Makeover Monday Teen

I love doing makeup on ladies of all ages, even the little girls in my life come over regularly for a dot of blush on their cheeks and (if they’re lucky) a little bit of illuminator to sparkle up their eye lids.
I remember when my mom first said I was allowed to wear mascara and lip gloss to school. It was 6th grade and I was THRILLED. I got dolled up for the first day, feeling all kinds of grown up. By day number two I skipped the mascara cause it was such a pain to take off at night and by the end of the first week…I was back to bare faced.
Looking glam was fun but sleeping in was funner:)
I hope my daughter (if I do get lucky enough to have one of those someday) looks at makeup the same way I always have. As an extra. The icing on the cake. A way to express herself and show off her pretty features a bit more.
I don’t want her to be afraid of it or intimidated by it, but I also don’t want her to rely on it or think her beauty is contingent on it.

Which is why I’m always excited to get a chance to work with teenagers. I hope to inspire them to see it the way I do and teach them how to get the most out of a few products in a few minutes…and then get back to homework and texting:)

So quick easy and natural looks are key.
Here’s the low key look I did on an extremely beautiful teen named Bella who I recently had the chance to makeupify.






Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

What I used:
IIID Foundation in Linen (highlight), Walnut (contour), Pink Grapefruit (blush) & Pearl (illuminator)
MAC Brun & an angled brush to fill in the brows
Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer on her cheeks and on her eye lids
Sebastian Lip Liner (what are the laws on marrying lip liner? Cause it’s getting SERIOUS between the two of us)
MAC Underage gloss
Dark brown shadow at her lashline top and bottom (can’t remember which one! Ooops but I know it was just a chocolate colored shadow)
Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

Hope your day is a good one!


Friday Favs

I love this. One of the most comforting things for me to thing when I screw up is that I can learn from it, and move forward. I’m always gonna make mistakes but I’m learning, I’m getting better. The failures aren’t wasted on me, and that’s the important thing, right?

A couple of years ago one of my readers referred me to a blog that I quickly fell in love with. The Day Book. You follow it, right? She’s witty and funny and super relatable, her photos are beautiful and her writing puts most of the rest of the blogging world to shame:) Anyway, Sydney came to live in my town for a time and last week I got to spend the afternoon with her and her sweet babes.  Don’t you just love it when you meet someone you already admire and they are EXACTLY who you thought they were? Well, that’s what happened here. What a lovely gal. I might even talk her into being my makeover monday soon:) If you haven’t already seen her blog it is a MUST.

This list of words that cannot be translated in English is pretty great. I vote we make words for these things PRONTO. Especially Tartle, cause that’s a situation I’ve been in too many times to count. (I have introduction anxiety. I could forget my brothers name if I was put on the spot to introduce him!) Also, Age-otori. That happens in America too.

Remember when we were talking skimpy swimsuits a few weeks back? Well, as usual your help lead me to just the right one. This GORGEOUS gown style suit is basically stolen from my dreams.

I’m going to be on Good Things Utah this morning if anyone in this fine state would like to watch!

This week has been super skimpy on posts. My house is up to the rafters in bubble mailers and makeup. It should be calming down soon though!

Have a fun weekend! Love you!



Fantasy Bachelor Brow over

Something happens when you share with the world your brow obsessions. The world shares their brow obsessions back.
I can’t tell you how many people have so kindly taken the time to draw my attention to the beautiful Carly from this seasons installment of The Bachelor (also known as, The Show Where 20 women date and fall in love with one dude and we all pretend it’s TOTALLY Ok and normal -insert side eye-)
Carly is a such gorgeous girl. I couldn’t help but want to reach through the telly and shape those brows of hers, so I decided to fulfill my needs by way of photoshop.


Isn’t it amazing how much her incredible eyes stand out with a little softening and lengthening to the arches?

We’ve all had shame in our brow game at some point, right?
I spent many a year with pencil thin blondies hovering over my eyes.
As exhibited in this photo of mostly my arm but also my brows (barely there), my sister and our gal pal Shania.
No big deal;)



Do you guys have any bad brow days you need to confess? #nojudgement


Happy V Day!


My good friend Janae Godfrey (who is incredibly beautiful and talented) had a really fun photo shoot idea.

Using Pink smoke bombs.

I smelled like fireworks, stained my shirt pink and my eyes stung for the rest of the night but I gotta say…it was worth it:)
They turned out pretty dang cool!

vday  vday3 vday4



I still have NO CLUE what I’m gonna do for Nick. Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated!
I’d love to hear anything cute your guy has done for you, cause I just love love stories. I ask EVERY single married client how they met their husbands. It’s probably my favorite thing to hear about.
Have you read our love story? It’s pretty great…but I guess I’m a little biased:)

SPOILER ALERT (if you haven’t read it) Everyone always asks why Nick broke up with me. Trust me we’ve talked about it like a thousand times and the answer is pretty boring.
He always says he was just too immature for a healthy relationship.
I know that kind of sounds like a cop out but I think it’s true.
It seems to me what we look for when we’re dating is often at odds with what we want in a spouse.
Someone mysterious, aloof, gives us a chase and keeps us guessing… that’s all so exciting and fun when you’re dating but you want your life partner to be committed, devoted and honest.
Sometimes it takes a heart break or two to realize what you really want I suppose:)

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Love you guys!