I read somewhere the other day that listing, actually writing down what you are grateful for actually increases your happiness.
It just so happens to be something I love to do every year at this time and really should do a lot more often.
I don’t know about you but I love reading other people’s grateful lists too because I just think in a world with so much negativity talked about it’s nice to be reminded about just how many wonderful things there are too. I really believe it’s the small seemingly insignificant things that makeup a beautiful life and what a shame to have one and not even know it.

Here’s the beginning of mine this year. I hope you’ll share some of yours too:)
I’m grateful for…

Christian. Cause he thinks that going for a walk just the two of us is a “date”, he calls William “Billiard”, he says “usually” when he means to say “actually”, and because his happiness is my happiness which means I get to live the joys of life through him as well.

William. Because his cheeks are softer than marshmallows and twice as smoochable. When he cuddles in real close and starts having sleepy milk induced smiles he looks just like Littlefoot, who is obviously the sweetest dinosaur of all Land Before Time.

Nick. Because he makes my life better in every single way. He makes me laugh and he knows how to win a debate but he also knows how to say “you know what, that’s a good point.” when he just lost one, and I think that’s pretty rare.

That I have a mom who is genuinely interested in hearing every boring detail about anything in my life even if she’s already heard about it 3 times before and a dad who is never too busy to join me for lunch, even when “join me for lunch” actually means “bring me lunch cause I’m starving and have a sleeping baby.”

A bunch of brothers and sisters who are more like best friends that I’d rather hang out with than pretty much anyone.

Advice. Having a baby means getting a lot of it. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. I’m so glad I have people who care and who try to help. I need it. There wasn’t a handbook given to me about everything in life and I’m just learning as I go but I really appreciate those who throw me shortcuts every now and then.

Treats and a movie. There’s something about the idea that any given night of the week I can whip out some treats and watch a movie that just makes life feel simple and fun.

Reading. I’m so grateful that no matter how late I go to bed I can always still read just a couple of pages of my book. Sometimes I look forward to that quiet moment day long.

Readers. That I have somewhere to put my thoughts and ideas and talents and a community who will take the time to read and watch them and share in return is truly remarkable to me and something I’m so grateful for.
Have a most wonderful holiday weekend!!


Shark Bite Shirt

SO I went to find this top online so I could link it for you and couldn’t find it anywhere on Urban Outfitters site. I was bummed cause I hate to show you guys stuff that’s already sold out cause that does you no good at all…but I finally found it. It was among the dresses! So I guess it’s a dress. I tend to prefer my dresses cover my bum though so, for me,  I’m considering it a tunic:)

Same difference right?





Let’s talk about hats for a second.
I’ve never been able to wear them, comfortably.
First of all, I’ve got kind of a huge noggin’. It’s a family trait, Brooks have big heads. Most hats are a real squeeze if they fit at all which has kind of just nipped the whole hat idea in the bud but then there’s beanies.
I love them for  keeping my head warm, covering up greasy roots and for fitting me indiscriminately!

IMG_10blog IMG_18blog


Photos by Ashley Flowers Photography

Dress/shirt Urban Outfitters | Leggings Hue {favorite + on sale!} | Booties Michael Antonio  | Beanie Urban Outiftters

Hope you had a great weekend! Love you guys!!


Faking Finger Waves

I’m really excited about this tutorial! This hair is so much fun and TOTALLY festive for the holidays!


Lips: Liner – Jordana Plush Plumb | Mac Sin | Clear Gloss

OK so I want to start off with BY FAR the most important part of this whole tutorial. I cannot stress is enough. You are LOST without it.
The Gel.
It may have been a hot minute since you slathered your head with hair gel (perhaps not since the crunchy hair 80’s or the cowboy soup curls or the early 2000’s?) but you’re gonna need to whip it out again. To help with the crunch factor I put it on dry hairs.
How much you use depends on how much hair you have but you want to make sure it’s coating all of it and it’s distributed evenly. The easiest way for me to do that was to do it a section at a time and comb through it while it’s still damp(so the hair looks smooth and shiny)
As far as sectioning goes, it all depends on how thick your locks are. Because of the uniform nature of the style it actually works best and easiest on thinner hair. If your hair is thin you’ll only need to section it off 1 time (so two half sections). My hair is fine but pretty darn thick so I had to section it off 3 or 4  times.



1 1/4 ” curling iron / hair gel

1. As appose to most of the curls you’ve probably done in the past I like to start with the top section with this look. This gives you the chance to decide exactly how you want it to look and where you want the waves to go. I’ve shown two options  (above) I started the waves right up at my forehead for a more retro finish. On Bethany (below I wanted it to look a tad more relaxed so I started the first wave at temple level. Once you have the top layer done you’ll know where each of the below waves need to go in order to match. (Does that make sense? Am I complicating this too much?)
Ok so now that you know where you want that wave clamp the curling iron over the weft of hair (wiggly it arournd a bit so you don’t get clamp crimps.

2. Unclamp and hold piece right below the wave letting it cool for a few seconds

3. Hold the wave in place with one hand and clamp the hair in reverse with the other.

4&5. Continue this process down the whole piece.

When waving the underneath sections be sure to start the wave to match the top waves exactly. so the S is uniform.

If your hair is super resistant to curl try clipping the waves like this:


I hope you love it!