Hair products I can’t live without

Can't live with these babies!

For my latest installment from my Allure Insiders Hair Series I thought it might be nice to sit down and chat about a few of my can’t live without hair products and why I love them so much. As a blogger companies send me hordes of hair product all the time and I always give them a try but it really takes an amazing product to sway me from my tried and true favorites. I am also a total hair minimalist when it comes to product. There is a goo and a spray for things that have never even crossed my mind! I’ve found that (this might be partly because of my hair type – fine) if I use much product it might look good that one night but it will never last for the next day and 9 times out of 10 I’m looking for a shameful amount more longevity than that.
I didn’t want this video to be too long so I narrowed it down to the few on my mind that day but if you’d like  a full list of all of my hair favs check out The Prettilist

Products listed in the video:

L’Oréal Professionnel Fresh Dust
L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil
Suave Macadamia Shampoo & Conditioner
Redken Blonde Conditioner
Suave Dry Shampoo
Oribe Beach Spray
The Wet Brush
T3 Single Pass Iron


Maskcara Clearance Sale & the lovely Liz

I am absolutely giddy with excitement that the next generation of IIID Foundation is so close to being here (hoping to start pre-sales this month! No exact dates yet!)
And although I’ve been out of Medium for what seems like an eternity (so sorry, really it’s been killing me but the process of making changes is A LONG ONE) we still have stock of the light and dark foundation and the Jem & Princess peach Blushes, and I gots to make some room so…..

40% off everything in the store and FREE SHIPPING!!!!(on domestic orders)

If you’re new to the product you can find all the info HERE.

fair copy

This is my gorgeous friend Liz wearing the IID Foundation in light (on the right) I just found this stunning photo and realized I’d never posted it. It just wouldn’t be right to not let those lips be seen. Cause they are perfection. Not to mention that hair. There isn’t a dye in the world that can give a girl that hair if it didn’t grace their head at birth. She is a blessed soul indeed:) It’s been over a year since I did this makeover so I’m not positive on all the products I used but I’ll list the ones I can remember for sure:

Eyebrows: Charcoal Brown
Mascara: They’re Real
Lips: Lined with Cover Girl Mink (It’s been a while since I’ve used it!), Jem blush to fill & I have no clue what I used to gloss em up but I might venture to guess that it was Dior Lip Glow.
Cheeks: IIID Blush in Jem
Skin: IIID Foundation
Highlight: Pretty in Pearl

Hope you’re having a happy hump day!
I’ve been having contractions ALL DAY! They never get any worse or any closer together (which is good cause I want him to bake a little bit longer) but it sure is distracting! I had a makeup lesson with a group of young girls this evening and I kept having to stop to catch my breath and was sweating profusely. It was super glamorous:)


Eyeshadow School: The Deep Crease

I now present you THE DEEP CREASE.
I’ll be the first to say I’m NOT the first gal to do a pictorial for this shadow technique. It’s probably the most commonly talked about eyeshadow placement. I’ve even seen it called “the proper” way. And while I definitely do not agree that there is a proper way at all, I do think that this one deserves a place in our hearts and in our shadow school.  Cause it’s pretty  and it looks good on pretty much all humans.

( ^ That’s my “mirror face” I’ve had it since I was a pre-teen. Pout the lips a bit – suck in the nose a bit – deer in the headlight eyes. Listen, I’m not proud of it but after all this time I’ve come to accept it as the person staring back from my in the mirror and in most of my selfies. And just for the record it was around long before I ever even saw Zoolander…although it is dangerously similar to Blue Steel.)

Shadows Photographed: Highlight: Nylon | Midi – Soft Brown | Deep – Smut

Brush is Dalton but it’s out of stock:( This IT Cosmetics one is actually my new favorite though and a perfect replacement! The dual ends make it literally the only brush you need to create any of the looks from all of the shadow techniques I’ve talked about.

Why I love it: It is SO versatile! Depending on the colors you use and the amount of layering it can be very subtle or totally dramatic

Pair it with: Heavy liner, soft liner or no liner. It looks great on all three.

Who it looks fabulous on: It’s pretty great on most eyes! The only thing I would say is if you have wide set eyes (meaning your eyes are far apart) I would drag the “v” all the way around your eye (instead of just the outer corners)  so it doesn’t create a wider illusion.



PS The winner of the Wen giveaway was Alecia Ferrell! SO excited for you Alecia! You will love it! Check your email! Thank you to everyone who entered!
I’ll be updating that post with answers to all the new questions it inspired also today just in case you asked, be sure to check back this afternoon:)

Friday Favorites


I’m addicted to boots right now. I just look at them and put them in shopping carts and try to figure out which ones I want. Except the ones I want the most are – of course- the most expensive ones. Which is why they stay in the “cart”. My sister calls it fake shopping , I’ve been doing a lot of it. Something about fall and having been pregnant for 9 months!  These ones are the favorites & these ones are the most realist favorites:)

I did a video of some really simple but totally poppin” makeup on my youtube channel incase you want to check that out:)

I’m reaaaaally excited about this new primer (It Cosmetics- Feel The Moment) It is such a fantastic silky formula and the smell is delicious.

Christian started Pre-School this week and I was pretty worried about how he would handle it because he’s SUCH a mama’s boy. The first day was so cute, he was trying really hard to be brave and not cry in front of the other kids and he gave me a very half hearted smile and thumbs up.

I was so thrilled when I went to pick him up though because I could tell he felt so proud of himself and has been excited for school every day since.
There’s so much worry that goes along with motherhood, it’s such a good feeling when you have a moment where you think “he’s gonna be just fine.”

I have been trying my darndest to stay away from eating much sugar the last few months, which is a STRUGGLE for me. So I’m holding off on cooking all the pumkin things until I have the baby…but soup doesn’t count! So I think I’m gonna try my hand at THIS one this weekend.

Source: Love & Lemons

How do you feel about faux fur vests? I have a feeling Nick would not be on the bandwagon but…I feel like I might be warming to them?

Thank you guys so much for reading. I LOVED hearing about all of your different jobs and the funny and interesting things you had to say about them:)
I’m so grateful for your friendship, thank you.