The dark side.

This dark lip-dark eye makeup is one of my favorites.
I think the dark raisin color is so flattering with most skin colors and it’s fun because it brings out blue or green eyes and makes your teeth look white as the driven snow.

(I had to use a screen shot for my photo so I am sorry it’s not the greatest quality)

What I used:
Lip Color – Nars Train Bleu
Eyeshadow – Cargo Vintage Escape Palette Out of stock Similar here
Mascara – Givenchy
Foundation & Blush – Maskcara IIID
Eyeliner – Sephora Collection in Black

Have an amazing weekend!

86 thoughts on “The dark side.

  1. Very pretty Cara! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without ultra-nude lips. I would love to see you in an in-between color. Like a pretty pink.

  2. How in the heck do you put on eye make up with out closing your eyes, or making crazy faces!?!?! I’m amazed…if I ever made a makeup video, the faces I make to put makeup on would slam my video in the humor category… thanks for the tips! Love your make up posts!

  3. That is such a gorgeous look! I would love to see the same products on someone with fair hair and skin to see if it has the same effect.

    • haha no I just refreshed the color and it fades really fast so I went a little darker, I did this video a few weeks ago so it’s already lighter!

  4. I would like to know where to purchase the foundation and products used on the Steve Harvey you showed on Monday show.
    Please Reply!
    Thank you
    Jo Ann

    • yes! I refreshed my color and went a little darker this time cause it fades so fast! I love it though, everyone talks me into keeping it lighter but I have some Jersey in my soul or something because I love it black! haha

  5. I normally LOVE everything you do, but I have to say Im not partial to this dark color on you. But all other stuff is amazing!

  6. This is the first look of yours I haven’t liked. I think the color ages you about 10 years-your usual nude/pink lips always look so fresh and pretty.

    • my husband would probably high five you on this shared opinion! Haha While I do prefer the soft colored lips it is so fun to mix things up sometimes!

  7. Baby, baby! It’s gorgeous. I havent watched the vid yet because I’m sitting in the doctors office waiting room, but I’m sure I’ll love it. I feel like I’ve seen this look on the Kardashians lately. Super edgy!

  8. I really love that look. I think you are exactly right about needing to balance features (rather than keeping one ‘neutral’) Do you know of any similar lip colors in ‘drugstore’ brands?

    Also, I noticed you did eye make-up before highlight. I usually do the opposite! Do you have a reason for this? Or just habit?

  9. Oooh…I like this A LOT. Sexy! Just one question – do you know of a drugstore color comparable to the Nars pencil? I’d love to try this look, but I don’t really want to shell out $25 for the Nars because I wouldn’t use it often enough to justify it.

  10. BEAUTIFUL!! And thank you for challenging the bold lip/naked eye rule! I feel so mouth-heavy when I try something loud on my lips and not much on my eyes, and I don’t feel like hard-and-fast rules have any place in beauty. Xx

  11. “You’re gonna look like you’re wearing some make up.”
    This make me giggle. You’ve really gotta own a look like this.

    (note: the Twitter log-in I usually use isn’t working. I don’t know if that’s on WordPress or Twitter’s end but I couldn’t sign in.)

  12. For those of us that aren’t quite as daring in the lipstick arena I bet Clinique’s Dark honey lipstick would be a great alternative. It’s pretty sheer but still gives a dark burgandy look. I love this look!

  13. I’m cracking up because you mentioned your husband hates that look! I don’t think mine would be too fond of it either, but I’m itching to try a dark raisin type lipstick shade. Looks beautiful!

  14. i love this look!

    Is there any chance you could give us like a makeup “dupe” version…not necessarily a video but a list of drugstore products that would still be great in place of the products you’ve used? Just for those of us who can’t necessarily afford the makeup you use…because I love this and I wanna do it!

  15. Love this look Cara and i have a question – you use the Sephora liner on your upper lip but do not identify the (pencil?) you use on the inner lower lid – this is a real trouble spot for me – every liner seems to disappear there! HELP!!!

    • After the smack she received for admitting to under eye injections, I doubt she’d even consider admitting to Botox if she indeed had it done. I wouldn’t blame her for two seconds if she did, I’m just saying that if I was attacked for one kind of injection, I’d probably keep any future procedures to myself.

      Regardless, she’s beautiful inside and out. As a blog reader, I support whatever she decides to do.

  16. This reminds me way too much of my high-school look… sorry to say I won’t be revisiting that look. ever. again. =) You pull it off great though!!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous, Cara. You are very fortunate to have such a versatile face – you can easily pull off a wide range of looks, which is something few of us can do.

    Love it!

  18. This look is fantastic .I love the colour,I just wish I could wear it.It can look harsh on me.Can you suggest a similar softer colour.Also when can I purchase your HAC .There was a mention of January shipping to Australia.

  19. love this look! I will have to try it out! I would love if you could do a tutorial for ways to make your chin look bigger or ways to take attention off of your chin. I have a chin that is slightly too small and a little recessed. It isn’t too bad but I am self conscious about it and would love to find a way to make it look better with makeup, or hairstyle.

  20. Cara, I would love to see you use the “whole shebang” in your videos, meaning, please don’t skip out on showing us your full application of the highlighting and contouring makeup. I feel that because people have complained about it, you are now self-conscious or worried about what the haters will say.

    Most of us are here because we want to know about excellent makeup application techniques, and that includes seeing your own products applied multiple times and in multiple ways (for example, I noticed for the first time today that you put your blush on before the highlighting!). I really want and need to see you apply your new makeup line many, many times so that I get it right!!

    In November, I ordered the light IIID, and at first I didn’t think it would work for me because my large pores looked “spackled”! Then I got the makeup brush you recommended, and I love how the makeup makes me look! I even ordered a second one for my daughter, who is a fair-skinned ginger-top like me.

    I love your blog, your videos, and your product recommendations as well as your own products–so please don’t hide your light under a bushel :)

  21. Cara you need to update more!!!! I’m sure your advertisers are paying a pretty penny for it and being as how it’s your full time job now I feel neglected. When you were trying to win that beauty blogger of the year contest, we could count on a post every single day! What changed?!

  22. Hi Cara– what do you think about this look on “mature women” in their 50’s? I have thinning/thin lips and im afraid of what this woud look like…thoughts?

  23. Thank you! I know, it definitely a risk but I think even if it doesn’t look amazing on me it looks fab on someone so it’s nice that they have the tutorial, right!?

  24. I don’t think I can pull off many darker lip colors–clashes with my hair and skin tone. but i will definitely try out the eye colors using similar shades on a different palette that i already have.

  25. I have been searching for the Cargo Vintage Escape Palette and can’t find it anywhere. Would another good option be the Lorac Pro Palette?

  26. Could you do a post on how you refresh your color? I feel like every time I try to do mine, I miss pieces that are noticeably a different color. What color do you use? is it a creme or a foam? Love your blog! thanks xx

  27. You know, when I looked at the photo (screenshot), I didn’t see a lot of makeup – eye makeup that is. I love that although you used some bold colors on your eyes, they still look so neutral <3. Great job darling and I love it, I wanna get brave and try a dark lipstick this weekend xx

    Narine – Same shoes – 3 outfits

  28. Cara, you mentioned that we could watch the full video. Did I miss the link?

    I like the idea of mixing it up every now and again. I haven’t heard of a wonder pencil before. I’ll try it for sure.

  29. I know that you have a ridiculous amount of comments that people want a response to, so I don’t blame you a bit when you don’t respond because you do have a family and a life. But I just thought I would try anyways, I don’t know how you swipe eyeshadow under your eye!! When I do it it makes me look like I just didn’t know how to do my make up, & made a mess, and makes the dark circles look even worse! I want so bad to get the same result you have when you do it but it never looks the same! I would like to do that rather than a sharp eyeliner on the bottom. Any tips?

  30. Love this look! Question…I have the medium HAC palette, but the problem I’m having is that when I put the lighter color on to highlight it looks cakey on my skin. I use a good moisturizer so I don’t have dry skin typically. Any advice?

  31. I have a question – you use the Sephora liner on your upper lid but do not identify the (pencil?) you use on the inner lower lid – this is a real trouble spot for me – every liner seems to disappear there! HELP!!!

  32. I totally bought this a while back when you said it was the perfect dark lip without being too “goth”. I REALLY love the color, but I feel like if you have dry lips, it accentuates that like crazy. Do you feel it does the same to you? I’ve tried using a sugar scrub before putting it on, but it still seems to not go on even enough. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


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