A Listers Twin Sister – YSL Sheer Candy


After I talked a fair amount about how much I LOVE the YSL Sheer Candy Cool Guava lip color I had a few ladies ask if there was a less pricey alternative.
So I set sail toward Walgreens in search of one.
Then I found one that I though “eh, this has got to be pretty close.”
Then I took photos to show how similar they are.
Then I looked at the photos.
And then…I felt, like, really dumb.
Because I paid $34 bucks for something that I could have had pretty much the exact same effect with for $5.
And I call myself FRUGAL!
I comforted me for having bought the YSL by saying that I love the packaging (it is pretty great) and that it is a smidge warmer and feel the teensiest bit more shiny but aside from that they are super similar.


YSL {Sheer Candy – Cool Guava}  :   Baby Lips {Pink Punch}

Of course, I had to share this find but it also got me thinking about other dupes.
Are there any products you are dying to have but can’t bare to make the splurge?
Let me know if the comments and I will go on a hunt for you!

Also! I’m going to make a Q&A video so if you have any burning questions at all (about anything!) throw ‘em out there and I’ll do my best to answer them:)


Friday – Fall – Favorites!

I am totally polarized on my lipstick love right now. I want it either completely nude, blood red or dark black cherry. NOTHING in between:)
I’m also diggin’ warm golds,  deep browns & currants for the eyes.
And after a long lived “I don’t really care for it on me” attitude about winged liner…I’m starting to really want to wear it, like everyday.

All the best picks!

1. Vampira
I’m loving the dark dark lips but when they go into brown or purple territory I don’t like them nearly as much. This one stays right where I want it in a deep sexy burgundy.

2. Helbent
I’ve been craving dark reds because I think they are easier to pull off somehow than bright reds and they also make blue or green eyes look crazy bright! Kat Von D is a complete PRO at doing dark gorgeous lip colors.

3. Milani Bella Copper
The shimmer pay off on these is incredible and this color is my favorite.

4. Black Currant HD Blush
Obsessed with this color. It’s gorgeous for fall and so unique.

5. Rust Jumbo Eye Pencil
These pencils make eye shadow such a breeze and the rusty purple is amazing.

6. Tattoo Liquid Liner
I used to think every liquid liner was the same but I’ve gotten reeeaaaally picky about them in my old age! I want one that is pure black (no gray please) not flaky, doesn’t dry out fast and a tip that doesn’t get frayed or drippy. Luckily this little nugget is all of the above. Total godsend.

7. Hollywood
Photos do not do this shimmery gold justice! It is absolutely stunning! The shimmer makes the wearing of such a nude color so much more do-able.

8Apricot Fantasy
So happy I found this beauty. It’s got just the right amount of peachy tones to off set the skin and look radiant!

9. Black Cherry
This vampy lip is quickly becoming quite the cult color!

10. Monarch Eyeshadow Palette
I’ve been searching for the perfect fall palette and this one has everything I’m looking for! Golds, coppers and intense browns! Plus the pigment and overall shadow quality is perfection.

I hope you have a spectacular weekend!


Thank you so much Sephora for sponsoring this post!

What I wore in the woods

While Nick’s been golfing I’ve been staying in a little cabin in the woods and pretty much just snuggling Billy all day. I’m having flashbacks to back when it was just me and Christian when he was newly born. Before we had a four year old running over and giving baby brother what I call “smother hugs” every few minutes and asking once or a thousand times a day why the baby doesn’t laugh when he tickles him or when he’ll be able to walk:)
I really miss Christian but I have been enjoying having a little more time and, you know, getting a shower or two in this week!
I even got dressed up all cute so I figured it would be good to document such a momentous occasion.
I’ve had these jeans from Nordstrom for almost 4 years now and I swear I’ve worn them more than anything in my closet, they are so comfy and stretchy enough that I can still wear them even though I don’t fit into any of my other pants yet. Plus (thank heaven for the B.P. section!) they are super affordable.



Shirt: Wayf (sold out) Similar
Pants: Jolt
Boots: Frye ( I ended up caving on these! And I LOVE em!)
Lipstick (I’m super excited because Nordstrom is now carrying Urban Decay, kinda nice since I order pretty much everything from there! ) : Apocalypse (it’s super dark but I like to blot it in lightly so I get the tone without SO much intensity:)
Lashes: Perversion

Hope you’re all having a great week!


A Family of four

It never ceases to amaze me how much joy I have found in motherhood.
I was awfully sick and pretty uncomfortable for 9 months and there were times when I wondered ‘what was I thinking doing this again!?’ but as soon as I laid eyes on his beautiful little face all I could think was ‘Oh…that was you in there the whole time? I’m so sorry I even complained for a moment. Kick my ribs all you want! I’d do anything for you.’

I really would. I’m always wondering if I ‘m doing enough or doing it right.
I often wonder how they’ll remember me when they grow up and have children of their own.

I hope they remember me as a warm hug they could always cozy up to.
An understanding ear that could hear their worries and always soften them, just a little.
I want them to remember me as kind and generous. Not just to them but to everyone.
To know that I know how flawed I am but I’ll never give up on trying to become better.
And that I’ll never give up on them no matter what.
I want them to to want their own family and their own marriage because they saw so much love and happiness in ours.
And to remember always feeling loved and wanted and cherished and never alone.

Baby William-27 copy
Baby William-64
Baby William-48 copyBaby William-61  Baby William-65 Baby William-69 Baby William-71 copy Baby William-74 Baby William-75
Baby William-30 copy

Thank you so much for being here and letting me always share my thoughts, I just love you guys.



Photos by Cassidy Miller