Fair skinned gals, this ones for you!

If you have skin like the skin below,  you know the milky white perfection type. You had better rock it without even a bit of tan once in a while (at least) if only because you owe it to the world to see that porcelain gorgeousness.
We are lucky enough to have a little bit more Anne for this post about the most simple and naturally beautiful look.
SO SIMPLE! Spring/Summer makeup for fair skinned beauties


(gorgeous photos by Jessica Janae Photography)

To start we used some porefessional primer and the IIID foundation in Linen and Walnut.
Step one: Use this cream colored pencil (matte cream) to lighten up your lid from lashline to brows. I love this pencil for a light lid or highlighted brow because it doesn’t look chalky like some white or cream shadows sometimes do.
Step two: A thin line of liquid liner to define the eye
Step three: a nice coat of mascara
Step four: We layered some Pink Grapefruit with Clinique’s Cheek Pop in Peach Pop for an extra bright cheek
Step Five: Some plumping lip lacquer to top it off. (Soap & Glory in Punch Bowl)

Also I wanted to let you know that I am doing FREE SHIPPING on all Maskcara products in honor of Mother’s Day for this whole week!

61 thoughts on “Fair skinned gals, this ones for you!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the Mother’s Day present for all of us! Is there a promo code for the free shipping? I just got on to get some more blush and it looks like it’s still charging me for the shipping.

  2. Cara, I live in Canada so your foundation isn’t available to me (boo – but I understand why), I’ve also checked out your HAC for fair skin, but I can find either the PH bronzer or the NYX HD concealer. Are there any other products you may recommend? I’m a new momma; between the lack of sleep and the extra weight gain I could use a great HAC!! I’ll be the first in line to buy your product when you are able to ship here!


  3. She is a real beauty with that flawless skin every woman wishes she had. In reading the reviews about the porefessional primer the ingredient list is not that good for your skin. What is your opinion? Do you have another product you would suggest? Thanks

  4. I am a fair skinned woman but wished my skin looked as great as Anne’s! You always do such a wonderful job! Thanks so much for your generosity for the free shipping!

  5. Yes, I am also having a problem ordering with free shipping. Is there a promo code to use? The shipping is automatically added in, and there’s no option for free shipping from what I can tell. Any help would be super appreciated!

  6. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this tutorial! I think everyone should embrace their natural skin tone, fair or otherwise :)

    • The cream colored one. I looked, and the combinations are confusing-but only one of them was cream colored! Hope that helps!!

  7. Great tutorial! Thanks for acknowledging that it is ok to be pale. I swear my skin repels sunlight and the only way for me to get a tan is from a bottle. I want to get the HAC Pack and I can’t decide on a blush so I want your expert opinion. I don’t like to buy make up online because I like to be able to see/try it before I buy it. I have been to your site many times, put it in the cart and then not order…what if the color is not right? So, I am fair skinned with dark hair (think Snow White). I know I would need the light pack but I can’t decide on the blush color. What would you recommend? Thanks! I love your blog!

    • Ohhh! Fair skin and dark hair screams Jem to me! It’s a perfect snow white color! You get that gorgeous true flush look, just be sure to use it sparingly, is very well pigmented!

  8. I love that not only are you embracing her pale skin here, but that she’s not wearing falsies either! Love it :-)

  9. Yes, that you! I am very fair but have dark features – hair and eyes. I never tan and because of that I find it hard to find make-up that won’t overwhelm my fair skin but still brings out my dark features

  10. Hi Kara
    Loved this post – Any chance you could do fair skin with red undertones…..as I get older the redness is aging and I find it hard to find good advice as the redness is also linked to skin sensitivity.

  11. I really wish you had done some pale girl contouring — that’s what I was really looking forward to. As a pale chick, it’s so hard to find the right contour color that doesn’t make me look like I’m orange or dirty. Aside from promoting your own product, do you have any suggestions?

    • I know! It’s so hard to find a color for fair skin! That’s actually a huge reason I started my product:) I know before I had mine I would use taupe colored eyeshadow for contouring on fair skin like omega from Mac. Have you tried something like that?

  12. How about makeup for fair-skinned gals with dark hair….you know, the Winona Ryder or Michelle Dockery types. I’m not sure about their eye colors, but my eyes are brown.

    • If you haven’t tried NYX Taupe blush, I strongly recommend it! I’m super-pale and cool-toned and it’s the only thing I have found that gives me a natural-looking contour. Aside from the contour in the Fair HAC pack, which just didn’t work for my skin, everything else has either looked super-fake or orange.

      • Lulu – I’ve looked for the NYX Taupe in stores, but couldn’t find it. I guess I should look online? I have heard it mentioned several times. The Fair HAC pack didn’t really work for me either. Thanks for the advice, I’ll hunt a little harder to find that taupe blush!

  13. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t pull off that little makeup (I at least need some crease definition), but this is great. It can be tough to work with fair skin sometimes, especially when it comes to things like blended liner. I can never get enough definition, or sometimes it looks too harsh. This is gorgeous, though. I must get that Milani pencil! Thank you for the gorgeous look, Cara. I can’t wait for some more fair skinned tutorials.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing a post that focuses on the beauty of fair skin and not trying to bronze it… I’m tired of the sectioned aimed at fair skinned ladies in beauty magazines talking mainly about how to use bronzer. Thanks for recognizing and bringing attention to how beautiful porcelain skin can truly be!!! <3

  15. Cara. I’m so in love with you. No homo. You’re so incredibly talented and your make up is amazing. I love how different it is and how easy it has made my life! I wish you the best. Keep doing what you love and continue to each us how to make the world a prettier place! Xoxo

  16. I love the make up, just not so keen about the photography. I just don’t like how the camera technique, gives the model a perfect slighly blurred complexion. I mean it makes it hard to distinguish between what the make-up is doing and what the camera effect is doing. It also makes me feel like the end result might be unacheivable/unrealistic. However, I accept the fact that I may be wrong and the make-up is really that good and the model has perfect skin.

    • Thanks for your input Sarah! I usual do my own photos and I don’t do much by way of editing but these are photos I had a really fabulous photographer take. She does really buttery soft finishes that I think are beautiful but I see what you mean. Sometimes I think it’s nice to have a little of both (gorgeous “raw” photographs and gorgeous dreamy ones)

      • I agree, it’s a super gorgeous photograph. I’m personally guilty of tweaking my pics to make them look more flattering but I really want to stop, because I’ve found myself being too critical of myself in regular pics. I was beginning to believe that my edited pics were an accurate depiction of how I looked, so when I would see myself in a regular pic, I felt really disappointed and deflated. I just want to be able to develop realistic expectations about what can be achieved with make-up alone. Thanks for taking my comment on board and sorry if I seemed like a bit of a grump. I really love your work and believe you are exceptionally talented. ;D

  17. My only thing with fair skinned girls (being a ging. and very fair skinned myself), I think that we can pull off a lot of brighter colours. Bright lips look stunning on a fair girl, would love to see a look with a little bit more pop of colour! Great look and blog overall though 😀


  18. Cara, is her complexion this perfect? If so, what is her skin regiment? What products does she use? I have very pale skin and red hair. I feel like my skin is smooth and soft, by I do have a few freckles on my nose that I don’t like. I am so happy to see that you are recommending that fair skinned girls rock their pale! I sometimes feel self conscience when everyone around me is tan and I am like Casper the freckled ghost.

  19. So I’m super fair skinned… My hair is faded a little from being platinum as a little girl, but it’s still fairly blonde. But my eyes are greenish brown. I tend to have red undertones in my skin. I ordered the light hac pak today. Do you find that it is fitting for all fair skin types, even the ones with darker eyes? And does that package come with the illuminator? I ordered the $47 package.

  20. Yay! Thank you for posting this! I requested a fair skinned tutorial on facebook a while back. I’m so happy to see that you did one :) Thanks so much for all o your wonderful posts. I love following your blog. Also, I’ve been using FakeBake self tanning kits. And I really like it, but with every tanner I’ve used my elbows and knees and wrists all look so bad! Any tips besides the usual “exfoliate and apply lotion”? The woahs of a white lady :)

  21. Question. How would you suggest gals do their eye makeup with eyelids like hers? Mine are the same way and most make-up tutorials just don’t work for me, because I feel like my eyelid covers up my whole eye down to the lash line. So as fun as different eye-shadows are I feel like really all I ever need is eyeliner and a highlight for my eyes because it’s all you’ll ever see. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated! Love your site by the way.

  22. Cara,
    I just found you! Love your suggestions. I am 44 with fair skin but damaged it in the 80s trying to get that Ban de Soleil Tan. I have lots of freckles/age spots. Pink undertones, brown hair and blue eyes. Classic Irish chick. I sometimes will get a light spray tan so my legs don’t look blue in the summer. I need help with foundation please…which one?

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