HAC Friday! {IIID Foundation Release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}


I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner!
I almost never get nervous but right now my stomach is in knots and I can’t even EAT PIE. Which is really saying something!

No idea why I’m so nervous except that I’ve just been waiting for this day my entire life!
Mostly I’m just excited, though.

Quick note on the shade choices: MOST people are going to use medium. Unless you are very fair, as in hard to find products that match-fair. The dark is mostly for people who are have a pretty decent tan or have a fair amount of redness. I hope that helps a bit!

Also, all of the products are slated to be shipped next week on or (hopefully before) December 6th.



I can’t thank you all enough! You have all had such a huge part in making my dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to use it!

UPDATE: SO SO SO SO SO SORRY! The shopping cart WHICH PROMISED THEY WOULD NOT CRASH…CRASHED. They say they can fix it asap but I know so many of you waited up late and have to work or are just SUPER TIRED. I won’t sell out tonight, I will put some in reserves for tomorrow for those of you to try again.
THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART for staying up late! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your amazing support! I am working on fixing it AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!


Beauty Salon {157 E Riverside Drive, Suite 3A, St. George, Utah}
On Saturday December 7th from 4pm-8pm
Selling and demo-ing all of the IIID Products!
Just in case you’d rather do that than buy it online:)

439 thoughts on “HAC Friday! {IIID Foundation Release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

    • I mean… I got the items in the cart, but I cannot proceed to check out. I’m so sleepy right now, I might unfortunately just give up for the day. :-(

  1. Ditto, nothing is working! Just part of it I guess. And I’m sure your getting slammed with everyone going on here at the same time. Hope it fixes…

  2. Actually click on the top section that says “Introducing…” with a heart in the middle. It will take you to the store. So excited I just bought mine! You go, Cara!

  3. I’m trying to Cara. We’ll all hang in here. A few bugs to work out a the beginning. No biggie. No worries. Breathe in. Breathe out. All is right with the world. You are fine.

  4. It’s 20 after midnight and the link isn’t working. I know people have posted about this above, but I really hope (well, sorta not for me but for you) that it’s because you’ve been inundated with ladies trying to order your dream products : ) Congrats girlie, I hope your dreams are being realized in this very moment!!
    eli : )

  5. I can go to the store if I click on “introducing HAC Friday…” however once im in the store it wont allow me to add to my cart it gives me an error message “We’ve run into a slight problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed at the moment.

    We apologize for the inconvenience! Please try again in a few minutes.

    An e-mail has been sent to the site administrator with details about this problem and we hope to have it corrected soon.

    Click here to return to the page you came from. “

  6. Everyone, the first picture in the post will bring you to the shop (black pic with white writing), but when I try to add it to my cart, there is an error.

  7. Cara: I ordered the shortcake blush, but wasn’t really sure of the best color for me. Can you tell us what blushes would work best for various skin tones — or is it simply a matter of color preference? So excited to get my order. Wee-hoo!

    • Check out her post from a few days ago when she talks about the products… She gives color suggestions for them and your skin tone. Best of luck!!

      eli : )

  8. I’m on the site and when I hit “shopping” cart it just tells me the page is unavailable. Anyone having this problem? And I’m totally paranoid that it’s going to sell out before I can get my paws on it lol

  9. Cara,

    We’re crashing your website. I hope they gave you extra servers…… I would hate for the whole United States to go Internet Dark while we are clamoring for your products. So, I am deciding to not be frustrated that I can’t preorder your products this very minute. If the website is wonky – you must be selling product! Congratulations :)

  10. it’s because there are so many of us excited to buy this and trying to at the same time! 😀 congrats Cara, can’t wait for my computer to win its way thru and buy this!!

  11. Cara- I hope as a business owner (especially a new one) you offer products to the ladies here who have stayed up and tried to order from your site out of appreciation and courtesy. I have been a follower of you blog for a long time and have really looked forward to having the opportunity to try out your foundation.

    • Carina, I totally agree with you! Do you have any recommendations on how I could do that? I feel awful that it is crashing and I really want to make it up to you all!

      • Do you have our emails from when we sign up? Perhaps just an email asking us what we were trying to order? I personally really want the medium shade foundation really bad.

        • ps-I am in no way suggesting you give away anything to make it up to us lol. I simply want a chance to purchase a foundation. Im so afraid its gonna sell out!

        • I second that! I have been trying to buy the Hac Pack with medium shade and shortcake blush! Anything you can do to help would be hugely appreciated! Its almost 1AM here and I’m afraid the product will run out and I won’t be able to get it if I wait till morning! :)

        • I agree. Totally not expecting any free handouts but it would be nice if there was a way to reserve products for those of us that have been trying to order for the last hour. I was hoping to get the medium shade and shortcake plus but super worried it will sell out. P.S. I’ve never tried to obsessively buy anything like this before but I love your site so much that I had to have this.

          • I will not let you guys down! I promise I will not sell out tonight! I’m not sure I’m going to even sell any the way this cart is going! But regardless, go to bed in peace, I will make sure to save reserves for you!

      • Cara – I know you’re more disappointed that anyone about this. Your big liftoff and all. Everyone – let’s just calm down and get a little zen here. You will all get your foundations. Namasta. :)

  12. Can’t get the items in cart, was going to make a obamacare website joke but ill refrain;) excited for ur line and can’t wait to try it!!

  13. So tired and sad! I’ve been waiting all day for this and can’t get it. I have it in my shopping cart but can’t get it to checkout. So hoping it doesn’t all sell out before I get mine :(

  14. Has anyone actually been able to check out? Every time I try to add something, anything, to my cart, I get an error message. It’s almost 1 am here, and my frustration level is quickly becoming higher than my desire to own the products. It looks like the issue is with server capacity for the shopping cart software. I know that all launches have bugs, but this is frustrating.

    • Not here :( I cant even add it to my cart. It seems 1 person was able to order a blush earlier but no one else has come forward to say that they were able to get through :(

  15. I think by the time I actually do get to checkout my shopping cart will have about 30 HAC packs in it because I’ve hit the submit button so many times haha! I’m dying for this makeup!!

  16. I’ll hang in there — hey, I know ecommerce sites don’t always work flawlessly, my goodness! We’re all just so excited about the products, and so happy for you Cara! :) Then again, St. George would make a nice Saturday drive!

  17. Well, I can’t stay up any later so I’ll have to try later. For selfish reasons I hope you aren’t sold out by morning. Congratulations Cara! I’m so happy for you!

  18. Congratulations! The site and products look beautiful! The cart has bugs for me, too, but I have nothing but support for you! Can’t wait to buy it!

  19. Im so excited!!! Im having the same issues, it wont let me check out! Im patiently waiting! Im super excited for all of your success even if it is crashing your website

  20. I also have the product in my cart but it keeps crashing after that. Do you have to make an account? I got all the way through to putting my address in once. I’ve even kicked my boyfriend off his xbox so that I can have all of our internet power haha!

  21. Cara, no biggie. I’m sure it’ll all be worked out. Fwiw, I’ve seen this many times on pre-orders where they don’t anticipate as much site traffic as there is. For anyone still up, waiting to purchase, can you help me #spotmyshape on instagram? my user is: cute_little_redhead

  22. Most of us need to go to bed for work in am. We stayed up late for this. Please help us get ours before you run out. Can you take our orders and hold and we can check out tomorrow?

  23. Bummed. Stayed up late and now can’t get any. Running very low on foundation and was hoping to get my hands on this instead of buying a brand new bottle.

  24. I feel like I’m trying to sign up for Obamacare….except I actually WANT what you’re selling! Come on Cara, crack the whip on those IT guys! ::::Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaapaaaaaaah!::::::: <— that's my "crack the whip" sound

  25. My utter excitement of your HAC release, and now the immense disappointment & frustration of the server fail must pale next to your experience … I will continue my attempts to order. I’ve been at this for nearly an hour. Just hoping it won’t be in vain and there will be some HAC packs left!

  26. It’s a bummer that the site isn’t working =( I’ll keep trying until 1 AM and like some of the others, I’ll cross my fingers that there is something left when I’m able to try again tomorrow

  27. I have an idea. If this is truly a server issue, then how about we really do take turns ordering. How about at 1:00, the last person to post on here will order, then 2 mins later thr previous person to post and so on. Maybe that will eliminate the overload on the site. Idk, maybe we can organize this and give it a try. I know I and all of you ladies all really want this product and it’s frustrating to have to deal with server issues,

  28. Cara, we love you! So proud of you! We know the site crashing is out of your control. Thank you for all your hard work! I’ll just keep trying to get it ordered. (It’s in my cart, just won’t checkout yet) congrats, girl!

  29. Cara, don’t sweat it! I’m sure you’re working hard to fix the site, and I have no doubt everyone who wants to try your wonderful product will be able to get their hands on it! I think it’s just a sign of how many people love your idea!

  30. So excited you will be in St George! Thank you! I’ll be seeing you and purchasing your make up then! I can hardly wait. Bring lots so it doesn’t sell out please! I’ve been waiting since last Oct (2012), when you did my sisters makeup for a Halloween party,for your make upl, I’m way excited!

  31. AHHHHH Now I cant even get into the store itself!! I’m gonna try to make it to 12:30 then I gotta go to sleep. This is gonna drive me crazy lol

  32. Well even Sephora’s site is crashing, so don’t feel too bad, Cara! I just hope you have enough of the light shade when things settle down. Congrats on your success!

  33. Ok going to bed, FWIW, if I was not working tomorrow I would stay up and keep trying. I know this makeup is going to change the face of makeup and women everywhere. I know Cara will make sure we all eventually get to order some, have faith in her people, it’s her first pre-sale. Just remember when all the other makeup companies copy her products where we came first and who taught us about HAC{ing} to begin with. Congrats Cara!!

  34. We love you Cara :) I’m sure the hiccups are causing you a ton of stress but just remember how much we adore you and believe in you! Can’t wait to have my very own Maskcara HAC pac!!!

  35. Cara, I can only imagine how stressful this is for you. I’ve been trying for an hour now to check out. Products are in my cart and ready to go. .. I’ll try again when my alarm goes off. Best of luck to you! It will all work out sooner or later. Cheers!

  36. [email protected] says:

    I also want the medium and the shortcake also the peachy blush. In my cart, but can’t process it. Oh how frustrating for everyone. So looking forward to getting your wonderful products Cara. Really excited, I am sure you are stressed to the max. Try to relax, it will all work out!!!

  37. I am having problems too and want to purchase before running out, but looks like I am going to have to try tomorrow hope I can find what I am looking for

  38. Thankyou for replying to my email earlier with my photo-that was such a quick reply! It’s 12:12 am here now (IL) and I’ll wait until I get up later in the morning and try again to order. This will work out I’m sure. How exciting to have so much business at once –it crashed! :) Keep your chin up!

  39. I’m a little confused about the IIID Foundation, you use the darker shade to contour, and the lighter shade to highlight, but what about the parts of your face where you don’t contour and you don’t highlight (you only highlight parts of your face, not the whole rest of your face that you don’t contour)? Does that part of your face just not have any makeup on it then (like for example, the area of your cheecks below the hollows of your checks but above the jaw line)?

  40. I hope this doesn’t deter anyone from purchasing when it works! I too am being a “refreshaholic” It’s going to work! Maybe tomorrow. I tried the foundation at a pinner’s conference. It really is wonderful. It is just so unfortunate the server can’t handle us! Yay for Cara though! woohoo!

  41. Been trying for an hour and 20 minutes :( Have made it to the payment page 3 times then to get the error message again. Have to be up in 5 hours!!!! I keep saying I will try just a little longer…

  42. Congrats on such a successful product launch!

    For those of us crazy folk who are staying up late into the night….er, morning… can you let us know when the amount you have allotted for tonight is sold out? I don’t mind continuing to try and get through the website, but I’d love to know when it’s time to call it a night and try again tomorrow. :)

    • Thank you! I will keep you guys updated as of now very few orders have gone through! So I don’t think we are in danger of hitting that amount tonight! Really though thank you all so much for being so sweet and so patient. I am doing EVERYTHING I can to fix it!

      • Thanks so much! I know you’re probably stressed out way more than we are over this. Go have that piece of pie, and the rest of us will keep exercising our “refresh” finger.

  43. Be Careful! I had pushed “add to cart” so many times that it said I owed about $700!! I was able to change it back to 1 but…..Still trying after an hour and 20 minutes. I can’t proceed to checkout yet.

  44. Congrats Cara!!! I wish I could have completed my order, but sadly I am in the same boat as most everyone else :( I will definitely keep trying after a little sleep…

  45. Cara!!

    How exciting for you! We are all so happy obviously. I was able to get the product in my cart, get to PayPal, and then when it was going to redirect me after PayPal finished & said “redirecting” the site wasn’t working. So I’m just going to stop trying for a bit because I’m not sure if I actually just paid or not. I think so. I hope so! I’ll send pics if I do but I’m afraid of trying & getting charged multiple times.

    It just means you’re product is what we are all hoping for.

  46. We’ll I’m SUPER bummed! Been trying for almost two hours :( I haven’t get sleep my toddler will be up in 4 hours… Really hope it’s not sold out :(

  47. Cara, please reserve me a med with shortcake….i will try tomorrow again. Work in the am…btw did you get my second email of my pic?

  48. Hi Cara! I work in tech support & I know exactly what you are feeling right now. It will get fixed & everything will be OK.

    My Black Friday money is designated to you. See you in the morning!

  49. This is exciting!!!! Obviously, out of your control. That’s pretty cool to see all these ladies excited about the future of makeup. Put me on the list somewhere so I can purchase. Let’s all enjoy another round of pie and be thankful that we are privileged to enjoy a new makeup revolution. Way to go Cara!

  50. I think I’m almost there! I have my shipping/billing address entered and selected my shipping method, but I’m not able to select a payment method yet though. Thank you so much Cara for staying up late to fix the issues with the big release of your product! So excited for the product and for your dreams coming true!

  51. I think I am giving up until later in the morning. I was hoping to get a set for myself and my daughter in medium but I will try tomorrow for sure! Congrats to you Cara! The glitch means we all want it so badly! That’s a GOOD thing!

  52. Omg finally made it all the way to Paypal!! I was gonna go to sleep in 10 mins but now i dont think i can till this thing goes through lol

  53. Stuck on “Calculating shipping rates….” I’ve had 148 packs in my cart and I’m soooo hoping this last one will go through!!

  54. Wahoooo! Um, I think. I got an error message when I hit “checkout”, but my Paypal is showing that it went through. That has to be a good sign, right? 😀

  55. I give up for the night, medium hac pak w/ short cake blush. I have been trying since 11pm central time and I can not keep my eyes open anymore

  56. SUCCESS!!!!! WOO FREAKING HOO!!!!!!!!!! Not that I’m overly excited or anything. 😀 I had to be patient with the order form cycling to complete items, but I’ve got a confirmation in hand. I’m grinning like a monkey, like I’ve really accomplished something!

  57. Thanks for the update Jennifer, I’ve been stuck on the shipping page for quite some time, but if yours went through I’ll try for another hour or so.

  58. Ok Girls! I am CHECKED OUT! Yay!! It was 2 hrs but I made it! Checked my pay pal acct and everything its official!

    Cara, I feel so bad for the stress you must be under. But no worries, it will all work out! It was out of your control and people need to understand. Your the best! Congrats! Goodnight 😉

  59. Tried one more time…after two hrs my order processed….although it was frustrating I know it wasn’t your fault cara. Just happy to head to bed.

  60. I’ve been trying since midnight and following along with all of you. I haven’t posted til now- but I also just received my invoice! Keep trying, dolls. Cara- so excited for this product!

  61. Just checked out. Didn’t know it had gone through, but I received an order confirmation email. Hopefully I only checked out once and not a couple times. Whew!! I feel like I just ran a marathon ;)!

  62. Be careful guys with how often you press checkout. I was charged twice to my paypal account. Cara, I sent you an email, but is there any way to cancel one of my orders? I only need one…for now ;).

  63. Congratulations! I hope the bugs get worked out for you quickly. Such a special day! I’ll be ordering as soon as it is up and running. Thank you Cara! Don’t forget to sleep!

  64. success!! WOOHOO! took me almost two and a half hours, but I finally got mine! so excited! can’t wait to try your products! congratulations cara! you deserve it!

  65. Cara-I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for you; to have hired a service that promised to support high traffic and then have it fail immediately! I’m still up! made it to the checkout page for the third time, but at least this time it hasn’t crashed yet lol. If it does again I’ll just go to bed and cross my fingers that I can order whenever the shopping cart people fix their software. :-) You try to get some rest too!! Sweet dreams!

  66. Anyone still up and trying? I think I am about to give up. Cara, will you please hold back a Medium/Shortcake for me? Thank you so much!

    • I am but I’m up watching a movie with friends anyway haha. I’m sure if this doesn’t work and I’m still unsuccessful Cara will still be spectacular and work something out so everyone gets to order their HAC pac :) I have no doubt she’ll figure something out. Thanks again Cara, so sorry your magical night got tainted with all the chaos!

  67. It looks like I may have to make a trip to St. George on the 7th – I still can’t enter my credit card info on the check out page :(

  68. Hallelujah! After 2 1/2 hours, my order went through! Have faith, ladies. :) And in case you’re curious, I used a Discover card – not Paypal. I thought it was giving me just another error message, so I clicked the back button and got really annoyed because my cart was empty. But then I checked my email, and there was my lovely purchase confirmation!

    And Cara, I’m sooo happy for you and this big moment in your life and career. Sorry that it is a little bumpy, but I’m sure things will smooth out. I’m so excited to try your products!

    That concludes my Black Friday shopping. Good night, everyone!

  69. Well I have tried for 2 and 1/2 hours! I’m calling it quits. Cara please save me a Medium Foundation. I’d really appreciate it :)

    Good Night Ladies and Gents :)

  70. After many clicks on the refresh button at every stage, I’ve finally got confirmation emails from both Maskcara and PayPal. Don’t give up! Refresh refresh refresh!

  71. OMG!!!! I tried 1 more time and I got an invoice!! IDK how since it didnt even let me confirm through paypal..but WOO HOO!! Ok-now seriously..off to bed lol

  72. Ladies! I have beat the checkout my order has been placed, and now I’ll be greatly rewarded by my fiance! All you young ladies still trying good luck to you!

  73. My order went through! I am happy, happy, happy! I know you will get all the kinks worked out soon. Don’t forget us commoners when you are the next Estée Lauder!

  74. I know I said I was going to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. Tried again and was able to get through. Yeah! Very excited! I also appreciate the low shipping rate. Can’t wait to get it!

  75. Ordered! Instead of letting it calculate the shipping I hit where it said refresh shipping in the shipping box and then waited. Just a tip! Congratulations Cara, I think we all expected a mad dash on your product, that’s why we were all on at 12:00 sharp. Cannot wait to try it!

  76. Finally! Success… ! Decided to try “one last time” and it went through! Yes, persistence paid off! Off to bed now to gave HAC dreams… congratulations again Cara!

  77. Wait, my Paypal was charged but I didn’t get an invoice or receipt from the store. I’m not going to reload because I think that will recharge it. Hopefully it ordered my pack. :)

    • I didn’t get an invoice email either, however my Paypal account was charged + my cart went empty + my account on her commerce site shows that the order went through. Check your account on her ecommerce page and if it shows up there, I’d say you’re fine.

  78. I haven’t posted on here yet, but am in SC and tried since 12pm, and it finally went through!!! I used paypal as well!! Good luck to u ladies! ( I only purchased the foundation, not sure if that helped with the # of people trying to buy the pack)

  79. Finally got through after an hour. I think what may help is if you register for an account on the Maskcara store site first. Then try checking out. And I also used paypal.

  80. Yahoo!! I also got this to go through after 2.5 hours (email confirmations from MaskCara and Paypal). I tried to click the online credit card button, but the system got angry so I just went with Paypal. No refreshing needed from cart through payment…after giving myself carpel tunnel hitting refresh all night, LOL. Happy to spend this time online with all of you—hang in there and your transaction will go through. Cara, big congrats to you on the new line. Can’t wait to try it out! Night night everyone.

  81. Oh no, after trying for 2 hours I was finally able to get through but because it kept saying error I kept reentering my info and it looks like I have 2 charges to my credit card and 1 to my paypal account!!! How do we cancel out 2 of those so I actually only end up with 1 order?!!?!??

      • Thanks so much!!! I have been stalking your page for weeks waiting on this and can’t believe I am still up and trying! Can not wait to get my package in the mail. I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby # 2 and soooo sick I have been asleep by 8pm every night and here it is 2AM and I am ordering makeup! The hubby thinks I am nuts, they just don’t understand the sacrifices we girls have to make 😉 Time for bed, the 3 year old will be up in about 4 hours! Love you, Cara!!!!

  82. [email protected] says:

    I am trying to check out with paypal and it just says, “processing” with the little circle thing going around and around. Should I click again or keep waiting. I don’t want to end up with multiple orders. HHMmmm??? What to do? took me over two hours to get to this point in the process, I hate to give up now.

    • [email protected] says:

      Woot woot, hit process again and it went through. Worth the wait and effort. Congratulations Cara. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to get my order. I am sorry you were having computer issues, those are the worst. But seems like it is getting better now. So grateful for you and all of your beauty and talent, that you share with us!!!! Ida

  83. Finally yay. Been trying since midnight. I am so happy. Just couldn’t sleep until I got mine. I have never ever spent this much time to buy anything, but this will so be worth it. Now sleep. Congratulations Cara we heart you chick.

  84. YES!!! I had given up, went and washed off my makeup for the day, came back and tried “just one more time” and BOOM! It worked!!! I am so excited! Now I can’t wait to get it and try it out. Good night ladies!

  85. Been following your blog for months! First time I’ve commented though. Absolutely LOVE all you do. Thankfully I only had to try twice & my order went through!! I ordered the whole HAC pack & I cannot wait to get it. Now to bring myself to splurge on the IT brush you recommended. :)
    Congrats chick! You rock!!

  86. Just purchased mine and just wanted to say thanks and congratulations! I have never been happier to spend money on a product that supports someone as deserving of success as you. Wishing you nothing but the best :)

  87. Just received an email from Amex saying it went through and I purchased something from “Maskcara Industries”! Congratulations and can’t wait to receive it in the mail!

  88. I think the only thing that will be more exciting than getting my order to go through just now will be finding it in my mailbox when it arrives!!!! Thanks for launching a great product!! Best of luck to you!

  89. I woke up early (I’m in Russia) to do it and it didn’t work, but I finally got it to work and ordered my light HAC pack and am so excited to pick it up when I go home for New Years!!

  90. Yaaaaahhhh!!! Finally placed my order. It was all pretty easy. Cannot wait to get my hands on… Congratulations to the successful lunch. May you dream flurish.
    PS. I have tried to contact you via email but without reply. Is there any other way to get in contact?

    • Woo! People commented while I was writing. It looks like it’s working. I’m crossing my fingers that it stays that way when people start to wake up and traffic picks up.

      Cara, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. It must be so frustrating and scary. I hope the hosting company is offering you something as an apology.

  91. Got mine and paid with Paypal!! Got an error message at the end but got the email confirmation and paypal confirmation (so i guess it went thru)!! Can’t wait to have it!!

  92. Congratulations Cara! The results are amazing (thanks for posting the comparison pic with regular foundation.) As soon as I can get my hands on some I will…but I live in Canada so I will have to be patient or creative :) Question: Can you buy your products online with a Canadian credit card? For those of us who live within driving distance of the border there are ways that we can have it delivered to a PO box in the US, but only if we can order online with a Canadian credit card. There’s a daily rental fee for the box but it’s pretty minimal as long as you can get to the box soon after delivery.

    • Never mind…just read through some comments and if you can pay with PayPal you can pay with a Canadian credit card. Just need to plan a trip to Buffalo :)

  93. Woohoo! After staying up until 2:00 am trying to purchase with no luck, I got up again at 7:00 am and SUCCESS! So excited!!! Gracias, Cara!!!!! You are an inspiration! I will be stalking the mailman for the next week or so now….

  94. Hooray for you Cara! I love that a sweet soul like you would have a web-crashing debut!! I was tired last night so just woke up and purchased my HAC pack this morning. Site worked like a charm with no errors. Also, a huge thank you to the gals on instagram talking about the brush! I got mine on ebay for $37. Every little bit of savings counts 😉

  95. It is working great now. Just took me a while to find the store since the Go To Store imagine wasn’t a link. I’m excited to try HAC IIID!

  96. Just ordered! I am so excited. I have been following you for over a year, I can’t wait to try out my new favorite makeup line! Thank you for bringing beauty to all!

  97. Hi Cara! I’m so excited for you! I tried last night to no avail, but I just ordered and everything went through just fine :-) I hope this stuff works for me – it looks incredible on you. In the regular foundation and IIID side by side, those pictures look like twins, not the same person. I can’t wait to get it!

  98. Congratulations Cara!!!! My husband tried to order for me last night…he gets up very early and ordered the Light kit for me this a.m.!!!! So excited!!

  99. Wow your e-commerce site is beautiful! I love how simple but pretty it is (I’m in web design so I know these sites are A LOT of work to get just right) BUT I just tried to order mine and you don’t ship to Canada! *heart breaks* :`( Is this in the future plans?

  100. Just purchased mine without a hitch!! And I simply can’t wait to try it! This is so exciting for you – good luck with everything!!! If you’re ever in the SLC area maybe a take a trip down there….since I’m in a sleepy little Wyoming town:)

  101. Congratulations, Cara! Really excited to try the foundation when it arrives. I have very fair skin and have been somewhat unsuccessful searching for the right HACing colors. Thanks for providing a product for us fair-skinned gals!

      • I just tried to do that but you need an american credit card and billing address to checkout :(
        I guess we’ll have to wait.

        All of us Canadians still trying to HAC with bronzer

        • someone commented earlier saying they used a Canadian CC (which I would imagine comes with a Canadian billing address) and it worked if you go through PayPal. good luck!!

          • Hi Kristi,
            Thanks for the message. I just tried that and I wasn’t working for me… Maybe I’ll try again.

            Either way – Cara, you are AMAZING and this product looks like the most innovative thing make up has seen for a long time!!! I am so happy for your success!!

        • You can get a us shipping address for $5 at reship.com….that’s how I got mine shipped to Canada… So cara ships it there and they ship it to you….:)

  102. Hi Cara! I just ordered the HAC kit with no problems!! I ordered the light kit (since my skin color is basically “clear”…. seriously, I got sunburned in traffic once), and I can’t wait to try it! Congratulations on the launch :)

  103. Yay! I just made my order. I thought you meant Midnight on Friday night, not Thursday night so I guess I’m lucky that I avoided the meltdown by waiting for Friday morning. Glad to see it’s all fixed and will be waiting by the mailbox!!

  104. I finally fell asleep after trying for an hour…I kept nodding off and dropping my phone! I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and immediately grabbed my phone and ordered. I was so excited to get through! Thank you so much Cara! I am sooooo excited to get my hands on your makeup!!

  105. Just ordered my in Dark! YAY! Sorry about the crash; don’t feel bad, people are demanding in all fields…I work in healthcare and I thought it was mostly there but reading all the comments makes me realize that people are just…Congratulations, you are awesome!

  106. I’m sad that I’m not in the US so I can’t try this :( and also that when you can ship internationally customs will charge a bomb and it will be too expensive for me to afford (which is always how it works out when I try to buy stuff from America!) Eventually I’m sure you’ll have suppliers in Europe but until then I’ll have to be envious that I can’t use this!

  107. I just ordered mine!!! Super EXCITED!!!
    (If anyone is having trouble ordering…..just click on the big heart at the top of this post. It will take you directly to the shopping cart!!) Yay!

  108. Cara: I can’t wait to try your makeup line, but I need some advise about what shade to purchase. I’m fair, I usually get fair or ivory colored foundation/concealer, should I get the fair IIID shade or medium?

    • I’m the same way! I ordered the medium though because I think she mentioned that light was for people who have a hard time finding a color light enough to match their skin.

    • I was wondering the exact same thing! For some brands (like Estee Lauder) I can’t even wear them because I’m too fair, and in Tarte I’m the lightest color. But in MAC I’m NC20 for studio sculpt, Bare Minerals I’m Fairly Light, Nars I’m Deauvalle, and in MUFE I’m 118 and those are all pretty much the second lightest color with neutral skin tones. (clearly I’ve been looking for a good foundation forever).

      Anyone have any ideas? I don’t want to get the wrong one because I don’t want to have to do a return since Cara would have to eat the cost.

      PS: Congratulations lady! You are so inspiring to follow your dreams. You will be a mega-makeup star, I can feel it.

      • I’ve been wondering the same. In the previous post, Cara mentioned photos on instagram at #spotmyshade, but I don’t know how to find them. I also looked back at past makeovers on this site, but it didn’t help because 1) she didn’t say what shade of her foundation she used on them and 2) she applied self-tanner on all of the people that had my skin tone. They looked amazing, of course, but I don’t think self-tanner is for me.

  109. Just purchased mine in medium/shortcake! So excited, this product is really innovative. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and I haven’t been able to find anything out there like it. Congrats, you rock Cara!

  110. Link worked great this morning! Just completed my order, and it should come just as I finish up the last of my current foundation! Woo! Don’t know if this will make it under the tree – it may go straight into my makeup cabinet!

  111. Good morning! I tried to order last night, but there were technical difficulties;). Woke up this morning and my order went through without any difficulties=). Yay! Now the hard part…waiting.

  112. I am so excited! After trying for a few hours last night with no success i made sure this would be one of the first things i did when i woke up! Finally placed my order and it was such a breeze this time around. I ordered the hac pack with jem. I cant wait to try this out! YOU GO GIRL! This is huge and you deserve it!

  113. Hi! I’m so excited to order, but I have a few questions first. Is the HAC a powder or cream? And how do I go about picking a blush color? Thanks in advance for any help! :)

  114. Just ordered mine! I hope the colors work out. I’m somewhat fair, but not so fair that I can’t usually find a match. Based on the advice that “most” people are going to use medium that’s what I went with… I’m trying to budget right now, but I decided this could be my one holiday buy for myself :) Congrats, Cara! I’m so excited.

  115. We were traveling for Thanksgiving and we left late so all I had was my phone at midnight EST…in the car. I tried for over an hour until my phone died. I was heartbroken!! I am so excited for this product and even more excited that my efforts weren’t in vain and you still had the light shade this morning! I am so happy for you and the success this already is! You are such a sweet person and you deserve this!!! Congrats!!

  116. Canadians/Europeans– Would you be up for shipping your package to someone in the US and having them send it to you? What are shipping fees to Canada or Europe (or somewhere else!) like from the US? Would it be worth it for you?

    I’m potentially interested in doing this but want to gauge the level of interest and pricing first.

    Let me know what you think!! I want to help Cara reach everyone! (Also, Cara — if you do not want me doing this please let me know!!)

  117. After a late night of trying to order, I gave up and went to bed. I mean, it’s not the end of the world, right?! However, I was SO excited when I woke up, gave it another try, and my order went right through! (I will say, there was an EMBARRASSING amount of foundations in my cart when I went to check out. I guess they all went through in the middle of the night!) Can’t wait to try this stuff. Congrats.

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  119. Cara-I am trying to order the HAC pack but can’t decide on a blush color? I’m between the Princee Peach and Strawberry Shortcake. I am sort of fair-skinned in the winter and I don’t like to look too-made up. Thanks!

  120. Reading all the comments I’m now glad I didn’t stay up late to try this. I immediately got on this morning and my order went right through. I’m so excited I could scream! :) Congrats Cara. My sister and I were just talking and saying we hope you branch out and continue to make even more make up for all of us(eye shadow, mascara, etc.)!

  121. I just finished placing my order! I can’t wait to get the product!!!!! Cara, I am so excited for you, congratulations on making your dream come true! From all the ladies your help and inspire. God Bless you and your family!!!!

  122. Cara,
    Got to the checkout but then it wouldn’t go any further! I watched your video on applying makeup and I am doing it all wrong!!

    I really wanted to get this set and hope that I can still get to order it!

    I will keep on trying. Thank you sweetie!

  123. For Canadians living close Montreal, you can always ship your stuff to Freeport Forwarding (http://www.freeportforwarding.com/). It costs $3 per box and they keep it until you go pick it up. It is only 45 min from Montreal and by buying your gaz in the US, you save the trip amount. I buy an amazing stuff in the US then schedule a small trip to go pick them up.

  124. Millita is this something you are doing? I live in Montreal, maybe I could pick it up from you in Montreal??? Let me know! We can exchange emails to discuss.

  125. Cara,
    I love your blog and I love learning about makeup from you. I just placed my order and I can’t wait to get it! Congratulations to you and your lovely family, good things come to those who wait and you are a wonderful example of that.

  126. Yay – best Black Friday/early Christmas present purchase I’ve ever made! And for all of the reasons you discuss in your product introduction video – when I started trying to use your HACing methods I was so surprised to discover how little there is on the market that makes it possible, so you’ve really done a great thing here that I can’t help but believe will become enormously successful. Pretty soon you’ll be adding new products to your line! I’m thinking Primer, eyebrow kits, eyeshadow…

    But one thing at a time. :) Happy Holidays!

  127. Maybe a silly question but, would you still use bronzer with this for HAC’ing? I ordered the Bahama Mama bronzer about a month ago and have been loving it. I haven’t been using foundation though. For the sake of less layers. ??? I also just put my order in and everything worked great! I can’t wait to get my bundle!!!

  128. I just recently discovered your blog and videos & I’ve learned so much in a really short time. You’re such a naturally lovely person, your skills are amazing and you teach them so well & so warmly. I’m 52 (but most folks don’t think so – lucky me) and of course I want to find really practical ways to stay current and skilled using makeup. Your methods have given me so much confidence where I was starting to get really lost before (my skin is not as smooth anymore…pores etc, & I have to be careful what I use as my skin is more sensitive now and I have a definite allergic reaction to parabens and some other preservatives) so its much harder now than it used to be to feel good wearing makeup) I had thought I’d just have to stop trying to get a more “glamorous” or even flattering look and be happy with a bit of blush and mascara (& you know….tons of concealer:). But no! You’ve shown me I can look FABulous and confidant & totally current and KNOW what the hell it is I’m even trying to achieve in using makeup. Thankyou so much. You’ve won (yet another) huge fan. I’ve just put my order in – only for the Contouring Palette & The Illuminator, I’m afraid (budgetary restraints). But I’m pretty sure I’ll use them till they’re completely gone and I won’t find better products for their purpose anywhere else. Happy Thanksgiving and Congratulations on your launch. x

  129. Just ordered mine! I am one of the ‘light’ folks. So excited to receive this product! I have not been able to find anything to HAC my super fair skin without looking crazy! Congratulations to you Cara on this exciting endeavor!

  130. I would love it if you could post pics of different people using the different shades. I am fairly light but I cant decide if I need medium or light….

  131. So excited to get this, ordered for my daughter for Christmas, she’s going to be thrilled. She was disappointed that since we are in Canada we couldn’t get it yet. Sneaky mom (me) ordered it shipped to a friend in the U.S. who is going to then mail it up to me. (hope she doesn’t read this haha)

  132. Thank Goodness I had zero issues placing my order! SOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to receiving mine when the day comes :) CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  133. Santa just made his purchase for me 😉 I am SO excited! I would never think of spending much money on makeup before you came out with this. They just don’t look great! I completely trust your products and cannot wait! My husband questioned buying more makeup, my reply was: “it will make me look hot. You’re welcome!” Congrats on the success, you deserve it!

  134. ordered the medium hac pack with shortcake blush! and i’m ordering the brush you recommended from ulta too :) yay! excited! :) congratulations!

  135. Last night gave me just enough of the ” black Friday frenzy”. Then this morning my order actually went through. I feel like we are on this adventure with you Cara, it’s so cool! Crossing my fingers that the deep shade will work for me…

  136. Very excited! Glad there were some tech difficulties because fell asleep last night!!! Had an easy checkout this morning!! Can’t wait I try it. :) If you find yourself in Panama City Beach, FL please email me! Would love for you to do my makeup or just go layout of the Beach!

    • Looks like you have two Panama City followers. I couldn’t care less about makeup until I started following this blog. I can’t wait to get my order!

  137. I can’t get it to work once I try to process the payment it says error. Do you think it will be better tomorrow? Will you still have the discount?

  138. I was so excited that my order was going through that I didn’t double check on the tone I chose? If ” light ” is too light, what is the process of trading it?

  139. Hey Cara!
    I am soo excited….but question? I am not super tan, but I do have rosy cheeks, should I do the dark? And the darker blush?? Seriously so awesome that you are following your dreams! So inspirational!

  140. I tried 3 times and clicked different parts of the sign before it took. Don’t give up! Just ordered the kit. Can’t wait to try it out!

  141. And i’m so sad. Wanted to buy it and just realise in the end that i cannot purchase from Germany. I hope 1 day i will have this possibility :( I really love your blog and channel. Greetings – Betty.

  142. What if the “light” isnt light enough? I’m not exaggerating when I say I am pale white. Do you have a swatch of the lightest shade and or will you be expanding the line of shades availabla?

    • Cara said that she hasn’t found anyone too pale for the light. The light works on me and I’m very, very fair but in most brands I can wear the palest shade of foundation if the undertone is right.

      Have you had a chance to check the instagram rage #spotmyshade? That can show you how fair the other woman who are buying light are.

          • As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I use the same makeup as the vampires in twilight. So its whiter than your typical fair skinned individual. I’ve checked out the instagram and saw one who was close to my shade but without seeing the makeup actually on these faces it does very little good. I’m sure its lovely but I’m afraid us super fair / borderline albinos will have to sit this product out.

          • Honestly it’s the super super fair I had in mind when I created the color since here is NOTHING out there you beauties can use to contour with without looking orange or dirty! Haha :) I’ve never come in contact with a face that was too fair for it! I’ll post some more photos if sure fair ladies with it on ASAP:)

  143. I just got my HAC order completed. I am so excited to get your product Cara. I am not exaggerating when I say you have revolutionized my beauty routine in more ways than one. I went from an occasional eyeliner/mascara girl to wearing some sort of makeup nearly every day. I absolutely love the way I look and feel so much more confident. I love your videos and all the updates on IIID. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. I really look forward to reading your blog.

  144. Will your products be the same price in St. George as the “on sale” prices online? I’d rather purchase in person if I can, but would love the sale price. Thank you!!!

  145. Just ordered the foundation! I’m a college student on a budget, so I couldn’t afford the whole pack :( but I’ve taken your advice on the Maybelline bouncy blushes and the Benefit Wats Up Illuminator and LOVE both of those, so I’m still SUPER excited to try out your foundation with those! Seriously, can’t wait!!! I tell all my friends at school how awesome HAC is and how great your blog is, and I can’t wait to show them this product!

  146. Hey Cara,
    I’m a huge fan. I’m from Germany and it’s such a pity that you don’t ship international yet. Please let me know as soon as you do. I would really love to try out your products.

  147. Congrats on the line Cara! So happy for your success!

    Could you possibly do a future Makeover Monday using your IIID Foundation in Dark? Or suggest MAC/BB foundation numbers for each foundation color of yours (fellow readers can check out the foundation conversion chart at http://www.temptalia.com/foundation-matrix to find your MAC/BB number)? Because, despite sending a picture in, I’m still unsure btwn medium and dark. Maybe something like that would help people like me lol.

    Congrats once again and good luck with everything! We’re all rooting for you!

  148. Just purchased your HAC Pack and I’m so so so excited! Everything is working smoothly now, your hard work is going to pay off!!

  149. Just ordered my HAC product and can’t wait for it to arrive! When I found your site a few months ago it has totally changed the way I apply my makeup (and my husband is wondering what all these charges are to Sephora :). Can hardly wait to try your new line!
    Can you give me some advise on what type of organizer you use to keep your makeup all straight. Right now I have mine in a wicker basket and have to shuffle through it in the morning to find what I want. I would love to know your tricks on organizing!

    • Haha I feel your pain’ (and joy!) I have been using a card activist for mine these days!! I really like the container store clear drawer containers though!

  150. Yay Cara!!! So excited to try your line!! Is it photo ready or does it have SPF in it? I take a lot of pics so I just wanted to know how it would handle the flash. Thanks so much! You’re awesome :)

  151. Just to be certain….we dont use any foundation with the highlighting and concealer? This seems weird not to cover the other areas of our face without anything…also how can i get an answer to my email as my face shape? I sent it 2 x but i have not received a reply. I do not have instagram and sent it by email.

  152. Ordered my HAC pack today. Was so happily surprised that you still had a medium available -woohoo!
    Eagerly awaiting both it and the BACKSTAGE VS FASHION SHOW TIPS! Cara! Please say you still have a post in the works! Are you waiting for the 10th? Ahhh!
    -Impatiently yours,

  153. I had a few questions regarding your foundation. I have super oily skin and huge pores. I’ve had the dermatologist tell me to wear Bare Minerals, but the coverage is severely lacking, would you suggest I use your foundation?

  154. Hey! I love love your blog and tutorials and am really interested in your IIID HAC pack. My problem is knowing what lip color to use when it comes to lipstick and glosses. Can you possibly do a tutorial on this when you have a chance?

  155. So happy that my bestie who is in NY while I’m in CA told me about your blog! To thank her I bought her the hac pack for Christmas! 😀 so happy for you and your new product line

  156. I am SO excited about this! First of all, because it seems like the best invention of all time. Secondly, because I’ve been living in Spain and am coming home this month… so I can get mail again, AKA your HAC Pack. Scoreee.

    Also, I’m not sure how it slipped past me, but I hadn’t read your Victoria’s Secret blog until yesterday. All this time I seriously thought you were previously a VS model. I’ve even told other people you were haha, so there’s that 😉 Keep up the good work. Your blog is fantastic.

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  158. is there any chance this will be available to ship to Canada in the future? I’m sad Canada isn’t an option in the drop down menu! So excited to try your wonderful products!

  159. You may have answered this already and I just can’t find it, but do you recommend using a primer with your IIID foundation and if so, any recos on which one? Thanks and got my shipping notification this AM. SO excited to try it!!

  160. Just got my IIID foundation in the mail today in Medium… really love the highlight color but the darker contour color did not show up on my nc 30-35 skin…. so sad.

  161. I bought the it Cosmetics brush on your recommendation, and I love it! It makes my skin look amazing and perfect, even though I had three stress zits from exams. I wish I could buy the HAC, but I live in Canada. When you start shipping internationally I will though!

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