Monday Makeover & Allure Insiders

I have some REALLY exciting news for you all!

I have teamed up with Allure again for a really fun new project!
They’e gathered all of their favorite “Beauty Experts” in the blogging world and created a Youtube Channel JAM packed with beauty advice and tutorials.
I am doing two videos a month with them both with different themes.

For my two series I decided to make one of my monthly videos all about hair (products, tips, tutorials…whatever!) since sometimes I get so caught up on makeup I miss out on the luscious locks. For the next I decided to do something you all have been asking me about for AGES! MAKEOVER VIDEOS! Yes, it’s long overdue. I know. I have had them in the back of my mind forever, but the time has come. My very first Makeover video will be demonstrating this GORGEOUS gal named Brittany:


BUT that won’t be until next week ( I just wanted to show you a sneak peek to get you excited)…my first series that starts today is all about DIY Hair toning (something I posted about a while back but had LOTS of questions on)
I use this recipe with my own hair (now that it has some blonde slices in it, I used it back when I was blonde and I used it on my sister in law when I made her over.

When I first started I used purple food coloring but I have found that mixing my own purple gets me much better results…I’ll explain in the video:

I used:
Wilton Food Coloring
& your favorite shampoo
Apple Cider Vinegar

If you wanna check out the other videos and get to know all the babes in the Allure Insiders (Tati from Glamlifeguro who I competed with last year in the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards is one of them!) Click HERE

Have the most wonderful Monday possible!
( OH and PS I got the date right and the day wrong on my Twitter party! So sorry! It’s tomorrow night!)

Girl’s Night out!

All it takes is one night out with the girls to remember how much fun it is and how much we all need a little time just with the ladies!
It’s bonding, like a team sport!
So when Evite & Sally Hansen invited me to have a night just for the girls on Twitter (meaning everyone’s invited!) I was all about it. We are going to have a bunch of beauty bloggers there too, so there’s gonna be some good beauty knowledge being passed around.
It’s going down on TUESDAY the 20th from 5-6pm Pacific.
Here is your official invite & to RSVP click HERE.
I figure it might help with my ability to use Twitter, too…I’ve never done a twitter party but it seems like a really fun way to hang out with a bunch of girls all in one place.

Half the fun of any girl’s night is the getting ready part, so I gathered together a full look (which would all totally work on a date as well!)
Here’s what I rounded up!



Pretty Rebel Palette Pretty much obsessed with this lately. For my Girl’s Night look I used the dark sparkly blue and the black on my lids!
Pink Lipstick OK so full disclosure? This Doutzen lipstick from Loreal is SO pretty but it’s out online everywhere! SO the link is to another REALLY pretty pink but if you have a chance, be sure to check your local drugstore to see if they still have any Doutzen pinks!
Esqido Little Black Lashes I’m kind of addicted to these lashes lately. I love how black they are and how the strip at the bottom creates a SUPER full looking lash and perfects the whole look.
Sally Hansen legs  Cause you know I use this ALL THE TIME (I’m actually working on  a “body contouring” post using it so keep your eyes peeled! Sally’s was nice enough to send over a coupon link for us as well!


Top/Old Navy Cheap + cute = awesome.
Skirt/ Topshot I am a SUCKER for anything with glitter. Especially a skirt. Especially to be worn in the evening when it’s going to shimmer like crazy.
Shoes/Steve Madden I LOVE these booties. I feel like they could be work with just about anything. PLUS they’re on sale.
Earrings/Nordstrom Did I say I loved Glitter? Cause I do.

Have a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to hang out with any of you who can make it on Tuesday night!

i heart heart Sunnies

After we got Anne all BRONZED up the other day, we also got her all dressed up and Jessica Janae took some amazingly cool photos of her. I thought you might want to see the cute summer outfit we picked out and I really thought you might want to get yourself these sunglasses.
Every where I go wearing these babies people ask me where I got them, so they must be pretty cool:)
IMG_0918 IMG_0995 IMG_1139

IMG_0932 IMG_1238

makeup | sunnies | Top | Skirtalls (similar) | Boots (borrowed from Jessica’s feet!)

In fact for the fun of it I say we do a little giveaway of the sexy sunnies!
To enter just comment your idea of “the perfect summer night”

Here’s mine (although I won’t count it as an entry) The first thing to come to my mind was back yard barbecues. The smell or summer mixed with the grass and the grill,  watermelon, friends and family, laughing …that is my(or one of my..) picture perfect summer night.

(Photo cred


Tip Tuesday: Erase your makeup

When I got “the makeup eraser” in the mail I was imagining when I opened the box it would look a little bit like the “magic eraser”


….which it totally didn’t.

To me, It was just looked like a normal pink cloth that I’d wash dishes with.

The instructions said to simply dampen the cloth with water and wipe away your makeup (eyeliner. mascara. everything) So, that’s what I did. I wasn’t in front of a mirror while I was doing it and it sure didn’t feel like anything was going to happen besides a smearing of eye makeup all over my face but when I went to check out the damages guess what was there? Nothing! My face was completely makeup-less. I even tried it with waterproof mascara to make absolutely sure.

It’s like the Magic eraser (which always blows my mind with it’s ability to clean off ANYTHING from my counters) has a cousin who’s soft and velvety and who also has magical removing elements and I’m just now meeting her.  It’s an honor.

I have already praised the merits of removing makeup with coconut oil which I still love, but the beauty of this is the ease!
All you need is that cloth and you’re good to go. No residue either. Plus when it gets all black and dirty you just throw it in the wash and it comes out as good as new.
(I have not had the time to test it yet but the instructions boast that you can wash it over 1,000 times)

I’m into it.

Easiest way to remove makeup EVER!

Get it HERE ( I couldn’t find it In-stock on Amazon)


PS To all of my LOVELY Canadian’s I am so pleased to finally let you know that all Maskcara products can now be shipped to you!! I am so excited about it because I have hated having you left out! To all of my other international ladies, we are working on more areas as we speak!