Tip Tuesday: Repair that hair!

I’ve been testing different ingredient mixtures for a homemade mask to make your hair it’s healthiest for a while now and I finally came up with the perfect mix.Incredible easy-to-make treatment for damaged hair!

I know, it kind of looks like an uncooked omelet.
It really does belong on your hair though. I promise.

The Recipe:

1 Egg {for the protein -& the natural moisture)
1 Avocado {this guy is a hair power house it’s oils are light and moist and full of nutrients that will moisturize an smooth out your tresses}
3 TBS Olive oil {for shine & strength}
1 TBS Honey {Which is a natural humectant – which means it attracts and locks in moisture and helps seal split ends!}


Blend all the ingredients together until its fairly smooth. Starting with the ends, massage the goop (cause trust me it is goopy and it does feel a little like your having a food fight with yourself at first) into your hair right on up to the scalp (my scalp had seen a little too much sun and this soothed it so nicely!)
Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse and wash (preferably with Wen:)

When I got out of the shower after using this I was kind of surprised because my hair didn’t feel much different but once it started drying HOLY WOW! Such softness and shine. It air dried frizz free as well….and made me wonder why I pay so much for intense deep conditioners when this is just sitting in my kitchen.

If you try it I gotta hear about your results!
Oh and don’t forget to send me those Glamour Shot for the contest. You guys are gonna die when you see the submissions I’ve already got. They are magnificent.



  • Liz Tea Bee (@LizzTeaBee)

    11.03.2014 at 04:15 Reply

    Third trimester pregnancy symptom: I read this and immediately wanted to eat an avocado. Maybe I’ll use half an avocado on my hair and eat the other half?

    My hair could really use this. This winter has been so brutal on my skin and hair.
    (I will say that in my part of the country buying a drugstore deep conditioner would be cheaper. Avocados are pricey at this time of year.)

    • Sophie

      11.03.2014 at 06:15 Reply

      if you have an Aldi in your area they go on sale cheap! like .39 each. you can price match at walmart 😉

    • Kelly M

      11.03.2014 at 06:52 Reply

      I’m 30 weeks preggo and had the same thought: how could I do this mask without eating the avocado? I really sat here thinking about it: “well, I could spread just a little avocado on toast and use the rest for the mask…”

      And Cara–how could you stand the raw egg while dealing with morning sickness?

  • Ailyn

    11.03.2014 at 04:35 Reply

    we do not eat avocados at home, but i would substitute it with some yogurt

    • Cara

      11.03.2014 at 12:32 Reply

      Let me know how it goes with the yogurt!

  • Alessia

    11.03.2014 at 04:45 Reply

    I’m gonna try this out! Great post!

    Xx alessia


  • Christine Coulter

    11.03.2014 at 05:50 Reply

    Can’t wait to try…..But wait am I the only one that doesn’t like WEN!!!

    • Ashley

      11.03.2014 at 09:35 Reply

      I also don’t like Wen, so don’t worry!! :) I have long, thick, curly hair and it was just too much for it. I had a hard time rinsing it out of my hair. :( I did like the way my hair felt at first, but it just got to be too much.

      • Cara

        11.03.2014 at 12:28 Reply

        no no no! I have many friends who don’t love it. It really isn’t for everyone! But for me it is amazing! Don’t worry though, I still have been trying other things to recommend to non- wenners! haha

        • Michelle

          11.03.2014 at 21:30 Reply

          I also used wen but it was too much for my hair as well. Try Living Proof! It’s amazing!!

        • Kristine

          19.10.2014 at 18:22 Reply

          Just a newbie, Im sorry what is Wen?

  • Mary

    11.03.2014 at 05:51 Reply

    Are there any ingredients in this mixture that could damage or change my color treated hair? I had recently heard about washing your hair with a baking soda vinegar mix by someone who didn’t color their hair but thankfully I learned it would strip my color before I used it!!! Thanks!

    • Sara Velociraptor

      11.03.2014 at 09:57 Reply

      When you mix baking soda (base) and vinegar (acid) it just makes salt and water. I wish people would stop mixing these and expecting amazing things. Now, individually, these probably work a lot better. Well, unless salt water does something for you. Hope that helps!

  • Lisa Marie

    11.03.2014 at 06:27 Reply

    Love that this DIY includes avocado… such great stuff for the hair!

    Happy I stumbled upon your blog. You can follow my blog À La Lisa (bloglovin button on my page) =)

    Also, you can like me on Facebook

    Lisa Marie
    À La Lisa

  • meghansilva

    11.03.2014 at 06:56 Reply

    I have heard avo is amazing for ones hair, I really wish I could try it (allergic) but this sounds really awesome.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • kmadsen65

    11.03.2014 at 07:04 Reply

    Instead of using the whole avocado, what about using avocado oil. I use this in a blend on my face at night and it seems a whole lot less messy than the whole avocado.

  • versicolorcloset

    11.03.2014 at 07:29 Reply

    I use this all the time on my hair with all the ingrediens mentioned minus the avocado. Another difference is that I leave it overnight by covering my tresses with a showercap & a satin bonnet on top of that. At first I expected the mixture to smell really bad but surprisingly it doesn’t. Guaranteed moisturized hair :)

  • Jessica

    11.03.2014 at 07:32 Reply

    Do you apply it to dry or wet hair?

    • Cara

      11.03.2014 at 12:33 Reply

      I applied it to dry – I think it soaks up the moisture better that way!

      • Nicki Jones

        08.06.2015 at 12:51 Reply

        Water will swell the cuticle making it easier to absorb :)

  • Beth and Beauty

    11.03.2014 at 07:46 Reply

    It is amazing how we think so much alike. I just did and Beauty 101: How do I get my hair to grow? article on my post last Friday. It had using an avocado hair mask as one of the tips. I hope you are feeling better. It is good to see your blog active again. If you while you are resting have time hope you will come by my blog again. Anyone else is welcome also. Just click on my name to get there.

  • laura

    11.03.2014 at 08:31 Reply

    love this post

  • Brittany Billups

    11.03.2014 at 08:40 Reply

    I don’t know about the other ingredients but I used Olive Oil on my recently dyed hair and it washed out two shades lighter.

  • Heather H.

    11.03.2014 at 08:53 Reply

    question about the wen: how many pumps do you use? I have long hair, similar in length to yours and I felt like I needed to use a 1/4 of the bottle each time, so I gave up b.c that is waaaay too expensive. I wanted to like it but I felt like I was doing it wrong.

    • Cara

      11.03.2014 at 12:36 Reply

      I use about 10 pumps, but I focus it in my roots and then wash it out through my ends. I also buy the BIG containers cause I feel like I save a lot of money doing it that way! It is SO expensive though, I’ve been working on a DIY for it for a while. When I come up with the right mix it’s going to be a good day for my wallet! haha

  • Heidi Harlequin

    11.03.2014 at 11:00 Reply

    Have you experimented with essential oils or fractionated coconut oil for hair treatments?

    I’m hosting a giveaway over on my blog of the TOP 3 essential oils if you are interested!!


    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Molly-Grace

    11.03.2014 at 11:08 Reply

    Be careful with the avocado when mixing it!! I would recommend blending it! I did this once, but only tried mashing it with a fork. Tiny avocado pieces got stuck in my hair and it took FOREVER to pick it out with my fingers in the shower! Even after I got out, I still found some stray pieces! The result is great as long as you blend everything well. :)

  • Cara

    11.03.2014 at 12:29 Reply

    Yeah, that’s probably true! Maybe just do half an avocado and eat the other half! haha Can’t wait to see that gorgeous baby of yours:)

  • Jennifer

    11.03.2014 at 16:36 Reply

    Does it matter what kind of honey you use? Meaning, can it be grocery store bought or should it be natural/organic…..

    Also, in regards to Wen, I stumbled upon a comparable product when researching Wen a while back. Hair One, which I found at Sally Beauty Supply, is about $11 I believe, and is said to be the same as Wen.

  • Valeriya M

    11.03.2014 at 18:08 Reply

    Personal experience – honey makes my hair get dandruff! I applied it into different home masks and realized that it’s the honey that’s the issue. Between, if you’d rather eat the avocado at one point, just the egg does amazing work as well!

  • Madison

    11.03.2014 at 18:48 Reply

    I was kinda disappointed with this one! I’m sure everything works different for everyone, but for some reason this just made my hair feel very damaged when wet and once it had air-dried: my hair was that stretchy mess you get when you use too much heat/bleach and it gets wet, and when it dried it was frizzy and tangled. I did see more shine though, so that’s one plus? I think the recipe was just too much protein for my hair-I used the egg and I also used plain Greek yogurt, and I think all that protein was just too much. So my advice: stick to Cara’s actual recipe and if you have very damaged hair be careful when using anything with protein! :) Oh and also, blending the avocado (as I think some other people commented above) works WAY better than trying to mash it up by hand!

    • Cara

      11.03.2014 at 20:09 Reply

      Oh no!! It might be the case! I know that when I’ve put too much protein in my hair it makes it feel brittle and damaged :( I’m so sorry it didn’t work for you Madison!

  • Jocelyn

    11.03.2014 at 20:10 Reply

    Would concur oil be ok? I only have that or vegetable oil

    • Cara

      11.03.2014 at 20:28 Reply

      Yes! That would totally work!

  • Jocelyn

    11.03.2014 at 20:12 Reply

    I meant to say coconut oil

  • Cindy

    11.03.2014 at 20:53 Reply

    I like these natural hair remedies but they are a pain to wash out, in my opinion.


  • Kylie Storm Crichton

    11.03.2014 at 21:42 Reply

    Thanks for this! I am seeing a night of pampering in my future complete with avo hair and a face mask :)

  • tia

    11.03.2014 at 21:48 Reply

    For all you wen lovers here is my trick I always save an old bottle and with my new I pour half in the old and then fill the rest with water shake and use like normal! Seriously works like a charm. they recommend to keep adding moisture anyways so this way you do and end up using less with the same results :)

  • Trudy

    12.03.2014 at 04:27 Reply

    I tried this as soon as I saw it and it worked great! My hair was sooo soft and shiny! My hair is dry from color and using a curling iron and it made difference ! I also smeared it on my face and it made it incredibly soft too!

  • abeautyobsession

    12.03.2014 at 04:30 Reply

    My favourite hair mask ever is one made from olive oil and avocado, never thought of making my own. Will def have to try this!

  • Teckie

    12.03.2014 at 07:23 Reply

    This kind of grosses me out, buy my love of and desire for shiny hair far exceeds my fear of grossness. Gotta try!


  • 3girls1apple

    12.03.2014 at 10:10 Reply

    Wow. I never thought to try it but it sounds like I could use it. Thanks for the tip from 3girls1apple.com

  • Candi

    12.03.2014 at 10:47 Reply

    How often do you do this process?

  • northernambitions

    12.03.2014 at 12:16 Reply

    I was just debating about going to the hair salon for a repair treatment, so thanks for saving me big bucks! I’m definitely going to try this hair mask out

  • Isamour

    12.03.2014 at 17:56 Reply

    I’m definitely gonna try this one with avocado because I hear so many people saying good things about it. Me I’m in love with the coconut oil/olive oil/honey mix!

    My fashion blog: http://www.isamour.com

  • Em

    12.03.2014 at 18:43 Reply

    definitely going to try this! Thank you x


  • Susan

    12.03.2014 at 19:22 Reply

    Sounds like a lovely mask! My hair has been super dry due to the cold and long Canadian winters. But, I love eating avocados so much that I don’t know if I can give one half away for a hair mask!

    Definitely going to bookmark this hair mask recipe if I ever have overdue avocados to use!


  • Joyce

    12.03.2014 at 19:35 Reply

    So sad that people post hair treatments with egg in them. If anyone has actually tried this, ahem, me, you know that the egg actually cooks as you wash it out if you’re in a normal temp shower. Not pretty, not glamorous, and it doesn’t make your hair look better than before. In fact, you end up looking homeless and smell like it too. Just try pulling cooked egg chunks out of your hair for a week!

    I usually love your posts but it seems like you didn’t even test this out or you’d know the disaster that would be.

    • Melissa

      31.03.2014 at 08:22 Reply

      When repairing damage or even rinsing out conditioner, it’s always best to use lukewarm or cool water so that it closes the hair shaft and seals in the moisture. Water that cooks the egg is too hot for hair.

    • Estefania

      08.04.2015 at 10:19 Reply

      I use egg in my “recipe” and have never gotten cooked egg while washing it out. I use hot water as well.

  • Sophie Ollis

    13.03.2014 at 07:29 Reply

    I love DIYs, especially for hair care. And avocados are miracle workers!

    Check out my blog for the top 5 reasons to drink more water, skincare beauty products for him, and my flake-away roundup.




  • Addie

    13.03.2014 at 13:32 Reply

    This looks gross but I just might try it!
    Lately I’ve been obsessed with 1940’s hair styles but I just can’t figure out how they did it. Any tips?

  • ThoughtsOfGlam

    13.03.2014 at 19:00 Reply

    This is great! I just did a post on amazing hair products for under $10 that I use when I don’t have time to prepare home made remedies like this.

    I also did a great post about diy makeup remover I make in batches!


  • Becky

    14.03.2014 at 07:36 Reply

    I actually tried this and was impressed. It does work. I didn’t use the honey because we were out. After blow drying my hair, it was soft and less frizzy. I will do this one again. Thanks!

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  • Mila K

    16.03.2014 at 03:13 Reply

    I tried this mask and now my blonde hair looks amazing. I love it :*

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  • Anja

    18.03.2014 at 14:45 Reply

    Alright. Just read this post and litterally jumped up and put the ingredients in my foodprosessor and got in the shower. I don’t use Wen, so I shampooed first, got out of the shower. But a facemask on, and this in my hair. Sat in the sofa with a nice, ice cold glass of pepsi max for about half an hour. Got in the shower again, rinsed it out (really well!) and but conditioner in. Like someone have mentioned already my hair felt VERY stringy and when my ends started to dry I saw them frizz A LOT. But, here’s the twist: Half my hair (from about below my ears down) is chemically fried (a whim I got going brunette from semi-bleached blonde, back to blonde again within 6 months….), and the other half (from below my ears and up) is healthy virgin hair. Soooo, I put my regular hair oil in my ends because I saw the frizz, and just let it air dry completely. Now: As you can imagine I got mixed results. My damaged hair didn’t benefit from this treatment (all though I didn’t think so either, nothing really do except of highly expencive protein treatments and hair oil), but the other half that is healthy: WOOOOOW!!!! Suuuupersmooth, NO frizz, high shine without looking greasy.

  • Megan

    22.03.2014 at 21:14 Reply

    Just tried this and loved it. My hair isn’t much shinier but softer, which is saying something because my hair is naturally soft. Short of getting weird guacamole everywhere in my bathroom (that the dog licked up) I love this recipe and will definitely do again. Probably soon, I bought two avocados.

  • Irene

    25.03.2014 at 14:47 Reply

    Cara how often would u recommend doing this treatment

  • Tabbitha

    26.03.2014 at 06:21 Reply

    I love this hair mask. I did it on myself and my daughter last night. My hair looks and feels amazing!

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  • Nena

    27.03.2014 at 07:56 Reply

    I want to try this hair mask. Do I wash my hair before applying? or apply on dirty hair?

  • Lacey M

    29.03.2014 at 12:32 Reply

    Tried this today with a friend! She has very long, thick hair and really struggled to get it all out. She still has a few pieces of leftover avocado stuck in her hair! However, it has made my processed, thin hair more soft and smooth and it isn’t even completely dry yet. It definitely helped and was fun to do with a friend!

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  • Inoka

    28.04.2014 at 17:06 Reply

    OMG!!! This is super good!!! I have long hair and chemically treated hair and this was really good natural way of treating it. Wow wow and wo.w….. I am doing it every week!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Mel Stevens

    29.04.2014 at 01:14 Reply

    Avocado and honey. Now I’m hungry! Sounds like a great weekly hair mask and I’ve got all ingredients in my own kitchen. lol. I could perhaps add in a few drops of my favorite hair serum into the mix. I’ve got Pro Naturals Hair Repair System Argan Oil Serum and It really did wonders to my hair. It could add to the moisturizing effect. :)

  • Shelly

    09.05.2014 at 09:54 Reply

    Tried this last night and my blonde, damaged, dry hair is silky soft and oh so shiny today!!!… it didn’t help much with frizz, but coconut oil did the trick 😉 …Oh and it was actually much easier to wash out than I thought it would be. Thanks!!!

  • Marhy

    22.05.2014 at 12:48 Reply

    Is there anything I could use instead of Wen?.. I’m from Venezuela and there’s nothing like Wen here :( and it’s way more expensive for us to buy it online :'(

  • Heidi

    26.05.2014 at 15:10 Reply

    So do you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner when washing out the avocado mix??

  • Jeslin Jaisan

    01.11.2014 at 23:49 Reply

    Wat z wen??
    Is der any substitute fr tat??

  • Laura

    07.11.2014 at 14:48 Reply

    Hey Cara do you ever use coconut oil on your hair or in a mask for it?

  • Tiffany

    04.01.2015 at 20:35 Reply

    I just finished my hair with this mask and HOLY SHINE

  • Alexandra

    20.01.2015 at 18:08 Reply

    Do you apply this only to your scalp or all over your hair? My ends are horrible!

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  • Christina

    27.03.2015 at 17:39 Reply

    I’m going to try this before I color my hair for the 1st time ever. But I can I do this on dry hair or should.my hair be damp ?

  • Gina

    29.03.2015 at 09:13 Reply

    Do you recommend using organic products or does it matter?

  • Molly

    08.05.2015 at 19:17 Reply

    I have a funny story to share about this hair mask! I was so excited to try it out, that I decided to put everything in my food processor to speed up the mixing process. It minced everything into little bits. I knew I’d created a problem while applying the mask, and spent about an hour cleaning minuscule bits of green from my head afterward!!! My entire family is now making jokes about my guacamole hair…and giving me bags of chips. All jokes aside…this is probably the softest and shiniest my hair has ever been!!! I’ll definitely try it again (this time I’ll take my time mushing up the avacado)!! LOL

  • Adriana Sosa

    19.05.2015 at 15:20 Reply

    I do this regularly, but I always add a small ripe banana (for hydration, nutrition and extra smoothness), it works wonderful . Greetings from Mexico .

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  • Sylvia

    10.07.2015 at 09:48 Reply

    Do u have to wet your hair before the treatment or put it on dry hair!!!

  • Jasmine

    21.07.2015 at 15:10 Reply

    Do I crack open the egg and dump it all in or just the Egg yolk?

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  • Cece

    21.11.2015 at 07:46 Reply

    Tip: blend mixture with a blender or whisk to a creamy whipped mixture prevents tiny avocado peices from being stuck in your hair, wrap in plastic wrap or hair cap, (optional heat up on low with blow dryer for 30 sec), Leave on up to 30 mins, Wash hair regularly, best activated when applied to dry hair :)

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  • Barbara

    26.01.2016 at 19:49 Reply

    i normally wash n condition my hair. after this treament, when i wash it off, do i use m normal conditioner? sorry if its a dumb question but i just want to make sure. i have thinning hair n i’m 45 years old, how often cshould i do this treatment? my hair is long to my mid back n brunet. i have problems with split ends n no shine. also my hair falls out.
    i appreciate your help.
    oh, does this also help hair grow?

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