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  • tattoo_feature

    Outfits lately

    I used to always spend my splurges on my pants. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Expensive shirts – especially expensive tees – seemed like such a waste.…

  • family
    My Life Outfits

    Family Photos

    I really wanted to share these family photos with you guys because I am so so happy with how beautiful they turned out. I can’t help but get a little choked…

  • donut
    My Life

    Agree to disagree. Sayings/quotes.

    What? First of all I talk about people ALL THE TIME. It’s definitely my favorite subject. I talk about people that I love, funny things people do/say, cool things people do/say,…

  • Beautiful makeover and tips on 40+ makeup!
    Before & Afters Makeup

    Makeover Monday – Shannon

    Holy cow! Long time no talk! I think it’s really important to take a break every now and then when you feel like you’re getting a little stale! It totally helps reignite…

  • My Life

    You never know

    So my mom is one of those Superhumans. She can get more done in a half a day than I can in a week. The woman bore 9 children. When she…

  • 9V9A9676

    White summer dresses

    When I find something this pretty and well made at forever21 I feel like it needs to be shared in a very real way! This one I was pretty stoked on.…

  • monica
    Before & Afters Makeup

    Makeover Monday

    So…it’s not Monday. I’m so sorry about that! Billy got sick and a few days later I got saddled with the same thing (a really bad head cold) and that totalled…

  • boots

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    Last year I was big old pregnant during this sale and I had some SERIOUSLY high hopes about what I would fit into come fall…”Baby weight? It all comes off in…