jeans I’m currently living in

I picked this cute jacket for my collection with Recycled Consign & Design. I just love the pretty details and three quarter sleeve!


These jeans are ROCKING MY WORLD.
They are just loose enough that I feel like I can wear them on bloat days without wishing I hadn’t, but just tight enough that they don’t make me feel like I’m frumping out. (however no matter how perfect the fit, my father in law will not be dissuaded from offering up his old pair of work pants instead of me actually spending money on jeans THAT ALREADY HAVE RIPS! He’ll never understand the joy and wonder of perfectly distressed pants any more than I’ll ever understand the joy and wonder of chocolate covered dates)




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Hope you guys are having a good week! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on yesterday’s post, I’m so happy you took the time to watch that lovely video!


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Makeover Monday & National Adoption Month

Today’s makeover is very special to me.

Meet Amy.

Her hair (natural color BTW) is like spun silk! I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it, she also has the most gorgeous green eyes and that beautiful freckled skin I love so much. But maybe the most gorgeous thing about her is her glow.


If you can’t see the light shining from her I don’t know what to tell you. She is warm and kind and beautiful. Amy is the proud mother of 10 beautiful children! She’s been fostering kids in need (56 so far!) and adopting any that needed a permanent loving home (8) since she first got married. I thought it would be fitting for November’s National Adoption month to spotlight her story.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel defeated and powerless when we see the devastating things going on in the world around us but Amy is a reminder that one person can be mighty. That it’s not all out of our hands. That there are people who need our love right in our own neighborhoods and giving it could change everything.

It is so touching and inspiring I really hope you’ll take the time to watch!


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