Friday Favorites



I just barely got home from a visit to Waffle Love. Which is a waffle truck. And…I loved that cookie butter & strawberry covered morsel of heaven so much that I don’t even think I regret licking the plate. It makes me really sad for those of you who don’t live in Utah but with waffles that amazing…I’m sure they’ll be spreading there soon (wherever there is:). For my St. George ladies, good news they live here now! (Follow them on instagram to find out where they’ll be parking next! @waffluvstg)

We MOVED IN TO OUR NEW HOUSE LAST NIGHT! I’m so so so excited. Now I can’t stop looking at furniture. Nesting perhaps? Welp, at any rate…I’m in LOVE with this bed.

An amazing makeup artist named Vivian (proof of her incredible talent) introduced me to a ground breaking lip mask that works on even the most chapped lips. You must try it. HERE (Bite Agava Lip Mask)


I’ll do it, really, it’s my speciality:)

I know these lashes (Miss Dolly) are expensive but they last forever and they are the perfect balance for days when you want just a “girl next door” amount of lash.

Have you ever done “The Cube” Game? It’s really fun and it’s a great icebreaker with people you want to get to know better. (if you do it, I’d love to hear your results!)

How beautiful is this headband??

The world’s most amazing photographer Jessica Janae is having a seminar on the business of photography that I think is going to be fantastic for any photographers who are wanting to grow. Here are the details.

Also Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starts today!!! YAY! One of the best sales of the year! Be sure to check it out, let me know if you find anything amazing, I’ll do the same! Here’s what I found:)

Have a great weekend!!!!

PS I was featured on The Small Things Blog today! She is doing a REALLY fun series where she chats with other beauty bloggers to find out their favorite tricks and products. Plus she always has great advice of her own!


Eyeshadow School: The Wash

When I said I was going to start with the basics I was SO not kidding!
I know this technique might be a no brainer but I want to draw attention to the fact that no brainer eyeshadow can be just as gorgeous as any other more complicated type. So I’m starting with the very easiest and working toward the hardest….
Easiest of all – The Wash.

Blend the primer everywhere you plan to put the eyeshadow which in this case is from your lash line all the up to your brows. Picture a parenthesis from the end of your brows to the corner of your eyes and fill in there.  Like this:

MAC Soft Ochre
Fluffy Brush
Light Shadow: Ring Leader from the Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette

To make it EVEN easier you could just use the paint pot and totally skip the shadow. I chose to layer on the shadow to give it a little shimmery something in this case.

Why I love it: It is just so simple and clean. To me it screams fresh and youthful.
Pair it with: Love this paired with a heavier lip or heavier eyeliner or with big lashes.
Who looks fabulous in it: If you have deep set eyes you cannot go wrong with this simple shadow.

P.S. I posted a video of the High Volume Crimping technique I used a while back on youtube if you wanna check that out!



Eyeshadow School: The Supplies.

First things first.
You gotta have your supplies:


Primer. This is a step I’m often tempted to skip but I regret it when I do. Not only does it give you a smooth clean base to work from it also makes your shadow go on better and last longer.

There are MANY options here so I’m breaking down my favorites based on your needs -

Urban Decay Primer Potion: If you are one of those people who struggles with eyeshdaow creasing constantly, if your eye makeup runs or if you have oily skin this one is a great choice for you! When I really want my shadow to stay and stay I go for this baby. Plus it makes your shadow go on very vibrant.

MAC Ochre Paint Pot: This is a fabulous option for those who have naturally dark or “see-thru” eyelids who want a little more coverage to get a good canvas and get a true color from shadows. It’s also my go-to when I’m doing a smokey or a highly blended look.

{ELF PRIMER} or {Make Your Own}
This stuff is GREAT! It really adds to the life of your shadow, and the price is unbeatable!

Brushes. There are SO many brushes and the further you go into your eye shadow love the more and more you can get in your collection (as some of you very well know! ha) but if we are talking essentials here there’s really only two you NEED. (I’m so bummed that the one I photographed here decided to sell out right before this posted! so I have added two very good alternatives!)

Crease Brush:  This is a MUST have brush. It’s the perfect size to give you control over exactly where your shadow goes without being so small that it takes all day to get it on there!
Fluffy Brush: This will be great for highlighting and blending.

Shadow.  So so so many choices! We could talk about shadow choices all day long (and we will based on eye color, skin tone and all that fun stuff) but Eyeshadow School is going to start with technique so picking the “perfect” colors are on the back burner for now. Just one of each shade will do! (most of you already have three shades that will work great)

Photographed options: Smut – Soft Brown – Nylon

So get these in your loaded up in your backpack (Navy Blue Jan Sport – only one shoulder -if you’re cool:) and you’ll be set for class!
Thanks again for all your questions and suggestions for this series, they help me so much!
Love you all!


Makeover Monday

If you’ve followed the blog for long you might already know about my sister Rachel. She’s a FANTASTIC makeup artist and pretty much is the whole reason I got into it myself.
She was the artist behind the makeover I’m showing you today!
I thought it was fun because I think we often associate red lips with winter time but I LOVE them for summer too.
Vivianne is insanely beautiful and I love how this classic red look paired with some bronzed up cheeks really brightens her up!

Take a look for yourself!


What she did:
She groomed the brows a bit and gave them some extra structure. This is a great way to balance the lip without going heavy on the eyes.
She used Tweezermans, Brun and an Angled brush.
For her skin she used IIID Foundation in Dark and a little bit of Blush in Jem.
Next she brushed some Matte Midtone Brown from the Full Exposure Palette into her crease and beneath her eyes. Then made a bit of a cat eyed liner on top with Sephora Collection Liquid liner. Highlighting the brow bone and cheekbones with IIID Illuminator in Pretty in Pearl.
And a nice heavy coat of Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.
For her luscious lips her first lined them with Beautique Pencil in Real Red and filled with The Balm Read My Lips gloss in WOW.
lastly dusting her cheeks and chin with some bronzer.

{If you are in the Las Vegas area and would like to book with Rachel contact her at [email protected], she is fabulous of event makeup and for makeup lessons}