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  • kallie
    Before & Afters

    Makeover Monday Kailee

    Meet my girl, Kailee! She is such a beautiful person. If you don’t already follower her on instagram you really should start, she’s got such good causal style and finds the…

  • makeoverm
    Before & Afters

    Makeover Monday – Robin

    When I met Robin the first thing I was mesmerized by was her GORGEOUS sparkling blue eyes. They are truly stunning! But once I started actually doing her makeup I started…

  • family
    Before & Afters

    Makeover Monday McKenzie Glam

    This is my extremely beautiful neighbor, McKenzie. She had a fun red carpet event with her dance company she works with so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go…

  • Before & Afters Makeup

    Tiffani The video

    I planned to post this video last week but I had a pretty busy time…yadayada… but here I am! I want to apologize in advance, Like I said with the photos…

  • rileyba
    Before & Afters

    Makeover Monday – Riley

    Today’s makeover is of my good friend Riley. I got to do her makeup and her beautiful sister and a little bit on their mom, I can tell you it wasn’t…

  • CO1A1759
    Before & Afters HAC Makeup

    Makeover Sadie

    Sadie is a blogger I’ve been friends with for a few years. She is so kind and genuine and has such a big heart! I love spending time with her because…