.”
WHAT!? THERE’S ONE PROPER WAY? All of these different eyes and there’s one standard way we should be doing our shadow? No.
I won’t accept it.
Here at eyeshadow school I will show you my favorite (and oh so simple) shadow techniques and I might even plug an eye shape for one that it could be particularly flattering for but I won’t be making rules. Since everyone is so unique (in look and taste) the only way to really find out what is “Proper” for you is to try it on yourself.

Are you guys excited? I am.
Part of School will be a Q&A video so please leave any questions you have below and I’ll either address them with a post or during the video!

Hope you all have a LOVELY Holiday (for those in the US) and weekend!


Using a Diffuser to get “Natural Curl”

I feel like I’ve been sitting on this tutorial for like 2 years now!
I LOVE using the diffuser to get totally natural looking curls in my hair but there are SO many ways to screw it up…and end up looking like a poofball!
Over the years I feel like I’ve really mastered the art so when Sally Beauty asked me if I’d like to collab with them on a hair tutorial this was the perfect one to finally show you!
Most of the time I avoid using much by way of product (hairspray, gel etc.). Using the diffuser is one of the only ways I can get away with it and have it hold my hair without tangling the tar out of it or weighing it down.(since it’s so fine)


(I added some curls with the curling iron as well but only a couple on top:)


What I used:

One Touch Professional Blow Dryer (& The diffuser that comes with it)

Ion Keritan Dry Oil Mist

Ion Titanium 1 1/4″ Curling Iron

Ion Curl Spray Gel

Ion Flex Finish Hairspray

Volumizing Root Lifter

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A Makeover on a Wednesday!? What?

I guess this week is going to be a double makeover! But this ones even better because it’s a VIDEO!

I used my beautiful little sis Celeste who I’ve used before for a couple of my favorite makeovers HERE & HERE)

This is a VERY FUN look and I am really sorry to say that I was so excited about it that I forgot to take before and afters…
so you’ll just have to watch to see the transformation!

What I used:

Milk Argan Oil
Maskcara IIID Foundation in Dark for contour (& the Medium Highlight)
YSL Foundaion in Beige 40
MAC Brun
Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes
NYX Black Liquid Liner
NYX Taupe Liner
Kette Blush in Bermuda
NYX Lipstick in Nude
Lip Tar in Pleasure Model
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray

Beauty Blender
Contouring Brush
Eyebrow Brush
Highlighting brush
Duo Lash Glue
Blush Brush


Makeover Monday – Lori

This beautiful woman just became a grandmother for the first time! I am so excited for her and knowing what a kind and generous woman she is, that little sweetheart is pretty darn lucky to have her. I am sure you can see it just by looking in this photo because her goodness shows through her beautiful eyes.


I really wanted to bring out those beautiful blue eyes and one of my very favorite ways to do that is by using a raspberry colored blush. (IIID Blush in Jem)
And a pink toned shadow (Sunset) on her lids (I didn’t use this under her eyes because it might have made her look like she was crying. The I did a coat of mascara focusing on the root on her top lashes to give the definition of liner without the added heaviness.
I filled her brows with Charcoal Brown Shadow (which goes considerably warmer when used on warm skin tones, magic!)
For her skin I started with Argon Milk to give her skin some glowing moisture. Next I used IIID Foundation in medium as her HAC and coverage. ( Recommend NYX Taupe blush and Mary Kay Concealer  as a sub)
For her lips I used Dior Addict Lip Glow to give her that natural looking pink and topped it with a little bit of gloss in Oh La La.

Happy Monday!