Bronzed Barbie Makeup

Remember my beautiful friend Anne I used to show off that awesome tanner?
Well, we used her tan self AND her fair self to make a couple of SUPER easy and completely gorgeous makeup pictorials.
Starting with her gorgeous tan look.
{Incredible Photography by Jessica Janae Photography}

Step by step:

We started by giving her a nice bronzalicious tan with Tanwise Mousse (we used the mousse on her body and face)
Then we evened out her complexion and gave her some sculpt with IIID Foundation in Dark.
For her eyes using a medium shadow brush we framed her eyes (all the way around her bottom and top lash line and up to her crease) with some Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer.
Next we lined her inner rim and upper lash line with Loreal Gel Liner in Blackest Black (this liner is my favorite for the rim, you don’t risk jabbing yourself in the eye and it last better there than any I’ve used. If you have trouble getting yours to last try dabbing it with a little powder on a Q Tip before using the liner, it will dry it out and give it something to grab onto!) And Layered on some mascara.
Since it was such an easy look I thought we could use our extra time to stick on some lashes (I’m actually on a major hunt right now for ways to REALLY maximize your lashes without falsies so bare with me while I try everything out there!) We chose Ardell Whispies.
Since the rest of her face was bronzes and browns I really wanted to brighten her up with some hot pink lips and cheeks.
She dabbed in Shortcake with the ELF stipple brush right in her cheek apples (the part that sticks out when you smile:)
We lined her lips with MAC Dervish, blended that in and topped it off with a a splurge gloss and plumper I love from Dior.


The Prettilist



I thought it might be nice to have all my current product recommendations all compiled in one place! (you’ll be able to access it from the menu!)
I talk about and use all kinds of products all the time but this list is going to be VERY ELITE:) I only add products here that are my tried and true very best and most wonderful favorites.

{all of the prettilist products have been rigorously tested against other products in it’s category (on me & usually on many of my clients as well) I’m constantly trying new things and will be adding to this list whenever something knocks my socks off …and might even knock others off the list}

ALSO: I do not accept money, bribes or flattery of any kind for my picks.

If there’s something you’re in the market for and would like me to research it (i.e. foundation for oily skin) please leave your request in comment form so I can work on it. OR if you are sitting on some info about a product that should TOTALLY be on the list, please throw me a bone!

Primer: Porefessional
HAC Foundation: Maskcara IIID Foundation (of course!) {post}
Full Coverage Photo Foundation: Makeup Forever HD
BB Cream: Stila Illuminating
Long lasting concealer (for covering blemishes): Kat Von D Tattoo concealer
Illuminator: Maskcara Pretty In Pearl
Blush: Maskcara IIID Blush
Bronzer: Too Faced Milk Chocolate

All around best shadow palette: Lorac Pro {post}
for neutrals: Stila In The Light {post}
accessory palettes: Pretty Rebel
False Lashes: Ardell Whispies
Lash glue: Duo
Brow Filler: MAC Eye Shadow in Brun (or for light blondes Charcoal Brown)
Drugstore Brow Filler: Loreal Antique Brown{post}
Eyeliner: Loreal Gel Liner in blackest black

all around plumper/moisture/priming lip product: Sally Hansen Lip Inflation
Pink Gloss: Buxom Pink Lady
Nude lip Color: Lip Tar in Hush
Vamp dark lip: Nars Train Bleu
Drugstore Nude Lip: NYX Nude
Red Lip: MAC Viva Glam Rhianna
Lip Liner: NYX Taupe

Tools & Brushes~
Eyeshadow starter kit: realTechniques
Foundation brush: IT Cosmetics Dual Foundation Brush
Angled (brow filler) Brush: Ardell
Crease and undereye shadow brush: Sephora Collection
Budget crease and undereye shadow brush: Elf Contour
All over makeup perfecting: Beauty Blender {post}
Tweezers: Tweezerman {post}
Shampoo for damamged, frizzy or dry hair: Wen {post}
Shampoo & conditioner for healthy hair (or non-wen lovers): Biolage Moisturizing 
Moisture: inoa Moisture Masque
DIY Moisture: Coconut Oil
Hair care protective spray: Purology 21 {post}
Dry Shampoo: Loreal Professional Fresh Dust
Drugstore Dry Shampoo: Suave
Shine/health  Serum: Mythic Oil
Drugstore Shine Serum: Oilicious
Hair Repair: Ojon Hair Repair
DIY Hair Repair: Recipe
Beach texture: Oribe
DIY Beach texture: Recipe
Curling Iron: 1 1/4″ Hot Tools
Clip-In Extensions: Lacedhair

PMD: Riiviva
Aging Serum: Metamorphisis Jolie MD {post}
Moisture Mask: Glam Glow Thirsty Mud {post}
Daily Cleaning: Clarisonic (and honestly whatever cleanser is closest to me!) {post}
Drugstore Moisturizer: St. Yves Timeless
Self Tanner: Tanwise Mousse {post}
Self Tanner for face: Tomas for a more olive tone {postTanwize Gel for a more bronze tone
Under Eye Cream (for dark color and puffiness) : Teamine {post}


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a pretty decent Monday:)

New Hair.

If you follow me on insta you may already know that I got a little hair cut.
I had a lot of people that were shocked that I was so brave and congratulating me for it which makes me feel somewhat fraudulent so I thought I’d take a chance to explain…
Once upon a time I had hair that went down to my mid to lower back, it was healthy and shiny and black.
I got restless and decided to go blonde in one (or rather two) days. It was really fun at first but my impatience eventually landed me with what I call a “chemical haircut” that’s when you damage your hair so bad that it literally breaks off.

Since then I wear clip ins (laced hair are my favorite!) so often that some people thought my hair was still long but it really wasn’t much past my shoulders.
I decided to try to get back to my natural color again (this time not going crazy with the blonde, just light brown & by using impeccable patience I was lacking last time!) but I still had to cut the damaged parts off in order to start that process.
Am I out of my mind? Probably, but it’s just hair right? I gotta let the natural color breath at some point before it goes gray!


(this was after the first process of lightening my hair, we waited 6 weeks and lightened it again very subtly!)

So sorry for the long story that probably no one cares about, I just wanted to clarify. I do like a change and I am really loving some of the cute short haircuts I’ve been seeing lately but I’m still a long hair addict at heart and you better believe I will be growing this mop ferociously from now on:) but the silver lining is that I’ll be able to learn new ways of styling this length and of course share my findings!
So in other words…I’m not that brave, just a little crazy in the hair department. And I’m sure other departments too, like the Organized Packing Department or the Keeping my Car Clean Department.


This was the first time in probably 2 months that I got makeup and non-pajama clothing on so Jessica and I figured it was worth photographing!
You can’t see a bump yet here (it was a month ago, now there is definitely a bump).
I really loved this outfit because it was so comfortable and flattering and the shirt totally covered up the fact that I couldn’t button my jeans.

IMG_1115 IMG_1123  

Jeans: Abercrombie
Shirt: Nordstrom Rack (they always have tons of shirts like this for like 15 bucks. They are AWESOME.)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Express
Photos: Jessica Janae Photography

Love you!


Because I still love it…

As you probably well know by now, I’m a scatterbrained person. I can only keep track of so many things at once.
Which has made me a huge fan of multitasking products.

For this reason I fell in love with duct tape at a very young age. I thought it was amazing how many things I could fix or create with it.
Hole in your pants?  Patch it in seconds. It may not be fancy but your undies aren’t showing so…it’s workable.
Wanna hang your Ricky Martin poster? No nails needed my friend, stick that bad boy up with a square of the silver stuff.
Not feeling like wasting your hard earned cash money on shoes? No prob. Duct tape sandals will last you an entire summer (and probably FAR longer if your mom doesn’t get a hold of em).

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I’m talking about the Revlon Kajal Pencil in Purple Reign (you may remember from my Allure contest last year when I first fell in love with this little duct tape inspired goodie)


Get it at CVS or on Walmart and then….


This cream color is perfect for rimming the inner lining of the eye and in so doing making your eyeballs look bigger!


This trick can cover even the darkest and brightest of blemishes. Dot the pencil directly on top of the spot, then take a fluffy shadow brush and dust some powder over it to blend. (and OK I didn’t actually have a blemish on my chin in this photo but only because I’m pregnant and no longer have a “that time of the month” which has been pretty great skin-wise!)


Fill the center of your bottom lip and draw right above the bow of your lips with the light side of the pencil. Dab it in with your finger, then layer on some gloss, this creates a “pouty” full lipped illusion that you’ll get hooked on. (I forgot to do the gloss part – due to intense morning sickness – and so in the rest of my photos my lips look chalky, please forgive me and be sure not to make the same mistake:)

browlift  ’

To get an instant uplift on your arches try this trick by using the bright side of the liner right beneath adn above the highest part of your brow.


It can also sub as an under eye brightener in a pinch.


This is an awesome trick for making your eye color stand out (especially for green or blue eyes) Use the purple side to line right in your tearline. The contrast will totally bring out your sparklers.


Use as a light or purple shadow OR to help get a longer lasting and more vibrant color out of your shadow, use the light side underneath.


I use the dark purple side to blend into my lips with doubles as a soft violet lip color. Or use the light side beneath your lipstick to make the color pop.


Favorite trick in the book. The pencil makes it super easy to get a thin straight line, just tap it afterword with your fingers to smooth it out.


You know when you get the bags that actually create a visible semi-circle under your eyes?
This little trick WILL WORK WONDERS ON THAT!
Draw right smack on top of that crease then lightly tap it with your fingers an watch your bag line soften dramatically.
(you can use it on any “crease” on your face that bothers you)

{All of these gorgeous photos were taken by Jessica Jenae Photography, she is AMAZINGLY talented}