Friday Favorites


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How cute is this little baby snow suit?

I was lifting some weights yesterday and Christian came up and started lifting them too and said:
“I can lift these muscle reflexers too!” hahaaha
I love this age! He’s always saying the funniest things and I feel like we can just hang out together. Plus, if there’s anyone in the world more gaga over William than me and Nick it’s DEFINITELY Crush. I keep waiting for the excitement to wear off but it doesn’t even dissipate. He sings to him, cuddles him, tries to teach him tricks and will go anywhere – even errands- without argument as long as Billy is coming along. He just lays next to me and we stare at him and he says over and over, “He’s just so cute!” I never even knew how much fun having two could be.


(most of his cuddles are a little overwhelming for the wee one;)

These earrings are AMAZING!

Just bought this lipstick and I’m kind of in love!

New Years makeup anyone?

Oh and Hey it’s friday! YAY!!!!!!


Christmasy PJ’s!

Truth be told I ran across these jammers when I was at Nordstrom looking for (SPOILER ALERT MOM – LOOK AWAY!) a gift for my mama. These are not really her style at all (she’s much more sophisticated in the nightwear category…and every other category) but they are my style cause I love the colors and sooo comfy.
I NEVER usually buy PJ’s I just sleep in whatever t-shirt ends up in my vicinity and stretchy pants so this is a real treat.
Plus, I’m a sucker for anything festive. (even if that’s sipping fake hot chocolate)

Also I wanted to announce the winner of the giveaway last week is Auna Thomas! SO excited for you, shoot me an email with your address [email protected]

IMG_12blog (2)

IMG_18blog (1)

Lips Dior Lip Glow (I’m in love with this stuff!) & Lip Maximizer |  Eyes MAC in Coquette


PJ’s: Top & Bottoms & Socks


Tip Tuesday: Leave the flakes for the snow.

Let’s talk real quick about dry scalp.
It happens.
And often in the winter, which is nice for some because “Oh, hey! It’s just snow!” but some of us live in the desert and are left without an alibi.
Either way you gotta git rid of it and I just happen to know the scalp secret weapon.


Philip B. Anti-Flake 
It really works and it works very quickly.
All I do is massage a small hand full into my scalp real good and let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse it out.
I usually only have to wash with it 2 or 3 times and the flakes disappear, but if your scalp is super dry it might take more, just use it until the problem clears up & keep the rest for next time (if there be a next time)


ps thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday, so many good ideas and sweet words absolutely made my day!

The insecurity battle.

I don’t know why but lately I’ve really been struggling with feelings of inadequacy.
It feels like everywhere I turn someone is doing something better than I ever could.
Thoughts going through my head a lot telling me I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, a good enough mom or wife, a good enough blogger or talented enough makeup artist.
I swear I spend half the day tearing myself down, then trying to reassure myself and then tearing myself down again.

It gets a little exhausting.

I’ve felt like this before and I have found there are a few ways to rid myself of the totally self destructive cycle.
Here’s what I’ve done in the past:

First: Admit it.
For some reason I feel a whole ton better when I just get it off my back to someone who has my back.
Like right now. I’m just saying “Hey, I’m feeling insecure!”
It seems like an embarrassing thing to admit  but once I just put it out there, I feel better.
Like, I’ve given that internal battle a name and now it doesn’t seem so hard to squash.

Second: Find the root and replant it where it belongs.

Usually, for me, it’s a three part problem.

Part one: I’m doing a lot of comparisons. Social media is a KILLER for this. If I’m feeling even a smidge insecure one scroll session on instagram can triple it. It’s a snowball effect but once I notice it’s happening (and I admit it) I can usually consciously change my perspective by complimenting and congratulating those on my feed instead of comparing myself to them.

Part two: I’m not giving it 100%.
Listen, I can tell myself all day long that I’m wonderful and amazing and all of that but if I don’t follow that up with action it will never make me feel any better. I have found that if I try to make improvements, even small ones, it can make a world of difference.

Part three: I’m just thinking about me too much altogether.
The truth is it’s impossible to be having these internal battles about being good enough if I’m busy thinking about or helping others. The quickest way for me to get a re-do on how I feel about myself has always been by getting excited thinking about someone else.

So, I’m coming to you for some inspiration.
I’ve already admitted it
I found the root.
& I’m working on some small but big changes (getting better organized & challenging myself with some things I’m usually too lazy for:)
Now I want to do some service! I know part of that is just keeping my eyes peeled for chances around me but, since it’s Christmas, I was also hoping to hear some good ideas for you guys!
Do you have any cool experiences or fun ways for sharing the Christmas spirit of giving?
I know just reading them and making a plan will make me feel excited and happy!


Merry Christmas!