makeover monday – Nicole

I cannot tell you how sweet this woman is. Not to mention GORGEOUS! Her eyes are like pure sapphires. And I gotta say. I get totally mixed reactions to the makeovers. Sometimes women cry, often they turn bright red, or laugh. I think it's a pretty wacky experience...

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Monday Makeover – Red Hot redhead!

This is the beautiful lady on the other side of the camera in my newest videos. Janae Godfrey She's incredibly talented, beautiful, tall, sweet, funny, creative, trustworthy and kind. Her and her sister Jamie are so magical that Mandi started calling them the Unicorn Sisters. It's really caught...

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makeover monday – Ali

As soon as this beauty walked into my studio my jaw dropped. Aly is perfection. It was kind of sad to even put makeup on her:) But alas variety is the spice of life. I wanted to give her a some rosey cheeks and lips and glam up her eyes...

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Makeover Monday Teen

I love doing makeup on ladies of all ages, even the little girls in my life come over regularly for a dot of blush on their cheeks and (if they're lucky) a little bit of illuminator to sparkle up their eye lids. I remember when my...

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Makeover Monday: Jill

It was really lovely meeting Jill. She is the mom of 4 girls that she spends most of her time taking care of so I was so excited for her to have a chance (however small) to take some time for herself:) She's so incredibly beautiful with...

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Makeover Monday!

I had such a good time getting to know Amanda. She is obviously such a stunning woman! I really wanted to bring out her eyes and make them a major focal point but it's pretty hard to compete with those lips and that 10000 watt smile! Brown...

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My Best yet.

I gotta be honest and tell you that I've really struggled with my video makeovers. It's difficult to give the camera a good view and still see what you're doing without getting in the way and I always feel rushed when I'm filming them because I...

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Monday Makeover – Kayla

Kayla is my gorgeous next door neighbor. I first met her when we were moving in and her husband literally jumped on the U-Haul, introduced himself and started packing in boxes. Between him and nick the whole truck was unloaded in an hour! I know...

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Mama Makeover

My very favorite person to do a makeover on is my mom. She is  so incredibly beautiful and I just plain love her face. And I love to see her feel her prettiest. What I used: Amazing Cosmetics Anti-Aging Primer Make Up For Ever HD Foundation MAC Eye Shadow in...

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Makeover Monday Elana

I loved getting a chance to makeover this stunning woman. As you can see, she looks perfect without a stitch of makeup! I really wanted to do something exotic with creamy dark  lids and natural lips. She has so much beautiful hair I really wanted to...

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Makeover Monday – Joni

~Good heck! So sorry I have had some seriously fun internet issues since I moved but I'm hoping they are all worked out now! The text wouldn't load for me all day today so I am finally thinking it's going to work~ Everyone meet this VERY beautiful...

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Makeover Monday

If you've followed the blog for long you might already know about my sister Rachel. She's a FANTASTIC makeup artist and pretty much is the whole reason I got into it myself. She was the artist behind the makeover I'm showing you today! I thought it was...

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Monday Makeover Juliann

I am so so excited to share this makeover with you. It's kind of a change up from my usual thing. On instagram a few months back I ran across @themakeupnation. I instantly fell in love with her gorgeous face and cute personality. I loved...

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Makeover Monday – Skye

Skye is such a beautiful woman. I can tell you that she definitely doesn't give herself near enough credit - she is inherently unaware of how amazing she is. She's a lovely friend, devoted wife and mother and the most frugal Lululemon enthusiast I've ever...

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Makeover Monday Kristen

When Kristen showed up at my house I was pretty excited to see her gorgeous glowing skin and those doll-like blue eyes. After a little bit of chatting she told me that she was always in "girl next door" territory and although that seems to be...

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Monday Makeover – Randi

Today's makeover is of my dearest, dearest sister-in-law Randi. I absolutely adore this woman. { I went for a dark black top line (to give a clean finished look to the eye) and flawless, glowing skin.} In fact, I liked her so much when we met over 10...

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Mary Makeover

One of Nick's friends called to see if I would help him surprise his mom a few weeks ago. When she flew out to visit him he had a whole bunch of sweet things planned for her. Including a stop at my house to get all...

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Makeover Monday – Emily

Emily is one of the most giving, selfless people I know. In fact she rarely buys makeup at all because whenever she goes to purchase anything for herself she decides she'd rather get something for one of her children. I would say my motivation for her...

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Monday Makeover!

When I was a fifteen wearing anything on your lips that wasn't Bonne Bell Smackers in Vanilla frosting  or mocha brown was pretty much social suicide. All gloss, all the time. Lipstick was pretty much unheard of. I was always a little frustrated with that because it...

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Todays makeover is of one of my very favorite people. I really lucked out in the In-Law department. Both my mother and my father in-law are supremely kind, generous and loving people, any time I get to spend with them always makes me happy and inspires...

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Makeover Monday

Wow! What a crazy and incredible weekend! I can't apologize enough for all of the crashing that went on and the sleep that was lost! At the same time I am soo grateful that so many of you were so excited and supportive enough to crash it:) I...

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Makeover Monday!

From the minute Bonnie and her sisters showed up for their makeovers I knew it was going to be a good day. They were such a blast and so excited for a makeup update. We took the before with her full makeup on, much of the time...

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Makeover Monday

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who came to the Pinners Conference! I am still on a high from the excitement of meeting so many internet friends in person. I hated making some of you wait in line so long for the makeovers...

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Brooke – Makeover Monday

When Mandi came down to photograph my incredible makeup room she was kind enough to bring Brooke with her, I was thrilled to finally  meet the genius behind the Allthingsthrifty blog and  just as thrilled to get a chance to play up her STUNNING eyes and glowing...

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Mia – Monday Makeover

After spending the entire weekend with my family for our reunion I finally got home around midnight last night and had to pack and get ready to catch my flight to head to New York by 9am this morning! I was having panic attacks the entire...

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Deb – Makeover Monday

I am so excited to show you guys the makeover I did on my sister-in-law Debra. She just gave birth to my adorable newest nephew Ledger which is her 5th child. Raising 5 young kids is serious business and leaves her with little to no "me time" My...

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Tarah – Monday Makeover

I have to tell you, Tarah is one of my favorite makeup consults ever. She was just a blast to talk to, she has southern sweetness and charm that is truly genuine and she is beautiful. Get a load of her gorgeous skin and sparkling eyes! She looks...

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Monday Makeover

{the Side by Side HERE} This is Cami, I love her she's so fun. I had her come to the appointment with her makeup already on for the before photo because I think she does a really pretty job in the first place, but I wanted to...

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Makeover Monday

This is my beautiful friend Jen. She bought a foundation one time like 7 years ago, used it once, decided it looked horrible and there it sat in her makeup bag for nearly a decade. The freckles were the issue. Either the foundation covered them up altogether and...

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Lucy – Makeover Monday

Have you ever seen eyes this color? St-u-u-u-ning I tell ya. This is Lucy, she's as sweet as she is beautiful. I used a copper shadow around her peepers and a heavy coat of mascara, cause we all know that I'd be crazy not to capitalize on those babies. I filled...

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Makeover Monday.

This gorgeous gal is the twin sister of Nick's most fun & entertaining unmarried friend, Chris Werme (single ladies in the Phoenix area are more than welcome to stalk his Facebook here. He's been hinting at a blog shout out for I don't know how long...

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A little somethin’

This sexy mama of two is my good friend, Lacy. She celebrated her 5th year Anniversary on Saturday so we took the chance to get her all spiffed up! She's pretty dang gorgeous without a lick of makeup so, of course, I wanted to keep her looking...

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Auntie Val

This is my dear sweet Aunt Val! She recently lost 115 LBS!!!!! So she was well deserving of a fun makeover. I love her gray but we thought it would be fun to try out some dark brown (by way of a wig). CHECK HER...

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Old Souls

Ever get the feeling that someone was meant to be born in another decade? My little sister Celeste and my cousin Talia are two examples. They are both so graceful and poised. To me Talia comes straight from the 40's. She is smart and classically beautiful. Her...

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Hot Mama

This is my Aunt Becky. She is a mom and a grandma, if you can believe that! She is one of the most happy positive people I know. She loves everyone and is always doing something for someone besides herself so I decided it was...

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Prom Queen

I love Carson. She is incredibly smart, funny and great to be around. She is pretty low maintenance and doesn't require much to look pretty, but I wanted to see what she looked like all glammed up. Her reaction was PRICELESS. "This is what I would...

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