Tip Tuesday: VOTE!

Can you all believe that it’s been a whole year since I was apart of the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards?
In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago and it other ways I can’t believe I’m already about to pass the torch the the next winner!
Part of me is screaming “I’m not ready yet!!!”
While the other half is so excited to see a whole new group going through such an incredible experience.

I’ve been really enjoying each weeks new challenges…and it’s a lot less stressful this time around!

I love all the contestants but this week I was absolutely blown away by Megan Moore from The Beauty Snoop.
She gave herself a whole new cut and color on camera!
I’ve seen people give themselves trims or touch up their color but this girl by far exceeds that. She has some serious skills!
It’s a must see.

She earned my vote for sure:)


I also wanted to make sure you all knew about the Spring Fling Pinterest Party tonight that you’re all invited to!

If you’re just now hearing about his all of the details are posted HERE
We’ve had a couple of these parties and so far they have all been SUPER fun. I love feeling like I’m hanging out with you all:)

You can register for the party here (by registering you’re also qualified to get some fun printable freebies)

See you all TONIGHT on THIS Pinterest Board at…

6-7:00 PM PST, 7-8:00 PM MST, 8-9:00 PM CST, 9-10:00 PM EST


9 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: VOTE!

  1. You and Megan are my favorite bloggers, and always the first beauty blogs that I check! Awhile back she posted about your makeup, I love to see that you guys seem to be fans of each other, too!

  2. I feel like this is our anniversary in a totally non creepy way. I discovered this blog through the Allure Blogger Awards and was blown away. I haven’t stopped reading and i’m so happy for all your success Cara!

  3. I started reading your blog after seeing you in Allure! Hard to believe it’s been a year. Thanks for all the great tips, beauty advice and inspiration. I’m also *patiently* waiting for the medium HAC color in your makeup line… It’s always out of stock! Keep up the great blog posts!

  4. Hey Cara! I know this a really bizarre request, but can you do a makeup tutorial for ballroom makeup? I do ballroom and never know what to do with my makeup. It has to always be dramatic and I just need ideas. Please help!

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