Kate at Small Things Bombshell Makeover

Can I just tell you how much I love this woman?
I knew I loved her when I started following her blog ages ago but once I met her it was solidified in a major way. She is so sweet, down to earth and fun! Plus her blog is a wonderland of amazing hair tutorials (here is one of my favorite’s) for mid length hair. So there’s that.
She’s also well versed in the world of makeup. She posts tips and products and all that and the girl knows her stuff.

(Kate from The Small Things Blog)


Anyhoo, when I found out I was going to be in North Carolina I emailed her right away to see if we could do a collaboration. She had mentioned wanting to learn more about contouring and heaven knows I needed help in braiding so it was kind of a date made in the stars.

She put the PRETTIEST braid in my hair (check that out here) I wanted to do something totally different from what she was used to because that’s what makes a makeover fun, right?

We made a video of the process. Not so much a tutorial because we were too busy chatting, but I kind of explain my train of thought and why I chose the look I did.

(also let me apologies in advanced for my hair looking so scraggly. A trim is calling my name!

Without further adieu…..I give you Kate:


Isn’t she a babe!?


Photographs by Janae Godfrey

What I used:

Tomas Tanner on her face and decolletage

IIID Foundation (for coverage, color, complexion & contouring all in one) in Medium Dark {AKA stone + sunlit + pink grapefruit + pearl} Without the Tanner Kate would normally be a Light.

Mac Brun on the brows

Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer on the eyelids and lower lash line.

A little bit of Mocha from the Naturally pretty Palette in the crease.

Kat Von D Ink Liner on her top lash line

Esqido False Lashes in Lashlorette 

Lip Liner NYX in Taupe

Gerard Cosmetics in Buttercup


My Collection!


So. I have been really Loving boutiques lately. I don’t know if it’s just that I own a small business now so I have a whole new interest in other small businesses or just that I love finding cute things that are somewhat unique but either way…I’m a fan.
Which is why I’m super excited to show you what I’ve been up to with Ruby Claire Boutique!
They gave me free reign to pick out a little collection all my own.

Here’s my absolute favorite items from the whole bunch. PLUS if you can get an extra 10% off by using  the code: MASKCARA

I love this skirt so much I named it Pink Grapefruit (after my favorite blush:)
And the Sandals are sparkly and suuuper cute!flowyskirt3


This little dress is so lightweight and comfortable! Perfect for hot summer days.
The necklace & shoes are both sooo cute too!



You can shop my collections here and enter for $100 credit to Ruby Claire below (there will be 3 winners so, it’s good odds!)

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Facing fears

I’ve been thinking a lot about fears.
I hear women say they are afraid of makeup all the time and I’ve never really understood it.

But it washes right off?
Why would that be scary?

I just thought “Hey, I guess I’m just fearless cause I totally don’t get that.”
When we were picking a marketing theme for the month at our MC meeting the team brought it up. They were talking about how so many women say they want to try it but they’re afraid. So we spent a lot of time thinking about fears. We listened to TED talks and podcasts, read about fear and tried to identify and ‘face’ some of our own fears. Which of course got me wondering…

What am I afraid of?

Yeah, I’m deathly scared of spiders  (I’m not alone in this, apparently it’s the 2nd most feared thing in America!) but it doesn’t seem very effective to force myself to watch arachnophobia and get a pet tarantula or something. That can’t really be the meaning of “face your fears”
And I’m pretty terrified to sleep alone in a creaky house, but there again…I don’t have a lot to gain by doing so anyway and if I was forced to, I could totally handle it.  That’s when I got to thinking that maybe I was looking at fears all wrong. Maybe they’re more subtle than that, maybe that’s what makes them so dangerous?

Once I really started thinking about it they started coming to me.

One thing that came to my mind was, and I’m really embarrassed to admit this one, I used to take photos for people. I sort of just fell into it. I was always doing makeup and taking photos of the makeup and working with brides and I just started taking photos as well. I had an artistic eye for composition and I understood the basics of photoshop but I had no idea how to work the camera.
Auto setting or bust.
The longer I took photos the worse I felt about not knowing more about how to do it.
But I was too afraid of admitting that I didn’t know at that point to find out! After working it on Auto for at least a year (probably longer) I finally “faced my fear” and asked a photographer friend to teach me some things.
And what would have once been this:


Now became this:

In 5 minutes I had enough information to do a lot of things I could never do on my camera before.
Fear kept me in the dark.

Another big fear I have is not being liked. It petrifies me. But why? Logically I know that people are very different with different tastes. It doesn’t make someone bad or wrong just because someone else doesn’t like them. Nick doesn’t like cream cheese for heaven sake. CREAM CHEESE! I don’t see how that’s possible but it is. If I’m being myself and I’m also being kind and respectful of others and someone doesn’t like me then so be it!

Identifying that and also pointing out the reasons this particular fear isn’t doing me any good kind of inspired me to do something about it.
I’m gonna face my fears and be more worried about saying how I really feel and less worried about what others will do with that information. That’s their business! I want to learn the art of being truly kind and generous with other people’s feelings while still being 100 percent authentic. That’s my goal.

…I’m also going to learn to braid. Because a mixture of fear and laziness have kept me away for far too long.

So now I’ve got to know and reeeaaaally think about it. What fears are holding you back?
do you have any?


Makeover Monday: Day to Night

OK. I have to tell you last week when you gave me suggestions for makeovers you kind of blew my mind. (and the amazing ones for shadow are still being tested, I’ll keep you apprized on the results!)
I wasn’t even out of bed yet and I was already FILLED with excitement over new ways to make the makeover fun. So, THANK YOU! I will be incorporating a lot of your amazing ideas in up coming posts!

One of the suggestions I had was to show a day and a night version for some of the makeovers. Great minds totally think alike.

Let me introduce you to Jorgan.

She’s a bonafide babe.
And a total sweetheart to boot.



Simple ways to add a little spice and take your look from every day to POW!

What I used:


IIID foundation in Medium (sunlit + walnut + pink grapefruit + Pearl)
Colour Pop shadow in Amaze all around the eye and up to the crease
A little bit of black eye liner tight lined in the upper lashes
Better than Sex Mascara
Lip Tar in Divine

To up the ante at night I:

Added some sexy black liquid liner (my FAVORITE) in a wing
Darkened & contoured the lips a little with some Sebastian Liner
I deepened the crease with a copper color on her eyes as well.
jorgan4 jorgan5


jorgab2 jorgan3


Photos by Jessica Janae

Love you guys!! Thanks so much for reading:)