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Splurge VS Save

I have been thinking about this post for a LONNNNGG time.
Since I’m much more of a beauty connoisseur than a fashionista I’m always looking for posts like these based on clothes or decor. What do I need to spend the big bucks on and what can I pinch the pennies on easiest?

ever wonder which products you can go cheap on? now you know!
When it comes to cosmetics I think I’ve pretty much figured it out.
SO I decided to draw up a basic outline for what I am most likely to splurge on and what I am always open to scrimping on. Sometimes I totally deviate from this list if I find a particular product or color that I’m in love with – which can strike at any time for any type of product – but for the most part this is my go to guide (any category that didn’t make the list is one I think is up for debate):


eyeshadow, lip and eyebrow brushes-
I have really expensive eyeshadow brushes and really really cheap ones and I can honestly tell you I don’t discriminate when I go to grab one. I just look for the size I want and go for it. I’m sure some massively talented makeup artists would disagree with me because I don’t do a lot of super technical eyeshadow looks and if I did that more I might think otherwise…but if you’re like me and you keep it pretty simple on the eyes the less expensive brushes should do you just fine. (I’m talking more like ELF Studio or realTechniques here though, not dollar store brushes, those ones will do you no good at all!)

lip gloss/lipstick/lip liners-
There are so many fantastic lip products lined up and down those drugstore shelves. The main downfall here is that you can’t try before you buy – which is tricky with lip products (they look so much different in the tube than on your lips sometimes!) as long as you are purchasing at a place with a good refund policy you’ll be fine! They have tons of beautiful sticks and glosses that are just as pretty as anywhere else! I also love looking at MAC for lip colors because they have such a great selection and while the price for a lipstick there is about double what you’d pay at the drugstore it’s still half what you’d pay with most department stores so….kind of an inbetween.

eyeliner & mascara
I use a whole plethora of these (I’m still looking for a favorite mascara!) I find items I like on both ends of the price spectrum but I rarely see a clear pattern…sometimes I like the cheapies sometimes I like a random expensive one. In this case, I’d say if you’re on a budget go for the less expensive ones! I find that (and this is especially true for liquid liners and mascaras) these need to be replaced more often than most things because they dry out or run out faster so it’s really nice to be able to shoot over to Walgreens and get them buy one get one half off than to have to replace it at the department store for the price of your right leg! {although I’ve yet to pick a favorite I’ve had a long love for Loreal Voluminous & Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara & I’m a total sucker for Milani liquid liner or Loreal Gel Liner}

false eyelashes
To me this is one of the easiest items to save on. I’ve seen countless celebrity makeup artists carrying around drugstore lashes.
They work great and look beautiful. All there is to it.

setting powder
I have tried SO many setting powders. All claiming to do amazing things. And I just haven’t seen most of those amazing things come to pass. I might be in the minority on this but most of this stuff is just glorified corn starch anyway, right? (you just want to make sure it’s really light and fine like this one)

makeup remover
I mean…it removes your makeup. That’s it’s whole job. So if the cheap one removes your makeup…why spend the extra cash?? I love just using coconut oil or The Makeup Eraser.

I have purchased VERY expensive hairspray before just incase there was a difference and there just might of been. It very well could have been laced with gold for all I know but as far as making my hair stay where it was put? No difference whatsoever. In fact the most expensive bottle I ever scored was sadly wasted by christian (who got really excited about the aerosol can) and I didn’t even mourn it’s loss! Just shrugged and washed it off my sticky walls hoping Crush hadn’t ingested any of it.


These ones always seem to cost me the most. I don’t mind too much because it sits on my face all day – so I want it to be high quality and I try drugstore foundations/primers/concealers all the time and rarely find one that I think competes. To me the way your skin looks is everything, so it takes priority.

Foundation/bronzer brushes/beauty blender
Kind of under the same umbrella here. I have always noticed a pretty big jump in overall finish when I use a high quality brush/beauty blender for my foundation! You tend to have less shedding, less streaking and just a more blended flawless finish.

For the most part higher end eyeshadows have much more pigment, do not break or crack as easily and blend creamier onto the lids.
You also have such a wider range of color options (especially for singles) in the department store world. I feel like if you buy a good palette with mostly colors you will love it’ll take you forever to go through it and you’ll certainly get your moneys worth.

I guarantee I have spent more money on cheap tweezers in my life than I have on Tweezermans. Why? Because I think I can scrimp so I buy them, then they get dull in two minutes and I have to replace them…that’s if they worked very well in the first place. For $15-20 bucks a set of tweezerman will last you the rest of your life! Well worth it.

*be sure to head over to The Prettilist for a whole bunch of recommendations of all my favs (in both categories!)


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