5 Day Hair Recipe: Heat Free

While I TOTALLY love and use my 5 day hair recipe I posted a few weeks ago, I have a confession to make.
That one day when I had to spend the 15 minutes with hot tools at the beginning? Turned out to be a little too much to ask of me mid summer.

So I decided to make one that requires even less time and no heat (read: damage) on the old locks.



Is my hair stunningly gorgeous everyday in this recipe? No it’s not.
But it’s a heckofalot better than the droopy messy bun I could be wearing everyday for nearly the same time commitment. The week I used this I felt pretty/put together every day and I intend on putting it on repeat through July.

(all the deets on my air dry in case you missed it)

SO here ya go!

Triple Sec  & Head band

If you try it be sure to post your looks on social #maskcara5dayhair cause I wanna see how it looks on ya!




Monday Makeover: Kim 40th Birthday

When I asked for suggestions on my makeover posts the number one thing I heard was makeup on women over 40. So how fitting to start out with Kim who just had her 40th birthday! She looks absolutely beautiful! She was feeling like her usual routine needed some updating so update we did:)
I decided with each of the videos in my Over 40 series I would specifically focus on a couple of things that are key changes to keep in mind. Then the rest of the makeovers are just like I would do on anyone of any age. It’s all about making subtle but important adjustments.



What I used:

IIID Foundation in Medium Tan: Sunlit + Stone + Dahlia + Pearl
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Brun MAC Shadow (on brows & on eyes at lash line)
Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer (as eye shadow)
Urban Decay Liner in Rush
Sephora Collection Gloss in shiny Pin-up

Hope you’re having a great Monday!


Friday Favorites

A few weeks ago I was incredibly honored to be interviewed on a blog called “One portrait of Us”  It’s a site that interviews various people of all kinds. She asks really meaningful (and kind) questions that take a lot of thought and soul searching to answer. Here is a little excerpt from our interview:

Plain and simple, you help women feel beautiful, you help them discover (or rediscover) their beauty through the art of make up, and you help them feel confident about who they are. I know that is more of a statement than a question, but I just want you to tell us about the ability (and talent) you have to do that. To see beauty where it is not often seen, to rescue the confidence and strength of all types of women.
I guess I can’t really take credit for it. I think we are born with certain gifts in life and one that I am most grateful for is my eye for beauty. In women more than anything. Nick is always joking that nothing impresses me because he’s always pointing out cool buildings or gorgeous views and I do think they are cool but he’s right, I don’t really go gaga over them. It’s people that have always been my focus. Beautiful faces, beautiful souls. I think maybe it’s that simple. I genuinely believe that every women is beautiful. Through and through. It’s not an act. It’s not just something to say. It’s true. And when someone truly, sincerely and completely believes something and they share it with you, it’s kind of hard to not catch their passion a bit.

To read the rest of the interview and many other really cool “portraits” of people from all different walks of life go HERE.

I just barely got back from NYC where I filmed a couple of fun tutorials with Redken! Here is one of them. It was really fun working with the amazing hair stylists and makeup artists there. I tried to be nosey and figure ask a lot of questions so I could glean some tips for you guys.

One of the makeup artists was showing me his favorite products. He loves these Armani Cream shadows and swears they don’t crease. I played with them a bit and they were very pigmented and blendable and I even in the major humidity I didn’t have any creasing! The colors were all stunning but the Minuit was my favorite, gorgeous smokey blue. The jade is pretty amazing also.

These ideas are genius!

I’m dying over these shoes...AHHH I wish they were just half the price:) Gonna try to find something similar in my price range.

Speaking of expensive things…remember when I really really wanted those Ray Bans and I finally got them for Christmas cause I convinced Nick that I would not ever under any circumstances and for any reason lose them?
I lost ’em. 🙈
Left them on the airplane….curse those sneaky seat pockets!
So….it’s back to the cheapies for me. I like this pair.



Love you guys! Hope you have a fun weekend!
Sorry this week was a little sparse, New York kind of took over my week. It’s like that:)



Air Drying: Go from floofy + frizzy to relaxed + romantic

Air drying is an art, people.
It’s not simply drying your hair with air. There’s a lot more to it than that! Well, a little more to it anyway. As long as your hair texture isn’t super curly or super straight (basically in the middle somewhere) just a couple of secrets that don’t take any more time at all, will take your air dry from:

Floof City, dry & dull.



Effortlessly Pretty, healthy & shiny. (the richness in color difference really blows my mind too! How is that even possible?! This was only one day later!)



(both came equipped with the goofiest smile ever. No idea why I decided that was my photo face of the day..?)

In the first photo I washed my hair with regular shampoo and conditioner (Totally taking one for the team cause I hate putting lather on my hair!)

I got out of the shower and towel dried my hair, then I brushed through it and played with it here and there as it dried (because that’s what I would do naturally)

So what did I do different in the second photo?

First you need your supplies. I teamed up with Sally Beauty to pick out some great options!


You’ll want:

An old T-shirt

a Wet & Dry Detangling Brush

I used Shea Moisture Cleansing Conditioner (that smells like heaven!) cause of my lather phobias but if you’re more of a shampoo conditioner type use something anti-frizz like Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

Ion Smoothing masque

Ion Shine Serum

Starting in the shower wash and condition your hair as normal.

Next apply the smoothing masque and let it sit for a bit.

Using the Wet Brush through and part your hair while the conditioning treatment is still in it.

Rinse your hair gently. Try not to use hot water, that’ll dry your hair out and cause frizz. Go through it one more time with the brush while rinsing, this will be the last time you brush your hair so make sure its tangle free.

Instead of towel drying, gently scrunch out the excess water with a T-shirt.

Next you want to softly work in a quarter size amount of serum focusing on the midshaft to the ends, being careful not to pull or tug your hair at all.

Take note: this next step is absolutely CRUCIAL to the final product of your air dry:

Do not touch your hair again until it is BONE DRY. Let me be clear: your hands should not make contact with your hair again from now until your air dry is 100%complete!

I’ll warn you, the stage riiiight before it’s dry is going to be the hardest. It will look really “wet-dog” and you’re gonna be soooo tempted to just fluff one side or separate one lurpy piece.

Just don’t.

Once that stage passes you’ll be glad you didn’t, cause your hair will shine like the Chrysler building and you’ll be rocking the prettiest air dry known to man and loving those smooth locks.


Love you guys!


Hope you love these tips, if you use them be sure to hash #❤️️yourhair so I can check it out!
And for more hair solutions from Sally Beauty check out their cool matrix: SallyBeauty.com/SolutionGuide