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So…I did like 3 different videos today for the HAC Pack FAQ (what can I say? I’m something of a poet:) and they all turned out to be rubbish for various reason..then I ran out of light. So I am filming another today, wish me luck! (apparently I need it:) It’s been so fun seeing all of the #ihearthac photos of beautiful IIID makeup! For some there is a bit of a learning curve but as the days go by I am getting more and more excited glowing reviews! Many of whom were more than a little concerned on the first go around. Understandably so, it’s a whole new way of doing your makeup, that’s a big deal!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from lately to start your weekend!

Have you guys heard this Christmas version of Hallelujah, cause you should.
whipped bourbon bacon sweet potatoes. Need I say more?
I wouldn’t mind if santa brought me this necklace.
I love this makeup.

Any gadget lovers in your life? Do I have a gift idea for you! Virtual Keyboard.
Love you ladies.


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  1. Cara – is there a place . . . or if not . . . could you put one header at the top where everyone can write their comments about HAC? I’m probably doing this wrong but everytime I want to read the HAC comments, I need to go back to one of your blogs and then click on a link there? Could you put something at the top for all HAC comments. I’m learned a lot from other people’s experiences. THANKS!

  2. Cara, What Kay asked? I want to read other’s experiences, questions about the products (which I LOVE BTW, great job ad thank you!). I had a few questions bout using it under my dark circled eyeballs. :P It isn’t quite covering enough, and applying too much looks cakey, wondering if I could put the lumi by Maybelline on top? Hum. Oh, and I am a “2″ so any vid you post is appreciated, however crappy you think it might be. :) Love the makeup above too! Reminds me of the Kim Kardashian soft, natural makeup video you did.

    I use the blended eyeliner technique and refer back to it, more than any of your vids. Oh and the celebrity looks too! You might want to group the celebrity looks into one place, it would be easier to to find them all. :) Was that bossy sounding? Hope not, just a suggen. I am recommending your new line to everyone I know! Love!Than you!!

  3. That look is so gorgeous! If anyone can recreate it it’s you! I would LOVE to see a video of this look. It’s beautiful!!! Hair too :). Just got you makeup last night and I’m dying to try it today!!!!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment anywhere but girl, your new product is AMAZING!!! I just got it yesterday and after using Marc Jacobs new foundation (which is LOVE) I didn’t think I was going to be able to make the switch… but after trying it once I am hooked!! What a great heart you have – so many well wishes for your continued success!!

  5. Those bourbon bacon sweet potatoes are the bomb dot com! I made them for a “friendsgiving” last month and everyone raved about them. Now I want to put brown butter and crispy sage on everything. I actually found out about your site from hers a couple months ago. I’m glad I did because now you’re by far my favorite beauty blogger. Can’t wait to see the upcoming IIID video. Today was my third day of playing with the new makeup and it just keeps getting better and better :)

  6. Apparently someone in my building was dying to HAC because according to USPS my package was delivered, but it’s no where to be found!! So bummed. I was ecstatic all day at work when I got the notice that it had been delivered – ugh! Hoping it magically appears :)

  7. I found your blog by accident, but with God there are no accidents. I have a friend that will pass any day and I sent this song to her and her family as hallelujah is bitter sweet. She is ready to meet her Lord, but us are not.

    I wanted to share this Easter version as well, I had no idea there was a Christmas version.

    Thank you,

  8. Cara, loved the idea of FAQ page for the IIID. But could you please put together your responses to questions people have posted on the Comment section?
    I’m sure you have answered a lot of questions that newbies like me have (like alternatives to expensive brushes which you posted in a response coupled posts ago).
    It’s very hard to find them on the blog and it’s probably annoying to be asked the same questions multiple times!!!
    Thanks in advance!

  9. I hope you got that perfect video filmed! I cannot wait to see it, of course. As far as I’m concerned, you’re absolutely brilliant! I’m totally wanting to try the IIID makeup… and will, as soon as it’s in the budget. ;) Thanks!!

  10. Received my HAC pack and love it. It took about 3 times to really “get” it and play around with it. I was very surprised at how sheer and light the coverage is, big bonus. The shortcake blush is just perfect. On another topic, I would love a tutorial on eye makeup! I don’t wear it aside from mascara because I don’t know how to do it-especially for a day version. What colors work best for what eye colors, etc It would be so helpful!

  11. Have there been any reported issues of shipping delays? I ordered the first available day and still don’t have my package! :(

  12. I just ordered my HAC pack last night and I cannot wait until I get it! You’re an awesome make up artist and I love your tutorials! I don’t wear make up often but when I do it’s you that saves my life! Ha ha :)

  13. Cara, I have been using my HAC pack for almost a week now and have used it in freezing cold wisconsin and warm, sunny Florida and I absolutely love it. It’s so fast and easy and always lools flawless. I will never use another foundation again! I also love the blush and the illuminator. You should be very proud!! You are such an inspiration to a makeup & beauty addict like me!! Congrats on a wonderful, successful product!

  14. Cara, my husband loved this version of the song; we may perform it on guitar for Christmas. I got my hac pack in the mail yesterday (EEK!) I was so excited, but had a little bit of a hard time using it. I have a question about people who have lots of freckles using it. I really want to make this work! can’t wait to see your new videos on it. Thanks!

  15. Cara,
    You probably already answered this question somewhere, but how do I use the foundation with dark circles under the eyes. I applied it the way you suggested in your video and I still looked like the living dead under my eyes so I popped Dream Touch Lumi on and that was better. But, I am not sure. Use a concealer and then do the new IIID Foundation? THANKS!

  16. Cara, can you highlight your responses so it’s easier to find in the comments section? It would make it much simpler to scroll down the list of questions to find your answers. Thank you.

  17. That version of Hallelujah is just beautiful – I just love the affection for Jesus that comes through in his singing and lyrics – thanks so much for posting it!

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