UPDATE 11/21/14
I waited SO long and made absolutely sure that the date I finally gave was going to be accurate before I said it by getting confirmations on dates and finally feeling confidant that I could announce the release…AND THEN … This weather happened. And everything got delayed. I found out this morning and have had a stomach ache all day just worrying about having to tell you guys. I just do not feel comfortable opening up sales (even pre-sales) on Black Friday when I’m not 100% certain the product will be in your hands before Christmas. I don’t know what to say except that I’m so sorry! The reason it’s taken so long really comes down to all of the upgrades and my being incredibly picky about making sure everything is perfect.  As frustrating as its been too wait I know its so worth it and I’m so excited about it, I know you’ll agree that it was worth it too, the minute its in your hands! I will update you soon and hey! you never know, this time it might be the real deal! :)


What is it?

Sounds great but, how do I use it?


More FAQ:

What kind of texture is it?
It is a creme. Don’t let that scare you though, it is not heavy or cakey like some people have learned to associate cremes with.

Do I use it over regular foundation or alone?
This IS a foundation so for most people it looks best used alone. If you like heavy coverage you can also layer it over your foundation although it is a creme so I would only layer it over liquid or creme foundations and not over powder.

Will it be available internationally?
Not yet:( In the beginning I was completely sure I would be shipping internationally because I have so many amazing readers all over the world! Then I found out about all of the stuff with customs….holy cow, they really make it difficult! I promise to work towards it until we get there but sadly, I’m not there just yet!

When and where can I order it?
You can order the Dark and light shades HERE. The medium shade sold out quick but it will be available again in early January. Blame me, I ordered too much light and not enough medium!

What about ANIMAL testing?


Does this answer your question?
Cause seriously, did you think I’d allow that!?
No animal testing, baby.

What is your return policy?
I racked my brain on how to work this out for a while now. I’m a small business and I have a much smaller profit margin than large makeup companies so to take a return is a pretty big loss, BUT 2 things: 1 I personally don’t buy ANYTHING unless there’s a return policy I approve, cause I have to have a backup plan and 2: I believe in the product %100 percent.
So if you get it and don’t like it for any reason I will be happy to accept the return for a full refund within 10 days of receipt.
SInce this product is so different that what most women have been using it might take a few tries to get it right, I am always addressing new questions and I hope you will give me a chance to help first, just in case it actually is perfect for you:)

What do you use to apply it?
You can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush. It looks the best with a brush though in my opinion. THIS brush is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Everyone I use it on asks about it because it is so soft and applies the foundation flawlessly. It is a pricy brush but if you can afford the splurge, it’s worth it!
For a more affordable brush try this ELF one.

What type of coverage is it?
The contour is a light to medium coverage and the highlight is medium but can be built to a full coverage. I have found that it is enough coverage for %90 of the people I have tried it on. If you feel you still need more coverage it can easily be layered over liquid or cream foundation as well.

How can there be only 3 shades?
Since IIID Foundation is not just one color there is actually a lot more leeway on the shade. I have found one of three shades has worked for nearly every single person I have done. The main exception being, I have had a few women of color that the Dark shade wasn’t dark enough. For those few that it does not work for I will be adding amore shades ASAP!

How do I know what shade to pick?
Most people will use medium. If you are very fair and feel that most bronzers go orange or dirty on you the fair was MADE for your face. Most women know if they are dark based on usually going for darker foundations. Another good option is to go on instagram and check out the #spotmyshade hashtag. Many women have been identified so that you can find someone with similar skin to yours and shoot for the color they were matched to.

Why have we been doing foundation in one color for so long?
Beats me! I think it might be because we learned to color faces with an apricot crayon at a young age.

Is it long lasting?
Yes, although If you are oily you may want to set with a setting powder but I would recommend that for any foundation for oily skin. I generally use a setting spray and on days when I forget I do need to touch it up the highlight in the evening.

How much does it cost? 
For the whole HAC Pack (including the 2 foundations, a cream blush & an illuminator): $47

Individual prices are:
IIID Foundation: $26
IIID Cream Blush: $14
IIID Illuminator: $13

Will people try to steal it from my makeup bag?
Yes, this is very likely. Lock that shiz up! :)

What are the foundation ingredients?
Contour: Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Pentaerythrityl Tetralsostearate, Acrylates Crosspolymer, Silica, Polyethylene, Ozokerite, Boron Nitride, Glyceryl Caprylate, Caprylyl Glycol, 1.2-Hexanediol, Tocopheryl Acetate.
May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Bismuth Oxychloride, manganese Violet
HIghlighter: Caprylic/Capric Trigyceride, Tac, Polybutene, Zinc Stearate, Beeswax, Euphorbia Cerifera (candelila) wax, Clyceryl Caprylate, Silica, Caprylyl Glycol, 1-Hexenedoil, Tocopheryl Acetate May contain: Titaniu, Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Bismuth Oxychloride, Ultramarine Blue.

Is it oil-free?
It is not oil free as some of the ingredients are derived from coconut oil.

This makeup is a BIG change for most women. Especially those who are not used to using creams. Although I believe the consistency is by far the best out there for HAC and coverage I understand that there is a learning curve and it is going to behave differently from other textures, powders ESPECIALLY.
I chose this cream after a great deal of testing out many different creams and other forms of foundation because I loved the flawless finish that could be created and the brightness and blendability of it. Everyone’s skin is different so the techniques will vary but the general consensus I am receiving from talking to women directly who were struggling with the product is that once they get the hang of it, they love it!
Here is some of the info that I have gathered:

FAQ Video

The contour color doesn’t seem to go on very dark. Shouldn’t it be darker?
I designed this product to be a very natural looking every day makeup. I believe in the world of HAC’ing subtlety is KEY. I really feel that this color is a very beautiful contour for most faces. For some it may also be that your color choice was too light. If you are unsure it might be helpful to give it a few days to get used to it and then decide. The magic of these colors is that they compliment each other and sculpt to make you look glowing and radiant rather than obviously highlighted and contoured.
Although, I do plan to make more products and colors in the future for those who want a dramatic HAC:)

When I first tried using my product it was hard to get onto my brush and/or went on uneven and blotchy!? Please HELP!
Don’t panic! I’ve noticed that it being a creme and this being winter many of the foundations seem to have a little barrier film on the very top layer that might cause these problems for the first use. Don’t be afraid to dig in and get past that layer! If it’s cold from the shipping you can also warm it up for a few seconds with your blow dryer. Once you do, it should go on smooth and creamy!

It looks dry or flaky on my face. What is going wrong?
There again this could be the same answer as above but it also could be that you need to do a little prep. Putting any kind of foundation on dry or flakey skin will generally not have your desired effect, I find most women do not use enough moisturizer or a heavy enough moisturizer like this one. Be sure that is has time to sink into your skin before applying the makeup. Also it is very important to exfoliate. I love using my Clarisonic or PMD for exfoliation but those are pricey options! Another great option is this Lemon Sugar Scrub you can make at your house that I LOVE.  You can also consider a pore filling and smoothing primer like THIS one.

The foundation seems to sit on my skin and looks heavy
When I use the formula I take my brush and basically just slab it in the areas where I want it, then I go back through with the large side of my brush and stipple it in with a pushing motion. Which blends and leaves me with a very beautiful natural finish. Another option is to dab it on and then go through with a damp beauty blender using a stipple motion to blend. The third option was to use your fingers in a tapping motion. The warmth from your skin may help in creating the perfect melded finish.

The product isn’t lasting as long as I need it to.
In this case I would recommend a setting powder and or setting spray. Just a light dusting with a big fluffy brush will make a huge difference!

I’ve ALREADY hit the pan on my contour, what the heck!?
I think that because the contour is a much lighter application of foundation it’s being layered much more and is running out far faster than it should be for some people. I am VERY concerned about this. My product lasted over 3 months and I am not sure how there is such a deficit but I am taking it very seriously. I will be making a few changes to the product before my next order and this is definitely one of them.

UPDATE: 1/10/2014 Medium shade is now OUT OF STOCK. 


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Excited for the new release!

Dec 16, 2014 by Kate

I am SUPER stoked to see how the 2nd gen works for my skin type! Loved the 1st gen but I had some problems with it. Looking forward to trying the new improved version!

P.S. I've worked in small business for 10 years and know that growth can sometimes be delayed WAY beyond what you could have ever anticipated due to so many factors. I totally understand the wait and the struggle to make sure everything is just right. Good luck!

What is going on?

Dec 15, 2014 by Kelli

What is the weather issue that has delayed the release for a month? I feel like we're getting the run around. We've all been patiently awaiting the new product for a year. If we need to look for a new product, that's fine but you should let us know.. I think we've all been very loyal supporters and we deserve an actual update.

Response: Trust me I understand your frustration and I am incredibly sorry! Before the weather delay I was hoping to have the product here in time for Christmas once the weather delay happened I knew I couldn\'t do the release for Black Friday because it wouldn\'t be here in time for Christmas. The only reason I haven\'t updated since is because I want to wait until I have everything confirmed 100% before I say anything else because I don\'t want to cause any more confusion! I am hoping to open the store this week, I have just been holding off on any announcement until I was sure, but I don\'t want to leave you hanging!

Dec 11, 2014 by Somer

Love the highlighting portion and I am almost out! My case broke in half too but I still love it. Cara may you at least recommend something comparable to yours to get me through till yours is available?!? I'm desperate :/

Response: The closest thing I have found is mary kay concealer in Yellow and Becca Contour creme! I\'m so sorry it\'s taking so long:(


Dec 06, 2014 by Amy

Kara you seem like a very nice person but your production team needs to get it together! I've checked back periodically on and off for a year and the med foundation is never in stock. Now it's not here a year later? Come on. I'm out girl.

Nov 28, 2014 by Jamie Rogers

I have used the the medium shade (only using the contour one) since last year. The case has broken in half and I'm just about at the end of it. I was so excited for the Black Friday sale of the new one, but now it's holding off again :( I think I'm going to have to move on, I need it and can't wait months.

The blush!

Nov 21, 2014 by Molly

I ordered the light hack pack when it went on sale, even though I am pretty sure I'm a medium. I don't ever wear a full face of foundation, and this is not exception (but again, it's too light for me) but it works great for under eye coverage. And the blush is so great!! So, so great. I've never had a blush like that before. Thank you Cara for being such a positive voice and for making a product that you put so much heart and energy into!

Updates on updates

Nov 19, 2014 by Ann

In the updates it says med is 3 months out . I'm thinking that was an old update but not a new update . Kinda confusing since the basic information and picture is the same and from 1st generation . Clicked on go to the store but its the old store and hasn't been updated . I saw someone asked for a sneak peak ... PLEASE !!! Worried that I'll drop my phone into my stuffing because ill be dying and checking for the sneak peak email .

Teaser before Black Friday? Pretty please?

Nov 17, 2014 by Carrie

We are all awaiting the second edition of IIID! So happy as i am sure you are.

Last year you provided a sneak preview of all your products that by the time they went on sale, we knew what we wanted. Will you be doing the same this year? It was so helpful and just made the anticipation sweeter when the countdown began for us to buy it.

Thank you Cara! Can't wait to see what you come back with.

Response: Yes! I\'ll show you all the goods in time to get excited for sure!

Worked but it went bad right away :(

Nov 17, 2014 by Sena

I love Cara and my IIID foundation but I had a very strange, though not entirely unique, problem with mine. After about a month of using it and storing it in my bathroom's makeup drawer along with all my other makeup/cosmetics, the IIID developed an awful chemical smell. It did not smell rancid as if just the oils in it had gone bad, but it was more of a paint-like chemical smell. And it never got too hot or cold in January, I'm in L.A., so I don't think it was my storage that caused it. The paint smell was most noticeable for the highlight color and it was so strong that I stopped using it entirely. I saw a couple of other reviews mentioning a bad smell. I know it's not ALL of the foundations either because a few months before the official launch last year I had a makeover in person from Cara where she used her own IIID and it didn't smell bad at all. So it's very strange.

Cara, are there any changes that might improve on the durability/smell of the product? Do you have any advice about this issue?

Response: That us so strange! I am very sorry (please email maskcarablog@gmail,com for a return!) The new formula is improved and does not have a scent so far as I know!

I'm so sad

Nov 17, 2014 by M

Wait ..did i read right still 3 months out after per-order? your kidding right? I did love it but I'm sadly moving on. It's holiday time and its $$$ . Can't trust that it will be here in 3 months after waiting a year for med . And launch dates that have come and gone . Time to find a new production company Cara

Response: no! Not sure where you read that! Just a couple weeks after pre-order!

3.9 5.0 392 392 I am SUPER stoked to see how the 2nd gen works for my skin type! Loved the 1st gen but I had some problems with it. Looking forward to trying the new improved version!P.S. I've All About IIID Foundation

304 thoughts on “All About IIID Foundation

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  2. You are awesome Cara. If you are feeling bad about a mixed review just check out all the gorgeous faces on intsagram that are stunning in your product! So many are enjoying it.

  3. I just received my HAC pack in the mail yesterday and I tried it this morning. I love love love this HAC pack!!! It was everything you said it would be and more. I really like the consistency of all the products and love the finish of the illuminator. I feel like my face is glowing. Thanks for the makeup and for all the great tips! I love your site and wish you the best in your business!

    • I am also still waiting on mine as well. But hubs said it was in Las Vegas the other day. Can’t wait to get it and try it out!

  4. Jill it should be arriving very soon! My tracking number was in corrected as well but I was still able to receive my IIID pack.!

  5. I put the $50 brush on my Christmas list, but I am not sure what to use in the interim for the best application. Do you have any suggestions? I tried the IIID last night, but was not getting much coverage by using my normal brush system.

    • I don’t know if you saw, but in this post Cara suggested a cheaper brush as an alternative, the $3 ELF small stippling brush. I got that brush a few months ago at target but cara also listed a link to it above :)

      • Thank you! Can’t believe I missed that..duh! I have the MAC version of that stippling brush that I was trying with it, but I would make a request that Cara use the less expensive brush in a video, because it just doesn’t seem to be doing much for me.

    • I don’t have a good brush for the foundation right now either. If you don’t mind doing it for just a couple weeks until you get the brush at Christmas, I’ve just been using my fingers to apply and it’s looks really lovely. I think the fingers help warm up the product a bit so it sinks in nicely.

  6. I still can’t wait to try the foundation (I’m not buying anything more for myself before Christmas so I’m waiting for the January medium shade restock anyway!), regardless of any mixed/bad reviews- I mean, have people seen all the videos and makeovers you’ve posted, featuring your own products?? Amazing! I think it will definitely take practice and a new approach is often met with apprehension, but it will be so worth it once we’ve all got it down! And I think shipping could for sure be a factor in formula consistency- any beauty product I order will need some swirling and warming when it’s the dead of winter!

  7. I got mine yesterday and had to try it right away of course! Love how natural it looks and the flawless coverage with only using a small amount of product. My only problem is I need a better brush to apply the highlighter (I only have a large stippling brush for face products). Do you have other budget friendly brushes to recommend that are similar to the one you use in the video?Thanks!

    • I don’t know if you saw but in the post cara suggested the $3 ELF small stippling brush, which target sometimes has :) she also has a link for it listed above.hope that helps! :)

  8. I’m on day 2 of using my HAC pack and am loving it! I wasn’t 100% sold on day 1 but I played around and figured out some things that work for me and am now completely sold. I like a little more coverage so I use my usual foundation (some Revlon CC cream that I love) underneath and then use Cara’s method from the video. I thought the contour color wasn’t dark enough at first but then I realized it’s subtle and definitely does the trick. I was worried that I would start using this and people would notice I was doing a whole new thing with my makeup but no one has. In fact, this morning my 15 yr old very opinionated daughter said, “Mom, your face looks all young and glowy today. You must have gotten a good night’s sleep!”. I about fell over from the compliment. I was worried that I would look like I was wearing a lot of make up and that I ordered the wrong shade. (I was going to order fair but then saw Cara’s post that most people would be medium so I ordered medium). I think my face looks very natural now. Before IIID I always felt like my make up was sitting on top of my skin. This feels more like the cream sinks in and smooths out the flaws in my complexion. I’m 43 and have noticed a lot of changes in my skin lately. I don’t want to use techniques and products that are “too young” for me. I don’t want people to look at me and think I am masking anything and trying to look 23 again. With IIID I feel like my skin looks naturally pretty again. Like it did when I was 15 and didn’t appreciate it. So, Merry Christmas to me, right? :)
    Apologies for being so long but I wanted to give an honest review. Thank you, Cara, for creating your products (love the highlighter and blush, too!) and also for being a lovely person, inside and out. Wishing you and your family many blessings this season and in the new year!

    • Sue, I felt exactly the same way. I thought the contour wasn’t dark enough, but when I finished it looked so natural and polished. I love the consistency and the way it looks on my skin. I’m 44 so I have similar concerns as you, and I agree that the lllD gives a youthful look.

  9. Hi Cara,

    I love when you post HAC updates. The more info and more tutorials, the better. Just wondering how we will know when you update this page? I am subscribed to receive notifications of new blog posts, but it doesn’t notify me when a page is updated…

  10. I’m still playing around with the foundation to try and see what will work best for me. I have years of experience with traditional makeup, but this is simply a whole new process. I’m an oblong so I don’t have much contouring to do, so I think today I’m going to try to apply the highlight first, and then contour and see if that works better. Side note… Live Tyler is an excellent oblong example if your looking for future oblong models. :) Anyway… I’m having trouble blending the coverage (even with a primer) together. I seem to cover up the contour! The more videos and answered questions, the better. I’ve learned about and subsequently loved some tricky products simply from reading reviews and tips (like Wen!). A IIID page is an excellent idea!

    I think you’ll need a main link on your page to this page, because I searched for it for a while until I saw the link at the bottom of your post.

  11. Just received mine yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it! My husband said my makeup looked more natural than usual (I HAC almost every day since reading your blog)

  12. I just got my pack last night and tried the highlight color just for fun before bed. I really liked how it went on, however this morning when applying the highlight color just didn’t want to blend. I do live in Minnesota where it was -20 so I’m sure the make-up freezing while shipping didn’t help much. I love the contour color (medium) and the whole concept so I will definitely keep trying. I usually use oil free makeup so maybe that is why the texture is different for me… The illuminator and blush are beautiful! Thank you so much for your amazing blog and all your tips!

    • I also live in Minnesota, damn its cold! When I got mine I rushed to put it on right away and I had the same issue…today was much better though!

      • Ugh isn’t it terrible?! I’m sick of winter already and it has barely even started. So far I’ve found that the contour texture works well for me but the highlight isn’t, yet. My skin is terribly dry right now even with all the moisturizer I use. I’m a little apprehensive because I’ve had issues using makeup that has oil in it, but we’ll see what happens!

    • My bathroom is freezing so I’m just using my fingers to apply all of it , Works much better than the brushes. Cozy up ..I think it’s gonna be a long winter :(

  13. Love Love Love my IIID! I do need a better brush and purchasing some IT Cosmetic brushes from QVC – good price! I ordered the IIID medium – and my skin is olive – I was worried that it was not dark enough, however, with a little loose bronzer – it looks good. I love the coverage – as I am soon to be 43 – gawd….and it doesn’t show my “fine” lines. :) On a side note – I would love to see a tutorial on how to contour my nose, which is round/large at the end :) Can’t wait to see more products in the future!!! Thank you Cara!

  14. Cara, love your products! Please keep the videos coming… they are so informative and your sparkling personality shines through! Good luck with your makeup line!
    I’m hoping that in the future, reordering the foundation won’t be an issue. I do have to say the shipping process has been very frustrating! Within minutes of each other, ordered 2 sets online the day after Thanksgiving with priority shipping on both. Received one on Monday and still waiting for the second one. Looking at the confirmation email from Maskcara, my order confirmed shipping on the 6th, but according to the USPS information it looks like the USPS didn’t receive it until the 9th and it’s still in Las Vegas on the 11th with a schedule delivery to me on the 12th! Would love it if that happens but, I think that might take a miracle for the USPS!!
    Keep up the good work & hope one day to see that you’re coming to the Houston area!

    • I have the same issue with shipping as you (and I did priority shipping and ordered on Nov. 29). When I look online it says the ship to address is Las Vegas, with no scheduled delivery day :( I hope it arrives soon!

  15. Such a good idea to have a designated place for questions/updates! Thanks for the tips, I am convinced I just need a little practice because besides the apparent valine as I love the natural contouring the foundation gives me! And thus far, I’ve never been disappointed in a product you suggest. Keep the tips coming, apparently I need some help :)

  16. I wasn’t super impressed with this at first but I decided to put it on my own way a little and I put the light on first and then the contour. Reason being you can cover up light with dark but not the other way around :)

  17. Hi Cara! I’m wondering if you have any plans to come to LA (or socal in general) for the HAC tour? I bought the medium and the color is actually perfect on me (I thought it might be too dark) but I’m having trouble applying it and could use some help. Plus, I would love to meet you!

  18. I got my HAC pack (medium) and I love it. It makes my skin look so glowing and beautiful but it is very subtle. I think I too am going to try putting the darker color on after the light and maybe using some concealer on my nose first which is always much redder than the rest of my face. I’m 41 and I feel like it makes me look 10 years younger. I love the blush (shortcake), such a small amount goes a long way. Thanks Cara for such an awesome product and for being such a sweet caring person, beautiful inside and out. :)

  19. I second that Lidia as I am also in socal. :) I just received mine and day 1 was a bit frustrating. It turned out okay but took some time. My husband even commented that my makeup looked good at the end of the day (smart man, he is) as he knows how much I have been looking forward to this. I hope to give a better review after day 2 and once I get the correct applicators. Trusting this is just a learning curve. Thanks Cara!!!

    • From what I have read, for suncreen to be most effective it should be applied directly to your skin (unless you are using a barrier sunscreen like zinc).

      • Sorry if I had paid more attention, I would have noticed that you said a powder sunscreen. I would think that could go on under or on top as a setting powder and still be effective.

  20. With a whole new system, I’m sure there’s bound to be some growing pains. I like to wear lighter makeup during the day and a bit heavier for special occasions. I’ve only tried the product twice so I think that with more practice and some more tutorials and tips I’ll like it more and more. It wasn’t as “flawless” appearing as I’d hoped, But does give a nice natural appearance. I’ll have a hard time giving up my usual foundation routine completey, i think. Esp for special occasions. I tried it over a bb cream this morning and that seems to work well. Keep up the great work Cara!

  21. I can’t wait to buy some!! Will you be doing another demo in St. George again?? I cried myself to sleep, not really but almost, because I was to sick to make it to Blow the night you were there!!!! Please do it again!!

  22. First of all, love your blog and this make up kit. I am completely obsessed with the liquid blush, I had never tried liquid before and will probably never try another brand ever because I love yours, you don’t need hardly any to get this fantastic saturation of color and it blends so well. The highlighter is amazing as well, I have tried other highlighters and they are either too shiny or unnoticeable. The highlighter gives the perfect amount of light reflectors and blends so easy.
    I wonder if the people complaining about application problems are using a good moisturizer and primer. I have tried my IIID twice since it came in the mail. This first time I had just washed my old make up off, no moisturizer or primer, the foundation blended well, but didn’t look “flawless” since my skin was a little flaky on my t zone. I don’t blame the foundation though, I am in my first Trimester of pregnancy and my skin is freaking out, I am breaking out like a teenager and dry where I used to be oily and vice versa. The next time was a a quick application to try before heading out for errands, I used moisturizer this time and the flakiness went away. I think the coverage is more than adequate, it is very natural looking and I like that.

  23. I received my HAC pack yesterday and tried it first thing last night after my shower. The product was pretty cold from sitting in my mailbox all day and I was seeing a lot of streaking/brush strokes, but was able to really blend it in with my fingers. I think having the creme consistency means that some warmth is one of the best ways to get that blended look. I also don’t have the most optimal brush yet (my IT is on its way!) This morning I used the HAC again and used only my fingers (rather than a brush then fingers) and it went on faster, smoother and looks pretty good! I have some areas that don’t look dry to the naked eye but have gotten dried out from using acne spot gel. To combat this I applied a heavy moisture creme to those spots immediately before I started the HACing and did not see the flaking through the highlight color anymore. I am already very excited about the results and I think once I have the recommended brushes it will be even better. Biggest hurdle is getting used to the consistency as I’ve always had straight liquid foundation – but I am excited to keep trying/perfecting it and ditch the heavy liquids. The ‘shortcake’ blush is gorg, and just a tiny bit of the illumination does the trick!

  24. Also, for those having issues who live in the super cold I’d try heating up a washcloth in the microwave and putting the HAC pack on top of it on the counter (NOT microwaving the makeup, but putting it on top of the warmed cloth) for a short while before using, this might help get it looser so you can pick it up on the brush and have it spread rather than stick on your skin. You don’t want it to liquefy but even the heat from my fingers was getting it to become more malleable. Cara might have a better way to do this, but for now worth a shot!

    Cara (or other users) do you dab the brush straight down onto the color you’re about to use, or do you wipe/swipe it across? It looks like in the videos you dab straight down with the bigger brush and do more of a swipe with the smaller brush head?

  25. First – Cara you have inspired me to actually put on makeup, research/buy products tools and learn application techniques. I was still stuck in high school mode with my bottle of Cover Girl foundation a short year ago! :) I purchased the HAC pac in medium and absolutely happy with my purchase. As many state above the “glowing” natural look is achieved with this product and I think it will only get better as I play around with where to contour. I also am very impressed with the highlighting concealer – was nervous about the “yellow” and truly makes a difference in my undereye area. I also chose the shortcake blush and its ammaazzinng. I need to read up more on where to put the illuminator though! Thanks again!

  26. Has anyone tried using IIID with a BeautyBlender? I just got one and love it but I’d hate to have to get a new brush. I also have really sensitive skin (if there’s something in the makeup that it doesn’t like, my face will break out in a day or two), has anyone with sensitive skin tried the IIID? I can’t wait for the medium to be back in stock so I can order mine!

    • Elsewhere someone said they used a sponge instead of a brush and it worked better for them. Also, I have super sensitive skin, and so far no irritation or breakouts. The makeup is so sheer that it seems to let the skin breathe instead of clog pores.

    • Hi Rachel! I have rosacea and uber sensitive skin. I ordered my HAC pack on Black Friday at 2am PST and received my kit I think on the 9th. I have applied it 5 times, trying to get it right. So far NO RASH and NO BREAKOUT. No stinging sensation. Skin still looks happy and not inflamed when I take my makeup off. I applied it today with a BeautyBlender and it worked 100 times better than my iT Cosmetics brush and it looked fabulous.

  27. It’s my second day of using the HAC pac. I love make-up and think I’m pretty good at applying but day one did not go well at all. Today went a bit better. I was determined and must have been thinking about it so much I even dreamed about what I was going to do differently haha!! I used a primer today and the foundation went on much better. I have the same problem as someone else in the comments – I keep covering up the shade with the highlighter. I’ll have to work on that! I love the blush!! That’s definitely my favorite. I look forward to getting better and better with this product!

  28. I have used my IIID medium for two days now. I LOVE it! My husband has even stated that my face seems like its refreshed. I don’t think this HAC pack makes me look like I’ve caked on layers at all. It doesn’t feel heavy either. I love the princess peach blush, and am excited to try out the other two shades. Definitely will be purchasing another HAC pack when I get low on this one!

  29. I’m going to wait to get my medium pack until to January, when I hopefully have more money, but I do have one question. I have some pitting from acne scars that I picked at while a young teenager (I really should have listened to my Dad when said not to touch them…), not to mention the occasional breakout currently. If the foundation is not enough and I need to use concealer, should it go on before or after the IIID?
    I can’t begin to express how excited I am!

    • Hi Katie,

      I feel your pain! I have some scars because I couldn’t leave my skin alone and have occasional breakouts… I started using coconut oil as a cleanser (just smear it all over in the shower and give it a quick rinse) and honey masks (smear honey on for 20 min-an hour) and have had a HUGE change in skin texture and clarity!

      • I also am in a similar situation to both of you. I have acne scars as well as breakouts pretty frequently. Will this foundation cover my scarring? And when should the concealer be applied?
        Also, I have heard that coconut oil clogs pores so I was concerned when Cara said there is coconut oil in the 3D foundation. Was what I heard correct? Will coconut oil make my breakouts worse?

        • Some people don’t do as well with coconut oil, but for me, it’s kinda miraculous. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying different face washes and never had terrible or fantastic skin, but with the oil and not using soap I get compliments all the time on my skin and rarely have breakouts! Zinc and cod liver oil supplements help as well.

          I’m still playing around with the makeup, but I’d try it the way she does it in her videos and then you can go back over any spots that weren’t covered fully before. A green color corrector on red areas may help as well.

        • I bought the HAC pack and I also have scaring & small “pits” from previous acne on my cheeks right where the contouring should go. The makeup by its self (for me) is not enough to cover the scars. I feel like it actually accentuates them because the makeup does absorb into your skin. I have been using a bb cream before I apply the makeup and then I will apply the lighter shade directly on top of my scars to “conceal.” I will then follow with the contour and that seems to work. Amazingly after all of that coverage, I still feel like the foundation is not too heavy so that is good; however, I was hoping that I could just use this product and nothing else but that is not the case. I guess long story short – for me – it is not enough to cover my scarring.

  30. Has anyone with the flaky issue tried using the Hac pack with a damp beauty blender? I have perpetual flaky skin due to a Retina A prescription and the only way I can apply ANY foundation is with a damp beauty blender and I use dabbing motions instead of strokes. I feel if you have flaky skin and rubbing with a brush, fingers, etc. will only “exfoliate” your skin, in essence, while applying your foundation. If you use dabbing motions you aren’t tugging at your skin. The dampness from the sponge also helps smooth everything together. I also feel that right now everyone has their heaters running full blast and our skin is getting parched in the process. I live in Houston and it’s even freezing here!!! Happy Hacing!

  31. Accidentally already posted this on a different post, but I want to make sure anyone who wants to read another review can:

    I’m still playing around with it to get the makeup 100% how I’d like it, but so far, I’m a fan. The contour color on the medium is so light I can barely see it going on – but once all of the steps come together it sculpts the face very subtly and beautifully. With only the highlight and contour on, it looks a little scary/ghostly on me, but the blush and illuminator make it pop. The funny thing is that the hac colors are so sheer it looks like I’m not wearing makeup…but I definitely look way nicer than when I don’t wear any makeup. Basically, it’s “no-makeup” makeup. I’m wondering if some people expected it to be more foundation-y, whereas I think it goes on lighter like BB cream. The highlight color doesn’t completely cover my under eye circles, so I’m going to put on a thin layer of BB cream all over before hac-ing tomorrow and see if that helps with color and covers my lingering acne scars. Also, I am pretty pale and was nervous about ordering the shortcake blush (saturated color often makes me look like a clown), but it is gorgeous! I have a before/after on Instagram, @irankin28, if anyone wants to compare. I’m also nosy (I can’t be the only one), so I hope more of you take photos when you receive your hac kits #maskcara so we can see your results!

    • hmm…i would’ve guessed you would’ve been light. maybe i guessed wrong on mine? we’ll see…mailman just now at the door.

      • Before Cara said 90% of people would be a medium I was going to buy the light. I have quite fair skin but not so fair that it’s hard to find a match, which was her criteria for choosing the light. Fingers crossed the light still works for you!

  32. Looking forward to trying my medium shade HAC foundation tomorrow, when it arrives. I’ll post a full review after giving it a try for a week or so. Until then, I just had a recommendation/idea for Cara (LOVE you by the way, you’re awesome!). It seems like it might be a good idea to create a dual ended brush to sell with your product as well. That way customers get the perfect tool to create the look you’ve made us all want so badly! I’d say a mid range good quality application brush would be a good business move and help us take the guess work out of what to use to apply. Keep up the good work!

  33. I am not loving the packaging the blush/illuminator came in. It brings up waaaay too much product so I feel like a lot of it goes to waste which is a shame when its so expensive. I like being able to control how much product i need.

    • Are you just dabbing a little on your hand and then using a finger to dab it on your face? That is how Cara always does it. I find I use the tiniest amount doing it that way.

    • I touch the applicator with my finger and then dot on my face. I was actually thinking this morning that I’m glad it came that way because I feel like I am using a lot less by not saturating a brush with it.

  34. Hey Cara, a few people have commented that they have had more success with applying the lighter color before the contouring color. I was wondering if there was a reason you applied the contour color first. I’m so excited to get my HAC Pack!

  35. I’m glad you created this separate page. I feel like trying a product for one day is way too early to start criticizing it publicly. I definitely had some problems the first time I tried putting it on, but I’m going to take some time and play around with different brushes and things before I say anything else about it.

  36. Has anybody who bought light tried it? NC15 is as dark as I get and I am pale’d out of most foundation ranges, but I’m still freaking out because someone else said that were an NC15 and got medium. I bought light, but I’m out the country till New Years and won’t get to try it until then.

    • I bought light. It’s coming this afternoon. I’m usually pretty pale(provided I remember to use my sunscreen)–I don’t use a lot of makeup so I’m not familiar w/what shade NC15 is, but I’m always at the lighter end of most foundations & powders. I’m pretty sure I’d be a light, but won’t know till it comes–I was second guessing myself after I ordered and Cara posted most people would be medium. I’ll let you know once I get a chance to HAC my face in a few hours.

        • Ugh, the link didn’t work. Anyway, NC/NW15 refers to the way MAC names their shades. NC stands for neutral cool (which is for warm skin tones for some reason) and the higher the number, the darker the skintone. NC/NW15 is where most of their foundations start.

          • Vanessa, I tried but can’t tell if I should be light or medium. I will need to see how it looks in natural morning light…my bathroom light quality is really poor in the evenings. I have a tendency to go light on things & build up since it’s so much easier that way than using too much at once. I also need to figure out if I’m heart, oval or oblong shaped so I do the contour color right(thank goodness I didn’t look orange or whatnot problems associated with using bronzer on fair skin). My #spotmyshape pics are on instagram @cute_little_redhead Today was just play with the HAC pack and experiment. I really love the strawberry shortcake color–I was a little scared that it’s so bright out of the tube, but it goes on well.

  37. Oh, I love iiiD! I used my *new* Olay ProX to exfoliate first after reading about flaky skin-I’m prone to flakeyness-… and cold weather makes it WORSE! Then I moisturized, got dressed, changed my baby’s diaper, washed my hands, then came back to apply. I just bought the BeautyBlender, so I prepped the blender with water and squeezed it out to make it damp, as the instructions state. Then I applied per instructions on your video… my face is GLOWING and I ***LOVE*** the shortcake blush. I naturally have flushed cheeks and the blush matched perfectly and looks *so* pretty. I always have a hard time finding blush that I like.

    As the comments say, applying the highlighter first would have been better for me. I did it like the video showed, but then went back and contoured and it was perfect.

    Can’t wait to see the different face shapes examples, I have more of a round face shape, so I just contoured my nose, cheeks, and under my chin.

    I *love* this makeup set. Great job!!!

  38. Hi Cara–I have so many (okay, a few) questions for you but I never feel like you are going to see my comments/questions! I’m planning on “hunting” you down in Vegas one day, though, don’t worry. Me needs me some Vegas time soon.

    I think one of the “challenges” we have is that you have trained (taught) us how to HAC with bronzer in the powder form. Applying a powder with a brush is way different than foundation with a brush. I watch your videos in awe as you apply foundation with a brush…and then I tell myself I can’t do that! I was pretty comfortable with the Bahama mama bronzer for hacking and it worked well for me.

    I have used your kit twice and the first time it looked amazing. The second time I didn’t do quite as well but I almost always only have about 60 seconds to put on makeup (which is why I LOVE your techniques) and since I’m still learning, it was too light for what I like. And like everyone else, I think once my It brush arrives, I’ll be much better able to attack.

    Anyways, that’s my opinion….you’re having to retrain us all now! I LOVE your stuff though and can’t wait for lip gloss!


  39. OK, I got the IIID makeup and got to work. I have to say I love it, I feel very natural, not made up. The contouring is lighter, but I think that’s a good thing, the powder bronzer always looked a little too dark and my husband would comment on the “lines” he could see. Yours is natural shadow shade which makes it look like you are not creating this stuff with make-up…but that its the natural contour of your face. I’m a fan!

  40. I’m on day 3 of using IIID hac pack and here is my mini review on how it has worked out for me (I’m sure there are different results for many)…This turned out to be very light coverage for me. I ordered the medium and the contour shade isn’t any darker than any of my medium foundations, so it doesn’t do a whole lot of contouring on me. The highlight is just the right shade, it is nice and bright and the yellow does do a good job of neutralizing redness/blueness. The final result was a nice glowy, minimal coverage look. Sadly, the makeup didn’t have very good staying power on me, most of it wore off in a couple of hours. I love the Shortcake blush! It gives a perfect pink pop on my cheeks. Overall my hac pack will only be used when I want very light coverage (which isn’t very often), but the blush and illuminator I will use daily until they are empty!
    I do ♥ your blog Cara!

  41. I haven’t even gotten my foundation in the mail yet and I am already bummed I didn’t get the whole pack! Could some of you ladies post pics with your blush colors on Instagram? Also has anyone with oily skin tried their foundation yet?

    • I have super oily skin and the foundation has stayed all day. I primed with Smashbox photo finish and set it with a little powder and urban decay all nighter!

  42. I just received it and barely had it a moment before I ripped it open and peeked in. The medium is sooo dark! I’m usually somewhere on the light side of medium. I used to be very fair but after years on the beach. I, like your recent monday makeover, suffer with much lighter skin on my neck and decolletee. I’ve been using a tanner (thanks for the tip cara) there to even things out. I eent with medium based on caras recommendation. Usually most light foundations I use are too yellw and most fair ones match my neck and inner wrist but not my face. I hope it goes on much lighter than it looks in the case I’m hoping looks are deceiving. Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Cara, the mediums is definitely too dark for me but, I think the light would be too light as well. With most 3 or 4 shade foundations I purchase both the light/fair and medium. I use the medium in the summer when I have a little color and mix the light in during the winter months when I’m ghostly. I used to do this with Bare Escentuals Fair and Medium until they came out with Fairly Medium. So, I’ve purchased your light. I’m sticking with you until I get it right :o)

  43. OK. So I have applied the IIID foundation five times now. (yes, I removed and reapplied it several times….. that is normal – right?). First try, I moisturized and primed my face and used the iT Cosmetics brush and it was smeary, hard to blend and I looked ghostly. Worst of all, it settled in my pores and wrinkles. Realizing the product was very cold, I gave it time to warm up, smooshed it a little with my clean fingers and waited.

    I have rosacea and very sensitive skin. I am a clarisonic and moisturizer junkie and my skin is in great shape. Just a little red on cheeks and a few large pores around the nose. I went on to reapply it two more times using the brush, wiping almost all of it off, reapplying the contour and looking ghostly and glossy. So I set it with bronzer lightly. Not terrible. But not to Cara standards.

    Today I applied it over tinted moisturizer. FAIL. Wipe off. I love Cara and was determined to try everything. I bought a Beauty blender, washed, moisturized, and primed my face and applied the IIID foundation lightly with my finger and blended with the Beauty Blender. I applied highlighter first and contour second. Finished off with some lovely princess peach blush and the luminizer, And the magic happened. No shine, no smear, no settling in pores. I just look glowely, countered, and lovely. And no visible foundation.

    My advice:

    1. Exfoliate, moisturize and prime your skin

    2. Make sure the foundation is room temperature – smooshing with finger was my way of making it more malleable, probably not a great sanitary recommendation but it worked for me.

    3. Apply the foundation with a LIGHT HAND and blend well. I liked the Beauty Blender better than the iT Cosmetics brush. But the brush is lovely, soft and I will probably learn to use it when I climb the learning curve.

    4. I applied the highlight first and the contour second. Just worked better for me.

    I usually hate how foundation feels. I have sensitive skin and foundation often makes my skin itch and burn. If you like a full coverage foundation, you might want to layer this foundation on top of a tinted moisturizer or your regular non-powder foundation. Personally, I never like the full coverage foundation look on ANYONE. Skin is beautiful. Makeup should enhance the face -not hide it. So I am a happy camper. I LOVE my foundation and figuring out how to use it makes me feel like I found the prize in the cereal box.

    • I have large pores and this is exactly how I applied it too and it worked wonderfully. I can’t use a brush with any foundation as it makes my pores really visible. I like the BB as it allows you to build up the coverage if you need to.

    • [email protected] says:

      Great tips. Thanks. Mine arrived today, can’t wait to try it in the morning.

    • Hi CarrieAnn,

      Thank you for posting your experience and tips because I had some similar issues with my application. I exfoliated and moisturized (did not prime) and I too looked ghostly and the makeup was sticky and I looked wet, even after major attempts at blending and using the IT brush. I set with some Too Faced bronzer, but I still didn’t look glowy, I looked jaundiced and still felt sticky. I switched from my contacts to my glasses after I had the makeup on for about an hour, and it was ALL OVER my glasses, just smearing off everywhere. I have been thinking about what changes to make, and I think primer is going to be key, and I agree, highlight first, contour second, I don’t seem to have Cara’s ability to do it the other way. It appears that I will also invest in a Beauty Blender as well. Fingers crossed, I really want to love this makeup. :)

    • Thanks for these tips. I’ve tried it three times now and each time is a little better but still not great. I will try the beauty blender instead of the IT brush next.

  44. Oooh, I wish I could star your comments! Excellent tips. I am going to try my beauty blender to apply. I also found it easier to highlight first.

  45. I am anxiously waiting for my kit to arrive. Cara, could you repost the images for the different face shaped. I went to look for it and while I found your posts, the pictures were no longer there :(

  46. Thanks for making this page!! I got my foundation today and was having some trouble with it blending and looking patchy. But this page gave me some great tips (like up my moisturizing routine, and the idea about using the blow dryer to heat up the product) and I’m excited to continue to play around with it and tackle this learning curve!! The second time I tried it, I used my Beauty Blender and felt like it blended better that time. Thanks also for the tip about the Elf brush. Going to wash that one tonight and use it tomorrow. Thanks again for all your hard work!! You’re awesome!

  47. I just received my HAC set in the mail today. I applied with pretty good results, but I’m still playing around with it. Has anyone else noticed that they can continue to smell the makeup after it’s been applied? I’ve never noticed a odor from any other make up I’ve used in the past, and I was surprised at what a strong scent this has….it’s not bad, but kind of chemical like.

  48. Hi Cara,

    I have benefited so much from all your tips on this blog! I wanted to love the new makeup, but unfortunately it’s just not working for me. I emailed your company to learn how to return it and they sent me an email back saying that there is a $5 restocking fee. It looks like you are saying that isn’t correct, but I just want to make sure. Thanks!

    • Yeah that isn’t correct! Just a miscommunication with my website! So sorry you weren’t in love with it! I hope to find a product that works better for you in the future!

      • Thanks for the quick reply, Cara! I hope you don’t take this personally. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and have a hard time when something I’ve put a lot of work, effort and time into receives criticism. The makeup is not aweful in anyway, it’s just that the results I’m seeing don’t meet the needs I have with the budget I’m on.
        I see from many comments that lots of people are loving this product, so don’t let my return get you down! Keep up the good work and thanks for all the help you’ve given me in my makeup routine!

        • Dont get why someone would return a product after using it only a few times. Maybe give the product a chance since it costs someone money to return because of you.

  49. Cara! This is extremely exciting. I have been a loyal fan since you just started your blog. When I found out about the IIID Foundation I was beyond happy! Both for you and myself! You really have worked hard to get here and I’ve been watching your journey! So inspiring! As soon as the medium is back in stock I will be ordering :) Keep being awesome, Cara!

  50. Cara, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love your tutorials. You look especially gorgeous in these videos, and have inspired me to try HACing with your new makeup. Can you please please please do a tutorial video on the eye makeup you have on in your videos about the IIID makeup here?? It looks amazing!

  51. FYI – I found the IT Cosmetics brush for $35 at http://www.skinstore.com. Also, there is also a friends and family discount going on with the promo code FF20 – you get 20% off! Wanted to share in case this made it more affordable for the people who were wanting the brush Cara uses. Looking forward to getting my IIID foundation soon :) Merry Christmas everyone!

  52. Cara, would you consider a post showing a bunch of different faces and telling which color to order for those of us not on Instagram and unaware of our MAC foundation color? I’d like to order, but am waiting for more clarity re: color selection first. I am pretty pale but not Nicole Kidman pale and I’m unsure whether to go light or medium. I love your video tutorials ! Thanks for all you do.

  53. Will you be creating a HAC pack for African American women?! I really love your contouring videos and started contouring my face because of how easy your tutorials are…so THANK YOU!! My complexion matches the Bobbi Brown Suede color (or it might be Lancome Suede) Or it matches MAC NC 45. Your concept is great and I will be sure to buy it once the darker colors are available. Also, if you’re ever in ATL and need a makeup model for Makeover Mondays…I am down!

  54. The mailman just delivered my HAC pack & I am off today! *happy dance*

    I’m just waiting for it to thaw a little since I’m in WI & with the windchill its 4 degrees right now.
    Bright side is I have plenty of time to get down with my Clarisonic to prep!

  55. Ok, question for you ladies that use a primer…are you seeing a big difference in the staying power of the make-up??? I feel like it’s wearing off pretty quick and my high lighted area are just turning back to red. Also anyone using monistat anti-chafing cream as a primer…how’s it holding up with the IIID make-up??

    • I am using the monistat anti chafing cream and it is holding up well. I am also finishing with a bit of bronzer all over and I haven’t had a problem with staying power.

      • OK, I went and grabbed the monistat anti chafing cream today. I did half of my face with that as primer, applied the make-up everywhere then set it with a DIY glycerin spray. Huge difference between the left and right side of my face!! Even my husband noticed. The make-up just glided on and stayed on, no blotchinees…I’m happy now :)

  56. I have been using a loreal primer and setting with urban decay setting spray and I can’t seem to make the makeup last past midday. by noon it looks like im not wearing anything at all.

  57. I am struggling with this too. I try not to touch my face, ever, but if I get a wispy in my face, the makeup ends on my fingers and the hair wispy, it just seems to smear off of my face. It feels light, but it also seems to sit right on top of my skin and while I normally feel like my skin is in good condition, the highlighter seems to amplify every flaw that I have. :( I am trying again in the morning with a primer to see if it does the trick.

  58. First let me say that my face is lighter than the rest of my body so I mainly use foundation to add color to my face. The IIID foundation provides sheer/light coverage so I don’t think it will be my wear to work choice but my go to on the weekends or other days I want a very natural look. Also, since I’m applying the highlight shade to most of my face, I didn’t get the added color I’m used to and felt a little washed out (like my natural skin-tone). I’m starting to see why Cara is such a fan of applying fake tanner first. I adore the blush (in Shortcake), the illuminator and the IT brush that Cara recommended (I got mine on Ebay for half price). I don’t see this becoming my everyday foundation but I do see myself occasionaly applying the highlight and contour colors over a light layer of my usual liquid foundation and using the blush and illuminator daily. To those of you with oily skin I definitely recommend that you set with powder. Thank you for teaching us how to HAC, Cara and congrats on the new line!

  59. I’m jealous of all the people who have received it. I got multiple emails that it was shipped on the 6th and as of yesterday the shipping information was only just received. I have no idea when to expect it. :\

  60. I got mine today and I love it!!! My It brush also came in today so it was like Christmas! I’m going to wait to give a full review because I want to experiment with different brushes and techniques but all in all I’m really loving it. I consider myself a light-medium complexion and the medium was perfect for me. The contour is perfect. It’s not too dark or ruddy like most contour colors can be. Also, I live in Florida and it’s hot as hades here. I had no issues getting product on the brush. Those having problems, the cold weather could definitely factor into it.

  61. Reading some of the reviews, to all those that wonder if a makeup setting spray will really help the makeup last longer? Yes it will! I’ve been using Skindinavia spray (they also make the UD spray) for a few years now, and it makes a HUGE difference in your makeup not fading! Worth every penny!
    I love the IIID, and now I am sad because I just stocked up on my (previous favorite) Lunasol foundation powder. Darnit! Well, maybe I’ll still find use for it in the summer, LOL!

  62. So, let’s talk about the smell….anyone else think the foundation smells strong? My husband even said my face smells like makeup. He’s never said that before and I always wear a full line up! I’m guessing I will get used to it…

      • Nevermind. After about 2 months mine developed an extremely strong smell too and I can no longer use it. It is suffocating. I am SO sad :(.

    • I also commented on the smell. I could really smell it the first time I wore it. The next day when i reapplied, I didn’t notice the smell anymore. I’m not sure what was different between then and now, but I’m glad it’s gone.

      • Yeah I totally hear ya! When I first got my shipment I opened a few and was like, what is that smell? It wasn’t necessarily bad just there. I’ve never smelled it on my other makeup shipment but sure enough by the second use the smell was gone.. still not sure what the hay, but as long as it’s gone I’m happy!

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  64. Some of the people who are writing reviews seem like they don’t really understand what a review is supposed to be. How is oh my product hasn’t come yet a review and you give it two stars? And some people have literally used it only once and they’re already giving the product two stars? Just a little annoyed by the reviews :/

  65. Thank you, Cara for having so much passion about beauty! You are so inspiring; after following your blog for a couple years, I am seeing beauty in things I didn’t before.

    I absolutely LOVE my HAC pac! It has the most beautiful texture and finish. I wore it yesterday after getting only 2 hours of sleep due to a delayed flight and all day people were telling me that I look so fresh and flawless! AMAZING is the only word that comes to mind! And the contour shade is PERFECT; the shade it is, I don’t think anyone could mess it up. If you aren’t great at applying makeup, other contouring products could end up looking too dark or orange. I recommend this to anyone new to hac-ing. Thank you for creating these products for us!!!!

  66. Do you have photos with applications of the different blush colors? I see the swatches, but I’d be great to see them on people :)

  67. I’m a MAC NC20 in the winter and a 25 in summer. I have a little bit of pink/redness in my skin that I need to correct with a yellow undertone and I’m worried that the light IIID pack will be too light/too pink? Any suggestions? Should I go with medium? Thanks!

    • There is nothing pink about the medium. I haven’t seen the light but the medium is straight yellow. It’s perfect for cutting redness!

    • NC20/25 seems plenty dark to me–I would go with medium. My impression of light is that it is for people with very light skintones who are too light for some brands and have a lot of trouble finding a bronzer that doesn’t look “dirty” on their skintone. Like if I wanted to wear any mac foundation except for face and body, I’d have to take a beach vacation first!

  68. Is anyone using a powder over their new makeup to “set it?” I always use a light dusting, I have normal to dry skin, but feel it balances everything after I use it. Maybe try it, then spritz with a setting spray! I have the medium and love how natural it looks. Don’t be scared putting it on. If there is one thing I learned from Cara, it is just go for it! She doesn’t hesitate when she puts on makeup! fearless! LOL! So I have taken that approach and it works. you can always clean up the excess. :) I may have to use more concealer under my eyes though, as the highligher doesn’t quite cover enough in that area. Love it all though.

  69. I need to play around a little more with application. I was so proud I got all HAC’d in like under 5 minutes this morning. Tried setting it with translucent powder this morning just to see how that works, and I thought I only had a little on my brush–apparently not, cuz I came out looking like when the color drains from my face. That’s just user error on my part–I don’t have as much makeup experience as some of the other readers probably do. Will be picking the Urban Decay setting spray today and see if that works better for me.

  70. My skin just isn’t taking to it, it sits on top of my skin…it shows every minute line (im 27…) and pore. Also when I tried to use my damp beauty blender with it the texture of it became super cakey. It sort of seems like this product wasn’t demoed during the development stages. Neither primer or setting powder has helped. Ill give it one more try tomorrow then ill return it if the same issues persist. Sorry Cara :-(

    • I’m having the same issue! I really want to love this and I’m wondering if maybe its something i’m doing wrong. Its not blending well at all and looks so cakey on my skin. I’m going to try all of the suggestions on here and keep at it for a few more days. I’m so bummed :(

    • Hi Ladies. Makeup is fun. And everything has a learning curve. Neither one of first two above posts was unkind. Perhaps we should refrain from being unkind to those sharing their experiences and thoughts.

      I had a lots of difficulties on my first four applications. To Lily I would say if it is still showing every pore I would suggest a different primer. Perhaps go Sephora and ask for primer samples. I am using Cargo Blu Ray High Definition Mattifier which is oil free. Benefit Porefessional and Tarte Pore primers didn’t work for me. Also, I have been applying cheap NYX setting spray and it works fine. I haven’t tried their primes.

        • I am so sorry for those who are annoyed but you have to return the product within ten days, that doesn’t give you much of a chance to work with it for people who can’t afford to have a wasted product just sitting around…

  71. I’m DYING for this stuff to work. I have very uneven skin tone, lots of redness, blemishes, etc. I found what I thought was the “perfect product’ when Cara suggested NYX yellow concealer. It’s just a pain having to order it every two months. I was beyond excited to get my hands on IID so I ordered the HAC pack in medium but haven’t been able to get it to look right, even after 5 applications.

    I had perfected my HAC makeup before with the NYX concealer all over my face and a grey-brown cover girl eye shadow for the contour so I definitely know how the process works. The first time using IIID was a complete disaster. It sat on top of my wintery/dry skin so I went home on my lunch break and scrubbed my face with a washcloth and orange oil to try to get rid of the dead/rough skin. That helped a little, but I still feel like the highlighter is not intense enough and the contour isn’t dark enough to make everything pop. I’ve used several different brushes (stippling, blending, etc), my fingers, light and heavy coverage but it still hasn’t looked right. I’ve felt so frumpy all week :(

    Like I said, I want this to work SOOO badly, but it just isn’t.
    Help :(

      • Just wanted to say that I went to Walgreens in desperation today searching for contouring colors. I’m sick of bronzers! I found Maybeliene Eye Tattoo Cream/Gel Eye Shadow in Tough as Taupe. It looks GREAT under my cheek bones and my jaw line. It is a taupe – a gray/brown/greige color. Like Cara says, shadows are grayish and cool not warm and orange like Bronzers. I didn’t try this color around hairline yet. I had already put some bronzer up there. When I first put the Tough as Taupe on under my cheeks and along jaw/neck it was a stripe. ACK! But it blended VERY easily. I did try it on my nose but didn’t have right brush and my finger was too big. I tried with q-tip but when I blended I think I wiped it all the way off. My skin is towards the dry end of the spectrum and I’ve always preferred creams and liquids to powders. I liked the texture of this product. It really melded into my skin tone. Just wanted to share.

  72. So i applied the hac pack in medium as soon as I got it. I was in my car and applied it there. It looked okay in the car mirror but then I took a picture on my phone. Oh god I looked horrible! I looked like I had ten chins and beady little eyes. I was sad on the way home, not blaming cara or her products but blaming myself that I’m so ugly and fat that no kind of makeup can help :( then when I got home and looked in the mirror I looked perfect! I loved how it looked and I actually looked chiseled and my face looked small. Does anyone have idea why this is? I always look so different in pictures and sometimes different mirrors to:/ please make a video a video with a model who has a fuler face and wants it to be thinner, Thank you! :) I would write a review but my camera and mirror can’t seem to agree :)

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  74. I unfortunately have not received my order I placed on November 29th…have left 2requests on the my account contact us page and haven’t received replies to those. Tracking shows it would have been here on the 12th but doesn’t show any movement from Vegas since the 10th… Hope the product exceeds the customer service so far….
    Disappointing to run to the mailbox every day and no package.

    • Having the same problem, but still super stoked to try it out! I wouldn’t call it a customer service issue though. It’s a small business, so there are bound to be hiccups along the way. Just hoping it will be here before I leave for vacation in a week!

  75. I’m only saying its a customer service issue because I have put in 2 requests on the contact us page and gotten no response. I’ve tracked my package which still seems to be in Vegas somewhere. Just looking for information and feeling ignored…

      • Im so bummed, its been over three week and i havent received my order either; tracking says its stalled in vegas :( guess i’ll put a call in to customer service as well- three weeksa is just TOO long when i want to get HAC-ing!!

  76. Oh how I’m loving the highlighting and contour and I wish I had bought the pack. Now shortcake is out of stock and I want it badly. Your product is amazing!!!

  77. I got mine yesterday in Dark (I am very olive skinned) and it was beautiful! One question: are there places on the face that are left without anything (no highlight, no contour)? For example, the sides of the nose? I didn’t know what to do with the places that were not highlighted or contoured! I watched the video and it seemed like you only put the highlighter on the very edge of the side of the nose? THX!

  78. Cara, you are a genius. I just recieved mine yesterday, wore to it church today for the first time. I was surprised when I put the contour color on at first, thinking that it wasnt dark enough, but then after putting on the light and watching your video, realized that its pure genius. Both colors match my skin and just make it look like a very natural HAC, which is how it’s supposed to be. I love how it melds. I’m not perfect at applying it yet but I’m excited to get better and see what else you come up with!! Thank you!

  79. Hey ladies! I found a brush that works really well if you don’t wanna spend the $48 on the IT brush. It’s called the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush. The bristles are really packed and it blends the makeup beautifully. And it’s only $25 at Sephora. For the nose i either just use the side of a concealer brush or my finger. :)

  80. I was so excited to get my kit (medium) and used it right away, I’ve tried three times now but it just does not agree with my skin. The makeup sits in my pores and I look awful. I am so sad about it. I use a clarisonic two or three times a week, have scrubs that I use when I need it and am always told that I have beautiful skin…so I don’t understand why this is reacting with my skin so terribly. I now have five new breakouts…and being a woman over 50, I should not be getting pimples. I’m afraid it has to go back.

  81. I love both blushes and the illuminator! OK. So after watching Cara’s FAQ, I can only conclude I am either not applying enough highlighter or too much because I look really pale after applyng everything. Like I want to add bronzer to my face! Has anyone else had this experience? I ordered the medium, and know it is the right choice. I have exfoliated, poured on the moisturizer and it still is flaky on my skin. But I contribute it to the elements and my use of retin-A which I stopped using last week. Ugh. That stuff is harsh. So anyway, I will keep on trying! I admire Cara for taking a chance and getting her product out there. I am determined to make it work! :)

  82. The first time I tried it, it seemed to work great. So it is obvs, it is MY fault and not the products. Like Cara said, there is a learning curve here you guys. She would not have put her name and her heart into a product that didn’t do what she says it does. I truly believe that. Let us all keep on trying. It isn’t rocket science after all right? :) Sending us all good HAC-ing vibes!

  83. IIID Foundation has been EVERYTHING I hoped it would be: covers well, highlights, stays all day (12 hour workdays, y’all!), and hasn’t aggravated my somewhat sensitive, definitely dry skin. Here are some bits from my routine, which is now shorter because I’m skipping the one color foundation sequence:
    – MOISTURIZE always (rosehip oil, sebamed, chamomile & green tea as a toner – all of that 2x/day… also, drink that H20!)
    – wear a primer (I like Stila HD 10-in-one, and Benefit POREfessional)
    – IIID (with – are you ready? – the real techniques facebrush = $12.00!!!!)
    – eyes, cheecks & lips (stila convertible color in petunia), luminize (benefit high beam)
    – setting spray!!! (i heart the MAC one) — NO POWDER… dry skin. Boston winter. This is a NO!!!

    Cara, thank you for this product and your tutorials, tips, tricks, and recipes. You are my makeup sensei!

  84. After watching Cara’s FAQ video, I followed all her directions to a T and guess what…it finally worked!! I used Kandee Johnson’s sugar and lemon scrub, moisturized, primed, applied the makeup in swipes with a flat foundation brush (pretty generously) then stippled/buffed with a real techniques face brush. I still used a little concealer over my trouble spots, then I used powder to set the highlight and bronzer to set the contour and to add a little more color and set everything with UD Chill Setting Spray. Lasted for 8 hours. I can’t help but think that ALL my foundations would look amazing if i put this much prep into them—and I still am not ready to give up my full face foundation routine entirely, but I’m happy to make this purchase work as I really didn’t want to return it! Thanks for the FAQ video cara!! Keep the tips coming!

  85. I have been using my HAC pack for 3 days now and I am extremely happy with it. I will admit I was quite nervous about trying it out the first time after some of the reviews but I have nothing but good things to say! I agree that the contour color is light relative to a bronzer for example but that’s the point – it is supposed to be a shadow. I do go over my contour a stroke or two with the Bahama Mama bronzer but not much because I really like the natural look the foundation creates. Today I did use a little more of the contour color on my cheeks which helped create more depth and would recommend getting more on the brush if you are someone who thinks the color is coming on too light on your face. I follow Cara’s instructions and begin with the dark color and would recommend this to anyone who thinks the contour color is too light – if you use the light color first and don’t get enough of it off before using the dark it may be blending with the contour color too much and not doing its job. I do my neck with the contour color last and really take the chance to get all the dark color off that way before starting with the highlighting color. I also HAC my nose and in the past have been paranoid about how natural it looked – the contour color is perfect for making HACing my nose look natural (big plus)! The highlighting color is also perfect in color for me and looks far more natural than the concealer I was using before.

    I have combination skin (dry in parts, more oily in others) and do prime my face with the Stila BB cream and I moisturize with St Ives before beginning my makeup and each night before bed and exfoliate my skin regularly. I had no problem getting the makeup on the brush (I also use the IT Cosmetics brush Cara uses) and there was absolutely NO flakiness. I also have to say that I was really impressed with how nicely the foundation hides my breakouts (I have a little bit of breakout around my chin). Usually my concealer feels too heavy on my breakout areas and ends up highlighting them instead of simply covering them. Also, I spent the entire day in NYC on Saturday in 24 degree weather with snow falling on my face all day thinking I probably looked rough come late afternoon. That night I looked in the mirror and could not believe how fresh my makeup still looked!! This was the biggest thrill of all. I do think the BB cream helped but after reading reviewers say their makeup was coming off after just a few hours I can confirm that was NOT the case for me (and I didn’t use powder). I also have no issue with it enhancing fine lines but I’m in my late 20’s so I may just not be the best reviewer on this.

    Needless to say I am very happy with the makeup and it ended up being exactly what I had anticipated and hoped for based on Cara’s videos/pictures. Sorry for the long review but I know that for me information like this is helpful :)

  86. I wish we could see people’s before and after photos to see how well it’s working on customers. Could you do a blog post with some of those submissions?

    • You can see before and after pics on Instagram with the hastag #ihearthac. There are over 100 photos now. Or if you don’t have Instagram on your phone, you can at least see the pictures Cara reposted in the left side bar towards the top of this page.

  87. Hi Cara! I just got my IID foundation and tried using it yesterday. I’m very very fair, so I got the light tone. When applying the darker color on the skin, however, it looks like it’s barely there at all? I was wondering…Could you perhaps show us, on your own skin, what the difference is between your regular skin tone and the IIID Foundation on you? I’m wondering if there is a way for me to figure out whether the contrast on my skin is what it should be…or if I should be getting the medium color??
    I love it so far! And your blog is amazing. I should leave a whole other post just to thank you!!

  88. Im from Norway, so a apologize in advance for my English, but I will try anyway. I havent had the chance to try this makeup yet. But I feel I should say a few words to the girls that a struggeling with their skintone etc… A good skincare regimen is really important for any makeup to work well. For me, if I change my regimen, my makeup can look cakey or blotchy. You need to find good skin care products that will take care of redness, oilyness, flakiness or anything of the sorts. Makeup, no matter how expensive, will not take care of this in the long run, only skincare will. All of these conditions are treatable, you can not rely on makeup alone. Of course, your skincan still have “bad days” due to stress or lack of sleep, but good skincare will help. Im not an ambassador for emerginC, but I will still highly recommend their skincare products.I have combo skin, with a dehydrated and sensitive skin condition, plus I am acne prone. emerginC has really helped me with all of my concerns, and my makeup is finally going on smoothly. Cant wait for the IIID makeup line to ship internationally, so I can try it :D

  89. Cara, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are! I’ve been following you since practically the beginning, and I am SO happy that you are at this point! I do have a question, though. Should I apply the foundation before my eye makeup or vice versa? Thanks!

    • I usually do it after cause then I don’t have any shadow dust falling down on it and I also I just love how it cleans everything up! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you are lovely.

  90. Cara, I just want to say thank you for this makeup! Since I started using it about a week ago, I’ve had 2 complete strangers tell me that I look younger than I am. I’m 32 and both of them said they would’ve guessed I was mid-20’s! I can only attribute these comments to the makeup because that has never happened to me before. It just really gives a glowy, youthful appearance to my skin. I love it!!

  91. Hey! I have a quick question regarding the IIID Foundation, but I don’t want to leave it as a review. I ordered the medium and the highlighter is REALLY yellow on me, yet the contour color is VERY faint on me. In fact the contour color is almost imperceptible, I know it is supposed to be subtle, so I don’t think returning and getting the light color would work. Am I correct?
    (Also, I have watched all the videos quite a few times and even though I exfoliate with my clarisonic, use a serum, Josie Maran Argan Oil Light, a fairly heavy moisturizer, and a primer I am still having it settle in fine lines and show any bit of flakiness on my skin. Help! Any other suggestions?)
    Love your, your blog, videos and sooooo want the IIID Foundation to work for me!!

  92. I went and got microdermabrasion yesterday to rid myself of flakes. The gal said my skin is pretty raw from my retin-a treatments, so after a week of saturating it with moisture, I will attempt to use the foundation. Thanks for the tip about applying eye makeup first, then doing the highlight color!

  93. Hey Cara! Love HACing, love your kit! What kind of mirror/lighting/setup do you use for doing makeup? Was wondering if you use a lit mirror or what you recommended for best results. Thanks!

  94. I’ve been waiting for my new makeup to arrive, I finally tracked it and it said it was delivered on the 9th. Well I never received it, someone most of taken off my door step. I’m so upset, I’ve been waiting to try it :(

  95. A good low-cost brush to try instead of the IT duo brush is the Eco Tools bamboo brush line. I get mine at Ulta but think Target carries some as well. They have an Airbrush Concealer brush that is the same size at the IT concealer brush end. http://www.ecotools.com/brushes/face-tools/airbrush-concealer-brush

    And the Tapered Blush Brush is similar to the IT foundation end. http://www.ecotools.com/brushes/face-tools/tapered-blush-brush

    It’s $11 for both brushes from Eco Tools and I think my concealer brush was around $6 at Ulta, which I picked up with my 20% off coupon.

  96. Hi Cara, I have really been enjoying your blog! It’s so much fun flicking through all the tutorials and trying things out at home!! I have one question for you though, I live in the UK and I really want to get my hands on your new foundation range. I noticed it asks for a zip code when you go to the check out and I read somewhere that you are not able to send abroad yet. Is this still the case? Is there any way I can get my mitts on it?

  97. Mixed Review.. Ive been using product all week…

    Medium is WAY too light of a color for me. Im a solid medium in every foundation and this medium set leaves me looking pasty white. Love the contour color. I have combo skin, with lg pores and fine lines. the Highlighter is settling in the creases/ pores even with primer use (benefit Porefessional) and after moisturizin ( cerave for day)

    Finding its not evening out my skin tone enough. Using a setting powder helps but its still sliding off and feeling greasy by noon. I would skip moisterizer before applying if this product had some spf but it doesnt so I HAVE to use moisturizer underneath. I also agree with others..plz sell contour an highlighter separately as we wont use both equally.

    LOVE the blush and illuminator! Ive never been a cream blush gal but this works and works well! All in all my biggest disappointment is the color of the medium highlighter. Its just WAY too light for this girl . I I think Im going to have to go back to my reg foundation and use this set just as a highlighter and contour over that. Bummed, I had hoped for so much more. Glad I tried it though bc YOU rock ms cara and Ive learned so much from you and plan to keep learning! I hate to post a negative review but I know you want to her the truth and WE want to support your career with the truth too.

  98. Cara, I wanted to love this. I really did. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.
    It’s just not working out. I tried it many different ways, bought the brush (so I’m in for $100), finally thought that maybe I got it right. My husband came home and asked me why I looked like Cruella Deville! It’s just too sticky, too yellow. Both my friend and I feel the same way, but neither of us would ever return it because we love you. So we decided that since we live directly across the street from Lincoln Center and were tweeting you during Fashion Week that next time you are in New York you have to meet with us so that you can show us how to use this because neither of us can figure it out. We can do a ‘before’ i.e. we did it ourselves and ‘after’ (you do it for us). :)

    Merry Christmas!!!

    • Jeanne! I am totally GAME! I am so sorry that it isn’t working for you! It might be that it’s just the wrong product for your skin, now that I have some feedback I can go back to the drawing board and work on getting more options etc.Again I am so sorry it didn’t work for you guys and I would totally understand if you want to return it, I don’t want you to feel like you wasted your money!!

  99. I feel like I’m admitting a huge failure here, but after trying it every way I can think of it – exfoliating, moisturising as usual (I’m dry), extra moisturising, less moisturising, priming, with several brushes – the MAC 190, the Sigma flat top kabuki, the Sigma 109 dupe, a sponge, and my fingers – I’ve come to the conclusion that this just isn’t the right texture for my skin. The colours are good but I only managed to get it looking smooth, dewy, and not caught up in every flake of skin once, and I can’t seem to replicate. Cara, I still think this is an awesome concept. It’s great to hear that you’re already thinking about expanding your line, and I will definitely try again once you do :-)

    However! My loss can be someone’s gain. I am in New Zealand and bought the HAC Pack via NZ Post’s parcel forwarding service – and I’d like to on-sell my IIID Foundation (Medium) to someone who (a) is okay with lightly used, but sanitised makeup, and (b) can’t get it at the moment because they live outside of the US. If you are interested, please get in touch at [email protected].

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  101. tip: i’ve been playing around with the IT brush(got 2 on ebay–1 designated as contour and the other for the highlight color). what i’ve found works the best for contour is the bigger end for under cheekbones, and on the highlight color i use the small end to apply and smooth it out by swirling the bigger end of the brush–not sure why, but the highlight color works better that way for me(maybe the other way i was picking up too much product?).

  102. Make Up For Ever HD setting powdered perfect for setting this!! FYI I still have some trouble getting it to look smooth but the HD powder erases and fills perfectly.

    • I have an ELF HD powder — going to try setting with that tomorrow! Thanks for making me think of it! If it works, it’s definitely a cheap alternative to MUFE or Smashbox HD powder!

  103. Help with dark circles????

    I have the type of average “white girl” skin tone, which (luckily) generally matches any company’s random free samples of foundation pretty well. I got the “medium” HAC pack & it matches my skin tone very well. My skin is combination/oily & if I am exfoliated, moisturized, primed, and set the HAC pack is working well for me.

    However, the highlight color is not full-coverage enough to cover my SERIOUSLY purple dark circles. I have the kind of dark circles that are not accompanied by bags & are ever-present, regardless of whether I’m well-rested. They’re hereditary, and I have had them since childhood. Most under-eye creams don’t do anything to touch it because I am also very thin-skinned. It is my understanding from my research that these dark circles are mostly caused by the purple/bluish blood vessels under my eyes being very visible through my thin skin. (I also bruise easily for the same reason.)

    To be clear, I’ve never really found a foundation, concealer, or corrector that can fix my dark circles. (Basically, layering several products produces results I can live with.) So, the IIID foundation is not causing a problem I don’t otherwise have.

    However, could you recommend a concealer or corrector that I could layer with the highlighter to help cover them?? Thanks so much!

  104. A good brush for this that is a little cheaper is the MAC 188. For those of you who say it looks too cakey or your going through the product too fast, this brush is great because its a very light press. I used this to contour using powders.

  105. I think for us, the people who have already hit pan on the contour, the contour doesn’t show up enough on our skin (I’m also using the brush she recommends). I honestly need to go through it like twice or even three times for it to even look like I have a slight contrast which is why I think I’m going thru it so quickly. Also, I already have pretty even/good skin and very little redness so I only ever use a smidge of the highlighter color (so I have a TON of highlighter left). Everyone has different skin and different needs!

  106. First of all someone asked a question about lighting (sorry I can’t remember who), but that is something I would love to know too. I know lighting can make a difference and it’s something I’ve looked into before.

    I am also one of those people who is already seeing white on the contour side.However, I blame no one but myself. This HAC has been trial and error for me and there were days I’d try doing my make up twice, maybe three times a day trying to figure out just the right way to do it. I feel like I got the hang of the highlighting much quicker than the contour and I’m still kinda iffy on that. I find doing my make up fun and love trying new things..sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. With that said, I am loving the product and would purchase again in a heartbeat! I’d be first in line to buy contour if you decided to sell them separately :) Cara, I hope you are not getting too frustrated, you’ve create a wonderful product and I hope everyone just remembers not everyone can use every type of make up out there.

    I’m also happy to read about some using the HD powders to set the makeup! I’ve been using cornstarch because I feel it was just missing something, Looking forward to purchasing HD powder and see if that’s just what I’ve been needing!

  107. Gurleen, I understand your frustration about video or lack thereof from Cara. Please try to understand that Christmas was a couple days ago, and New Year’s Day is in a few days. Most people I know have a life outside their blogs and tend to visit family and friends during this holiday time.

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  109. I am really disappointed. I couldn’t wait for my HAC Pack to come. It took about two weeks and then finally arrived. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of putting it on. I like it, but I am by no means blown away like I thought I would be. Partially due to my RealTechniques brush I am using is the wrong one for the contour. However, I haven’t used this product in about a week or two, because my face gets EXTREMELY itchy from it. I have sensitive skin, but not that sensitive, yet I definitely think I am allergic to it. I have never had this reaction before with any make up. :(

    I sent Cara an email about this on December 22nd and haven’t gotten a response. Now, I know it is the holidays and she gets a lot of emails I would imagine, but I am really hoping I get a response, otherwise I wasted $50 on make up I can’t wear…

    • You may be allergic to bismuth :( I am too, and I ordered before Cara put the ingredients list up. The contour is fine, but I can’t use the highlight.

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  111. That’s what I was thinking, too. I have had the same problem with Bare Minerals – I almost feel like the insides of my pores are itching! So far, I haven’t had this problem with IIID, but I almost didn’t order when I saw the bismuth in the ingredient list.

  112. Hi cara !!!! Im so excited about your makeup ! Cant wait to try it out ,any idea yet when tgr medium fd. And the shortcake blush will be back in stock ?

  113. Ok. After using this over and over again, I have to say-I CANNOT IMAGINE using regular foundation ever again. Seriously. I adore this. After I got my peeling, dry skin under control, Cara’s foundation melted into my skin and was perfection. The blush, the illuminator, everything. LOVE.Just love.

  114. Cara, any chance you could do a tutorial or share some tips on using your product if you have acne issues? (I have more than an occasional blemish here or there — my skin is struggling big time and there are lots of spots!!) How to use it with concealer, and is it possible for the IIID foundation to be full coverage enough or do I need to layer it with other foundation, etc. Right now some of my problem areas are in spots that I should be contouring, but the contour shade won’t cover them and I feel like using regular concealer over it will just make the light spots stand out. So although I was really excited to try your product I haven’t actually been doing any HAC-ing at all…just using the highlight color. (Which I do think is lovely! But not quite full coverage enough for my skin, at least the way I’m using it.) Help! :)

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  116. I have a few spots on my jawline. I have been successful in dotting them with illuminator first and blending (with my finger), and then going over that with the highlight shade (with a small brush, then tapping with my finger to blend), and THEN applying my contour shade. If that still isn’t quite enough, I touch up with a bit of setting powder on top before I use my setting spray. Also, I have found that for acne spots that are dry, it helps to hit them with a little extra moisturizer before you prime. Hope that helps!

  117. i feel like the contour has no pigment at all. and the highlight is super pigmented and thick. I hit the pan on my contour after like 2 weeks of using it. was pretty disappointed with it. if she does make changes I will re purchase and give it another chance!

  118. I have been anxiously waiting for your foundation to come back in medium. I know you said it would be back early January but can you let us know any more details on when it will be restocked as of now?!

  119. I purchased my HAC Pac the first day it became available, and have been using it since it arrived. At first try I was very disappointed. I tried it with a brush I had and that didn’t work well so I tried a sponge for a couple of days. That worked a little better but I still was not impressed with the coverage. Then I tried a primer and used my fingers to apply the makeup and it made a huge difference. I’ve decided to spring for the $48 brush that I’m hearing great things about. I do Love the way this makeup feels on my skin. I will never go back to smearing bottled foundation on. I am 56 years old and powders don’t cover well at all for me. I find Cara’s products sit well on my skin and coverage is very good without that masky feeling I would get from products in the past. It’s taken some time to warm up to this stuff, but now that I’ve gotten used to it I love it. I’m excited to try application with the magic brush!

  120. “Does this answer your question?
    Cause seriously, did you think I’d allow that!?
    No animal testing, baby.”

    Sold! …As soon as I can find a job. ;)

  121. can you show us what the blush colors look like in your hand or arm? its really hard to decide onto which blush color to buy based on what the color looks like in the package. You should do a Maskcara tutorial tour, going city to city showing women how to use your product, its not the same to watch a video as to watch a live demonstration. That would be amazing and it would help to answers lot’s of questions as well as to increase your sales.

  122. Do you put a primer on first ? I’m having issues with finding my face shape application, I do not have Instagram so I am not able to post a picture on there . I still am having fun using the foundation and highlighter to try out the face shapes I think I may be.

  123. Cara, hoe do you clean and keep your It brush in good condition so it will last and not have gobies in it? It’s too expensive to not take good care of it! Thanks.

    • Cara has another post on brush cleaning that you can search for. She swirls her brushes in cleanser/water mixture and then she’ll spritz them with alcohol between cleanings.

  124. First off, I adore you Cara. I hate to be cranky, and we might be able to blame it a little on pregnancy hormones, but I’m getting a little frustrated. I wanted my hubby to buy me your foundation for Xmas, but by the time I got back on here-gone. Then I read you’ll have more coming in & I go on here a day later & sold out again. I don’t have time to stalk the site with a 2 1/2 year old & one on the way. I respect that you’re making changes, but it’s annoying to have to wait months to try something, especially since it’s being used in all of your posts. I’m just kinda over it at this point & don’t know if I’ll order it later.

  125. I ordered the HAC pack in light. Did the #spotmyshade #spotmyshape on Instagram but disappointingly never got a response :( (I’ve since deleted it as I felt silly having a selfie of me with no makeup on with no comments.). I will say that I am still on the learning curve and am not sure if I like it or not. I was soooo excited to try it so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My problem is that I am fair skinned but the contour shade in the light pack does not seem dark enough. I don’t look very contoured. Any suggestions???

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  127. hi cara. international shipping is problematic for liquids (although i’ve been able to buy nail polish, lip gloss, perfumes etc using USPS), but for solids there should not be problems. and customs are the responsibility of the buyer, so you don’t need to worry about that (just put some info on the shipping page that buyers should beware of customs blablabla you can copy from other sites with international shipping).

    anyway, i hope you’ll be able to work it out so we international gals can shop! good luck!

  128. Okay so I just got my HAC PAC in the mail and I’m very excited. My one question is will a setting powder cover up my blush and illuminator? I’m kinda worried that it will.

  129. I just got my HAC PAC today, so I still have to play with it…I know this sounds weird…maybe its because I’m pregnant…but does it smell weird?? I put a little on earlier just to try it out, and I can’t get over the smell!! Am I having a weird preggo smell thing or does anyone else notice it??

  130. I saw you on the Steve Harvey show this morning. Trying to read up on your tips/make-up recommendations. For a hydrating primer, what is your best recommendation?

    I would like to discuss my skin and what you recommend for foundation. Can you please email me directly to discuss more? Thank you so much!

  131. I was just curious when we could expect the next round that you were speaking of, I know you mentioned that you were making some tweaks. I initially bought the light but definitely think the dark is going to be better for me, but wanted to know if its better to hold off until the tweaks are made? Just curious.
    I love it, just was a little too light for me, especially when I start to use my self tanner…

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  133. Hi, Lisa! I never noticed a smell personally, but that’s just me. Cara, I ordered the light pack and I LOVE it! I was worried that the creamy consistency might irritate my face or make it breakout, but it actually has calmed my skin down-and now when I try a regular foundation it looks just awful! I am about halfway through my contour though, but since figuring it all out I think I might be more on track. Although it does take way more contour for me-the highlight color works so well and really takes so little! I think it would last me forever (again, perhaps I am using too much dark and not enough light?) Anyway, just LOVING it!

  134. Hey girls, I just noticed that the Ulta facebook page has a 20% coupon, I just called and they told me that it’s good for It Cosmetics! The offer ends tomorrow though (sat 18)

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  136. I had to return my hac pack and really wish I had more than 10 days to return it. I think I would have been able to figure it out given more time but didn’t want to be stuck with it if not. Also I’m hoping in the future Cara might come out with makeup for different skin types. Thank you Cara for all you do and all of the effort you’ve put into teaching other women about makeup and how to use it. For those of you who want a little more contour try JANE Cosmetics bronzer in Inspire. It’s beautiful and not orange at all.

  137. I’m wondering there’s any sort of time frame on when the medium color will be ready agsin? I use Maskcaras makeup every day and absolutely love it … It’s subtle, great texture, gives that natural glow like you atentvwearing makeup. I’d say though… It’s very hard to apply without the right tools. Get good brushes, I’m sorry it makes a difference. I’m considering ordering the darkest shade to get a darker color as well. Will the darkest palette look funny on medium/pale skin tone?

  138. Will the Steve Harvey episode air again? Is there any other way to see it? I missed it! Darn, darn, darn.

    I hope I don’t run out of my HAC Pack before the medium is available again!

    I’m addicted. :-)

  139. Two other things —

    I am now using the hydrating primer from Smashbox (don’t know the exact name but it is blue) instead of the POREfessional. My foundation just slides on and doesn’t ever get a “gluey” texture. Works so much better for me. I love the POREfessional when it first goes on. It feels really silky. It just doesn’t work well for me under any foundation, especially my HAC Pack.I do have to set it with loose powder or it can look a little shiny. With the Smashbox primer and my HAC Pack, my skin looks FLAWLESS (and trust me it isn’t).

    I love the IT brush, but I’ve also found that the Beauty Blender works awesome around my nose and upper lip.

    Cara, you rock. Never stop making this wonder product.

  140. I wanted to like this product so bad! I exfoliate regularly, use the St. Ives moisturizer that you’ve recommended, and still, the product is so thick and waxy and sticks to every dry spot. The corners of my nose especially get really cakey with this foundation. It stinks because I have a lot of redness there, so I need it to work well. I have tried using more moisturizer, using a finishing powder, but nothing seems to help. I haven’t bought the It Cosmetics brush yet, but maybe I will…like I said, I REALLY wanted to like this product, but it is just so heavy and waxy. It feels like wearing stage makeup to be in a high school play.

    • Just watched your video. I’m not square shaped face but enjoyed “watching” someone else use the HAC pack. I also am light skin tone, but must be right between light & medium. Both work on me, it just depends on how much redness I have in my face.

    • Catherine I think it gives good definition to your jawline :) and your face looks fresher. By the way, your video about your first try to do a smokey eye… hilarious! (Not in a bad way, I enjoyed it!) I was like that when I started following advice from makeup tutorials.

  141. I would love to purchase your product but I have a birthmark that I cover up. Is it enough coverage for that? I do my own HAC routine because of the birthmark and I use a concealer not a foundation then I use a powder on top and a setting spray.

  142. Any updates on when Medium will be available? Somewhat pale, but lots of redness & am afraid the light will be too light.

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  149. Hi Cara….I REALLY wanted to LOVE this foundation, but it just isn’t working out for me. I do LOVE your website…and will continue to be a huge fan!! I emailed the other day about returning the product and have yet to hear from anybody about how to do that for a full refund. Help…???

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  152. Hi Cara!! Love your blog and your makeup line!!!!! I just bought the dark and sent you an email about possibly returning it. Just a heads up. My email is long and explains everything!



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  157. I am Japanese mixed and so I have a yellow/orange tone. Will your foundation accommodate this? I am afraid the brown contouring cream might show as dirty looking. Is this product dark enough for darker/tan skin color too?

  158. Amazing, amazing makeup!!! Cara, thank you for putting your time and passion into this! I just got my HAC pack in the mail and opened it up and tried it out – I LOVE IT! I put it on right over the BB cream I have had on my face all day. I just love the contour colour – it is the perfect ‘shadow’ colour. The Princess Peach blush is perfect too.
    Thanks so much for adding shipping to Canada!! <3

  159. Cara, I love this! I have been contouring with cream foundation forever. Not that many people (except makeup artist) really know the secrets behind the best look for our faces. Its awesome that you have presented this for the general public and are not charging an arm and a leg for it. I traveled to LA this past summer and learned a lot from my photo shoot and working makeup artists. I realized that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look great, as long as the products you are choosing to use are quality. Quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. Thank you for making this product. I have having a hard time subscribing to your blog though. I have entered my email address and can’t get it to take it. Please help!

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  161. Cara-
    Is the IIID Foundation non-comedigenic or non-acnegenic? My Dermatologists told me I need a foundation that is one of those two things. I just ordered your IIID foundation and it is on its way :)



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  164. Cara, I have been dying to try this foundation for months but have a question! I just bought the famed beautyblender sponge and am really hoping it works with your foundation! What do you think? Would it work? Or would a brush be better? Please let me know! I amy return the beautyblender if I find out it won’t work with your makeup!

    Thanks so much! I love your blog!!

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  168. I LOVE IIID foundation so much and have been dying waiting for the medium color and new generation to come in stock! I was sad when mine ran out. I became so addicted to it, I have desperately been searching for a similar alternative until the new maskcara is released. I have found that physicians formula dark circle corrector + concealer roller stick comes very close to the medium highlight with the yellow side. Its not as perfect as the IIID foundation, but will work in the meantime. Hoping this will help anyone else who has the same problem and is waiting for the new generation to become available!

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  170. hey!! i have a doubt, I am a “dark” in III foundation and am planning to buy the whole kit, however am doubtful about the shade of blush that i should buy. pls tell me. am wheatish in complexion and have yellow undertones. plssssssssssssssssssssssss

  171. Hi Cara!! Congratulations on the new baby William! I love your blog it changed my life in so many positive ways! Last year I purchased the medium foundation and realized the highlight was too light. My skin is a light olive I guess, with massive yellow undertones. I then purchased the dark foundation and found that the dark highlight didn’t show up on my skin very well. It just completed blended in, I feel like the highlight shade is my exact skin tone. Will there be a highlight color in between the old medium and dark with this new generation?

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  175. Cara you really have to put a blurb in the most current blog post whenever you update this page! (did you and I missed it?) Otherwise we don’t know when to check back on this page to see the update. By the lack of new comments on this page I’m guessing not many people have seen it.

    I’m soooo excited for the launch! Questions: 1) Are you still going to do pre-sales before the product actually launches or is that what’s starting on the launch date, 2) will you do a blog post showcasing the next gen products to help us figure out which products we want to start with (from the small glimpses on the makeovers it sounds like there’s a lot more to choose from this time), 3) what kind of happy dance did you do when you were able to finally set a launch date? :)

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  179. I am so excited! I have refused to buy any other foundation, just using up old products. I got the hac set as a Christmas gift last year and can’t wait to have it again. I really think it is a lovely product and can’t wait to try the new formula. Thanks Cara and happy holidays!!!

  180. Is there another update on the medium foundation? If it was just days away from being available on Black Friday before the winter storm hit, I can’t imagine that being the cause that it is delayed an almost whole other month. Is there something else going on?

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