If you’ve been following the blog long you know I love a good tan.
I can’t help it.
I mean, I can totally appreciate a pretty ivory skinned girl, don’t get me wrong.
It’s just, I don’t look ivory when I’m white, you can see all my veins and I just look sort of sickly.
Plus, you get to be white all winter, it’s nice to get a little change up, right?

SO last year I wrote a post ALL about my favorite tanner. Which pretty much owned my heart for years…but something interesting happens when you write a post about self tanner. You get sent a lot of self tanner. I imagine they’re thinking “What!? She likes Sun Labs?! Surely she’s never tried ours.”

Since that fateful day I have had the honor of trying more self tanners than I even knew existed! I got pretty into it and pretty much bought any other bottle  I came into contact with as well.
Some of them (OK LOTS of them!) stunk, some of them went on orange, some went on red, some went on clear and then when they dried I saw spots of brown and spots I’d missed, some washed off in my first shower, some washed off in my second shower, some cost an ARM AND A LEG, some ran out in 5 seconds….What I’m trying to say here is I’m picky and most of it didn’t cut the mustard.

The main thing that was bugging me about my previous fav (Sun Labs) was that A. the company isn’t good at customer service B. it wasn’t lasting long enough and C. I didn’t really like rubbing it on and getting my hands all soiled. I figured there must be something even better out there. Also I loved the Tomas tanner which I JUST POSTED ABOUT and then they changed their nozzle because I keep switching mine out hoping to get one that doesn’t go on splotchy (like it used to be) to no avail. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for a company to do that right after I recommended it to you all! So, I’ve been looking for a new face tanner as well.
(so sorry to those of you who got splotchy bottles! They never used to be like that, be sure to return yours if you did!)

( My dear friend Anne was sweet enough to model for me and the beautiful Jessica Janae took these photos)

The most incredible self tanner! She tried all of them and the best one will shock you!

Well, I have wonderful news…
I found THE ONE. It is absolutely MIND BLOWING.
I can’t tell you how many times poor Nick has had to nod agreeingly to my
“Can you believe how good this tan looks?! I did it like 4 days ago and it still looks perfect? Isn’t the color perfect? Can you believe it only cost 10 DOLLARS? Isn’t that crazy??”
I know he can’t possibly understand the weight of the issue but I’ve gotta express my joy to someone.

So yes, if you didn’t catch that, not only is this Self Tanner long lasting, easy on the nose, easy to apply and the perfect bronze color…it’s also CHEAP.
I wasn’t being my usual thrifty self when trying these out either, I tried some that cost upwards of $60 bones just to make sure I wasn’t missing something incredible.

What is this miracle product, you ask?


What’s even better? It’s on sale right now! Get it at Sally Beauty (online or in the store) or Amazon for $9.99!
It’s a mousse so it goes on totally streak free and to make it even easier, I like to use a mitt. (or this tool for your back)
You just spray the product on to the mitt and then polish it into the skin in circular motions.
That way it smooths on and I don’t worry about staining my palms.


When I did Anne’s tan I used the same bottle on her whole body and face and it looked awesome but I picked up the Tanwise Face Tanning gel because it made applying to the face easier and I’ve been using it for a few weeks, without any clogged pores or breaking out.
To be honest, since it was on sale and everything I also got the the Tanwise Shimmer Perfection Cream ($4.99!) because it’s a gorgeous bronze shimmer lotion and I love me some added glow.
My new found obsession for Tanwise might be getting a bit out of hand…

Enter to win a Tanning pack of all three products here:
(just a pin or a tweet – nothing too crazy to enter!:)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more tips on how to apply and some special tricks check out last years post: here.
Happy tanning to you all! Or to the ones who prefer to stay pretty in the pale, I totally support you:)



  • Ava

    18.03.2014 at 04:43 Reply

    Cara – I;m forever searching for the perfect sunless tan product too and really appreciate your sifting through what’s out there so I don’t have to! Question – Does Tanwise stain clothes/sheets? You may have mentioned this but I missed it. Love you Girl!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 09:57 Reply

      Not at all! It dries really quick too! (probably like 10 minutes) Love you back!

      • Ashley

        18.03.2014 at 10:20 Reply

        I discovered this self tanner last year and loved it! I also love trying self tanners and have tried them all. I love the tanwise spray and lotion too. It’s very comparable to Sun labs at a quarter of the price.
        I use Paula’s choice self tanning gel on my face though.

      • Ava

        18.03.2014 at 14:33 Reply

        That’s the best news I’ve heard today!

        • Katie

          06.06.2014 at 21:40 Reply

          It very much DOES stain sheets & clothes! I’ve used this product for a few years and have replaced a few sets of sheets in that time due to stains…

  • Katie Wilson

    18.03.2014 at 04:47 Reply

    Hey girl ! Quick question… Is there only one color? That bottle says dark… So does dark work
    On all skin types? Thanks!!! Katie

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 09:59 Reply

      YES! As you can see, Anne is very fair. I used the same bottle on her that i did on my sister who is much darker:)

  • lindalu19

    18.03.2014 at 04:48 Reply

    I’m on my way to yoga then to Sally’s ( so it seems ) thanks. Linda

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:03 Reply

      Have fun at yoga! You will love it!

  • April

    18.03.2014 at 04:58 Reply

    Hi! I pinned it but I’m not sure if it automatically entered me into the contest. I’d love to win!! I’m a FL girl in .NC now and I never knew I was this fair/pale/white!!
    Thanks so much!

    • Miss Viola Swamp (@imaqt209421)

      18.03.2014 at 05:29 Reply

      Hi! You have to copy and paste the pin URL into the rafflecopter giveaway box. Hope that helps :)

      • Jennifer

        19.03.2014 at 09:02 Reply

        Haha I love your handle!

  • Carter

    18.03.2014 at 05:09 Reply

    Perfect timing! I’m heading to Florida in 10 days and definitely need some color! Going to Sally today!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:02 Reply

      ooohh LUCKY! I wish I was headed there with you! This will be perfect for that!

  • Erin H

    18.03.2014 at 05:11 Reply

    Love you and your blog! Congrats on your successes and the new pregnancy! Can you use these self tanners while pregnant or nursing? With summer coming, I don’t want to look pasty white while nursing my baby :)

    • KK

      18.03.2014 at 07:55 Reply

      when I am nursing I just don’t do my boobs. It looks funny but who cares! If I did do my whole body I would probably shower before nursing :)

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:04 Reply

      thank you so much! and I agree with KK, just skip the chest! Ask your doc though if you’re unsure, everybody is different:)

  • Hailey

    18.03.2014 at 05:19 Reply

    Seriously love you Cara!!!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:09 Reply

      Love you too!

  • Miss Viola Swamp (@imaqt209421)

    18.03.2014 at 05:31 Reply

    I love this post so much, thank you!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:11 Reply

      Thank you! I love you so much:)

  • Misty Flanary

    18.03.2014 at 05:44 Reply

    Hi! Does anyone else find that your palms still get tanner on them because it seeps through the mit? Also, once you lotion your hands and apply the tanner to the tops of your hands, how do you get it off your palms without washing off the tops of them? Thanks!!!

    • Elizabeth

      18.03.2014 at 06:44 Reply

      I’ve been applying my self tanner with the gloves that came with my Tomas. I think it makes application near flawless and I’ve never had it on my hands through the gloves. I rinse those off and set aside to dry for next application. Once I’ve applied tanner to my body I use those cosmetic sponges to apply tanner to my hands and then of course be careful not to wash your hands before it sets. I found this works great. Good luck :)

      • deanne

        06.06.2014 at 18:48 Reply

        Also, try using a craft sponge brush (1.50 from dollar general for about 10 different sizes). wash a few the night before you need to use it (if brand new) so it will be dry and ready for use. you might get 2-3 uses out of the sponge before it wants to rip. but that way you get a great even application and nothing on your palms.

    • Miranda Rowe

      18.03.2014 at 07:39 Reply

      Try using a makeup removing wipe or baby wipe to clean the tanner off your palms. =)

    • KK

      18.03.2014 at 07:58 Reply

      After it sets a magic eraser will get it off your palms, or a whitening toothpaste works too! :)

      • melissa

        20.03.2014 at 09:09 Reply

        Love these tips! I tried this product the other day and liked it but I messed the tops of my hands up! LOL so these tips help. Thank you

      • Dawn

        21.03.2014 at 20:32 Reply

        Please don’t use a Magic Eraser on your skin! You could be burned by the chemicals they contain!

        • misskris

          09.04.2014 at 19:36 Reply

          The general magic eraser is chemical free. It’s the abrasive texture that removes thy tanner. Don’t press our rub to hard or you’ll remove skin!

        • Kms

          05.02.2015 at 08:07 Reply

          I did Use a magic eraser and it did indeed leave burn marks on my arm and hand for several days. Beware.

  • Megan

    18.03.2014 at 05:53 Reply

    I absolutely love Sun Labs & would never go without it. I’ve been using it for a couple years, long enough that most people I know think I’m just naturally tan..but I’m going to give this a try!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:11 Reply

      I totally understand and felt the same way…until now! I can’t wait to to hear if it converts you!

  • cbina

    18.03.2014 at 06:01 Reply

    Hi Misty,
    I recommend you buy a new brand of mitt – mine never seeps, that’s the point! :) I buy the St. Tropez mitt from Sephora.

    Instead of washing your palms, have a damp washcloth ready to go, and rub your palms clean with that.

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:12 Reply

      Thanks for the great tip!

  • Carolyn @ Sweet Chaos Home

    18.03.2014 at 06:11 Reply

    Hi Cara… what’s the dry time? I’m a Jergen’s girl, because I can get dressed right after application. But, I’d like to give this a try. Thanks!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:12 Reply

      Since it’s a mousse it has a really quick drying time, I’d say ten minutes max:)

  • Allison

    18.03.2014 at 06:22 Reply

    Out of curiosity, I just read some of the reviews for this on Makeup Alley. A lot of the reviewers mentioned that this product is more like a temporary bronzer than a self tanner. They said if it got wet at all it would streak & blotch. What was your experience with this, Cara?

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:19 Reply

      So I did notice that if I put it on freshly lotioned skin it was more like a temporary bronzer (cause none of it was able to sink in) when I put it on fresh out of the shower skin (after it’s dried) it lasts REALLY well. If you get it wet in the first few hours it will streak but I’ve never really known one that wouldn’t:)

    • TW

      18.03.2014 at 12:45 Reply

      On makeup alley make sure you are looking at the reviews for “Tanwise Dark Mousse (new)”. Apparently there was a reformulation a few years ago. There are only 2 reviews for the “new” version.

      • Allison

        19.03.2014 at 20:52 Reply

        Ahhh. That’s interesting. Thank you. Super excited to try this!

  • rrebeccagRebecca

    18.03.2014 at 06:32 Reply

    This looks wonderful! I want to be a self tanner desperately but the ones I’ve tried, not many, don’t last more than one application. How long does this last? They tend to disappear when I shower and wash my face. Thanks for the blogs and videos Cara, I love them! :)

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:20 Reply

      This has a bronzer and tanner so the bronzer will wash off in the first shower but it leaves a pretty tan in it’s place! On the face, though, because I exfoliate every night I pretty much scrub the tan off so that I have to re apply daily:)

  • Kelly

    18.03.2014 at 06:38 Reply

    I just bought this from Sally’s a few weeks ago as per recommendation of the sales girl when I came to the counter with another product. I am SO WHITE, and this stuff is SO AWESOME. I have my husband check to make sure I got everywhere. Love it. This stuff lasts forever because it’s a foam, not a lotion. Genius!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:27 Reply

      AHHH! So glad you are already a believer! It’s the real deal huh!?

  • Kellie

    18.03.2014 at 06:47 Reply

    I pinned it but couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste it from my iPhone. How long does the tan last and how many applications can you get out of one bottle? Thanks!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:25 Reply

      OK you should be good:) I can’t even tell you that yet cause I haven’t gone through my bottle! But I’ve used it at least 15 times and I haven’t come close to the bottom yet…

  • Andrea

    18.03.2014 at 06:47 Reply

    So glad to read this post. My legs are super white and I am not allowed to go in the sun (and I live in Miami!) because I just started chemotherapy and it makes you really sun sensitive. I have an application question. I read you post on that and it was really helpful but one of the problems I had when I tried self tanners on my legs before was the transition to my feet. Where do I stop applying the tanner? I tried putting it on just where the sun would naturally hit it and I got an unnatural line on the side of my feet. It looked weird! And it was white between my toes but brown on the top. Helpful hits please!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:31 Reply

      Andrea first I am so sorry to hear you are going through that:( You sound so upbeat though, which makes me so happy! SO When I do the feet I make sure to put a little lotion on them first, they are usually much dryer than the rest of your body so they are liable to soak up way more product! Then I just try to blend it where the sun would naturally hit. Because it’s a foam it was easier to apply to my feet than anything else I’ve tried, they look so natural!

  • Elizabeth

    18.03.2014 at 06:49 Reply

    Cara this post is perfect timing for me. I’m nearly out of my Tomas and was about to purchase more but since you’ve mentioned the new nozzle is not great you just save me some money. I’m disappointed though b/c I loved Tomas!! Let’s hope they’ll fix the nozzle soon! Also I’m nearly out of my sun labs and was about to just bite the bullet and get some St tropes since I’ve heard such awesome things about it. But I believe I’ll try Tanwise first since its so much cheaper. Once again you’ve come to the rescue girl! P.s. I hope you’re feeling better!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:33 Reply

      Thanks love! Today is a good day so far! I have written the company in hopes that they do change the nozzle back! So hopefully more people are expressing the same concern! AS far as St. Tropez VS Tanwise it’s a no brainer for me. Tanwise is SO much less expensive, longer lasting and smells better!

      • Dianne Hall

        04.04.2014 at 17:57 Reply

        Gosh I hope they change the nozzle <3 it on my face..soooo quick and easy. Love love,love tan wise on my body. Thank your Cara, your the bome!

  • Heather

    18.03.2014 at 06:59 Reply

    Thanks Cara! But I have the same question… does it stay put or streak when it gets wet?.. I bought the Tomas after your recommendation and I love the color but its a HOT mess if I don’t wash it off before I go to the gym.

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:36 Reply

      haha OK so tomas is much more of a bronzer and less of a tanner, which I wasn’t too worried about since I only use it on my face. This stuff is both. It will streak if you get wet in the first few hours of application but after that you should be fine!

    • Allison

      18.03.2014 at 14:37 Reply

      Yes!!! I got the toma tanner a few weeks ago per cara’s recommendation and so far I’m obsessed. But last week at the gym I noticed the entire front of my white shirt was bright coral!

  • Beth and Beauty

    18.03.2014 at 07:14 Reply

    Thanks Cara, I have never tried a self tanner but you have convinced me! I trust you and I don’t feel like you are just trying to sell me something. You inspire me and help me remember to make sure to do honest reviews of products also on my blog.

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:37 Reply

      Oh thank you beth! You will love it! And YES NEVER SELL OUT! haha Really though, as a blogger your word is all you have, the loyalty of your readers is not worth any amount of money!

  • Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    18.03.2014 at 07:24 Reply

    THANK YOU!! I am so pasty it’s actually offensive. I love a good spray tan, but can’t wait to try this for at home! :)

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:39 Reply

      haha I hear ya! I love a good spray tan but it’s nice to have one you can do yourself when you can’t get to the salon, plus it costs so much less!

  • Jenny@EvolutionofStyle

    18.03.2014 at 07:45 Reply

    Thank you so much for this amazing find! I’m definitely going to check it out! I have been getting great spray tans, but they can be pricey. I found the same tanner that they use when I get a “professional” spray tan – Norvell Sunless tanner, and I really love it. It sprays nicely, doesn’t smell and gives a beautiful color. But, it’s pricey – $40 a can. Going to have to track this stuff down and give it a try!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:42 Reply

      YES! I honestly preferred this stuff to others that cost upwards of 60 bucks a pop!

  • Desiree Jurado

    18.03.2014 at 07:52 Reply

    Have you ever checked out the versa spa products?? They are a little pricey depending on where you get them but their sunless spray is my bff! No rubbing it in. It smells amazing! It also dries really fast and last about a week. Give it a try. PS the bottle will last a really long time!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:46 Reply

      I’m not sure I got that one! I’ll be sure to check it out, thank you!

  • Kody

    18.03.2014 at 07:58 Reply


    Does this product stain sheets/clothing? There aren’t any reviews for this product or the facial tanner, but reviews on the Dark Tanning Lotion mention that it stains badly. So perhaps they changed the formula a bit when developing this product, but I thought I would ask!

    Thanks for trying so many! :)

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:49 Reply

      Most of my tanners are stainers but since this is the mousse it soaks up really quick! I seriously haven’t seen it stain anything I have, which is really rare for me! I only tried the lotion version once and it was a gorgeous color but it took longer to soak in, which is one of the reasons I like the mousse better:) Be sure to wait til it dried though!

  • ashlee

    18.03.2014 at 07:58 Reply

    Thanks for this post :) does this have a shimmer to it?

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:50 Reply

      The actually Tanning mousse does not but the perfecter cream is super shimmery:)

  • kristen

    18.03.2014 at 08:21 Reply

    This is awesome because I JUST picked up a bottle of Tanwise after reading your LAST post on self-tanner because the reviews said it was comparable to Sunlabs but cheaper! Now I can’t wait to try it!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:51 Reply

      They were definitely right, except it’s even better than Sunlabs!

  • Stefanie Lohrey

    18.03.2014 at 08:28 Reply

    I will definitely give this a try! I have a billion tanners- some that I love but they are tugging on the purse strings a bit! Would love an affordable option!

  • Jess

    18.03.2014 at 08:48 Reply

    So excited, I hope I win! I hit the tanner hard in high school and college and this past September had a mole removed which turned out to be skin cancer (I’m 28!!!!) Since then I have tried different self tans (thanks to your previous post I love SunLab- and also the Banana Boat spray). I love how social media is enforcing sun safety, self tanners and bronzers. I just spent my first Midwest winter tanless and it felt great! Can’t wait to try TanWise.

  • Amanda

    18.03.2014 at 08:51 Reply

    Cara – Thank you SO much for being our guinea pig and finding a great product! I plan to definitely get this. I love that it is a mousse, rather than a gel or cream! Thanks for sharing the love!

  • Kayla

    18.03.2014 at 09:07 Reply

    OMG I finally bought a bottle of Tomas and yes, it sprayed so splotchy! I thought I just got a bad bottle, since you use it all the time! I returned it and guess I got one with an old nozzle because it works fine. But glad you mentioned this because I am sure I won’t be so lucky next time to get an older bottle! I am definitely going to try Tanwise now!

  • lovelyjaime

    18.03.2014 at 09:08 Reply

    I would love to give this a try!! Thanks for letting us know about the products:)

  • Jaime

    18.03.2014 at 09:15 Reply

    Bummer!! I don’t pin or tweet.. :( but this product looks awesome, will have to pick some up!

  • Sheena

    18.03.2014 at 09:21 Reply

    This is hilarious because I have been SWEARING by Tanwise for YEARS! They used to have a gel that I LOVED, it was like a tanner and bronzer in one with a bit of shimmer. I loved it. They discontinued it but might have brought it back out again. I will have to do some digging to see. But Tanwise has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It is the perfect color, and does last a long time!

  • Kade Bailey

    18.03.2014 at 09:30 Reply

    Thank you so so much for trying all the tanners and listing your fav! I have been spending a fortune on St tropez for years now, I am super pumped about this new cheap alternative xoxo

  • Sarah

    18.03.2014 at 09:49 Reply

    Use promo code 555386 to get 20% off at SallyBeauty.com!! Thanks Cara!

  • Nadia

    18.03.2014 at 09:50 Reply

    I ventured into my first real self tanner last year with St. Moritz and I really like it but I can only get it online. Hopefully this is in Canadian stores so I can test it out!

  • Lillie

    18.03.2014 at 10:05 Reply

    Like another reader, I’m wondering if this is a self-tanner or more of a long lasting bronzer. I actually hope it’s NOT a self-tanner, because I am allergic to whatever that ingredient is that actually does the color changing, and a really good, longer lasting bronzer would be exactly what I need!!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 13:28 Reply

      In that case I would stay away from this one! It definitely has the long lasting stuff in it, the perfecting cream doesn’t though and it’s really bronze and shimmery so that might be a good option instead!

      • Lillie

        18.03.2014 at 15:03 Reply


  • Kt Stella

    18.03.2014 at 10:07 Reply

    On your recommendation I started using Tomas and love it. I will say that I do use a glove to apply it instead of spraying it directly to my skin and I use a sponge for my face in the same application system you suggested for applying bronzer and I love it! I think I will finish with this and then give Tanwise a try. Is there an odor after the tan starts to set in? That always bothers me when I can smell it later in the day.

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 13:29 Reply

      WHen it goes on it smells delicious and if you shower within 8 or so hours you’ll never smell it but I will say that with any product I’ve tried that REALLY lasts there is a slight send once it’s sat on the skin for a long time. This one is the best I’ve tried as far as that goes but it is there:) Just so you know! (Usually I can’t stand the smell, so I’m really picky about it!)

  • Julia

    18.03.2014 at 10:17 Reply

    Im very pale and usually fake tanners make me to dark, so its obvious i used a fake tanner because I could never get that color naturally. Do you have any suggestions for something that will just give me a light glow?

  • Christina J.

    18.03.2014 at 10:19 Reply

    Cara, have you tried the TanWise Dark lotion? I usually don’t like mousse tanning products and was wondering if the lotion works just as well?

    • Ashley

      18.03.2014 at 10:23 Reply

      I use the tanwise spray and lotion too. The lotion is great. I bought all three -mousse lotion and spray-when it was but 2 Get 1 free

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 10:41 Reply

      Yep, I love the lotion too, I just prefer the mousse. If you are a lotion girl go for it, you will love it!

      • Christina J.

        19.03.2014 at 09:18 Reply

        Thank you Cara and Ashley for taking the time to reply :) Maybe I will just try both lol

  • liz @ btb on etsy

    18.03.2014 at 10:25 Reply

    I’ll have to admit I was a little worried about this post! I just bought my second bottle of SunLabs about a month ago and I thought you were going to suggest a super expensive brand. I’ll DEFINITELY be hitting up Sally’s this week for a bottle of TanWise to try it out.

    I think the best way to get SunLabs off of your hands (without ruining the tan you just put on your arms) is to put liquid soap on a dry wash cloth and scrub the stain off right after you finish applying. Once you have the majority of it off, wet one side of the cloth and scrub off the remaining stain. It works perfectly every time!

  • Jessica Wilcox-Modern Moments Designs

    18.03.2014 at 10:41 Reply

    Stoked! Going to buy it right now!!! I loved the other ones you recommended! I am going to stock up!

  • Abby

    18.03.2014 at 10:46 Reply

    When do you apply the face gel? First thing after you wash your face? And then moisturizer? Or do you prep your face and then put this on right before makeup?

  • Molly Gardner

    18.03.2014 at 11:07 Reply

    Def going to have to check this out! Thank you for sharing!! Also, your friend is stunning!


  • Jane Doe (Lifeplus1)

    18.03.2014 at 11:40 Reply

    I’ve never tried that one, but I’m totally addicted to St. Tropez. Did you trial it? Never streaky and a really natural color. Still smells though. Don’t they all? Even the ones they say the don’t really do.


  • teckiemhTeckie

    18.03.2014 at 11:49 Reply

    WOW – great post. I’m staring at my splotchy Mystic tan as I type this and am so grateful for the honest review.


  • Jenn E

    18.03.2014 at 11:58 Reply

    I am so excited to try this brand; I am so white I am almost blue and I have been accused of wearing white nylons under my pants…so, I clearly need something!! And your model? Gorgeous! I am obsessed with her dimples!

  • Miki

    18.03.2014 at 12:09 Reply

    Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing this! Awesome!

  • Miss Audrey Sue

    18.03.2014 at 12:12 Reply

    yaaay! LOVE hearing your opinions on self tanners! thanks for sharing!

  • GirlDurham

    18.03.2014 at 12:35 Reply

    Long time reader, first time commenter :) I ran to Sally’s over my lunch break and the clerk was confused why so many gals had came in or called asking about this product all today! Haha, the power of a blog! I scored a bottle just in time for a trip to Florida. Thanks for the serendipitously timed post. Adore your blog & congrats on the baby!

  • sherry

    18.03.2014 at 12:41 Reply

    I’ve been having the same problem with Toma’s. So frustrating. I used to love it. When I spray it, it looks like a bus drove by me and splashed mud all over me. Thank you for this new option!

  • Dawn

    18.03.2014 at 12:44 Reply

    Have you tried Santorini Sun or Fake Bake?

    • Tanya

      18.03.2014 at 16:15 Reply

      I’d love to know also! I just bought Fake Bake and wonder how it compares.

  • laurahavemercier

    18.03.2014 at 12:50 Reply

    This is the tanner I always use!!! I knew it was good! I never understood why I never heard anyone talking about it. I strayed a few months ago and bought St. Tropez – too pricey and nowhere near as good.

  • TW

    18.03.2014 at 12:52 Reply

    Thank you!!! A bad fake tan is one of my worst nightmares! Thank you for all you do for your readers!

  • Cortney K.

    18.03.2014 at 13:09 Reply

    Thank you, Cara! I have been researching self tanners for the past couple of days and this sounds like the one Im gonna try! Im pale skinned and want to be able to wear shorts without blinding everyone with my with legs lol!! Hope this works for me:) P.S. Love your blog!!

  • Patricia

    18.03.2014 at 13:10 Reply

    Have you ever tried Vita Liberata? It’s a bit pricey but it dries instantly, never streaks and lasts up to two weeks! It’s available at Sephora. I love it. I’m curious to know what you think of it.

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 13:31 Reply

      I did try it and I really liked the color and last! What I wasn’t thrilled about was the odd smell and the price! It was a really good one though:)

  • Melinda

    18.03.2014 at 13:12 Reply

    Cara what are your thoughts on the neck? I never know how to put self tanner on and struggle with face/neck/chest area. do you just go straight from your face down your neck and then the rest of the body?

  • Eryn P.

    18.03.2014 at 13:18 Reply

    Do you apply the face gel with your fingers?
    Can’t wait to try these products – Thanks Cara!

    • Cara

      18.03.2014 at 13:30 Reply

      yes! I just applied with my fingers and then washed my hands, no stains!:)

      • Kathleen

        19.03.2014 at 13:13 Reply

        Do you apply the mousse to your face or use the face cream?

        • Kathleen

          19.03.2014 at 13:14 Reply

          Also- do you think I need a mitt for this? Or could I get by with just using my hands?

  • jennifer

    18.03.2014 at 13:53 Reply

    Thank you for this review! I sure hope I win!! I am so fair and always using sunless tanner. I am having a baby right before summer begins and it will be nice to look nicely tan even if I look like a chub. :) I’m crossing my fingers!!

  • Corinn

    18.03.2014 at 13:58 Reply

    If I was to use the Tomas on my face and the Tanwise on my body would the colors match okay? Thank you Cara for all the time and money I know you put into this! I’m so glad I found your blog! I love that you are such a good person – beautiful inside and out! Thank you for sharing your secrets with us!

  • Melissa

    18.03.2014 at 14:18 Reply

    Heck yeeeeah I’m going to go get some since I was headed to Sally’s anyway for a face brush (which, by the way, I highly recommend). Thank you for being a lab rat for me hehehe I love your blog, it literally makes my day.

  • tarafox

    18.03.2014 at 14:20 Reply

    I am SO excited to try this product! I get made fun of because of how white my legs are, I feel like I can’t wear shorts in the summer it sucks, so to have a good self tanner would be AWESOME! Thanks for trying a million of them so we can get the perfect one :) LOVE your site!

  • Kristin Cahoon Bell

    18.03.2014 at 14:33 Reply

    Cara! I was reading this post and got to the pics and thought….hmmmmm….That chair! It came from a few blocks away and everyone was eating pizza during this shoot :) Cause That’s what Chris told me :) He had so many great things to say about you, now I like you even more :) You’re amazing!

  • Angie S

    18.03.2014 at 14:40 Reply

    Dude. I ordered Sun Labs LAST NIGHT after stalking your self-tanning posts! That sucker will be going back so I can try this out. Thanks for trying out so many and saving us from the nightmare of spending so much money on not so great products!

  • Sarah Glasser

    18.03.2014 at 14:42 Reply

    CARA! *raises hand* I have a question!
    Have you tested the million dollar tan also? _ i was told it was the best and was gonna try it but maybe I should get this stuff instead? :)

  • Rebecca C.

    18.03.2014 at 14:51 Reply

    I fall more in the porcelain category and I’ve always wanted to try a self tanner in the summer. I’m not worried about the application for my body but rather my face. Any tips and tricks for applying to the face? For example, what do you do under your eyes or right above your lips? I wouldn’t want to mess it up and look crazy for a week!

  • [email protected]

    18.03.2014 at 15:37 Reply

    I’m curious about the fragrance of the product: is it heavily scented/perfumed or have a strong DHA smell? I’m super sensitive to fragrance but I NEED a sunless tanner. Thanks :)

  • JIll

    18.03.2014 at 15:44 Reply

    I totally need to try this. Im always in the search for the BEST one!

  • Shawni

    18.03.2014 at 15:49 Reply

    I found and started using this after reading your post about Sun Labs!! I did a little research (because I wasn’t sure I needed a tan as badly as I thought for the price of Sun Labs) and found a lot of people comparing Tanwise to Sun Labs so I gave it a shot! I’ve only used the lotion kind and I LOVE it. Can’t wait to try the mousse now too!!

  • Chessa

    18.03.2014 at 16:03 Reply

    Oh how I love me some Cara recommendations! When YOU get excited about a product, I get excited too! Can’t wait to try this! I tried the Tomas after you recommended and reallly liked that so I’m sure to love this one too! Thanks for the great before and after pics too. Just love the ease of reading on your posts! :)

  • Shonda

    18.03.2014 at 16:07 Reply

    I have spent a small fortune on self tanners and
    Never have loved one. Most important question:
    Does it smell at all ?

  • Ayla

    18.03.2014 at 16:46 Reply

    Please help! Cara or any other gals who have tried this product… Does it work with super pale skin? I am quite fair and burn easy. If I tried this would I be looking orange and gross, or should I just not use this product?

    • Annie Bateman

      18.03.2014 at 21:47 Reply

      The mouse you can layer, so you can keep putting on layers, so you can stop whenever you want, that way you can keep it natural looking! I work at Sally’s Beauty Supplies (where tanwise is) and you can buy it and try a little to just see how it is with your specific skin tone and such and if you don’t like it (but I’m pretty sure you will) then just return it with the receipt!

    • Kendra L

      30.03.2014 at 08:32 Reply

      I am really pale too (the girl in this post is as well) and I used it. It is my first time using a self tanner. I went a tiny bit too heavy on one knee but other than that it looks great! Day 3 after I applied it and it’s great! Just enough color to take the edge off of my blinding white natural color. :) don’t be too alarmed of the color before your first shower. After the shower (waiting 4-6 hours after applying) it evens out more when the bronzes washes off. Try it out!

  • Cassi

    18.03.2014 at 16:54 Reply

    I love the jergans foam, dries fast & no smell, have you tried it? Does this compare?

  • Kelly T

    18.03.2014 at 17:44 Reply

    Darn it! It’s not available in the Uk :( it would be so good if you could recommend a product that was available worldwide! I love all of your recommendations btw. The Tomas tan is actually a replica for the fake bake air spray mist which is made by the same company apparently, it’s just the UK version! (I done some research lol) And I love it. Thanks Cara xx

  • Beata

    18.03.2014 at 18:20 Reply

    Hi Cara if airbrushing doesn’t intimidate you, look into Luminess Tan.. I use it all the time, doesn’t stink, lasts about 1 week on me and 2 shades.

  • Stephanie V.

    18.03.2014 at 18:26 Reply

    Just purchased all three! Can’t wait to try it. Goodbye pale skin!

  • Erin Michelle

    18.03.2014 at 18:51 Reply

    Have you tried tan towels? Someone recommended them and I couldn’t find it at the store so I bought L’oreals sublime tan towels. Haven’t tried them yet. Very interested in tanwise!!

    • Erin

      18.03.2014 at 20:06 Reply

      I have loved Tan Towels, which is why I was wondering the same thing. :) Let’s hope we get a reply.

      • Cara

        18.03.2014 at 21:29 Reply

        I have tried tan towels and I really liked them! My issue was that there was no bronzer and so I didn’t really know where I’d applied and where I hadn’t AND I didn’t love the price. I did think it was a great option though besides that :)

        • Erin

          19.03.2014 at 19:34 Reply

          So between the two, which would you recommend? I really like the towels because you just smooth them all over your skin, but I see what you mean. Also, they are a bit pricey. Thanks Cara!

          • Cara

            19.03.2014 at 20:46

            I have the tan towels collecting dust while I use the tanwise so I guess that says it all!!

  • Erin

    18.03.2014 at 18:53 Reply

    How does this product compare to Tan Towel? I’ve been using TT for about a year, and absolutely love that product. Yes, it’s a bit expensive for only ten, but it dries within one minute, stays for a few days (so you only need to use about two a week), and it doesn’t bleed onto clothes or streak if wet.

    Thoughts? Can this be found at ULTA or just Sally Beauty?

    Thanks girl!

  • Lindsey

    18.03.2014 at 18:55 Reply

    Love this post! It is super hard to find the perfect product and your insight is much appreciated. I can’t tell you how many self tanners I’ve tried that have turned my skin orange and in the garbage it goes. Plus, the price of this self tanner is an added bonus, less than $10? Can’t beat that! You can also find this product at http://www.awomanshub.com for $9.49. Thanks for the awesome info.!

  • The Beauty Break

    18.03.2014 at 18:56 Reply

    I honestly cannot believe how good it looks! I’m pretty much pale like the model and every self tanner always looks terrible on me! I had given up, thank you for sharing!

  • Lyn

    18.03.2014 at 19:17 Reply

    I have dark spots on my legs due to the sun and tanning booths. Self tanners have intensified them and I wonder if this product will do that also? I hate my white legs!

  • Ashlee

    18.03.2014 at 19:27 Reply

    I’m someone who has never had a probably getting tan, but as I get a bit older (and a bit smarter) I know that outdoor tanning wreaks havoc on skin. So, for the past year I’ve been trying to incorporate sunless tanning into my regime. I use Jergens natural glow a few times a week and have had great success with it, but I’m always searching for that perfect tan. I’ve triemd Lorac’s Tantalizer which turned my olive skin almost brick red (yikes) and a few other popular self tanners. I haven’t found “the one” yet, but I am so so so excited that you shared this! I hope to give it a try soon!


  • Kelly

    18.03.2014 at 19:59 Reply

    I am so glad you found this! I am about to go order it on Amazon!

  • ST

    18.03.2014 at 20:48 Reply

    Hi Cara, just discovered your blog and i’m loving everything you’ve ever posted! I live in Germany, and can’t find ANYWHERE that sells this product online that ships there. I can’t even find the Tanwise website to ask them any questions. Any tips??

  • Jannell Medigovich

    18.03.2014 at 21:18 Reply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work! The other day, I came extremely close to ordering the QVC Today’s Special of the St Tropez for $45 – Thank goodness I passed! I am a beauty club member at Sally Beauty and they mailed me a %15 off coupon so I can go get this. Anyone can be a member, you don’t have to be a licensed professional. It costs $5 and you get a $5 off coupon and discounts all year, including mailers.

  • Renee Hartwig

    18.03.2014 at 21:19 Reply

    This looks like a great self tan and at such a good price. Wonder if I can get it in aust?
    Come enter my giveaway!

    Renee x

  • Annie Bateman

    18.03.2014 at 21:42 Reply

    Oh my gosh this is too funny, I work at Sally’s Beauty Supplies in Idaho and we are SOLD OUT of tannwise mouse! We have like 7 rainchecks and so many more people asking for it! Now I know why it’s so popular all of a sudden! haha I LOVE that stuff!

  • Allie

    19.03.2014 at 01:50 Reply

    I’ve never used self tanner before and I have really fair skin. Would this look orange-y or look too fake because I’m so white? also, how long does it last and how many times do you have to reapply it? How long does the bottle last/ how many tans can you get from one bottle?

    • KK

      19.03.2014 at 14:35 Reply

      One bottle will last you a while! If your super fair start slowly, like maybe your legs, I would do 2 pumps and mix it with regular old lotion because it’s dark! It looks great after you work it for a while! Good luck!

  • Kim Quinlan

    19.03.2014 at 04:05 Reply

    How do you apply this to your face and neck! The mitts seem so cumbersome.

  • Lara

    19.03.2014 at 07:33 Reply

    Hey Cara! Just wondering if the mit you linked to is the exact one that you use? If spin gonna buy it, I just wanted to double check your recommendation first! Thanks so much!! Love all of your posts!

  • Vanessa Key

    19.03.2014 at 08:06 Reply

    Thank you for great tip :) Hope to find it someday somewhere :)
    Have a felightful day ♥

  • Mandy

    19.03.2014 at 08:26 Reply

    I love this post because I have some pale, winter skin! Question for you — do you suggest putting it on day before you would like it to look the best? Or a couple days before? For example – for a wedding on a Saturday, when would you suggest applying? Not talking about a trial run — but just a standard application! Thanks!!

  • Jennifer

    19.03.2014 at 09:06 Reply

    I cannot wait to try this stuff. I love your posts! Thank you! I spent way too much money on St. Tropez tanning mousse. It looked great for my trip to Hawaii but a lot of it washed off in the shower and left me with uneven color. It’s the greatest I’ve tried yet but for the amount it costs, I am more than willing to try something cheaper that works just as well or better. I prefer the mousse over lotion since it dries quicker.

  • Andrea

    19.03.2014 at 09:13 Reply

    I’m wondering if you ever tried the St. Tropez tanner?? I LOVE it but it is a bit pricey. It’s also a mousse formula. I can’t wait to try this one!

  • andiesmith

    19.03.2014 at 09:22 Reply

    I need to try this…ASAP!

  • Kelsey

    19.03.2014 at 09:23 Reply

    Great post can’t wait to try! My sister is pregnant and was wondering if she would be able to use it? Thanks! :)

  • Ashley

    19.03.2014 at 10:07 Reply

    So happy I found this post! I work at Sally’s and I’ll be using my discount to stock up ! 😉 Thanks!

  • stephanie

    19.03.2014 at 10:49 Reply

    Pinning ! :) and then going to sallys!

  • Ania

    19.03.2014 at 11:26 Reply

    Enter code 555386 for 20% off at Sally Beauty Supply when shopping online! :)

  • Kendra

    19.03.2014 at 11:28 Reply

    I’ve noticed when I use self tanner I eventually always end up looking dirty a few days into the tan. I try to moisturize daily but I still seem to get ugly spots around my wrists, ankles, elbows, and right in between my under arm/boob area. You know that little poochy spot? Haha! Any tips on how to prevent these trouble areas? I tried putting lotion on them before applying but that doesn’t seem to work. Maybe I need a better lotion?

  • Ieva

    19.03.2014 at 12:12 Reply

    Wow, looks amazing :)

  • Misty

    19.03.2014 at 13:04 Reply

    I am always trying new self-tanners. They all have their pros and cons. I will be picking this up this weekend. Also… there’s something to help you put it on your back? I’ll be getting that too!

  • Olivia

    19.03.2014 at 13:12 Reply

    Cara I LOOOOOVE your blog!! :) I’m so glad you posted this because I was about to buy Sun Labs.
    Congrats on the new baby coming!! I’m so excited for you!

  • Tess @ Tips on Life & Love

    19.03.2014 at 13:24 Reply

    Wow, how beautiful! I love how subtle it looks. I never thought I’d say that about a self-tanner. Is it ideal for acne-prone/oily skin?

  • Jillian

    19.03.2014 at 13:48 Reply

    Cara thank you! Your posts always come at the right time for me. My brother’s wedding is coming up, and I, being a Jersey girl and therefore a lover of tans, was wondering how to get tan for his wedding. I don’t like the way tanning beds make me ashy brown instead of glowy peach, and since they’re bad for you anyway, it’s just as well not to go. So I had resigned myself to trying out a million tanning creams and even opening myself up to the possibility of buying something really expensive to get the perfect glow for this special occasion, but you did the work for me! Thank you thank you for sharing! <3

  • Liz Lewis

    19.03.2014 at 14:05 Reply

    This comment came at the PERFECT time. I have been looking at my pasty complexion for days thinking, I must do something about this. I’m running to Sally Beauty to pick this up ASAP!

  • Mindy

    19.03.2014 at 14:24 Reply

    Yay, THANKS CARA!! I’m so excited to try this, I’ll be heading to Sally’s tomorrow to grab a bottle. I’m a little nervous about it streaking after working out….but willing to risk it to see of I can have a nice tan!

  • Ashley Webb

    19.03.2014 at 14:30 Reply

    Oooh, yay! Thanks for sharing! Too bad I didn’t see this a week ago before our Mexican cruise, but glad to have it now! :)

  • Cat

    19.03.2014 at 14:30 Reply

    Great post! Been searching the tanner horizon myself, using St Tropez mousse a while which I love but it costs a damn fortune. Can’t find any Tanwise through Amazon or Google available in Canada :(

    • Rowan Morse

      20.03.2014 at 20:31 Reply

      You can order it from Sally’s. You pay about $12 for shipping to Canada, but its worth it if you buy some other stuff (Sallys has sooo much)
      Oh! and enter code 555386 for 20% off at Sally Beauty Supply when shopping online!

  • KK

    19.03.2014 at 14:31 Reply

    So I got it today and as soon as my girls were napping I had to do my legs. Wow. This stuff is super dark. I like it, but a little goes a long way. So what I did was mix the foam with a regular body lotion to tone it down some and give me more slide. I’m 2 hours in and so far so good! It smells really good too. Its a awesome product just get ready to be a bronzed babe!

  • sarah

    19.03.2014 at 16:44 Reply

    Okay- I may be missing is…but is this a bronzer, or a self tanner? I’m looking for a good bronzer that washes away and doesn’t build a fake tan on my skin over time.

  • Lauren

    19.03.2014 at 17:49 Reply

    what did you do with her hands? just rub a little on?

  • Harley

    20.03.2014 at 06:13 Reply

    Wish I had read this before buying a $40 bottle of St. Tropez! But I will be trying this out once my bottle is empty. $10 beats $40 every time!!

  • Laura Jayne

    20.03.2014 at 10:01 Reply

    I just stocked up on the Jergens self tanner still have some St. Tropez left and I just bought Tomas. I normally use St. Tropez once then try to maintain with the Jergens all week long. I use it as a daily moisturizer. When I run out I’ll use the Tanwise to replace my St. Tropez and still maintain with Jergens. (Is that too much?) I finally opened my Tomas and used it for the first time this morning and it did come out all polka-dot on my face! (great look for work lol) I tried rubbing it in with my fingers but noticed that was just rubbing it off. I would hate to waste the money on a brand new bottle. Is there a better way to apply it on my face? At least until it runs out? I’d hate for this bottle to go to waste and I’m not sure if I have the receipt to return it at Sallys. Help!

  • Katie

    20.03.2014 at 11:39 Reply

    I tried it on my legs last night using the St. Tropez application glove and had zero streaks! Seriously idiot proof with the bronzing foam. Great bronze color even for super fair complexions. I also tried the bronzing gel on my face and had great results. Thanks so much for the recommendations-love your blog!

  • Kim Quinlan

    20.03.2014 at 14:17 Reply

    How did you out it on your face? With the glove?

  • Debra

    20.03.2014 at 16:58 Reply

    I went to sally’s today and bought this product! There were only 2 bottles left and my mother also grabbed one! I am super excited to try this out, I have such a hard time tanning; so I am so glad I ran across this post. I have had a few bad experiences with self tanners, but most of these reviews seem good! I will post my review after I use it!

  • Aimee

    20.03.2014 at 23:30 Reply

    Hey Cara, I got a bottle of the mousse the other day at Sally’s. The actual foam itself is a dark green/black color. I’ve used other self tanning products that say if the product is that color, then the product is bad. What color is the foam supposed to be? Not sure if it’s supposed to be green/black or if I just have a bad bottle.

  • Sarah

    21.03.2014 at 07:20 Reply

    Cara! I am so excited about this product ! I just ordered it online and cannot WAIT to try it out (: Also, Congratulations on the new bundle of joy!!! I am so happy for you and your growing family! Thank you for continuing to post on your blog (: I look forward for an email each day to see if there is something new !!!! Xoxoxox, Sarah

  • Mindy

    21.03.2014 at 07:54 Reply

    I ordered the Tomas right after the post you did on it. Major splurge for a mom of three who NEVER spends money on herself. Unfortunately, after about two uses, it started doing the splatter thing. So frustrating. I ordered it online, so it’s too much of a pain in the $@% to return it at this point.
    So since that was a fail, I’m leery about trying something else – even though, living in Oregon, my skin is cocaine white right now. I’ll add it to my list, though, in case I ever run across it in stores.

  • Brooke

    21.03.2014 at 09:26 Reply

    I went to Sally’s yesterday in Dallas, and they are completely out of Tanwise! This post is going viral. 😉

  • Mekenna

    21.03.2014 at 12:13 Reply

    Okay one question… How does she keep her complexion & texture/tone so clear? It’s gorgeous with our without a tan.

  • Shae

    21.03.2014 at 14:36 Reply

    So I’ve done the whole CSI Shower stuff and basically everything your tan tutorial says and my tan applies really well and even and looks beautiful! However I noticed that after I take my first shower (with no exfoliating) I lose a ton of the color. It’s not a big deal because I still appear tan and even indoors, but when I go outside, my knees, ankles and even beside my arm pits stayed much darker than the rest of my body! Do you have any suggestions? I am using sun labs. I’d love to try Tanwise but I only just purchased the sun labs about two weeks ago so I don’t want to waste it.

  • Heather Workman

    21.03.2014 at 15:04 Reply

    I ran to Sally’s specific for this and all must have read your blog, they were sold out of mousse so I got lotion :( hope I can get it blended and not look streaky orange. Read all comments and tutorial, TU

  • Maria

    21.03.2014 at 16:33 Reply

    I just ordered this from Amazon! Very excited for it to come in! Just a quick question, how often do you need to re-apply it? Every day? Every week?


  • Noelle

    21.03.2014 at 18:03 Reply

    Hi Cara!
    I’m a big an of self tanning, so when I saw this post it made me excited. My skin is pale and freckled, and a lot of products that are meant for darker people look orange and streaky on me. Do you think this would work with my skin tone? Also, how do you get the tops of your hands tan without getting orange palms? Love your blog!

  • kayla

    21.03.2014 at 18:19 Reply

    So does this last for a few days or do you have to apply it on a daily basis?

  • Hannah

    21.03.2014 at 20:07 Reply

    Just went out and bought this yesterday, and I already love it! It has a very subtle scent, and has brown tones, not orange! Since it’s a mousse and not a lotion it soaks in super fast and doesn’t stain clothes or sheets. I have relatively fair skin and it still is a good color. I used to use the Jergens stuff, but I hated having to put such a thick lotion on every night. Thank you so much for this post, cannot wait to use it more!

  • Mary Shumway

    21.03.2014 at 21:01 Reply

    I just tried this tonight, and at first I was really scared! I have NEVER used a self tanner before, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was really brown when I put it on, I felt like I almost looked dirty, but after it soaked in and I applied it to the rest of my body it looked WONDERFUL! not too dark, but dark enough to notice a good difference. I seriously would NOT have been able to do this without your tips and directions (the directions on the tanner are very vague) Thank you, thank you! I am excited to see what it looks like tomorrow!

  • Jess

    22.03.2014 at 09:33 Reply

    I am super pale on my legs (the rest of me can tan, but my calves seem to need a little help now and then) but I also like to go swimming. My biggest problem with self-tanners is that after going swimming it all washes off or gets concentrated into my pores. I moisturize daily and I really try hard to keep my legs happy, but I hate having orange pores! Have you tried going swimming with this self-tanner? I’d love to know if it will do the same or if it will be my miracle tanner for my legs!!! Thank you!!!

  • Ellen

    22.03.2014 at 16:01 Reply

    Just bought it at Sally today for half price! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Jen

    23.03.2014 at 03:27 Reply

    Hi Cara,

    Since I have read through every comment to make sure you hadn’t already answered my question for someone else,and in fact no one asked, have you tried the TANWISE spray version instead of just the mousse and lotion??? If so, any streaking etc??? THANKS!!!!

    • Jenn Peterson

      26.03.2014 at 16:13 Reply

      Hello Jen,
      I went to Sally’s this week to get some Tanwise and sadly they were out of the mousse so I asked about the spray. The worker said she tired the spray and it was a mess and went all green. She did however love the mousse. I guess you could always see if you have the same issues but I don’t think I dare buy the spray. Hope this helps and here is to Sally’s restocking soon!

  • tara

    23.03.2014 at 12:43 Reply

    Do you no recommend the sun labs anymore? I just purchased a bottle about a month ago, haven’t tried yet! But bought from the recommendation on your youtube video!!

  • Harper

    23.03.2014 at 16:06 Reply

    I am so glad to know that I was not the only one returning the Tomas bottle (3 times)…..THANK YOU for the update on the best tanner!!!!!!!

  • Katrina Burns

    23.03.2014 at 16:31 Reply

    I would love to try these products.I have always been afraid of self tanners.I’m really pale too.

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  • cbina

    24.03.2014 at 06:11 Reply

    I just bought and used Tanwise this weekend! I’m very pale with freckles:
    – If you’ve used St. Tropez’s mousse, it’s practically IDENTICAL in application (but 1/4 the price!). You only need one pump of Tanwise mousse on the mitt at a time instead of two, because it seems to be wetter and more pigmented. The color is just like St. Tropez going on, a medium brown.
    – Smells delicious going on – like coconut.
    – Less of it washes down the shower than with St. Tropez.

    Thanks much, this is great!

  • Fran

    24.03.2014 at 14:12 Reply

    I’ll never understand the obsession with tans. She looked better before to me, less artificial.

    Can someone explain to me why tans are ‘better’?

  • Liana Holcomb McCann

    24.03.2014 at 22:39 Reply

    Hi Cara! No matter what self tanner I use I always have the same problem…I tend to wear skinny jeans everyday and I always get a weird line down my inner thighs where my jean seam is, have you ever had this problem?? I assume it’s because the seam rubs against the self tanner and causes weird things to happen, but I was wondering if you know a way to prevent this! Also, am I supposed to apply the tanner to my armpits as well? Sometimes I get weird lines around my upper arm area, I struggle :( Thank you!!

  • Jennifer Worthen

    25.03.2014 at 08:27 Reply

    Well I just had a birthday and because of your post my sister bought me the tanning foam! I love it! I still really want to win the contest because I want the face lotion and Sally’s is sold out of all ya wise
    Products! Probably your fault 😉 when will we find out the winner?

  • Jessie

    25.03.2014 at 11:47 Reply

    I went to Sally Beauty today all Tanwise products are on sale for $4.99!! I stocked up. :)

  • Alysia

    25.03.2014 at 16:33 Reply

    Hi, I am a little curious about this product. I totally trust your judgment, and I have read A LOT of your posts. Can you tell me how to correctly apply it? You said to use a mitt and do circular motions?

  • Rachel

    25.03.2014 at 22:24 Reply

    My mom and I tried it and both LOVED it!! I found that applying it with cheapo plastic gloves worked just fine and didn’t stain my hands! When I was done I used the face formula for the tops of my hands because it’s a little bit lighter ! I did have a little bit of streaking on the under side of my arms but I think it’s because I didn’t really do a circular motion. I’m going to try it on my ghostly friend tomorrow to see if it’s truly a miracle product !

  • Misty

    26.03.2014 at 07:14 Reply

    Bought some this weekend! Love it!!

  • Megan Michelle

    26.03.2014 at 14:26 Reply

    Thank you soooo much for sharing this! I have the same problem (looking vein-y like) so every summer I try to tan but I only burn. Going to try this asap! :)

  • Kaysi Oliphant

    26.03.2014 at 20:29 Reply

    Please do a video and show us how you do you’re hands, feet and face!

  • Mindy

    27.03.2014 at 06:00 Reply

    Just like a lot of your readers, my Sally’s was sold out, so I had to order some. It came yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it. I did forget to buy a tanning mitt, but I used an old fluffy sock with plastic gloves under it…worked perfect. I’ve never been very good at applying self tanner, but this is fantastic! The color is beautiful! Thanks so much Cara, you’ve saved me from thinking about going to the tanning beds!!

  • Jes

    27.03.2014 at 09:22 Reply

    I’ve been on the hunt this winter for a good self tanner and I’ve been comparing various tanners by applying a different one to each of my legs at night and looking at the results post-shower in the morning. So far Banana Boat’s Dark tanning lotion has been the darkest tan when compared to Jergens (dark) and Fake Bake Flawless. Although, I must say the Fake Bake is the easiest to apply and the best smelling!

    Last night I applied the Tanwise on one leg and the Banana Boat on the other and, after showering this morning, it appears that the Tanwise is slightly darker and more brown (less orange) than the Banana Boat! The Tanwise also smells so much better; However, the “indicator” color is quite a bit darker than the Banana Boat and a lot more of it came off on my clothes during the night compared to the Banana Boat. I didn’t wait the full 20-30 minutes after applying before putting on my clothes as the bottle recommends though – I only made it about 15 minutes.

    The only thing left to compare is how well it fades and how quickly, but so far it’s looking like Tanwise is my new favorite tanner! Thanks so much for all your work Cara!

  • Kelli

    27.03.2014 at 14:46 Reply

    Hi Cara,

    I never used self tanners much before, but I am pregnant now and with summer coming up I would love to have some color. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. When should I apply it? Is it something I could apply after I shower Saturday morning and put on my outfit after it dries? Does it smell bad? If I apply it the night before then shower the next day will it streak?

  • Cary

    27.03.2014 at 18:28 Reply

    I hate the way self tanners smell!!!! How does this one smell???

    • Tina

      28.03.2014 at 07:14 Reply

      It smells like coconuts to me.

  • Tina

    28.03.2014 at 07:13 Reply

    Hey Cara! I got the Tanwise over the weekend and tried it last night. I love it!!! I have always been a huge Fake Bake fan but this was soooo much easier and the coconut scent is so very much better than whatever that is that Fake Bake is suppose to smell like. I am a hairstylist and this time of the year my knuckles are always so dry and I forgot to put lotion on them before I applied the Tanwise so they look a little dirty but I scrubbed them with baking soda this morning and they will be faded by the end of the day since I keep my hands in that shampoo bowl so much! I also loved that it dried so quickly and I didn’t feel sticky all night. I put it on my face too and it did fine. I’m planning to wait a few days and redo, this time I will exfoliate and moisturize really well in the morning and then apply the Tanwise after I get home from work. Think I’ll break out a makeup sponge for the back of my hands too. Thanks so much for all of your advice! I love your blog and I tell my clients to check you out all the time!

  • Kimberly Gutierrez

    28.03.2014 at 12:44 Reply

    So I just ordered the mousse and face gel, and I can’t wait to try them! I’ve never used a self tanner on my face and I’m a little nervous. Any application tips or tricks for applying tanner to my face?

  • Allyssa Spranger

    29.03.2014 at 09:22 Reply

    How many applications can you get from one bottle of the mousse?

  • Amanda

    29.03.2014 at 09:51 Reply

    I have a question. I used this and loved it!! But is there any secret tip to make it look good like on your elbows and heels?

  • Kate

    30.03.2014 at 05:17 Reply

    I was just wondering if everyone puts on their self tanner after they shower — I usually put it on before bed and then shower it off in the morning. I just hate the smell of self tanner so much. Are you able to wear Tanwise all day without repulsing people? Thanks for the awesome post Cara!

  • Iris

    30.03.2014 at 15:24 Reply

    Anyone purchase Tanwise from Sallys in Canada?

  • Jenn

    31.03.2014 at 17:26 Reply

    I tried Tanwise after finding what seemed to be the only Sallys in AZ that wasn’t sold out. I messed up and I will try again so I can’t say if I like it or not. However, I bought the shimmer lotion too. My shimmer lotion came out purple! It was very odd. When rubbed in it seemed to make my leg look weird and not shimmery. I just thought I would warn people to stay away from the shimmer or does someone think I bought a bad bottle? I don’t think I could have applied this wrong…

  • Kelsie

    01.04.2014 at 00:48 Reply

    I used tan wise today, it was easily to apply with my hands and baking soda washed it off afterwards, but if a drop of water got on my skin, it would streak down. After I reapplied from that I waited one hour until I felt dry enough to put clothes on. I then smelled like self tanner all day and after 10 hours since application I had to shower to rid of the smell. It all washed off. :(

    • Kaysi

      01.04.2014 at 06:34 Reply

      Apply before you go to bed, then you don’t have to deal with the smell all day. Do your whole body except for your hands, wash with baking soda, then with a glove do your hands so there’s no need to wash your palms again. I think the Tanwise has both sunless tanner and bronzer so when you shower some of the bronzer will wash off. You’ll need to keep doing applications until you reach your desired color :-)

  • Cayli Johnson

    01.04.2014 at 17:48 Reply

    I just bought all three products I am so excited to use it on my translucent skin! Thanks for the tips! Love your blog!


  • Amy

    02.04.2014 at 06:44 Reply

    THANK YOU!! I have tried endless self tanners and this one is by far the best one! I was just about done trying to find one that actually works until I read this so thanks for doing all the work!! 😉 I absolutely love your blog and all the awesome tips and tricks! You are awesome

  • Sarah

    03.04.2014 at 06:57 Reply

    Cara, I tried tanwise mousse last night for the first time and while I love the color, I have streaking! Now, I’m a newbie to this self application of tanning products and maybe it could be due to how I applied.. Will the streaking go away after a shower?

  • Sunless Tanning | Bronze and Blush

    03.04.2014 at 10:53 Reply

    […] recently read this article about the Tanwise product line.  There is a Sally very close to my house and I get discounts […]

  • Jen

    03.04.2014 at 16:04 Reply

    I just bought this and while I loved the color, it dried my skin out and caused breakouts. Am I the only one?

    • Kaysi

      03.04.2014 at 18:42 Reply

      I broke out really bad. But, I used some of the gel & mousse and then used the Tomas a couple days later so i dont know which ones the culprit. My awesome fake tan is now faded :( I’m waiting for my face to clear, then try one at a time to figure out which one.

  • Jennifer

    08.04.2014 at 06:19 Reply

    I have always wanted to try sunless tanning but have been afraid because of all the horror stories I’ve heard over the years. I am a forty-something granny and having a a nice glow seem out of reach! I purchased Tanwise on sale for 4.95!!! I LOVE this product!! I figured out very quickly it takes some practice, but the glow lotion helps for little oopsies. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful beauty advice. I love your practicality and your insight into real women with every day beauty concerns.

  • The Prettilist | Maskcara

    08.04.2014 at 09:09 Reply

    […] is closest to me!) {post} Drugstore Moisturizer: St. Yves Timeless Self Tanner: Tanwise Mousse {post} Self Tanner for face: Tomas for a more olive tone {post} Tanwize Gel for a more bronze […]

  • Summer

    08.04.2014 at 11:13 Reply

    I just wanted to add that I tried Tanwise after stumbling upon your blog (love it , btw,- how has it taken me this long to find you? LOL) and immediately went out to purchase the Tanwise mousse. It is fantastic!! I was a little afraid of the green-tinged color but it applied evenly with my rubber gloves and when I washed off the bronzer the next morning- no streaking! I also purchased the face gel and applied it with bare hands and it looked great too. I have an olive complexion (albeit a little pale from the winter) and the tan color did not appear significantly darker on me. I wanted to know if you (or any one out there, for that matter) has tried layering to achieve a darker tone on the skin. If so, will I have to do this over several days or can I just apply the mousse with a little thicker application? Suggestions would be awesome– Thanks in advance!!
    One last thing- have you tried the Xen-Tan intense mousse? While I love the Tanwise and am not necessarily still looking for a great self-tanner, the Xen-Tan mousse was on sale at Ulta for $8 plus and extra 20% off with coupon so I picked up a bottle in the medium-dark. It is also a green-tinged formula so I wanted to see how it compares. Thanks again!

  • Kelsie

    08.04.2014 at 13:17 Reply

    I am so eager to try this! I am super pale and am hoping to be really dark this summer. There is a lotion by Tanwise as well that I am debating getting other than the mousse.. Does anyone know if the mousse is darker than the lotion? Are there any noticeable differences between the two? Thanks so much for any advice and thank YOU Cara for this post! :)

  • Michelle McConnell

    09.04.2014 at 05:37 Reply

    I ordered this today! Im sooooo nervous about the application, I’ve never used a self tanner other than a lotion that i had REALLY awful luck with. I totally trust you, though, and all of the products you have recommended that I have tried have been the bomb! Cant wait, and congratulations on bebe numero 2 😉

  • EMMY

    09.04.2014 at 16:45 Reply

    Cara, I bought all the products and mitt you recommend. The color doesn’t show up very well on my skin. I’m medium olive tone. I’ve had this same issue with other self tanners. The only one that seems to make me look bronzey is St. Tropez, but it has a weird green color in the mousse that stains everything. Do you have a recommended product that might show up better on girls like me who need more color? Thank you!

  • Tori

    10.04.2014 at 21:04 Reply

    Hey Cara! Thought I would let you know I tried tanwise! It’s super great! I have not used many self tanners but this one was better than I ever imagined! My tan actually shows which never happens. The mitt will take some getting used to. I usually put others on with my hands and this one is too dark to do that! Which is a good thing! But I thought I would pass on a tip I found for girls who want it darker. Use one of those black sponge paint brushes. IT goes on much darker and it’s streak free. It went too dark for my fair skin, but it would work for darker skin types. It takes longer too… But I’m also unable to sit still too long:) hope that helps! And thanks for keeping me beautiful! Kisses!

  • Channing

    10.04.2014 at 21:29 Reply

    I legit just did my entire body in sun labs! I mix it with regular lotion, so its easier to put on and not as dark . However this stuff sounds awesome – going to have to try when my sun labs runs out!

  • Rebecca Garstka

    11.04.2014 at 22:11 Reply

    Hi! I am wondering how people get notified if they win a contest? I think I might be the winner of the TanWise package, but of course there’s a chance there is another Rebecca G. that entered! Thank you. :)

  • Katelyn

    13.04.2014 at 04:42 Reply

    Cara-I have an event on Saturday that I would love to look tan at! I am going to buy this product soon! When do you recommend I actually use it? The day of or a few days in advance? I do not want it to look orange in pictures, but still want a nice tan. Thanks!!

  • cindyge

    13.04.2014 at 15:13 Reply

    I currently use TanTowels…how do they compare the TanWise?

  • Lauren

    13.04.2014 at 19:36 Reply

    I take your beauty recommendations to heart and often end up buying the products you recommend. I just have to tell you how happy I am with the tanwise face tanning gel!! It’s the first time I’ve used a tanner on my face that looks natural, not streaky, and doesn’t make me break out!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful product. Excited to take this little gem with me on vacation this summer!

  • Kaylee

    15.04.2014 at 16:19 Reply

    I bought this after reading this post and did a trial test on my back and stomach, turned out great! I didn’t buy the face gel, I just mixed in some of the other gel with a lotion (using more lotion than tanning product) and tanned my face that way. Favorite at home tanning product now :)

  • lehcar90

    16.04.2014 at 20:59 Reply

    amazing self tanner. thank you for the recommendation cara, it is going to replace my high-end ones now that i’ve tried it!

  • Emily

    18.04.2014 at 11:08 Reply

    I wanted to review since I have been a devoted St. Tropez mousse user for quite some time and I swear by it. But I decided to give this a try since it is a very similar concept. OH MY GOSH… I will never waste my money on St. Tropez again… this stuff is just as good.. if not better. Also, the face gel is amazing for daily use… it really gives a subtle, natural glow. The only complaint I have about the Tan Wise vs. St. Tropez is the color is a “more obvious” self-tanner look ONLY when you first put it on… so I can’t put it on and go to work in the morning. So now I just do it at night before bed. But once you shower off in the morning it looked like you just got back from the tropics. HIGHLY recommend to anyone. Thanks for your research on this Cara!! :)

  • Danielle

    19.04.2014 at 10:57 Reply

    Tanwise mousse is what I use and I love it! but… im getting sick of self tanning because of issues like going to the gym or going swimming or being in really hot weather because it comes off or gets on clothes plus when its really dark its usually the color guide so it washes off. Im pale, not ivory but still pale and i try to go to the tanning bed but i swear i cant seem to get a base tan anyone have advice? Ill use tanwise for special occasions but i want a quote “real tan that wont wash away”

  • Emily

    19.04.2014 at 22:17 Reply

    Is this an instant tanner or a gradual tanner?

  • Megan

    22.04.2014 at 13:38 Reply

    Can I just say that this is the best self tanner..EVER! Such a beautiful color, no streaking or weird smell! This tan in a bottle might look even better than a real tan! Thanks for finding this!!

  • Kelsey

    24.04.2014 at 14:15 Reply

    Does anyone feel they are orange after using this?

  • Nicole

    25.04.2014 at 07:27 Reply

    I purchased this last night and it was a little scary at first — I found that using latex gloves works better than a mitt (in experience). It comes out really dark brown/greenish but once you put it on your skin in small circular motions (start with small amounts and build up) it blends beautifully! It smells like fresh coconuts which is nice. I also bought the face gel AND the tan remover scrub which has helped on the areas where I found there to be problems (ankles/knees/elbows/hands). Buy 2, get one free at Sally’s! Woke up this morning and showered and I was SO happy. I’m usually a mystic/tanning bed gal, but this is the most natural looking color I’ve ever had from a sunless tanner. AMAZING product. Takes some practice in the application aroud knees, ankles, feet, and hands, but otherwise — incredible product. I actually cancelled my tanning account. :) Happy gal, here. Thanks, Cara!!!!

  • warm weather: florida vacation | intemporelle

    26.04.2014 at 18:00 Reply

    […] NOTE ON SUNLESS TANNER: I prepped for my trip using Tanwise selfless tanner and I must say, I loved it. I used the dark tanning mousse for my body and the gel for my face. After one application, you could see that my skin looked darker. There was no harsh scent; in fact it smelled pretty good. It set in even more in a few hours, and by using it about once every other day, I had a nice natural looking tan. I used my bare hands to apply, and washed after every few minutes, but I would recommend using gloves because you could still kind of see the colour on my palms. I would definitely buy this one again! I found it on Maskara’s website and decided to go for it, since it looked great even on really pale skin like mine. Check out her post here! […]

  • Samantha

    28.04.2014 at 10:28 Reply

    Cara, thank-you for the review. I tried it and I don’t like. It’s that godawful smell !
    I like to pamper myself, and spend a fortune to get my nails done. Why am I going to penny pinch on a sunless tanner, that’s going on my face or body. This product line, appears to be a really cheap imitation of the luxury brand self-tanners.

  • DimplePrints-Carli

    30.04.2014 at 14:18 Reply

    It’s now almost $30 a bottle on Amazon-it is worth $30? I’ll have to check my local Sally’s.

  • Ames

    01.05.2014 at 21:54 Reply

    I just used this for the first time using all the tips from the you tube video. It was terrible. I usually use the jergens lotion so this was my first time using something with a bronzer and I had such a hard time. I used gloves instead of a mit, not sure if that is important or not. Oh geez. I’m afraid to see what this looks like in the light of day. Good thing it was only $12. I hope you’ll put together a video tutorial on how to apply the mouse and especially to hands, back, ears…etc. I really wanted to love this but geez I just could get it to go on smoothly even in smal circular motions.

  • Ames

    02.05.2014 at 07:00 Reply

    Dang! I waited literally two hours before getting dressed after using this last night, and I woke up this morning and my g’s are totally stained! Same with my sheets. I’m so disappointed. Why didn’t this work for me ? Waah.

  • b0mshell

    03.05.2014 at 20:59 Reply

    me again. tried it again tonight. worked sooo much better. hoping it wont stain this time.

  • Sunday Reading - Christinas Adventures

    04.05.2014 at 12:25 Reply

    […] bought this self tanner this week because of this post- excited to try it […]

  • Monday Favorites

    12.05.2014 at 07:01 Reply

    […] for all my paste-y skin friends like me, this stuff will change your life! Get some! (Read a real-life review here.) It gave me the perfect glow (with ZERO orange-y-ness) and my skin looked great against that navy […]

  • Ashley

    12.05.2014 at 12:48 Reply

    Hey! Do you put the gel on and then apply the mitt stuff or does the face gel replace the mitt stuff? (Very technical language I’m using–I know :))

  • Ericka

    14.05.2014 at 22:01 Reply

    I took off to sallys and thought to give it a whirl. Started off okay, but I noticed that with latex gloves, it didn’t blend as nicely…almost like the latex picks up the foam and moves it around without letting it soak into the some areas of the skin. I can kinda see darker spots, as if maybe I overlapped a bit more in areas…..I know im crazy for doing this but I tanned for a wedding im attending on Saturday…I sure hope tomorrow when I shower, that it will help smooth out any darker streaks on me. If it does, then I’ll be one happy camper. I like the coloring , it just need it to look a bit more blended…looks a little dirty in spots :( Could have been my method of applying….any tips on how to smooth out an already placed fake tan???

    • kendraalexa

      16.05.2014 at 16:35 Reply

      I have used it with the St. Tropez mitt and latex gloves and result was the same. I prefer latex gloves though because i Have a hard time keeping the mitt on my hand and the gloves stay put. Also, I think what you are experiencing is normal. After you put it on it is really easy to notice darker spots etc. That is because of the bronzer. Once you shower (at least in my experience) any of those darker spots will blend in and you will be pleasantly surprised! Unless you really really screwed up :) Good luck! My only complaint about this stuff is that it does stain my clothes or bedsheets within the first 4-6 hours I leave it on…. bleh I hate that.

  • i heart heart Sunnies | Maskcara

    15.05.2014 at 03:55 Reply

    […] we got Anne all BRONZED up the other day, we also got her all dressed up and Jessica Janae took some amazingly cool photos […]

  • Wendy B.

    16.05.2014 at 09:12 Reply

    Being the fairest skinned person I know, I read this and was so excited! I ran out and bought it from Sally’s the next day. Because of how pale I truly am, I followed your self-tanner prep, but applied a thin layer of lotion on every area I planned to add the Tanwise to, just out of fear of it being too dark, using body butter on my joints. I used regular nitrile gloves (the mitt I ordered hadn’t arrived yet) and it blended in really well with the swirling motions and absorbed quickly. The color was subtly tan (because of the lotion base, I’m sure) but really pretty and not at all orange — more like a glow. With using regular lotion each day, the color has faded gradually with no weird splotchiness and has never stained my clothing or sheets. I plan to reapply it again tomorrow and forego the lotion primer because i feel confident the color will turn out well even on my fair skin. Thank you SO MUCH for your blog and tips! You’re a rock star!!

  • Emily

    21.05.2014 at 06:08 Reply

    I found this post from pinterest and was intrigued about this tanner. I ordered it from Amazon (now $20 per bottle), and it came in the mail yesterday. I used it last night and this morning, and I was also BLOWN AWAY by the results. I just talked to my friend who is a professional in the spray-tan business, and she said “coming from someone who is usually very judgmental about self-tanners, I can tell you that your tan looks amazing.” This stuff is the real deal. Thanks for your post!

  • Ashley

    25.05.2014 at 06:57 Reply

    Hi Cara! Thank you for this post! Ive been using Tanwise for a couple of months and it is fabulous. I do have a request though: do a post on the best “organic” self tanner. It feels kind of silly avoiding the dangerous tanning beds only to put chemicals I can’t pronounce all on my skin. :)

    Thanks! Love your blog!

  • melissa

    29.05.2014 at 06:13 Reply

    :-( the price has went up.

    • Megan

      29.05.2014 at 06:51 Reply

      It’s the same price at Sally’s.. Just don’t buy on amazon :)

  • Angela Thurmon

    29.05.2014 at 19:43 Reply

    I started using Tanwise a couple months ago and absolutely loved it! Now I’m half way through the bottle and its going on all blotchy, like something’s happened to the product. It’s awful. I bought a new mitt thinking that was what was wrong, my mitt was getting to worn, same thing happened! Has anyone else had this issue? I wonder if it gets old fast. Maybe I should go try a new bottle?!

    • Cassi

      30.05.2014 at 01:37 Reply

      I think you just need to exfoliate really well, see if that helps!

    • TSTAR

      31.05.2014 at 22:21 Reply

      I had the same problem after about three weeks of use. You just need to exfoliate really well and then you can go another few weeks before you have to do a deep cleanse again. I suggest taking a small amount of baking soda and apply it to the the skin….use a washcloth and the dead skin cells will come right off. I forgot how white I really was until after I did a really good exfoliation because the pigment will stay on any skin that is left on. Hope this helps : )

      • kendraalexa

        01.06.2014 at 14:02 Reply

        THanks for your comment(s)! I had the same experience. I used it 3 times with great results and then the last time I used it, it didn’t seem as dark, seemed a little uneven, and faded faster. Now reading the comments and thinking back on it, I am sure I got a little lazy with my exfoliating! I will try the baking soda and I just got a new exfoliating scrub so I’m looking forward to trying it! Thanks!

  • Becky

    31.05.2014 at 12:30 Reply

    I am new to all kinds of tanning (except the sun). I would love a video of how you put it on as well as any tips for a self-tanning newbie.

  • Tanning Lotion Test | Rhode To Style

    31.05.2014 at 17:24 Reply

    […] was on Pinterest the other night (of course) and came across this great post of a woman who went on the hunt for a perfect self tanner. I have to say that I am not a big fan of […]

  • My Pale Girl Tan – Tanwise Sunless Lotion | Keep It Simple Summer

    05.06.2014 at 06:33 Reply

    […] at least I wouldn’t be out 3 months of Sugar-free Vanilla lattes.  The review and write-up here also helped convince me (although she uses the mousse not the […]

  • Dara

    10.06.2014 at 04:28 Reply

    THANK you so much for this review! I went on all the reviews from this page, bought it… very skeptical because everything I have ever used turned me into a 6 foot tall umpa lumpa who was part albino zebra! I was worried when I started cause it was the color of black army green .. but within minutes I started seeing the color develop.

    for those on the fence about this product. you will need to do the ‘csi bath’ shave 2x, dry your hair before you start, and i couldn’t find the mitts at sally’s so i just went to dollar general and got the sponge paint brushes for 1.50….i mean we are painting ..ha! don’t be scared with the color of the liquid … if you think makeup, you use ‘green’ to help take away the red, and with my knowledge i think that’s preventing the umpa shade.

    pros … amazing 2 week Bahamas vacation glowing tan. not orange, works well on fair skin, just looks real! and only 11$ at sallys. plus you get to save your skin

    cons… takes forever to put on (im a perfectionist and i wanted it to work, im sure it wont take as long next time…well hopefully it wont). and you look dirty before you wash it off).

    neutral…it doesn’t bring tan lines up to blend in with your skin tone. if you are doing tan lines, maybe do just the tan line area a few times before doing all over.

    to give you a cosmetic level of this, if you are familiar with Merle Norman cosmetics, i went from ultra cream powder foundation with a touch of bronzer, to ultra honey … and follow the advice about dotting around the face and leaving the center point of your face (except the bridge of your nose) without product. im glad i did that cause it makes it that much more believable.

    for the first time using it.. make sure you put extra cream on your toes, knuckles and base line at your feet. and before it really dries, use qtips to buff around toenails, fingernails, knuckles…i did work the product into my hairline and that didn’t mess with my color (i have darkish golden blondish brown).

    best thing ever. and even if it takes me that long to do it in 3 days, so be it .. worth it ….. and i actually had something in my basket at ulta.com for almost $60….. so glad i came across this review before wasting money!!!! thank you again maskcara!!!

  • Jane R

    10.06.2014 at 13:16 Reply

    I usually use the Banana Boat Summer Color but I thought I’d give this a try. Honestly I’m not a huge fan, but maybe if you are a perfectionist and can apply it perfectly it would look really nice. It does give a great tan color, but I found it very difficult to blend, which left obvious edges to the color (especially on my feet and hands, despite using some lotion). If you don’t use gloves or a mitt it will stain your hands.

    My bottle of mousse was rather runny instead of foamy, and I hated the smell. It also stained my sheets even though I applied it 3+ hours before bed. Maybe I got a bad bottle but I don’t think I’d buy this again.

  • Self Tanning Stuff | Maskcara

    18.06.2014 at 22:11 Reply

    […] {UPDATE! I have found a new self tanner that I love even more and the price is even better! Check out my most recent post on that HERE} […]

  • Hayley

    22.06.2014 at 03:14 Reply

    I tried to read through all the comments to see if my questions were answered, but there are A LOT! I am a natural red head, so VERY fair. I have always thought self tanners looked silly on me although I love a good spray tan. Anyway, how does this hold up to going in to a pool? Will the color come off right away and make me look like a goof ball? Also, how does it hold up to waxing? I am an avid eye brow waxer! Thanks!

  • Joanne

    23.06.2014 at 12:41 Reply

    LOVE Tanwise and have recommended it myself. If not for YOU…I would have never tried this. THANKS!!! :)

  • Patricia

    28.06.2014 at 07:42 Reply

    What are the other products you tried?

  • Annie

    04.07.2014 at 21:26 Reply

    I would like to add on to this article. I have tried Tanwise Mousse before and at first it was so good, i fell in love with it! But I have dry skin and this dries your skin out even more, so beware! Also, because my skin was so dry it was producing a lot more oils and my skin began to peel and as pale as the girl is in the pictures is about how pale I am so you can imagine how blotchy it started to look as it was peeling off. It looked awful and I had to hide my skin in June because of it! I was so embarrassed! I love love love the shimmer perfection cream, it was incredible. However, I’m afraid to use the rest of my bottle of the tanning mousse! Hope this helps anybody who has dry skin! I’d prefer being pale than having to look blotchy like that again.

  • Ann

    05.07.2014 at 19:11 Reply

    I have been trying to find the best self tanner for 20+ years. I tried the Tanwise lotion once and I couldn’t get it rubbed in and it looked awful. Do you have any tips with the lotion so I can try your tip? I am a 46 year old woman and kinda wanna feel better about myself. I appreciate it so much:)

  • 7 Bold Lip Colors | Twist Me Pretty

    07.07.2014 at 06:53 Reply

    […] getting all sorts of brown.  Do you notice the amazing color of my skin though, in these photos?  Maskcara was right, this sunless tanner is BOMB.  Like ah-freaking-mazing!  I highly […]

  • Suzanne

    09.07.2014 at 09:55 Reply

    May I ask which self tanners appeared red? I’m pale and will tan remarkably red– every tanner I’ve tried comes off yellow. Great post and thank you so much!

  • Favorite Summer Beauty Products | Lana's Letters

    10.07.2014 at 10:42 Reply

    […] proves the olive tone it has.  This beauty blogger actually wrote about it & recommended it here … but I will say that I discovered it before I saw it there.  ::fist pump::  (Warning: […]

  • Robin-Scottsdale

    20.07.2014 at 09:41 Reply

    Just tried the TanWise products, body scrub, tanner and face tanner. I have to say WOW! I’ve been paying a custom salon $35 per session to look like I do with this product.

    I thought, ugh, I don’t want have to apply this, it will take too long. But with the salon between fitting it into my schedule, the high cost and then the time to get it applied I was just in denial about what my tans were really costing in time and money. Note: I followed your directions and used surgical supply gloves to apply the product so I didn’t end up with brown palms. And It goes on really easily that way too.

    The color of TanWise is gorgeous and I am a light skinned strawberry blond; it goes on really nicely (I put it on right out of the shower after I’ve toweled off) and it only takes about 20 minutes..no drive time and at a fraction of the price!

    Thank you for doing the research, you are really generous to do this and share it! YAY! Now I don’t have to worry about how to remain ‘tanned’ on a cruise to northern Europe in late September.

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  • Cheri

    24.09.2014 at 10:54 Reply

    Ran by Sally’s yesterday and the clerk recommended the spray. I’ve never used a spray before, and have always used lotion. Should I go trade for the mousse? I tried looking thru the “few” posts on here :-) and found one person who said the spray was a mess. I too, always have such trouble getting my feet to look good. Splotchy, dark knuckles, bottom lines…etc. I’m going to do a mega exfoliation and try again. Have always used the latex type gloves with no problem. Then for my hands (LOVE tanned feet and hands!) I would put a blob of the lotion (have been using the Jergins) directly from the tube to the back of my hand, then use cotton pads to spread and feather lightly to fingers, etc, leaving a little extra on the top of my hand itself.

  • Porsha

    19.11.2014 at 16:51 Reply

    If u use warm water and baking soda to wash your palms then rub them quite firm with a towel between them it will come rite off :)

  • Andrew

    21.11.2014 at 01:41 Reply

    Hi guys, i wonder if anybody can give me good advice on the best tanning lotions for me to purchase, as i have bought number of websites like http://www.looklikeastunner.com, i just need advice on which tanning creams would be the best on my skin.

  • Rebekah

    28.11.2014 at 17:02 Reply

    So glad I came across this a few months ago! I love it!

  • My little grey notebook

    16.12.2014 at 02:09 Reply

    […] ik graag van jullie of er een gouden tip is als het gaat om bruiningsproducten voor je gezicht.  Maskara raadt dit aan. Nou hoef ik niet helemaal bruin, ik wil alleen mijn gezicht wat meer “bijpassend” bij […]

  • Alyssa Mok Fitness Blogger

    01.01.2015 at 12:44 Reply

    I’ve never used a self-tanner before so I’m a bit apprehensive. I play soccer at AU and I work out all the time so I’m just worried that is will come off when I sweat and get on my clothes.. will this be an issue? Have you worked out while having the tanner on??


  • Ruth

    27.01.2015 at 21:05 Reply

    I am going to be spending a week on a boat in Greece. I am very pale and will love to use this product so that I won’t look pasty. My question is, does sun screen affect the tanner? Thanks
    ~ Ruth

  • Sarah C

    20.02.2015 at 14:58 Reply

    After reading your blog, I immediately ran out to my local Sally’s and purchased the the face tanner, foam tanner and the mit. I am sooo overjoyed! I went from blah to bronzed! I have been considering doing more of the self tanner method this year because tanning beds can be so dangerous but have never been able to find a product I was happy with. I’m excited to see how long the product lasts. PS, LOVE the face tanning product. It gives the face a perfect glow instead of an overkill appearance. Thanks for your post! Cheers

  • Micaela S

    25.02.2015 at 11:31 Reply

    Hello! I started using this product and I love it color-wise, but I can smell it whenever I sweat! Even after multiple showers! This may be TMI, but also in the crotch area, and I didn’t even apply it there! Help!

  • chloe mae

    08.03.2015 at 22:59 Reply

    Do you have any tips on applying the lotion to your back? lol

  • My 7 Beach Essentials - Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark

    13.03.2015 at 08:01 Reply

    […] my friend Cara’s blog.. I am sure you have heard of it, Maskcara, and the post she did is here. She recommended it so I tried it and I love it! I like to shave and exfoliate with sugar […]

  • mary-katherine

    13.03.2015 at 08:52 Reply

    did you have to use the whole bottle? or will one bottle last a few applications? i got a little confused there!

  • Mia

    16.03.2015 at 13:19 Reply

    Do I have to change me foundation color after using it? I’m really white so it would look way different than the tan. And how long does it take to see the results? And if I sweat will it look noticable? Please answer!! Love you Cara!

  • Tanning Lotion | COSMOPOLITAN GOSPEL

    18.03.2015 at 17:37 Reply

    […]  I first heard about Tanwise on Pinterest and immediately bought a bottle. […]

  • Samantha Parks

    19.03.2015 at 08:43 Reply

    I haven’t tried the one you mentioned but I absolutely love xentan. It has an olive undertone so you never turn orange. It’s a mouse so it’s easy to apply too!

  • Jenny

    25.03.2015 at 12:48 Reply

    If you’re having trouble with your palms being dark after applying self tanner, just wash your hands with soap and then with whitening tooth paste works PERFECT!!!

  • Ali

    03.04.2015 at 17:35 Reply

    Sephora brand spray tan is my fave! 16 buck a can and a can will do my entire body!!! I’m naturally VERY white (like pasty) and it looks amazing!!! And it lasts! If I use jergens 2 times a week for maintenance it lasts me a few weeks before I need to spray again!! GIVE IT A TRY!! I <3 it!!

  • Lauren Bibb

    12.04.2015 at 13:25 Reply

    Hello, do you know if this is available in the uk?

  • Laura rietmann

    13.04.2015 at 16:29 Reply

    I loved the color when I first put it on, I waited 5 hours and then showered, I look white again. Did I do something wrong? I followed all the instructions. Has this happened to anyone else? Do I need to apply it several times to build up the color?

  • martine

    01.05.2015 at 23:20 Reply

    Hi Cara. Unfortunately, Sally doesn’t ship to Europe (where I live). And on amazon.com I have to pay a lot of shipping costs to get it here.. Do you have any other tanning products that you love? Maybe some that are almost as good as Tanwise? It seems that you tested so much products, they can’t all be crappy.. Thanks in advance!

  • The Perfect Self Tanner | AnneOpinion

    08.05.2015 at 06:00 Reply

    […] Some have been good, some have not, all have had a not so pleasant scent.  When I saw a review on Maskcara.com which Cara had tried more than 40 self tanners to find the one that she liked the best, I knew that […]

  • Jessica Salisbury

    19.05.2015 at 18:40 Reply

    I love this post! Thank you for testing all of these so I don’t have to. :)


  • melissa w

    04.06.2015 at 18:58 Reply

    After seeing this on Pinterest I finally gave it a try. I’m usually a Tomas girl. I did all your steps and applied at night. After I showered I feel like I have no color. Like it was more of a bronzer than a tanner. Skimming through the comments I saw you suggested putting it on after a shower. I’m gonna give it another try fresh out of the shower and see how it goes. The face gel worked a bit more than the body mouse but still wasn’t like the results I get from Tomas.

  • Kathy

    07.06.2015 at 19:54 Reply

    When I first put it on, it turns my skin almost green and it’s pretty blotchy. Am I just applying it wrong/ any tips?

  • Tanwise wash-off bronzing mousse- Thirteen Thoughts

    16.06.2015 at 06:41 Reply

    […] first heard of Tanwise products when I came across this post on Cara’s blog where she raved about their bronzing mousse. I decided to pick up their […]

  • Rebecca

    19.06.2015 at 16:16 Reply

    Cara! Thank you for your post! I’ve been in search for the perfect tanner..I myself love fake tans, in hopes of preserving my skins youthful look. :) I’ve always used mystic or spray tans, or the at home self tanners but in the last year everything I used to use makes me break out in hives. Like all of a sudden I have a skin allergy to sunless tanning. It’s uncomfortable and painful. Would you have any advice for me?? :) Thank you

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  • K

    20.08.2015 at 19:14 Reply

    Do you have an favourites that are totally natural? No nasty chemicals :)

  • susan horn

    06.10.2015 at 21:31 Reply

    I have moles that get darker when I spray tan what can I do about them?

  • Famous Tanner

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  • Lindsey

    30.12.2015 at 16:19 Reply

    Hey, I’m a beginner with self tanners but I’m excited about it. I just put it on and I can definitely tell a difference. Just wondering, can I put another layer on tomorrow? Or is that a bad choice?!

  • emily

    01.01.2016 at 05:18 Reply

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  • How to Get Out of a Winter Funk - Erin Cusack

    25.01.2016 at 10:46 Reply

    […] Step two: Tan. No, not in a tanning bed, please don’t do that. Try this, it is the best sunless tanner I have ever tried, and I have tried an embarrassing amount (does anyone remember the Neutrogena one in the yellow bottle that smelled like raw chicken?). I learned about Tanwise a while back from my favorite beauty blogger, Cara Brook of Maskcara. Here is her post on how to get The Perfect Tan. […]

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