sky high curls

Maybe I need a support group for my Big Hair addiction.
Maybe I was supposed to have been born in Texas. (I sometimes wish I was)
Maybe if big hair is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Especially when it’s as exotic and luscious as this…

A super quick trick for thick full curls!

1. I started by pulling up random pieces (I don’t section off when I’m doing this style because it looks more random and the curls are less likely to stick together)
I spray Oribe Beach spray at the root and through the lock of hair (this spray is not cheap but OH MY it is the best stuff out there. The smell alone is worth it:)

2. Using a tapered wand, wrap the piece of hair around the very smallest part of the iron and hold.

3. Slip the wand out and hold the piece for about 30 seconds so it can cool a bit

4.  Wrap the rest of the piece around the fatter portion of the wand. Let it cool before tousling and finish with a nice dose of Beach spray on the whole head.

I only used step 1-3 on the the hair on the crown of her head for all the hair below that I just wrapped it around the curling iron (this speeds up the process quite a bit!)


Photography jessica janae

Model: Elana Ali Jadallah

27 thoughts on “sky high curls

  1. Gorgeous hair! I’m addicted to your blog. You make this all look so easy. I bought a curling wand a few months back but haven’t had much luck with it. I’ll have to give this technique a try. :)

  2. Would this work with your DIY candy coated sea spray??…I know the Oribe spray is awesome, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for it!…btw, your blog has changed my life!

  3. I’m going to try this with my naturally curly hair that I am growing out. The curls are weighing my hair down and I need a little umph. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE this hair style. <3 I'm a fan of curling my hair in some way (since it is on the curlier side anyway), but it seems like it has taken me forever to finally get it down. I am going to have to try this for sure. :) She looks gorgeous… before and after! And the do is to die for.

  5. Do you have a more affordable option to the Oribe? Or your recommendation on a spray for fine hair that won’t hold curls?

  6. Hi Cara! I originally bought the oribe beach wave spray off of a recommendation from multiple stylist (including you!) and I LOVE it, just not the price.. I’ve heard good things about a new, cheaper texture spray called Fave4 texture spray. A review of your thoughts on it would be awesome!

  7. I have a lot of baby fine hair. I love curls but am so tired of having to wash mu gair everydy, because of thus greasy conditit. I have trt so many different products I can open my own beauty supply store. Nothing serms to work to keep thise curls. Any suggestions?

  8. Hopefully you’ll get this question! I’ve been wanting to buy a wand but I can’t decide whether to buy an inverted like the one used on this tutorial or just a one inch straight one. Its quite a big investment – i’ve been getting by with just a curling iron but im thinking it might with worth it. Can you by chance throw out your recommendation?? Thanks been following you for years!

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