Exciting news & pretty hair

Today is going to be a quick post because I’m actually sitting in a hotel in Minnesota getting ready to go on Evine Live (a TV shopping network) to show off my IIID Foundation!! I can’t even believe it’s happening and I am SO nervous!
If you’re not out on the town tonight at 7pm Eastern and have a chance, please tune in! I need all the support I can get cause it is live! ahhhh!
You can tune in on if you have cable or dish (network Evine) or HERE online. We are going to be selling HAC packs & brushes for a steal and but its a really limited amount so if you really want one but the price is too high this is a good chance! Get them HERE.

A few of you asked for a tutorial on this look:


(This photo was taken by Jessica Janae, she’s amazing)

When I posted it last week. (It was a copy of Kim Kardashian but that was like 2 weeks ago so obviously her hair is completely different now:)

Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks so much for all of your support guys, you have no idea what it means to me:)


a tale of 3 diaper bags

Sometimes I make bad decisions.

This is a story about one that I made recently. One that I hope I can help someone else from making…

While I was pregnant I started looking for a great diaper bag. I’ve always felt that just because a bag may or may not house diapers does not mean it should look like a baby shower decoration. I don’t know why they design diaper bags sooo much differently than they design hand bags.
It’s like a message “You are no longer a stylish adult, you have a child now so…ya…you should probably stop trying to look nice, that ship has sailed my friend.”

I rebelled.

I said to myself “Self. You don’t need an actual “Diaper bag” you can put diapers in ANY bag! Don’t limit yourself!” So I bought this really cute leather tote. It didn’t have any pockets so I (genius that I am) also purchased some ‘insert pockets’ so I could keep everything nice and organized, right?



First of all it was really heavy leather. Pack that on top of the inserts and all the baby needs and you’ve got yerself a back ache. Plus the inserts all just fell to the bottom of the back and I had to pull them out and shuffle through them every time I needed anything. It was a short-lived ill-advised plan


I felt too guilty for wasting money on that to buy a new one so I took a hand-me-down from my sister, Rachel. She had a really cute Timi & Leslie bag that fulfilled my dreams of just looking like a purse. It was a BIG improvement from the first option but it also came with struggles. As you can see it turns into a pile when you set it down, which means what once was a bag is now a black hole that swallows everything you put inside! When you’ve got a baby covered in puke in one hand you really need to be able to find the wipes with the other. Plus the fact that its black is so much more my sister’s style than my own, my eyes began to wander.


When they landed on this Petunia Pickle Bottom I kind of fell in love with it. Now I know I should have TOTALLY taken my mother-in-law’s advice (she recommended a pickle bottom when I first got pregnant) and purchased it in the first place. I didn’t even give them a fair shot because…well, because I thought Petunia Pickle Bottom sounded like a the name of the kind of bag I was trying to avoid, which is obviously solid reasoning (side eyeing myself here). Here’s what I found out:

It’s SUPER lightweight even when packed full of baby (and 4 year old…and 29 year old) needs.
The pattern is so pretty and the colors really pop.
It holds it’s shape! Meaning nothing gets lost! Even Nick made mention of this yesterday.
So many easy to access pockets.
It even has a super simple (and quick) backpack option

Touché Petunia Pickle Bottom. Touché


Tip Tuesday: Bright eyes.

Today I bring you a favorite little trick of mine!


The technique: Bright inner rim lining

What it does: Opens up the eyes, gets rid of redness in the tear line. Gives a big doe eyed look!

What to use: I love Tarte’s inner rim liner! It has more hold than any other ive used and that area is troublesome in the longevity area. Plus it’s a great color!

Any special tips? I prefer to do this with a cream or off white pencil rather than a pure white, it looks more natural. The white can be distracting.

Happy St. Patty’s day! Christian is SO excited to wear all green today and I plan to make some green things for breakfast like my mom used to do, do you have any fun St. Patrick’s traditions!?

It’s that time again!

The sun is out and so is my skin…and it is BLINDING my friends.
I swear I used to brown up after one day in the sun, nowadays even in Hawaii I can’t get a tan!
For that reason and for the reason of healthy skin, my bronzing needs to come from a bottle.
I know and support all my ladies who like to rock the white year round. I love to rock the white (or for me the pale greenish:) during the winter but I love the tan too, it has a whole different look and I’m definitely nostalgic for its connection with summer fun and spring dresses.

I guess you could say I have a little Jersey Shore in my soul cause I am totally down for the GTL. Minus the laundry…and the gym.
By far the best products and info on self tanning you'll find!

I am REALLY particular in products I recommend and I stand by everything I say but sometimes what I say is “eh, I like it but you may not” Like with mascara, it’s just one of those things that everyone disagrees on.

This is NOT like that,
Pretty much everyone wants the exact same things from their self tanner:

Look natural (meaning not streaky dirty or orangy )
Lasts long
Doesn’t offend the nostrils

and if it’s affordable well then heck, we’ll take that too:)

Last year I found my Unicorn tanner that is ALL OF THE THINGS.
Tanwise (get it here or it’s actually cheapest if you live near a Sally Beauty – they have it there too BTW – I JUST GOT WORD THAT IT’S BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF AT sallybeauty.com right now!)
Everyone I know now uses it and loves it. It is awesome.
I still get a fair amount of questions about it though so I thought I could post a little updated Q&A.

Q: What’s your routine?
A: Great question! With self tanner your procedure is EVERYTHING. So here’s what I do –
1. Take a shower and SCRUB! Imagine you’re about to commit a crime and you don’t want to leave any of your skin cells anywhere.
2. Wait until you are dry. Blend a small amount of lotion into your wrists, elbows, hands, feet & ankles. Those areas will soak up the most tanner so let them soak in a little bit of moisture first to even the playing field.
3. While in from of a full length mirror apply the tanner to one body part at a time. (like lower leg, upper leg etc.)
Be sure to notice the easy to forget spots like behind your knees or your your elbow.
4. Let it dry before you get dressed. (If you’re in a hurry you can always involve a bow drier:)
5. Apply regular lotion often after you’ve showered off the bronzer. It will make the tan last much longer!

Q: Do you use it with a glove, mitt or bare hands?
A: I use a Mitt. I just think it goes on smoothest that way. A lot of my readers have said they use gloves or bare hands too though. I know for some it’s just easier for them to blend it properly with their hands in that case it will stain your hands. I recommend washing them with baking soda afterwards.

Q: Does it wash off in the shower?
A: OK so here’s something that was confusing for a lot of folks. This self tanner is a bronzer & a self tanner. The bronzer part is there to make sure you get it on even (if it was clear it would be hard to know where you’d applied and where you hadn’t) and for people who want instant results. After a few hours you are free to swim and shower or whatever because although the bronzer will wash right off the tanner will be fully developed underneath (that’s the part that lasts a week or longer) Avoid getting wet at all before 4-6 hours is up.

Q: Does it get on your clothes/sheets?
A: Yes & no. Once its dried it is really resistant to getting on anything. I wear white undies and it does get on them from time to time when I get dressed too quickly after applying or if I get sweaty before I shower the bronzer off. If you are concerned with that I recommend putting it on before bed, wearing loose dark clothes to bed and showering off the bronzer in the morning. Once you shower the color left over cannot be transferred.

Q: it went on looking kind of weird and dirty, what gives?
A: Usually this happens when you’re really dry, so the bronzer clings more in the driest areas. It doesn’t seem to affect the self tanner just the bronzer, at any rate you want to avoid it by giving yourself a nice exfoliating shower before you apply and then applying as soon as you dry from the shower. That way you won’t have much dead skin for it to cling to.

Q: Do you use it on your face?
A: No. My sister does and she loves it. The only reason I don’t is because I prefer to us a spray on my face because I find it easier to apply and I find that it goes on more even and just looks prettier. I use Tomas on my face. I sing all of it’s praises here if you’d like to know more about it and all of it’s benefits:)

Q: I am SUPER pale can I still use it?
A: I am sure there are exceptions to this but I have only seen this stuff work miracles on the fairest of skin. Don’t be afraid of the fact that is says “Dark” and also that it looks so dark out of the bottle. Give it a try! It’s worked for many a light skinned girl!

I hope I’ve covered all the questions, if not I’m happy to answer more below:)
Love you guys, happy Monday!!!