A Family of four

It never ceases to amaze me how much joy I have found in motherhood.
I was awfully sick and pretty uncomfortable for 9 months and there were times when I wondered ‘what was I thinking doing this again!?’ but as soon as I laid eyes on his beautiful little face all I could think was ‘Oh…that was you in there the whole time? I’m so sorry I even complained for a moment. Kick my ribs all you want! I’d do anything for you.’

I really would. I’m always wondering if I ‘m doing enough or doing it right.
I often wonder how they’ll remember me when they grow up and have children of their own.

I hope they remember me as a warm hug they could always cozy up to.
An understanding ear that could hear their worries and always soften them, just a little.
I want them to remember me as kind and generous. Not just to them but to everyone.
To know that I know how flawed I am but I’ll never give up on trying to become better.
And that I’ll never give up on them no matter what.
I want them to to want their own family and their own marriage because they saw so much love and happiness in ours.
And to remember always feeling loved and wanted and cherished and never alone.

Baby William-27 copy
Baby William-64
Baby William-48 copyBaby William-61  Baby William-65 Baby William-69 Baby William-71 copy Baby William-74 Baby William-75
Baby William-30 copy

Thank you so much for being here and letting me always share my thoughts, I just love you guys.



Photos by Cassidy Miller


Tips: Preserving your hairstyle in your sleep.

Doing your hair about 3  times a week is PLENTY in my opinion. And you can get away with it and still look put together all 7. You just need to use some tricks to make it really last, even during the sleeping hours. Here’s how I do it.

AWESOME! I always want my curls to last longer!

1. Start small

One of my favorite tricks is to use a smaller curling iron than I normally prefer (like a 1″ instead of a 1 1/4″) when curling my hair. That way by day two the curls are loosened to perfection and by day 3 I can rock loose waves.

2. Scrunchie up


If your hair is curly this is the #1 way to keep it through the night. Just put it up in a loose high bun on the top of your head and start snoozing.

3. Products
While piling on the product might really help to preserve your hair for the day, it generally wreaks havoc on the style at night, especially if you have fine tresses. Try to keep the oil or shine products light and only on the bottom half of your hair shaft (so it doesn’t look oily by morning) and avoid any sticky or heavy products at all.

4. Pillow decisions

Some people say to use a silky pillow case and I think that could be helpful if you don’t mind them (They drive me crazy cause my head constantly slips off!) The main thing I try to avoid is flannel. It will rats nest my hair in a hot minute!

5. The damage
Last year when I damaged the living tar out of my hair with bleach I learned that no matter what I did at night, I woke up with a a snarled mess on my head! It took a lot of TLC to get it back in sleeping shape. So keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to over process it!

6. Pin em’ or twirl em’

It’s also super important how you got your style in the first place. When I want my curls to last and especially since I won’t be using a lot of product I’ve got to use a technique that freezes them into place. My two go to options are the Twirl Curl & Pinned Curls, because your hair cools in the curl formation it will last much longer!

I hope you all had a great weekend! We took the baby to Lake Tahoe for the week (Christian stayed with his grandparents so he could go to school and mostly so he didn’t have to weather two 10 hour drives!) Nick is playing a gold tournament nearby and I’m enjoying the cozy fall up next to the fireplace:)



Friday Favorites


This really struck a cord with me.
My Aunt always describes some of her best life lessons as “A million dollar experience I wouldn’t pay 2 cents to have again.”

I tend to like my red lips to be blue based because they look much better than orange red on my skin tone. This red drugstore lipstick is GORGEOUS and the perfect tone for me! Fittingly it’s called “Perfect Red”

Speaking of red…this skirt has holiday hotness written all over it!

I’m getting to sleep about every other hour at night the last few weeks so I might need this shirt…or just the waffles…

I have kind of a big head and hats never seem to fit me right. But I want to love them soooo bad. Example A.

Have such a fun weekend! So Sorry this is brief! I’m still getting a hang of the whole mom-of-two business and sleep is calling my name!


My Best yet.

I gotta be honest and tell you that I’ve really struggled with my video makeovers.
It’s difficult to give the camera a good view and still see what you’re doing without getting in the way and I always feel rushed when I’m filming them because I don’t want the video to be too long, but the biggest reason I think was because my very favorite part about doing makeovers is being able to hang out and chat with my makeover-ee! When I was filming I felt like we had to be silent so it wouldn’t mess the movie up and it really took the fun out of it for me.

SO this time I just decided to chat and have fun like I usually do and if it ruined the video, so what, I’d just make another. When I loaded it on my computer for editing I was so thrilled. I don’t think it screwed it up at all, in fact this is my very favorite filmed makeover yet!

It was such a good reminder to me that if you aren’t finding joy in your work it’s going to suffer. The joy shows through! And whether you like it or not so does the lack there of…

It also doesn’t hurt that I had Jamie to work with. She is disgustingly pretty:)


What I used:

IIID Foundation in Sunlit, Stone & Shadow (Coming soon! Pre-Sales starting this month!)
IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette (Soft Light)
Anastasia DipBrow in Ebony & IT Cosmetics Liner Brush
YSL Shocking Mascara
OCC Lip Liner in Sebastian
OCC Lip Tar in Ophelia
Dolce & Gabbana Lip Color in Bonbon
Lash Comb is old but this is the same brand’s newer version:)
Dual Eyeshadow Brush

I hope you guys like this and didn’t mind the chatting you can see going on:)