5 Minute Beach Waves

Remember this little beauty that swept your pinterest pages for months?!

I tried to style my hair like this for a while. After many “close but no cigar” attempts, I finally  found the best way to do it as close as possible was curling it a bit tighter than this, then wearing it for a day. On day two the slept in hair is perfection! Just fluff it up and shoot it with a little texture spray.

Here is my tutorial on how I do it, which takes like 5 minutes! (the bonuses of mid length hair!)

The whole bed head idea made me think about all of the questions I get on getting your hair to look good the second (or third) day, so I’m working on that post as we speak:)

Hope you’re having a great Hump Day so far.
I’m excited because we are headed to our family reunion tomorrow and I’m so excited to see everyone and get together…even if we will be in the Las Vegas heat with this big old belly!

Tip Tuesday: Hair Lightening

I feel pretty sheepish whenever I talk about my hair color…
cause it’s been quite the miniature saga. One I’d like for other people to be able to skip the crappy parts of (if they are brunettes or fake brunettes who are wanting to go light like I did) so I want to share my experience of doing it the wrong way and then doing it the right way. For those of you who haven’t been following along, I’ll catch you up real quick!

I was born blonde. Dyed it dark in my 20′s (REALLY DARK) stayed that way for 7ish years and decided I wanted to go back blonde.
I was rash and impatient. I bleached it all at once and toned it all and when we were done it looked really good! BUT.. it didn’t last. I spent the next few months fighting the orange that came rushing back in as soon as I’d shampooed my hair. I tried taking it lighter to get rid of the orange which didn’t work but did give me a chemical haircut. Meaning I lost about half my hair.
Finally I got sick of fighting and feeling like my hair was going to fall out and by then it was way too light for my comfort so I colored it back dark so I could let it recover.


I gave it a year in a half, didn’t touch it with a blow dryer or lather, and slept in coconut oil weekly.
I still hadn’t given up on getting back to my natural color but I was determined to be extremely patient this time and do it the right way.

This time we started by putting fine highlights through the whole thing. This way we could get the color past the orange point without damaging all of the hair at once. After that I didn’t love the color because it was a little streaky and unblended but I knew that was part of the process. I then waited a couple of months and we did the same thing again (avoiding the prior highlights) Now it looked a little more blended but still wasn’t great. I decided to wait as long as I possibly could hold out to do the process again and nurture my hair in the meantime (which was pretty easy because I’d been pregnant and pretty sick anyhow so not having fantastic hair wasn’t making me that stressed.) After a few months I felt like my hair was ready for another round. So I had and amazing stylist Danielle White  work her magic with the blending and lightening.
We made a little video of the process:

Here’s what she did:
Heavy bleach weave 2 inches off the scalp to avoid hot roots and give a smudged look. Tone at the shampoo bowl, leave of the ends around the face.
Tone 5 minutes with 8n and 7nb. After you rinse you may need to soften any line or smudge roots more with 6n, 7nb

My advice to anyone trying to go light who is terrified of brass do it with foils the old fashioned way and HAVE PATIENCE! You might feel like you’ve been transported to the Britney era for a while with your not-so-cute streaks but it’s only temporary. If you lighten too much at once and end up orange it’s gonna take a miracle to fix it.


Funny thing about mid-toned colors is how much the lighting can change them! The photo below looks more blonde than it does in real life I think.


Before and after Danielle did her Magic (and added some LacedHair Clip-ins as well the Ombre 3/8 are SUCH a gorgeous wheat color that look so natural and the ombre blends really well!)

hairtransformation    wheathaircolor

Danielle is based out of Laguna Beach CA but she also does online education for stylist get all the info here.
I also made Danielle over while I was there, I’ll post that beautiful before and after next monday!

I’m so excited about the low maintenance upkeep of being able to grow my roots! When it was dark I had to touch them up every two weeks or else I’d look like I was balding:)


Friday Favorites on a Saturday




I love this and totally feel this way.

I was so excited that Brickyard Buffalo asked me to be an editor for the week on their site. Which basically means that I pick some really fun items from ma and pa type shops that are kind enough to run a really good sale for the week (ending tomorrow!). I wanted to share some of my favorites here as well:)


1. Turquoise ring (I’m wearing mine as we speak!)
2. Infinity Scarf
3. Lucite Plus Sign
4. Heatless Curling Band
5. Leapard Skirt
6. Maskcara Makeup 

More honest slogans. Because they are just the best.

Remember when I made my good friend Anne look like Kat Von D AND Taylor Swift? That was fun:)

Favorite Brow Gel because…why haven’t I been wearing brow gel until now? (Eyeko Brow Gel)

Sugar-Doodle Vanilla Cookies. Look heavenly.


Eyeshadow School: The Halo

As much as I love the first two techniques we covered, this one is probably my FAVORITE.
I love how easy it is while still being a big impact.

Photography by: Jessica Janea

Step One: Prime the lids Here I used Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre but I have olive/yellow under tones if you are more on the pink side use Painterly.
This is going to even out your lid, made the shadow color look more flawless and highlight your brow bone all in one.

Step Two: Grab a Medium size Crease brush and a mid to dark toned Eye Shadow (MAC Soft Brown Photographed. I found a dual ended brush that I LOVE (since the one I used in these tutorials is out! but no worries cause I actually prefer this baby)

Step three: Wipe the brush back and forth in the socket of your eyeball until it’s to your desired depth and blended. (just a few strokes)

Step four: Run the shadow under your eye at your lash line creating a halo around your eye socket.

Why I love it: It is SO quick and makes your eye color POP like crazy since it’s completely framed in shadow.
Pair it with: Always a great one to pair with a nude or baby pink lip.
Who looks fabulous in it: I always go for this one when my eyes are feeling puffy, since it contours the who eye area. It is also a great choice for anyone who wants their eyes to look bigger! If you already have dark circles this is still a great choice just be sure to get some bright highlight under the shadowed area beneath the eye, to give some contrast.

Hope your day is as lovely as you are (so EXTREMELY lovely:)