Welcome to backstage

One of the main things I was hoping to scope out when I got there was the goods!
I thought it would actually be a lot more uniform than it was, aside from the VS Makeup set up at all of the stations each of the artists had their own kit mixed with all different kinds of makeup at each station. Some were marked (Nars, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, MAC and Armani) and many unmarked containers. They had a TON of brushes.


They definitely used the VS eyeshadows.




Oh hey, cool curling iron!


Best hairspray ever. And notice the clips on his sleeve!


LOTS of clip ins! I don’t think there was one model I talked to who wasn’t wearing them!


Good lighting is ESSENTIAL for proper makeup application.


I’d be doing selfies all day if I looked like that:)
Wow, what a beautiful smile.


VS has a “Look” but I think it’s fun to see how they subtly change things up each year.
This year they wanted the makeup more natural than I’d seen it in the past, they didn’t go super long with the hair and they didn’t go heavy on the tans. It was beautiful.
Even though I’ve already seen the show I am SO EXCITED to watch it again tonight. I don’t know if I’m biased or not but I swear these are my favorite looks ever!
As much fun as it was and as much as I’m so grateful I was able to go, I think it will be even more fun watching it at home in my PJ’s.

IIID Foundation update:
I’m so sorry, trying not to talk about this in every post but I just need to take a moment and thank all of you who have been posting your glowing reviews! This morning I read my very first review and I totally started crying. I was so happy to finally start the line and so grateful when the sales went so well but this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. For you to get it and try it and (hopefully) love it like I do. I’ve hated having to keep it to myself! I am dying to see it on all of your truly beautiful faces!
That being said, I hope that you all feel comfortable to post your honest opinion whatever it may be. I understand that no one product works the same for everyone and I am 1000% committed to my “No Hac’er left behind” policy of making sure that everyone understands how to use it and feels comfortable and beautiful with it on. For all of you who are wanting to know when the medium will be back in stock, it should be early January, but I will keep you updated as to an exact date as soon as I know.

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  1. Thank you for the pics/visuals. Cant even imagine what it was like for you with all that glam and beauty and stuff all around. Thanks for sharing it and your VS video tutorial was great!!!

  2. A little rectangular package came in the mail yesterday. I was so excited….and then I realized that it was something for my husband instead of my IIId kit. Bummer! I can’t wait for it to arrive and try it out! Tonight I’ll be wrapped up by the fire watching too but I think I’d rather see a behind the scenes show. Maybe next year ? Hosted by Cara? :)

  3. Cara! That must make you feel fantastic that you are already sold out! I’m waiting for the January batch of medium. Can’t wait to try it and show your line to my husband’s photography studio models! Congratulations, you deserve so much success given your passion and dedication to us non-runway women. Keep sharing the love…

  4. I got my IIID Kit last night and couldn’t wait to try it this morning! My 17 yr old daughter also showed up in my bathroom at 5:30 a.m., so I could try it out on her too. It looked amazing on both of us!! Very natural and at the same time, great coverage. I did feel like it was a little light for me (I used the medium), so i set my makeup with a bronzer, and that helped a lot. But she looked like a porcelain doll. She has a full face, and her comment was, “Mom, I have cheekbones!” Thanks so much Cara for being such a pioneer in the industry and giving us such a great alternative to the standard way of applying makeup. I’m hooked, and now I’ve got to get my daughter her own kit. :)

  5. I got mine last night too. Watched the how too video again and put some on. I thought the medium was just a bit light so I am delighted to hear about using some bronzer over it. I will try that today! (In all fairness I was using really bad lighting because I was in a hurry to try it.) Then I went to the “store” and was going to buy a HAC pac for my 2 daughters & my daughter in law for Christmas– I ‘m sure they are all definitely medium– but alas–sold out. Happy for your success Cara but sorry I have to wait!

  6. I got my IIID kit in yesterday and I used it this morning for the first time and I loved it. I thought the contouring side would have been darker but I think I may just have not been using as much as cara does. I have dark circles and I still needed concealer but again I could have just not been putting enough on. I would love to see a tutorial video for girls with dark circles, this has been my plague since birth. over all I love the product and I know the more I practice with it the more comfortable I will be with it. Thanks Cara keep up the good work.

    • I am glad you are liking it so far! I think because of the cold the foundation is a little resistant on the very top layer. Once you use it a second time it should be easy to use! Please keep me updated!

      • I had the same issue with the contour color being lighter than I expected. It had been sitting in my mailbox in below 0 weather! I am excited to work through the frozen top layer and give my honest opinion.

        • I’m going to third (?) that the contour color was too light for my asian nc 30 skin…. maybe I should try bronzer over it but then I’m scared it will then look unnatural….

  7. Every time I see the VS commercials I watch closely to see if I might catch a glimpse of you in the background. tee hee Just received an email that my kit is on it’s way to me. YAAAYYYY! And I just picked up my special IT brush from Ulta yesterday. Now let’s see how bad I can HAC myself. aacckkkk Congratulations and wishing you a world of success Cara.

  8. Miss Cara,

    I was wondering who would use the light. I’m a MAC NC15 in the summer and a bit lighter in the winter. Would you consider giving ranges for each color of IIID? I’m especially surprised that some feel medium might be too light for them. This would help us light girls decide which one to buy. Thanks.

  9. I am going to try mine out this morning and I’ll be posting a review on my blog once I’ve taken a few days to try it a couple of different ways and figure it out. The packaging is gorgeous! I love that they were using the Loreal hairspray (that’s what I use too) and I have had those clips pinned to my hair board foreva and I really need to buy some. I think I’ve only tried the VS eyeliner before (no other makeup), but now I want to pick up that eyeshadow as well. I love the look you created with it yesterday!

  10. Thanks to you us normal Joe schmo scan feel like VS angels. I get excited every morning to look at your site, keep up the good work.

  11. I got my HAC pack last night and tried it this morning – I was so excited! I think I might need to really do an extra exfoliating routine before I use it again though – the lighter color just did not go on well. You can see every pore and flake on my face – not pretty. I thought I was exfoliated and moisturized pretty well, but I was proven wrong. Back to my old foundation until I can get a perfectly smooth base for IIID. I won’t send it back, because I do believe in Cara and the product, it just doesn’t work for me right now. Maybe I’ll pass it on to a friend :-)

    • This happened with me too, granted my skin is a total mess right because I’m doing accutane so I have breakouts and flakes. I applied on top of tinted moisturizer because I need more coverage and think I went a bit heavy. I do love the concept and product though so I’ll use it a few more times and if it doesn’t go on well, I’ll save it for my when skin looks nice :)

    • I felt the same way about mine. I got home from work and saw the package waiting for me. I was so excited i immediately washed my makeup off to try it on. I normally apply moisturizer and primer before i put makeup on so i did the same thing. I think my brushes might not be the right ones to use (i use real techniques brushes) because they did not pick up any foundation. I ended up using my fingers to apply the foundation and then blending it out with a brush but the coverage was not enough for me. Like you both said, i am going to keep trying because i see all of these women that Cara uses the product on and their faces come out flawless. maybe they have flawless skin to begin with because i feel like this foundation makes my face look more flawed :( i also have pretty dark circles under my eyes. i currently use MAC pro longwear concealer to hide them and haven’t been able to find another product that gives me as much coverage as i like. if anyone encountered the same issues please let me know what your solutions were. What brushes are you using if you aren’t dishing out $50 for the it cosmetics brush that cara recommended?

        • I’m thinking the cold has a lot to do with it. My house was pretty cold this morning and the brush wasn’t picking up much product. Plus it’s like when you use Wen the first time. You’re all excited, but you have to learn how to use it correctly!

      • I seem to be having similar issues, but I want to love this product so badly! I got mine yesterday and tried it this morning so I think the cold being an issue isn’t a factor. I have oily skin with visible pores and the highlight shade was not flattering me the way I had seen it done on the blog so many times. I could literally see it sitting in my pores. I got medium and although the contour shade seems dark in the pan, I couldn’t get it to show up hardly at all on my face. I moisturized and primed my skin before hand. I’m wondering if there are certain primers that will play better with the iiid foundation than others? Or maybe it’s not meant for oily skin? I hope to get more ideas to make this work because right now, I’m unsure of my investment. :( Otherwise, I have learned so much and completely changed how I do my makeup from you Cara, so thank you for that!

    • I had the same issue. I plan to do an at home peel and hopefully get off all the flakies. I used the IT brush but still seemed to have trouble applying it and then once I got it on my face had flakes show up all over. I’m hoping once I get a smoother base it will work for me.

    • I had the same problem too. I thought it was just me. I’m going to keep trying to figure out the best way to make it work, and hopefully it’s just that the top isn’t as smooth to apply as it should be.

  12. Ah I wish I had the IIID foundation! It’s not in my budget right now, but I’m dying to try it like so many others! So happy for you and your success!

  13. What kind of clips in do they use or would you suggest? I have been wanting to try some, but I don’t want them to look too cheesy.

  14. I am in love! I received my HAC pack yesterday. I had to try in right away last night and then again this morning! I am a medium and the color is perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for because it feels like I am not wearing any makeup but I still have great coverage! Cara you nailed it!

  15. I got my HAC Pack last night and immediately took off my makeup to try it. I loved the highlight color, the contour didn’t really contour on me because I have redness. I’m going to try to darken it with bronzer or possibly do a little concealing before I use the contour. I’m absolutely not complaining, I just know I need to keep working with it!

    • THanks so much for letting me know! As I’ve been noticing I think the more you work with it the better it will be, the top layer is hard to get through (I think because of the cold) and that’s the main issue I think!

  16. where can we read reviews about the HAC packs? just in comments of your posts? I received my medium and used the designated brush. i must say, it seems difficult to get the product onto the brush…how hard do you have to press into the makeup to get product on brush? It is very cold here, so i’m thinking that in warmer temps it may come off better? Also, the contour on the medium doesn’t seem quite dark enough, but again, could be i’m not getting enough product on bristles of the IT brush.

    • I live in the south and I had the same issue with getting enough product onto the IT brush. i just kept reapplying and building it until i thought i had enough. It was hard to see the contour color, but i think I finally got it right. For me, I’m hoping practice makes perfect because I love the overall look so much. My daughter had some of the flakiness that others spoke of, but it sat really well on my skin. Not sure what the difference was since we both prepped the same way.

  17. I received my HAC pack last night and couldn’t wait to see how it worked on my skin. I do love the concept – genius! I did feel like it was a bit difficult to apply on the brush and felt like I couldn’t get enough product on the brush or on my face. The contour is very light on my skin and could barely tell a difference… maybe adding bronzer over it would make a difference – this I will try! I do remember you mentioned in the video to keep applying it for a deeper contour, but again, couldn’t tell much of a difference. I love the shortcake blush – it is such a beautiful color. Keep up the good work!

  18. @maskcara CARA just wondering how best to apply the foundation if you didn’t buy the expensive brush? Thank you! I want to apply it properly. Maybe a video with other application options. Thanks! I’m a friend of Jade’s in St George she says she loved when you applied it for her!

  19. Such a cool experience, great photos! I hope you post even more, lol! :D It’s really nice to see they are incorporating actual VS makeup products into the artists’ stations. I assumed they would use other brands, but seeing all the VS tinted moisturizer, eye/face palettes, and even some lipsticks was very promising. It’s like, when I go buy a VS beauty product in-store, I now know it’s something they really would use on the Angels! Makes me more confident about adding VS products to my beauty collection :) And it’s also so cool how you showed the picture of the hair artist cooling Alessandra’s bang curl (I think it’s Ale, anyhow!) on a can of Elnett Satin, just like you did in your recent video! Your blog is such a treasure trove of tips and tricks!! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi Cara! Just got my HAC Pack in the mail! Can’t wait to try it out!!! Especially excited to try it out with some if your Victoria’s Secret tips! Your backstage previews have made me even more excited to watch the fashion show tonight!!!

  21. I wanted to do a check on how my HAC was holding up so I went outside in the natural light, and I’m sad to say that it’s totally gone! It’s as if it disintegrated or something. There are a few areas where you can see where it once was (around my nose and on my chin, but other than that…nothing. I do have the tiniest amount of blush left, but I’m a little freaked out since I’m at work… I may give it another chance on a weekend, when it doesn’t really matter if I don’t have any makeup on or not, but if I don’t get better results I will have to return. I’m so sad!! I really loved it when i put it on this morning, so much that I gave it rave reviews when I got to my computer. :(

  22. Okay, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO beyond impressed!!!!!!!!! My thoughts for the IIID Foundation was that I would do my face as usual and then top it off with this… Boy was I wrong! I just put on my primer and concealed under my eyes the way I would any foundation, I then applied IIID Foundation and that is all I needed. I did set mine with a bit a powder and setting spray (like I do any foundation) and that is all I needed and I was set until I took it off at night! I first thought that the medium shade was too light but soon realized that was not the case. It’s not supposed look like bronzer all over my face…it’s supposed to look like the natural shadows on my face. The deal maker for me…my husband asked what I had done because my face looked so bright and sculpted but NATURAL! !!!!!SOLD!!!!!!

  23. Why don’t you do a post on how to know which color to order? Saying most women will wear medium is rather vague. I have asked about a million times – asked on FB, a personal email, on pininterest – what I would use since I am a MAC NC20. No response. I am giving up after this. I have seen others ask the same question.

  24. I think you are fabulous and do amazing things with makeup. I was also hoping that the HAC pack was going to be a miracle and I’d look like an angel too, but I seem to be having the same issues as some of the others. I still need to use concealer because my circles are too dark, and the contour shade did not show up at all. I don’t like the look of a lot of makeup, I prefer very subtle but you can’t see it at all on my skin. I still needed to use a bronzer to contour. I’m afraid that if I get the dark kit though the highlighting shade would be too dark. It’s completely ok because i was wondering what I’d do with all my makeup if I didn’t need it anymore :).

  25. I like it. It’s nice and creamy. My only thing is I think that the contour is too light of a coverage. I can’t tell that it does anything when I put it on.

  26. I’m so sorry to say this ( I really am – I wanted to love this as Cara seems like such a sweet person and makes everyone look beautiful) but the IIID foundation is just not doing it for me. At about 4 hours of wearing this, it has completely started to separate on my face. I’m a bit oily, but not overly so, and you can see the yellow color has settled in under my eyes, around my mouth and around my jawline. I have no makeup left on my cheeks, nose and it’s patchy on my forehead. I see that some people are loving it, and that leads me to believe I’m doing it wrong. The foundation has almost a …waxy? texture. I felt like I couldn’t pick up enough of the contour color on the brush and the highlight color did not sit well on my skin, even when freshly applied. My face looked very texturized, not smooth at all. Every pore and skin flaw was highlighted. Maybe you have to have perfect skin to begin with? In that case, this foundation is not for me. I have a few breakouts and some acne scarring to cover up. I do like the blush and the illuminator, as they seem to melt right into the skin. I want to love this and look great, Cara! Please help me! Am I doing it wrong, or is my skin just not made for this foundation?

    • Rosie! as I’ve been saying in the comments a bit I think the main issue here is probably the cold! It created a little bit of a resistant top layer (the waxiness you described) and made it go on unevenly. Once I used it once maybe twice I was able to get past that layer and the makeup was it’s usual smooth self! SO in other words, as long as you are using a brush I don’t think it’s you I think it just needs to be a used a few more times! But please keep me updated!

    • I had the very same issues. It sounds like we have very similar skin and I know exactly what you mean about the waxiness and it not being there after a few hours. It seemed to have “melted” on me. And my pack was not cold, so I know that it not the issue. I want to love it, but I am still not sure….

  27. Cara said it was light to medium coverage so I would assume if there are any spots and dark undereye circles you will still need concealer. I wouldn’t expect a light coverage foundation to cover everything. Also, if you watch her video, she goes over and over certain areas until the color is perfect. I don’t think you can rush through the application process. Cream foundation can be tricky and it looks like Cara does thin layers and builds them where needed. I can’t wait to get mine! In the mean time I’ll keep obsession over her videos for application tips.

  28. Just received my HAC pak in the mail and am anxious to try it out! I wish there were some basic instructions included cuz I forget what you did in the video.

  29. Please, no need to apologize for discussing your product, Cara – it’s your product, this is your blog, discuss away! I’m still awaiting mine but have been patiently anticipating and will mos def let you know how it goes.

    In the meantime, thanks for sharing the VS scene – that must have been crazy fun!

  30. I got my HAC pack today and put it on in the car!!! My new favourite! I was hesitant to try cream bluch but i am obsessed with Shortcake!! It looks so natural!!

  31. I love the strawberry shortcake blush! I have used mauves for years, and thanks to Cara, I’ve discovered I can wear pink blush! I’m doing better with the contour color than the highlighter. I have really dark circles, and it doesn’t hide them well. Like a lot have reported, the lighter color shows all my flakes and pores. I think I need better brushes and I definitely need to moisturize and exfolliate more. It has shown me that my skin is much drier than I thought, and I think if Cara were doing the application instead of me, it would be perfect! I ordered medium and the highlight color seems too light. I feel sure it’s something I’m doing wrong. I haven’t given up, and I’m going to keep practicing! Love the blush and illuminator! More practice needed on the other!

  32. Did you try #spotmyshade on instagram? That’s how I figured out mine – just looked at what was recommended for others with similar coloring to me.

  33. I just recieved my HAC Pack this afternoon and couldn’t wait to try it! I put it on over the top of my faded tired make up from this morning. Viola! I’m fresh, my skin looks so soft, and I can see the difference from what I have been using! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for your passion, dedication and all your informative and quirky posts about everything beauty! Can’t wait to see what else you bring!

  34. Great Idea! I honestly think one of the main issues is the cold the makeups been through creating a little bit of resistance on the top layer. It should FOR SURE cover dark circles and shouldn’t be sticking to pores. I tried a HAC pack that had been in the cold and had a similar situation until I got through that top layer!

  35. I havent gotten my foundation yet (hopefully it’ll be in the mailbox tomorrow!!), but based on some of the comments i’m reading im thinking that i will try using it as a highlighting and contouring kit over my BB cream (i use maybelline dream fresh, which i must say works better than SO many of the higher priced alternatives!!). I feel like my skin needs evening out, and its sounding like the coverage on the IIID might not be sufficient.
    Suggestion for my fellow readers: please read the recent comments before posting questions :) it’s kind of ridiculous to see how many times the same question is asked and answered (not to mention having to read through the same thing over and over)- Cara is hoping to have medium back in stock in early January, you can apply the foundation with a brush, sponge, your fingers-whatever works for you! A link was posted for IT brushes on QVC for 39.00; that is a personal preferance, you can use whatever brush you like…just please READ the comments before repeating them!
    Looking forward to trying out my pack!!

  36. Tracking says my HAC Pack is “out for delivery!” Now I’m hanging around the house, hoping I don’t miss the mail man. I just showered and moisturized so I can use it immediately!

    I’m sure you have your hands full, but it would be great to read reviews on the actual product pages instead of just blog comments (although I am obsessively reading those as well). Mostly I think it would be really cool to do a #hacpack hashtag or something like it on Instagram to see everyone’s glowing results. Perhaps a little nerdy, but I just want to see everyone else’s before/after!

  37. Ok. I am getting really tired of reading negative reviews on the makeup because of people’s SKIN PROBLEMS. First of all, Cara would not make a drying makeup product. How many times do you hear her stress the importance of moisturizing. The product is not making your skin flaky, your skin IS flaky. The thicker, more cakey makeup your are currently using is just masking it. Which is not good for your skin either. It is winter people, you need to exfoliate and moisturize. If you go back and look at some of her makeovers, the ones with drier skin, she first puts marajuca oil on them before applying the makeup. You are not going to have beautiful, natural makeup without a decent canvas to work on. Second of all, have reasonable expectations. Cara has beautiful skin, so of course her makeup is going to look flawless without much effort. I am not naive enough to think that i am going to only have to use these products and look just as beautiful as her. I get a pimple every now and then and have some hyperpigmentation, so yes, I will probably have to use a little concealer first here and there. And lastly, all of you are complaining about not knowing how to use it, this and that, and asking all these questions that have ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED IN THE POST. Do not blame her for you not paying attention. That’s just not fair. She completely revolutionized the way we use makeup, so yes it might take you a few times to figure out the way the HAC Pack works best for you. You don’t become a pro overnight, so quit leaving these bad reviews after using it just one time. She worked on this product for 2 years and it has her name on it. It is a big deal and very important to her. END RANT.

    • Hiya Kayla!

      To be fair, Cara did invite feedback and does need to hear all of it – including the negative. Yes, she’s worked on these products for two years, but there’s no such thing as no room for any improvement, and I’m sure she will take the consistent (constructive) criticisms and apply them toward making an even better product as time goes on.

      THAT being said…I can’t help but agree with you on most points, and would add that I tend to read the comments on a lot of different websites because it gives me an idea of what people are thinking about on a variety of subjects, but one thing never ceases to amaze me is the ability some people have to make everything all about them coupled with an utter lack of self-awareness (yes, lady who asked Cara if she was “punishing” you by your being from Canada and thus unable to order her products RIGHT NOW, I’m talking about YOU). It’s a special talent, and as we’ve seen, Cara has her own share of those who possess it.

      Whaddaya gonna do? People teach either to be or how NOT to be. :)

    • I also agree! Girls, try this several times before you come to a conclusion…I’m a 51 year old woman, have watched Cara’s how to’s a lot, and I am IN LOVE with the way this makes my skin look! It has brightened up my whole face!!; I was used to full coverage make up, and this, to me, is the perfect light/medium coverage that I was looking for to let my natural skin shine. It’s the “no make up- make up” for sure! LOVE how the yellow highlight literally CUTS my redness down to zero. Cara, you nailed it.

    • First of all, there’s a huge difference between a negative review and an honest evaluation. I love the product, it just didn’t work well for me today. I do exfoliate, moisturizer and prime and have really good skin. Please don’t “rant” against people who are giving their honest opinion about something. Cara never said only leave a comment if it’s positive. She said, “please be honest.” By ranting, you sound like a bully telling everyone that only positve comments are valid and the rest of us should shut up and not have an opinion. I plan on continuing to work with the product I hope that it gets better for me. If it does I’ll be the first one to sing its praises, but I’m not going to lie and say it worked great for me if it didn’t. If we don’t talk about the negative issues, then there’s no way of getting ideas on how to troubleshoot them….like trying to work through the top layer or warming it up some.

      • I’m with Jill. So far the IIID has not worked for me but I intend to keep trying. No other foundation I have has made every flake or pore visible and I do not wear heavy cakey foundations. I’m hoping with a good exfoliation and getting through the top layer I will be happy with the product. Most people don’t have perfect skin so these concerns are valid. Hopefully everyone will give the product more than a couple tries to find if it really works for them though.

      • Thanks so much you guys for being respectful to each other even when you don’t agree! I thought I’d respectfully chime in on this as well:) First I know that this product is different from what you may have used in the past and for some it will take some getting used to and I am aware that or some it just won’t be their favorite. While I did work so hard on the product and the negatives critiques do give me a little drop in my stomach I very much appreciate them because I hope to create an entire line that will fill the needs of everyone and these critiques help for me to see places where I can improve or add other products to fit specific needs and also help me in knowing where I need to add more information and help. I agree that there are times when comments are not constructive and unnecessarily negative but in the world of blogging I have been VERY grateful to have much higher quality commenters than most. When comments do go there I really don’t mind, it’s a very small price to pay for having so many wonderful and well thought out comments. For me to focus on the lames ones (like “you’re ugly” or something of that caliber) would be somewhat self centered and disrespectful to all of the women who took time to do the exact opposite. Sorry for the novel here! I am just wanting to basically say, thank you for the negative (and yet constructive) reviews and also thank you for being protective and either way thanks for sharing your opinions. I love you guys!!

      • It should be noted that you can not return the product if it is used beyond a certain amount (although how that is determined is beyond me…) but I agree with the other statements you voiced.

  38. Today was my first application in the morning– tried it last night over my old makeup, but of course it doesn’t apply the same. My first thought– just okay. It looked about like my old makeup did. However, later in the day today, I kept catching glances of myself in the mirror, and each time it looked better. I think it needed to melt into my skin or something, but I must say I’m in love.

    I got my new IT brush in the afternoon and added a second application– MUCH better look with this brush than the one I was using before (a contour blush brush), but I also think the waxy top that Cara has been talking about is part of it because I picked up more makeup the third time I used it.

    The dark color doesn’t really show up much on me, either, but I’m starting to think that’s a good thing. My husband asked if I was trying to do a “little extra shading” yesterday when I went heavier on my bronzer– he could see a line. IIID looks much more natural. I, too, have flakes, but it’s my skin, not the IIID. In fact, the flakes are less noticeable with the IIID than with my old foundation. I just bought Ulta’s knockoff of the clarisonic and am hoping that helps with exfoliation.

    All in all, I’m very happy with IIID so far, and I think I’ll only like it more as I get more practice with it. I’m super excited that it will cut down some time in the mornings– my husband will thank you for that, too! Thanks for creating this and for teaching me so much about makeup. You’ve truly changed my outlook on makeup and have helped me feel so much better about myself and the way I look.

  39. Cara – can you do a swatch of your blushes? I want to order you IIID Foundation in Medium ( i know you’re out), but can’t decide on the blush! I’d love to see the swatch

  40. I just got my HAC pack in the mail today and was so excited to try it out. I have been hac-ing for a little while now, so I didn’t see a dramatic difference in the way my face looked overall, but that being said.. your make-up is way better than what I was using previously!(Maybelline FIT foundation in a pale shade, Nutrogena in a darker shade and then FIT concealer to highlight) Seriously, I have to blend shades to find a match that works with my freckles! I bought the medium HAC kit and the color is amazing! I can’t believe all the trouble I’ve had my whole life trying to find the perfect foundation color and I order my make-up sight unseen online and it is absolutely the best match I’ve ever had, and I have freckles!!! The yellowish concealer kinda scared me, but it covers and highlights my dark cirlces very well and blends flawlessly with the darker shade to create a shadow effect.I absolutely love this make-up!!! Thank You so much, I loved it!!!!

  41. Love the IIID HAC pack!

    IMO, I think the contour color and texture of the cream is much better than the dark powder I was using to contour. Looks more natural and creates the perfect shadow for contouring.

  42. I just tried my HAC pack this morning,I ordered medium, and I loved it! You do need to work through the first layer, but I think that’s definitely normal for all makeup! After sifting through what people have been saying, it seems like some of us need to remember to exfoliate and moisturize! I know my SKIN can be flaky, and makeup only makes it worse! The cream is lovely once you get through the top set layer, the Shortcake blush is amazing and the illuminator is glowy, not super shimmery so it looks like I have glitter all over my face. I definitely think that during the summer I will need to use the dark HAC pack, but I always need darker makeup in the summer! I used a Sonia Kashuk foundation brush as well as an eyeshadow brush to apply the makeup, and I think the brushes were great. Well done Cara, your product is amazing! If you are looking for a deep deep contour, bronzer may help, but sometimes when contour is too dark it looks fake or orange. This HAC pack is perfect for every day makeup, and if you have something special maybe pump it up with some bronzer! I’m in love with my HAC pack!

  43. I am OBSESSED with finding the #hac and #maskcara images on instagram! I can’t wait to get this in the mail!!!!!! Everyone looks so gorgeous! Dying of jealousy that I don’t have mine.

  44. I got home yesterday and my HAC pack AND IT brush were both waiting for me in the mail! Oh happy day! I couldn’t wait, so I tried it on just half of my face. OMG! It was awesome. I looked so fresh and dewy and just glowing. I agree that it was hard to get through the top layer, but I think once that is gone it will go on easier. I thought the dark would be too dark on me, but I almost think it is too light. Maybe I just need to use more. I usually am either the lightest or second lightest shade in the drugstore brands. I bought the medium HAC pack and I think it is perfect. It snowed today, so I didn’t go to work and didn’t bother with makeup but I can’t wait to try it again tomorrow. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. PS, I LOVE the Shortcake blush. I really nice flush and I tried it as a gloss and it was really sweet and pretty.

  45. I have also been having the issues many others have mentioned with the foundation. It feels like it sits on top of my skin, not blending well, and wears off very quickly. It also showing my pores much more than usual. And YES, I exfoliate and moisturize every single day! After reading the comments I tried applying it multiple times to work through the top “frozen” layer, also with and without primer, with and without BB cream underneath, and with different brushes and my fingers. Unfortunately, I had the same results every time. I am afraid that maybe the foundation just might not work with my skin type (combination-oily). I never have this problem with my normal foundation (I usually use a liquid foundation with a matte finish).

    That being said, I LOVE the blush (Shortcake) and illuminator! Seriously beautiful colors and they stay put. I’m sad the foundation isn’t working well for me but I have no doubt it is a good product for many others. Thanks, Cara!

  46. OMG! Christmas came early today…my IIID HAC PACK came in! I cant wait to try it in the morning! I almost washed my old makeup off so I could put it on tonight, but I resisted! I love all of your videos and posts..so inspirational!!! Thanks for all you do :)

  47. Hey Cara. Question about your HAC Pack. I have never HAC-ed before. I asked for the brush you use for Christmas. Currently though I have the Real Techniques foundation brush…how exactly doe sone use that flat brush to achieve the same look??

  48. Cara, I LOVE the HAC Pack!!!!!! I have been experimenting with lots of different makeups over the last year or so… You are my go-to girl for HACing – found you on Pinterest and LOVE your blog! I applied the HAC Pack straight out of the mailbox, cold, and with both my finger and a brush – in front of a window for natural light. (I ordered medium). Yes, there seemed to be a layer, especially when applying with my finger and yes, I needed to use a little extra concealer on a few spots here and there… but overall I am totally sold on the genius of the product – I also really like the size of the mirror. I didn’t have to bring another mirror with me to the window. I kept checking throughout the day to see if it was holding up well and it did! Thanks so much for creating a wonderful product!!!! I’m really interested in trying the other two blushes as well. I ordered Shortcake and it’s beautiful… a very natural flush color.

  49. Im getting kinda nervous… I ordered the light hac pack because Cara said it was for people with really light skin and I have really light skin…but EVERYONE in the comments seems to have ordered medium and I can’t believe nobody else is as light skinned as I am D:

    I guess I’ll see when I get it!

  50. For all you ladies that have large pores try applying the highlight foundation with a beauty blender. When I applied it with a brush, I could see every pore but when I used the BB I didn’t have that issue. I only used a brush for the contour foundation as I don’t have large pores in these areas.

  51. I feel terrible because my first experience was not what I was hoping for and jealous that others are seeming to have an easier time with it. I am chalking it up to having terrible skin, not the product itself though. I tried to use the highlighter to go over my many blemishes, hoping it would cut the red and cover them, but that didn’t really work. Then when I tried the contour, it was way lighter than it seems in the video and I could barely see where it was going on at. (maybe I’m being too light handed because of how expensive it is and trying to use it sparingly?!) When I did the highlighter at the end (between the contour areas, etc) it seemed to pull the highlight right off of the blemishes I had just covered up! Some of my blemishes are in the “drying up stage” so basically the highlighter was either melting off in some places or settling into the dry areas and magnifying the dryness. I was so frustrated I just wanted to cry. I will give it another try of course but my first thoughts are that the HAC pack must work way better on people with close to perfect skin to begin with. The upside was that the blush was very pretty. Side note: I ordered medium/shortcake because I am not very light skinned but def not dark.

  52. I received my Hac Pack yesterday. I applied it over a well sunk in moisturizer and primer. I have amazing skin, I’m lucky. I first used a more expensive brush much like the one Cara uses in her video, and when that did not work I used the much cheaper small stippling brush from elf. My first application was not a success, I tried again, washing all off and exfoliating and doing it again with fingers. Again not a great look. The contour is very very light although in Medium shade, and highlight was almost invisible. It did do a good job around the nose area where it’s red, applying with small flat foundation brush. Tomorrow i plan on using a Beauty Blender. i will try it damp as I usually do and then a dry one. I am not by any means giving up on the product, It may be an application issue or blending of ingredients issue.if that does not work, I plan to try with a light foundation before and see how it applies over it as well as using some setting powders.We need a good contour and highlighter combo and Cara is trying to create it for us. Lets all be nice, test and try all application possibilities and let her know what works and what doesn’t. Eventually it will all work out in the end. You only fail when you don’t try.

  53. My first try with the HAC Medium kit. Moisterized and Primed. I think I was expecting more contour color as well. I’m going to rewatch the videos and keep going with this. I bought the IT brush and also used a Beauty Blender. Used Stila Convertable Color for blush. I think one of the keys when you try it the first time is to add your blush as well as lip color. Set it all with NYX Finishing Powder and then added so Hoola Bronzer. Will do my eyes in a bit. I do have to say that the HAC finish is very natural looking. My brown spots totally showed through and I felt like I used a LOT of contour color. HAC feels very nice on my skin. Will be interesting to see how it stays throughout the day. I think adding eye color will certainly help to add color as it all seems a little ghostly. I had my round face HAC instructions taped on my wall so I could follow what to put where. I want to love this SO much! I may order the darker kit the next time. Definitely am going to watch the videos. Hang in everyone. We’re all learning a brand new way how to do this so there is a learning curve. HAC feels very nice on my skin. Not gunky and very lightweight.

    • I also didn’t use any concealer and I think that was a mistake. OK – enough comments from me. I wish we could edit comments on here. That way I wouldn’t have so many different messages. Would I use concealer before or after HACing?

  54. This is hilarious . . . at least to me. I’ve been using the HAC blush as a lipstick. Didn’t realize that we got a blusher in the kit. Learning a lot more by watching Cara’s videos again! Trial and error – emphasis on my errors for my first try. :)

  55. You are one of the most inspiring women I have had the pleasure to come across. I was one of those that stayed up on your ordering web site on Black Friday. I was in the middle the mall,, just frozen in place, and I just kept trying and was able to order this genius kit. You have literally transformed my life. Thank up

  56. Hi Cara! I am excited to try your new HAC PAC! ( sold out in med) :(, but I’m wondering if there’s a reason why you didn’t include a third shade ? I was taught by me Scott Barnes to marry you h a c together with your perfect shade if foundation . And I trust that you think there’s enough leeway with only two colors needed in one compact but I thought I would ask. Im HAC obsessed and can’t imagine not having that thurs shade. Anyhow I would still live to try your kit, it might save me a lot if time with my clients:) congrats! And thank you <3

  57. I’m 60 yrs old and even though I moisterized (eye cream as well as face) before HACing, my undereye skin looked SO crepey. The HAC highlighter illuminated this even more! Do you have any suggestions Cara?

  58. I’m still playing around with it to get the makeup 100% how I’d like it, but so far, I’m a fan. The contour color on the medium is so light I can barely see it going on – but once all of the steps come together it sculpts the face very subtly and beautifully. With only the highlight and contour on, it looks a little scary/ghostly on me, but the blush and illuminator make it pop. The funny thing is that the hac colors are so sheer it looks like I’m not wearing makeup…but I definitely look way nicer than when I don’t wear any makeup. Basically, it’s “no-makeup” makeup. I’m wondering if some people expected it to be more foundation-y, whereas I think it goes on lighter like BB cream. The highlight color doesn’t completely cover my under eye circles, so I’m going to put on a thin layer of BB cream all over before hac-ing tomorrow and see if that helps with color and covers my lingering acne scars. Also, I am pretty pale and was nervous about ordering the shortcake blush (saturated color often makes me look like a clown), but it is gorgeous! I have a before/after on Instagram, @irankin28, if anyone wants to compare. I’m also nosy (I can’t be the only one), so I hope more of you take photos when you receive your hac kits #maskcara so we can see your results!

  59. Hi Cara! Totally new follower here -I caught ya on pinterest a few weeks ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. When I saw the HAC pack, it was a must for me! I ordered black Friday :) I tried my HAC pack for the first time today too! I have to say 2 thumbs up!! I am wondering if there is a better way to apply then my fingers though??? With that said I LOVE how natural and light it wears. I never tried a blush that wasn’t a powder also until now and just as you said it looks way more natural! I LOVE it!! One day (hopefully soon) I’ll send you a before and after shot…

  60. Hi Cara,

    Love your blog! Did you happen to see what brand of hair extensions they used at Victoria’s Secret?


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