Christmas Miracles.

I love christmas.
Cause, of course I do.
But so far this year I have been so wrapped up in all of my product launch biznass I could barely even remember it was December.
I want to catch up and start feeling those Christmas fuzzies so I thought the very best way to do that would be to share one of my favorite Christmas memories and hope that some of you will share yours with me. I’ve been looking for a good christmas book but when I thought of this instead I figured your true stories would be far more heart warming:)
I’ll go first:)


About ten years ago I was waitressing at a very glamorous buffet in Utah called Chuck-a-rama (really, that’s what it’s called..). It was my last shift before Christmas and since I was living at home at the time and going to school I had already paid all my bills and bought all my presents. I’d been wanting to do something to feel the spirit of Christmas so I decided that whatever I made that night I wasn’t going to keep. At the time I had no idea what I would do with it but that became clear quickly after my arrival. One of my co workers (we’ll call her Shelly) who was the single mom of 4 kids and probably the sweetest woman I knew told me she’d had some car troubles and had to use her whole Christmas budget to get them fixed.
“Hopefully it’s busy tonight,” she said “because the kids Christmas has to be bought with what I make.”
We were in sections right next to each other so I figured I could easily take every tip from my tables and transfer them to hers without her noticing.
So the night began. Much to my frustration is wasn’t at all busy and I wondered if adding my tips to hers would even make a dent on her christmas list at this rate, but I kept at it.
Eventually the patrons started getting curious and confused while watching me sneaking around her section. A few of them asked me what I was doing. “Shelly is a single mom,” I told them “and it’s Christmas, so I wanted to do something special for her.”
This was the turning point.
When people heard that they started leaving bigger tips. She started making remarks about how nice her costumers were tonight.
I couldn’t keep it in so confided in my sister Rachel, who was working the shift with us as well. Although she wasn’t in nearly the cushy position I was in at the time and had a family to provide for herself, she couldn’t help but want to join the fun. She started smuggling her tips to me as well,
The christmas spirit started to grow. At this point the tips were getting so big and so often that I started to worry that we’d be found out. I figured if I had the customers hand her the tip themselves she’d have no reason to think it came from anyone else. I’d see a family getting ready to leave and hand them a wad of cash “Do you mind adding this to your tip and giving it to your waitress on your way out?” I’d ask “She needs a little extra for Christmas.” Their responses surprised me.
“No no, you keep that and we will make up the difference.” Complete strangers were showing love for me and Shelly. I couldn’t believe their kindness. “Please,” I’d tell them “I can’t go home with any money tonight or it will ruin it for me. But you’re welcome to add whatever you want to my tip as well.” And they did.
By this time everyone in the staff was amazed by the spirit of love and giving that was radiating from the patrons in Shelly’s section.
One couple whom I’d given a few bucks left her a $20 of their own. (kind of unheard of for buffet tables) As soon as she began cleaning their table she looked alarmed and ran after them “I think you made a mistake and left me a $20 instead of a $1″ she said as she held it out to them.
They couple smiled sweetly “No ma’am, that’s for you. Merry Christmas!”
Her eyes filled up with tears as she thanked them “It just feels like I have angels following me around tonight.”
They teared up as well and hugged her “Maybe you do.”
By the time we closed the restaurant she’d made 5 times what she would have on a normal night and had plenty to make a beautiful Christmas morning for her family.
In all of my years of waitressing I never gained so much from a shift than the time when I left empty handed.

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  1. Cara! I’m in tears! What selflessness and a great way to remind us all what the holiday spirit is about. What a womderful cherished memory. Thank you for sharing!!! PS loving my IIID makeup :)

    • Not really a reply, but I wanted this at the top for many to see. I am a nurse that works with soldiers that recently returned from Afghanistan. The sacrifices they made and the lasting difficulties it leaves with them is difficult to comprehend. Please remember the service men and women out there. Many with young families barely make ends meet. Blessing to you all.

  2. One of my favorite posts by you! This is awesome. Brought tears to my eyes!!! There needs to be more people like you in this world! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, this made me cry – tears of joy, of course!
    You aren’t just a pretty face (not that I thought you were! lol). You have such a beautiful heart and I LOVE what you, those customers and other co-workers did for that single mother. It’s people like you that help restore faith in humanity.

    You rock! Bless you!

  4. Thank you for sharing!! We sometimes forget the real meaning of what Christmas means and that’s giving and spreading love with family and friends. Made me cry.;)

  5. I am incredibly touched by this post! I hope more people read this and decide to give more of themselves because of it. I know I will. Thanks for the Holiday Inspiration. God bless you this season.

  6. That’s my Cara, always thinking of others! My favorite Christmas was not that long ago and my first Christmas sober. My mother always had us pick a family in need and give them presents or help them with something and not them know it was us! The goal of course was to be unselfish without getting the credit. I thought why not help a family on my own this year? So although I had little I got together a group of friend from my local A.A. Program and we started saving! Two weeks in we had saved, along with money and contributions from friends and family outside the program also, much more than we had expected!! It was time to shop! I thought through each gift for the family I chose and wrapped them all. Then secretly left 2 large boxes at their door one evening right before Christmas Eve. I was nervous and ran off after knocking at the door. As I hid she watched them open the door, and scream that Santa had come! I’ve never felt so much Joy! Even though it was nothing like what my mother and father had done for families, thud year I had done it and followed through, which was huge for a previously selfish addict. Today I still do this tradition with my daughter and husband and each year I feel the joy of the holiday season. Thank you for reminding me once age in what Christmss is really about. Xoxo

  7. My husband farms and thankfully has had a few good years recently. Starting in December, he leaves $100 tips whenever we go out to dinner. We had a waitress follow us out last week asking if we were sure, he told her Merry Christmas and she started to cry. We got in the truck and he sat there a second and said Man that feels good!!:)

  8. I love this post! Having waitressing in my background I always try to leave a good tip. Last week when my boyfriend and I went out to eat at a local wing place we left our wasitress a big tip and she came back to our table and asked us if we knew we left that big of a tip. We told her yes and Merry Christmas. She kept thanking us and told us a little bit more about herself. She was an older lady going to school to be a paralegal and raising her grand babies. So the tip went to good use, I’m sure of it!

  9. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve got a sorry to share as well and I’m writing from my phone, hopefully it will make sense and I won’t miss any wonky predictive woods my phone comes up with. Last year things were a little rough for a family we know that lives about an hour away. In November the man of the house had to have his umpteenth surgery on his back and couldn’t work anymore. We saw how hard it was on them struggling to get by. My husband had just got a bonus check and we decided we’d give it all to them and provide a nice Christmas dinner for them. I told my parents about what we were doing and they wanted to pitch in. We got them everything we could think ooh for a nice dinner, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, rolls and pie. One crisp, clear night we loaded up the kids and made the drive to drop off their package. The kids were so excited and the was so much Christmas spirit in that case it was impossible not to smile. We watched as my husband snuck to the door, rang the bell and ran away. We quickly loaded in the car so we wouldn’t be found out and headed home. It was a wonderful night and I’m so grateful that we were provided with a way to help make their Christmas a little better.

    • Oh and no, we didn’t use the bonus for food. The money was placed in an envelope inside the box of food. I just realized the way I wrote it made it sound like we spent an entire bonus on the food.

  10. Cara, this is a beautiful story. People really are so good, and this is a perfect example. Thank you for sharing it, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. That is one incredible story. And it began with one small idea. What an difference you made in her life and her children’s lives. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  12. Ok I just got to work and am reading this, totally crying at my desk and trying to not mess up my pretty IIID make up in the process.. You are such a gem Cara. Wish you lived closer so I could come and give you a hug. May God truly bless you and your family for your sweet giving hearts. :)

  13. Tears here too. :) We girls are such a weepy bunch, but we care and feel very deeply. I loved your story Cara. What a beautiful, thoughtful thing to do. That is the true meaning of Christmas right there. Thank you for sharing. One of my faves is volunteering at a boy’s juvenile detention center here in Utah. We served a Christmas breakfast, bought them sporting equipment, and then were treated to a slideshow were the boys had written heartfelt notes to the volunteers. It left me in tears it was so touching. I believe in the power of hope, love and giving. Merry Christmas friends.

  14. Started crying early into this beautiful story. How wonderful to see peoples’ love and generosity!
    I used to wait tables and I know it can be hard, but rewarding work! thanks for sharing , and Merry Christmas!

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this! I love hearing little stories like this, and sharing what Christmas really is all about.

  16. Cara, I saw a video yesterday about a guy who hands out $100 bills every Christmas at bus depots, dollar stores, etc. The joy on people’s faces, and especially his words to gone man “I know you’re a good person” have had me thinking “if only I was rich, I’d do that too’. I don’t have to be rich – thanks for the reminder. I’m definitely getting a nudge that this is what I need to do.

    Beautiful story, beautiful person.

  17. For a make up artist you sure know how to ruin my make up on a regular basis 😉 tear streaked IIID foundation in STL. Thanks for sharing Cara. This is why we all love and trust you so much.

  18. You exemplify the kind of woman I want to be as I grow up- giving, smart, beautiful, and with a giant heart. :) You are the perfect role model and an amazing person!

  19. Dave Ramsey always suggests to his radio listeners that they leave a super generous tip for their waitress at the Waffle House when they’re on their way to Grandma’s during the holidays because “the only people working at the Waffle House on Christmas Eve REALLY need the money.”

    You raised him a level!

  20. That sweet story made me tear up with joy. I love that the Christmas spirit makes us more giving and helpful towards others. Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story and inspiring others to do the same this holiday season!

  21. Cara,
    I enjoying reading your posts, but this post I loved. This story brought tears to eyes, and the thought to my mind that THAT is what Christmas is all about. Thank you for the reminder today…. :)

  22. I love your story Cara as well as the others I’ve read. I may have to redo my makeup as I’m certain black maskcara is running down my face. I have numerous stories of gracious individuals doing wonderful good things that I could share. In the end what it all comes down to is wonderful people doing wonderful things for complete strangers. Trust me when I say without trying to or even knowing, good deeds as these affect people beyond anyway any of us could possibly know.

    Merry Christmas to each and all. :o)

  23. Made me cry, Cara! Such a beautiful story. I’m in the middle of packing to go home for Christmas break (FINALLY done with exams) and I saw you had a new post. Had to read it right away:) Merry Christmas!

  24. About 5 years ago, my husband was deployed overseas for Christmas (for a total of 9 months, if you count 2 months of semi-local training a few hours away). At church, I’m sure I must have been on everyone’s mind there a lot. People asked me about my Christmas plans, and I said that we’d stay local (instead of me trying to fly cross-country with our then 3 kids) and keeping things simple for gifts and let the grandparents take that over. Well, one night I get a phone call asking if I would like a 2 or 3 hour break, that the teenage girls and their youth leader were going to take the kids out to dinner at McDonald’s and I could stay home. Who could say no to that? I hadn’t had much breaks or me time since the deployment had started a couple months earlier. What I didn’t know was that not only did they take the kids out to dinner, but had also taken them to Target, purchased them Christmas clothes, and taken them to a friend’s house who happens to be a photographer. The kids (5, 4, and 1.5) didn’t say anything about it to me when they came home, just that they had chicken nuggets (a rare treat for them). Well, a couple weeks later, they pulled me out of my church class to present me with beautifully framed pictures of the kids (one of each child, and one with all 3). I didn’t get through that without tears. To this day, this is still my favorite Christmas.

    • Forgot to say, the kids came back home in their regular clothes, and I was presented with the clothes wrapped up when I got the pictures.

  25. My family and I have been on the receiving end of giving. About 7 years ago we moved to a new city and my husband couldn’t find work. He finally found something at The Buckle, yes, The Buckle! It wasn’t nearly enough to make ends meet for a family of 4. However, that year for Christmas we had people coming up and giving us gift cards, money and one family even rang our door bell, left presents for us and the kids, and ran. To this day, we have no idea who gave us those gifts. It was an utterly AMAZING Christmas for us – Knowing that people loved us so much to shower us with gifts of kindness! And despite our income, we had PLENTY under the tree that year!

    Now, my husband has a nice corporate job, we own our own home and are doing well in middle class suburbia. However, we have not forgotten from where we came and now we are the ones looking for the single moms/struggling families in restaurants and retail stores to shower extra Christmas blessings on. It is so fun to watch our kids’ faces as we give to complete strangers who are not at all expecting it, for that is the true JOY of Christmas!!!

  26. Crying! I love the idea of writing down our own christmas miracles. I have a collection of people’s christmas stories and I can never read one without bawling. Do you mind if I print this out? So sweet!

  27. Cara,
    Thank you for this beautiful post. It was inspired. I was just praying this morning about how I could be a blessing to others around me this Christmas. Thank you for sharing you story and the spirit of Christ this Christmas as that’s what it’s all about.
    Love to you for being an angel.

  28. You are the best, Cara. This was an amazing story and an incredible act. So wonderful to bless her life that way! I was reading your blog the other night and watching some of your videos, and realizing how much I appreciate your blog as a resource because you seem so wonderful. You can tell from your blog that you have a big, lovely heart. Your work radiates it. : )

  29. This also brought tears to my eyes so I had to comment. I love how doing service for someone else changes you more than them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful act of kindness to help remind me to look beyond my self this time of year no matter my circumstances.

  30. Awesome story, thank you for sharing! I usually just stalk your site for beauty tips on how to make my round face look skinny, but this post was so wonderful I came out of hiding, lol. Made me cry! Thanks for reminding us what Christmas is about….showing love to others! That’s what Jesus Christ did on the cross…He opened His arms and said “I love you” to the world. Merry CHRISTmas! 😉

  31. Wow! Amazing story. I am sitting here in tears in my eyes and I really truly want to get into the Christmas spirit now. I have been a long time follower but have never commented. I am from St. George as well and we have a lot of common friends. You are amazing!! You deserve everything you have got going for you. You have worked so hard for it. Keep it up.

  32. This is my first comment ever on your blog but I follow daily. This story really touched my heart and made me cry. Such an example of what Christmas is all about – Generosity :) You are such a positive light on the crazy internet and just want to say thank you for all you do!

  33. Loved your story, amazing. My favorite memories are getting gifts and food baskets and doing “sneaky Santa”. We’d gather all the items and watch from the car as our Dad would put the goods on the porch, ring and run. So fun. We also did “sneaky Santa” to elderly grandparents. We would make up funny poems with a small gift and do it once a week leading up to Christmas. Giving is what Christmas is about.

  34. Not many people would think of another in need, how kind of you. It brought me to tears to know there are people out there willing to do something so heartfelt for someone in need.

  35. My nose started tingling and my eyes welled up when I read this. This is wonderful. You really are just such a genuine, loving person. I also love how the customers and your sister joined in. This story helps restore my belief that people really are good deep down, even if they don’t openly display it all the time. Thank you so much for sharing this. Bless your heart.

  36. Such a great story and your so sweet for doing that for a friend in need. I’m a waitress, so I can relate on the slow nights with no tips, so for things to turn around and help her out is great!! I hope they are doing better and able to pay it forward for others. Merry Christmas!!

  37. My favorite holiday giving memory was from a few years ago. My husband’s aunt, who is battling MS and other health issues, well her rock, her hubby (who had cared for her for many years through her illness ups and downs) was diagnosed with cancer. They found a giant tumor and the prognosis was not good. They struggled for months, not knowing if he would make it, scraping by to buy gas to drive a few hours to the hospital for his treatment, selling off their beloved boat and other things to make ends meet, while never complaining – just happy to have one another and count each day they got to be together. Well, knowing that they not only needed money, but also a little spiritual boost, my hubby and I decided to do something to help lift their spirits. To help them feel like people and God really are watching out for them and maybe, just maybe if it felt enough like a little miracle, they would stay positive and believe in even bigger miracles. So, we took $1000 cash out of our savings account and mailed it to them, with a note that said (and I forget the exact words) but basically, we know you’re struggling, keep believing, pay it forward someday. Yes I know mailing $1000 cash was risky, but we took our chance. Although we are doing well, my hubby and I are raising 3 small kids and that was a huge chunk for us, but I just felt like we needed to do something big, I’m not sure why. I know they received and it and were completely baffled. To this day they still don’t know where it came from and it’s something that makes me smile just thinking about. He is now completely cancer free and they are both doing great and a part of me will always wonder if that extra boost to their faith, when they needed it most, might have helped them get through it.

  38. I am crying! You are such an amazing wonderful person you are just so selfless. I always feel so good about giving presents or donating a few dollars here and there but that is just beyond amazing!

  39. Cara, you are so amazing and such a great example! Your beauty is more than skin deep. Thank you for sharing that, it brought tears to my eyes!

  40. Cara – I still waitress and you just inspired me to do something great – thank you so much – keep up the blogging and the amazing work!!!!

  41. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this is one of the reasons I always overtip, especially at less expensive restaurants. Not just at Christmas or special occasions or whatever, but all the time. The serving staff who work there usually make very little money and have to make it go a long way, and a few more bucks out of my pocket won’t hurt me, but it might really help someone else, or at least brighten their day. I know I’m in a privileged position to even be able to do something like that, and not everyone can, but if you can, consider it next time you eat out at a restaurant.

  42. I love reading all these stories! My husband, an attorney, does a lot of court appointed work to serve the underserved. One client of his was fighting to get custody of his 1 year old daughter that his wife had taken off with and then abandoned. He had been fighting since his daughter was 3 months old and he had only been able to see her twice in that timeframe. My husband was able to get him custody, despite an enormous amount of emphasis from the court that he was poor. We believe that poor doesn’t equate to lack of love or fantastic parenting. We adopted his family this Christmas and hope that ensuring they have Christmas presents and a Christmas dinner will be the icing on the first Christmas he’ll have with his daughter since her birth.

  43. You and everyone who helped contribute to that woman’s holiday are such amazing people, Cara. She really must have felt like someone was looking out for her. Christmas is such a depressing time of year for me, and I sometimes wonder if my life would be different If I’d been one of the lucky ones who received that kind of kindness. I hope you never stop giving, it must change people’s lives so much. Happy Holidays.

  44. Well here Iam sitting in standstill traffic getting teary eyed! Such a nice reminder of what Christmas is actually about. I work in retail and sometimes it’s easy to forget amongst all the angry parents yelling at you because you ran out of the Barbie they wanted for their ki.

  45. Tears here too! I love that your sister joined you! What a fun and bonding thing for you two on top of the lovely act of generosity!

    Giving is the most gratifying act yet it is so easy to forget sometimes in our culture of get get get. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Thank you for sharing Cara—what a beautiful story!!!

    One of my favorite memories was when I entered a radio contest and the prize was a full holiday meal with all the trimmings delivered to a person of your choice who was in-need. When they called to tell me that my holiday letter won, I was thrilled. I had already decided who in my life needed the special holiday meal. Our payroll clerk was fairly new and her husband was hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. She couldn’t take any time off work because she was new and learning the job, so she was spending all night at the hospital and coming in exhausted and barely had time to eat –and definitely no money for any extras for the holiday. I’d asked her several times about her holiday plans so I would know where to have the dinner delivered, and I learned she would be spending the entire time with family in the hospital determining whether to take him off life support.

    At that moment, her entire life was all about her husband and each breath he took was her
    Christmas gift. As promised, the meal was delivered to his hospital room and she had no clue who made it happen because she later told me all about her Christmas miracle. The hospital staff working on Christmas enjoyed the extra pies and shared smiles with the family to ease their burden. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t make it until the new year, but I always feel blessed to have had a hand in making a horrible situation a tiny bit better for her and her family.

    I appreciate this particular holiday memory even more this year as my husband just got his cancer screen back yesterday and was given a clean bill of health. I have never felt more Christmas spirit than I do this year knowing he’s doing so well and beat cancer. I love reading these amazing POSITIVE stories as there is so much negativity out there. Oh, and I should get my IIID today. What more could I ask for?

  47. A perfect story to get into the christmas spirit! Thanks so much for sharing and for being a wonderful example of giving and selflessness. I’m going to pass it on and hope to be able to create my own great experience that I can tell about next year!

  48. That was a very selfless and charitable act by you and it shows the rest of us how we can find more satisfaction in giving then receiving during the holidays!

    My most memorable story so far is my first Christmas with my husband (then boyfriend) and his mother. They had just recently gone through a horrible tragedy in their family; his father passed away from Melanoma cancer. It was their first Christmas without him, and I just knew it was going to be an incredibly tough one to get through. But me being true to self, I went overboard on the gifts that I got them for Christmas. I even went all out and got them a bunch of stocking stuffers and made them their first ever stocking from me. The touching part of this story is that I unknowingly did something that his father used to do, and I wrapped all of their little individual stocking presents so it was more of a surprise when opening them (done this for years with my own family). His mother gets her stocking and starts bawling because her husband used to do the same thing and she was so happy to have a wonderful reminder of him through something I did. I will never forget that Christmas, and the beginning of my life with my new family that I have today :)

    Thanks for this post, it was nice to reminisce about the past and think about charitable and loving Christmas spirit!

  49. That was really a great story. I have been reading your blog for a few months and purchased your IIID Foundation the day it came out.
    Reading this has made me even more happy to support you.
    God Bless. :)

  50. What an amazing, giving, unselfish thing to do! You probably influenced that co-worker more than you could imagine! Hearing about acts like this reinforce my beliefs that most people are really good at heart and do care about others. Brought tears to my eyes…thank you for sharing it!

  51. What a great story. The best reward is giving without expecting anything in return.
    I love reading all of the stories, so I’ll share mine, although, I’m at the receiving end of this Christmas miracle.
    When I was 7, my family was poor. My dad had been out of a job for a long time, and my baby brother had just been born several months earlier with health problems. My parents had prepared my brothers and sisters for Christmas that year, telling us to not keep our hopes up, and that they would do the best they could as far as presents and a Christmas feast. We were always taught that Santa Claus was a symbol of giving, so we never fell for the whole North Pole full of elves bit. On Christmas eve, we heard someone knocking on the door, and my mom went to answer it. No one was there, and on our front step were huge boxes of food (including a turkey!) wrapped presents, cookies, candies, and an envelope of cash. My mom burst into tears, and my dad hugged her without saying a word. It was the first time I saw my dad cry. My little sister kept saying, “I knew it! I knew it! There IS a Santa, I knew you were lying to us!” And, it was the first time I had ever believed in miracles.
    Now, my family is much better off (as is my baby brother!), and every year for Christmas they adopt a family through our church.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  52. This made me tear up. It was beautiful and so inspirational. It reminded me what the holiday season is truly about. Thank you for sharing this.

  53. What a great story! You’re so sweet. My family would visit my grandparents every summer in Utah and they’d always take us to that restaurant. Unfortunately, my brothers and I weren’t too fond of it, and since we were young and bratty, we’d beg my parents not to make us go to “Upchuck-a-Rama”. Your story made me think of my sweet grandparents and made me wish I had been a nicer child :) I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  54. Cara, you truly are the most beautiful beauty blogger around, and it’s because of your beautiful heart. I cried reading this. You truly are special.

  55. Dito on getting teary! Why is that we read a story visualize it even better than a movie and FEEL it all as if we were there and that was our family?! That was a beautiful story Cara probably the best christmas story ever! Thank you for reminding us how good it feels to be selfless. Love, Raquel.

  56. Thanks for sharing the story Cara and inspiring all the others to share in the comments. Wonderful to read and many tears shed.

  57. That was a wonderful story. It made me smile and tear up. Your site is one of the best I’ve seen for makeup. Thanks so much and I look forward to trying your new foundation at some point.

  58. This story reminds me that there truly are wonderful people in the world! I will forever be a Maskcara supporter and I am so happy that good things are happening for someone as wonderful as you <3

  59. Great and inspiring. I have no poker face so my giddiness would have shown through if I had done this! But what a great heart you have!

  60. Thanks for sharing. I loved that. I think it’s always a more meaningful christmas when you are aware of others needs. A few years ago my husband went back to school and with three children, we were strapped. No one from the outside would have known it, but luckily an angel was sent our way with exactly what we needed. In Christmas instead of eating pasta or quesadillas (haha, seriously!, we were eating ham, fruit, vegetables and goodies. This year we wanted to find someone in a similar position to what we had been in, someone that maybe slips out of the radar because the signs of need can be so subtle- such as a mom wearing the same white shirt to church each week, etc. after days of thinking, my husband and I thought of a family that just felt right. On Sunday night we left a basket of holiday food with $100 for a family who lives down the street from us. It feels so good to walk past their house knowing their christmas was made a little brighter and it reminds me of when I was blessed by someone who took good care of us anonymously one year.

  61. [email protected] says:

    That was such a heartfelt gift. It really touched me thank you Cara. What an act of love.

  62. This had me in tears on the bus this morning when I was reading it…so good I read it again tonight. Thank you for sharing this amazing story (and being an amazing person, to boot!).

  63. I got all choked up just reading that! Thank you for sharing – what a great reminder of the true spirit of Christmas. God definitely used you in a big way!

  64. dear cara, that’s a great post. i, too, have been so caught up in work and others, that i haven’t really felt it’s december. your post reminds me i have to slow down and look around. :(

  65. A few years ago, we moved to a new (to us) house on Dec 21. I was 8 month’s pregnant with our seventh child. After our family Christmas party, my husband, a deputy sheriff, had to go to work, and so I was left to put the excited kids to bed. By 11:00 they were all tucked in and I collapsed on the couch. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Santa Clause! I looked close, but I sure couldn’t tell who it was! He said, ‘Is this the Walker house?” I said, “Uh, yes, it is.” He said, “I understand there are kids here. Could you go get them for me?” “Sure.” I said. I went and rounded up all six of them, ages 2 to 16, and they trouped downstairs. Their faces were astonished when they saw Santa standing there in their living room! “I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I know you guys just moved in here a few days ago, but I know you are here, and later on tonight, I won’t forget you!” The kids were utterly silent, even the 16-year-old. Santa went on, “Now, you all go right to bed, and I’ll be back in a little while.” and he left, ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!” The kids turned around and went back upstairs and back to bed without saying a word.

    I tell you, that night, even I believed! It was weeks before we found out that our 16-year-old daughter’s best friend’s father (got that?) who knew we had just moved, left his own family Christmas party in full Santa costume to come over and reassure my children. What a lovely gesture. My children, now all grown, still remember the night Santa came.

  66. I found your blog from vintage revivals a couple of weeks ago and after watching a couple of videos and readng a few posts I was so excited to try your makeup and ordered it as soon as I could! It arrived last night and I gave it a try this morning with a print out of my face shape map and written instructions from your tutorial In front of me. I love it! I ordered a brush this morning and I know that I will love I even more the ore I practice! Thanks for making a great product that makes me excited to put on my makeup again and thrilled with the outcome!

  67. Everyone’s stories are so sweet! I have to stop reading so I can stop crying! As a family we didn’t usually have too much to spare as far as money and gifts for the needy, but we always set aside our Christmas Eve to visit widows and those alone on the holiday. We sing their favorite songs and visit with them. It’s always an uplifting experience, and reminds me that often the most valuable gift you can give is love in the form of time.

  68. I can’t stop the tears from flowing. every year my husband and our 4 children would go up to the church and take names off the tree, buy the presents, wrap them and deliver them, we always had so much fun doing that for others, we would even find children in hospitals to give to! We are not a well off family, things have always been a little tight, but it didn’t matter, as long as we could bring smile to little ones & maybe lesson the burdon of the parent/parents & teach our kids the true meaning of Christmas, that is all that mattered to us. Then the tradition came to a screeching hault in 2008. I remember getting the call… “Mrs. Lee?” “Yes?” “This is (I am going to leave his name out) from your husbands work, there has been an accident and Paul is being aircared to UC Hospital, you need to go there ASAP!” I honestly don’t remember if I even responded, I just remember calling my parents, they came, mom stayed with the kids & dad and I rushed to the ER. I found out that a young kid had been high & drinking & was driving a fork lift, & caused a huge accident at work leaving my husband with a broken back & a partialy severed spinal cord. The Dr. said Mrs. Lee I’m sorry, we tried to repair his spinal cord but there wasn’t anything we could do, he will never walk again, and we are not sure how high up the paralises goes, only time will tell. There laid my beautiful husband, the rock of our family, my sons hero, & my daughters knight & shining armor, motionless in bed. How could I tell him he would never walk our girls down the isle or run & play football with his son? Sorry, I know this is long, I will shorten it… Needless to say my husband refused to believe that he wouldn’t walk again. His words to me were “That Dr. is wrong & he doesn’t know me, I’m a husband, a father, and an Army Ranger (at this time he had fulfilled active duty & was in the reserves), I will walk again. It was a long drawn out battle with workmans comp, travling out of state to their drs for more opinions, blah blah blah. We only had my income & we were losing everything fast. Then Christmas came, no money & barely any food. When Paul & the kids were sleeping, I would sit up night after night crying & praying for a miracle, anything so I could put something under the tree for my kids. Then one night my inlaws asked to keep the kids over night, about a half hr after they left the doorbell rang, & when I opened the door, there was a crowd of people, people from the church & complete strangers, standing there yelling “Merry Christmas!!” Their arms loaded full of presents and all the fixings for a complete Christmas dinner!! I couldn’t believe it!! They were their for us! For my family!! That night I sat up & cried, tears of joy & thanks as I wrapped all the presents for my kids! It was a great Christmas! Fast forward almost 5 yrs and my husband has learned to walk again, he still has a long road a head but I believe in him & I know we will be ok.

    • I couldn’t even get through the first half without tearing up! I am so so sorry for what you and your family have been through! I am so glad that your friends and family are there for you and that your husband is a fighter! I’m so amazed by your strength! Merry Christmas! Bless you!

    • Your story is amazing. The old phrase, “cast your bread upon the waters” definitely was true for you. So happy to hear your hubby is recuperating. Will be praying for his continual healing and strength to return and for your strength and faith to stay strong. God bless you and your whole family.

  69. Cara,

    This post brought me to tears as I am sitting at work. I have silently been following your blog, and your instagram through your journey and you are just such a awesome person! Your personality shines out! You’re story is so touching, and inspiring to all! Also I think it is SOO great that you have your own makeup line! (I tried to get some but go figures it is so popular it is out, don’t worry ill keep trying!) Anyways just wanted to know that you inspire people to be better, and to let their natural beauty shine! I hope you go far with your makeup line, and I can’t wait to try some out!
    Merry Christmas!

  70. My senior year of high school, my friend Kaitlyn and I had delivered Thanksgiving baskets to families in the area. We had fallen in love with one family in particular- mom, dad, and two sons, W (4 at the time), and C, (2 at the time). They were born where their skulls don’t form fully over their brains so they need multiple surgeries to correct them. The pressure would hurt so bad for them at times. While we were their C started pounding his head on the wall because it offered a moment of relief for him. Well we played with them for hours and then decided we needed to give them the Christmas we knew they weren’t going to have. We recruited our church, bible study and football team to buy gifts for their entire family. They boys loved football, so when we delivered the gifts we had part of the team come with and one of the guys dressed as Santa. W was so excited to see them! He was so causual talking to Santa and had greeted him like they were best buds. Meeting that family left such an impact on me. We visited C in the hospital right after the holidays. He had his reconstructive surgery (they would take the skull off, smash it and put it back together on him.) and it got infected. His family was moving and his mom ended up getting sick so she couldn’t visit him, his dad was hours away unpacking and his little brother was with his grandparents and he was too terrified of seeing his little brother after surgery that nobody visited him. By the time I got there he was in this barred incubator reaching his little hand out just wanting someone to hold him. I got a nurse and immediately held him. That was one of the best feelings ever.

  71. I am in tears after reading that story. That is an amazing and selfless thing for you to do!! I am so glad now that I helped you out by buying your make up!

  72. I read your blog religiously, but don’t comment very often. I usually read the comments and figure, well, they’ve pretty much covered it for me too. :-) But I really have to say, I started following your blog because of your content, but have grown to love and look forward to your blog because of your incredibly generous spirit and beauty that shines through in EVERY post. I recommend it to my friends continually. Thank you for sharing your story for the Christmas season – you definitely have the Spirit in you. Peace, joy and happiness to you and yours! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  73. What a great story. It seriously warmed my heart. I totally want to do something like this in the next week or so.. nice things for no reason! Such great karma too. I literally read this story right after watching this video: where an entire airline sets up christmas at the airpot for its travelers… pretty amazing..

    PS: So far I am LOVING my HAC pack! Everything is so great, the consistency, the creaminess, and the way it looks.. You should’ve been in the makeup biz long ago my friend!

  74. Welp, my makeup is ruined. Totally crying right now. Good things happen to good people and this story and your successful new product line perfectly illustrate that. Totally cheering you on here from Ohio girl!

  75. That was so kind of you. I knew you really made her year with your selflessness. I have a little story where I gave and received! When I was in high school, a friend and I were at a local mall about a week before Christmas and seen that the giving tree still had a lot of names left on it and the deadline was extended to try to get some of these familes help for Christmas. My friend and I picked out a name and even though we didn’t have much ourselves (both working part-time minimum wage jobs) we bought what we could. The family asked for clothes and a few toys so we got as much of the clothes as we could and picked out a toy for each of the two children. It was a baby alive doll and train set that they wanted. There was still a lot left on the card and I told my mom about it when we got back from the mall. I got ready to take the items back to the mall after school the next day and found that my mom went and bought all of the other toys on the list! I was so excited and proud to bring all of those presents into the mall office. It was definitely one of my favorite Christmas memories.

  76. What a wonderful thing you did! I love when the Christmas spirit spreads like wildfire! In other, and much more selfish news, I got my IIID make-up today! Perfect timing, as my husband comes back from deployment tonight and now, thanks to you, I look smokin’ hot! :)

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  79. Your story is beautiful. Our church group used to go caroling every year. One time it was snowing and very cold and we considered not going. But went anyway. We went to the door of a very modest home. An elderly gentleman came to the door. As we began to sing he stopped us and said, won’t you please come in and sing to my wife. She was bedridden and very ill. We all trouped in to her tiny bedroom and stood around her bed and sang several Christmas carols. We really didn’t want to leave and sang several more songs. The sweet man was crying and as we left he said it would be a Christmas he would never forget and God must have sent us. We all left with tears in our eyes. Yes, we felt God really did lead us to their door.

  80. Hi Cara. I am a new blogger at My heart is for single moms’s and wish that more people would extend love and kindness to single moms more ofter! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt insiprational story on how you not only touched the life of your singlemom friend, but her children too. Thank you!

  81. Cara, your story has brought another story to my mind. When my daughter (who absolutely loves your blog and your ideas) was in grade school, I think maybe second or third grade, she had a little classmate that was very poor. Our church always made food baskets and would pick a family to help at Christmas and that year Gari Ann asked if we could help her little classmate. The church thought that would be wonderful. So when it came time to deliver the food and the Christmas gifts our daughter was delighted to be a part of it. When we arrived at the family’s home there was no sign of Christmas in the house except a very sad looking cedar tree with no decorations which undoubtedly had been cut from a neighbor’s field or road ditch. When her classmate saw the gifts and the food he was so excited and wanted so badly to show his thanks. There was a little plastic rabbit sitting on the top of the TV (about the only thing in the house that resembled a knick knack of some kind). He grabbed that and handed it to our daughter and said he wanted her to have it. To this day some 35+ years later she still has that little rabbit and informed me just a couple of days ago that he goes on their Christmas tree every year and her girls hear that story again every time he goes on the tree. I can still picture that little guy handing that to her with pride. I’ve often wondered what became of him and his family. I hope his Christmases are brighter today because of his sweet love.

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