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    Evine live picks + a giveaway!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am that I was invited to be apart of Evine Live’s Beauty Day event. I really have to thank you guys for that because…

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    Friday Favorites Outfits

    Summerin’ it up.

    I was realizing as I was shopping around this weekend how many REALLY cute things were for sale for CHEAPs. So I thought I might as well share the love before…

  • calmrough
    Friday Favorites

    Friday Favorites

    I just finished watching THIS video. It was such a good reminder of what is important and how to lift yourself when you’re down. I HIGHLY recommend it. These nails are so…

  • pearl1
    My Life


    Over at Maskcara Cosmetics we’ve (I know, we are a we now! Kind of mind blowing. I’ve gotta introduce you guys!)  been brainstorming and BRAINSTORMING about this ONE thing for a…

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    Makeup Tutorials

    This makeup

    When I posted some photos a little while back I had quite a few of you request a tutorial. This is DEFINITELY one of my favorite looks. I like it because…

  • Brows that look realistic even from right up close!  OH MY WORLD! So glad I know!
    Brow School Makeup

    Hairy brows are the best brows.

    When we start talking about filling brows some people get a little nervous. Usually those are the people that have very sparse brows, bare patches or are otherwise in need of…

  • 9V9A4350

    And a Denim Jacket

    I will admit it took me an awful long time to jump on the whole denim jacket band wagon. The memories of wearing a big bulky one in middle school were…

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    My Life

    Pet Peeves & Dearest Delights

    I like hearing about people’s pet peeves. I mean, if you were to ask someone “What are some things you don’t like.” They’d probably look at you funny and if they…