Batman is the new black.

DSC_6994 DSC_7003 DSC_7013

Boots: Target
Leather Leggings: Nordstrom
Shirt: Nordstrom 
Clip in Extensions: Lacedhair
Bracelet & Ring: Express (not online!)
Nail Polish: OPI Liquid Sand Stay the Night

Nick made mention (when I bought the batman shirt) that comics are “so hot” right now.
Being nerdy has never been so popular.
Which brought on a conversation between myself and my little sister Celeste.
We find ourselves in a sad position.

We are neither cool nor nerdy (which is now cool)
We are dorky.
What’s the difference? You ask…
Nerds, as I see it, are some mixture of the following: super smart, wear classes, like comics & video games (I mean really like them not just wear the shirts), play games like Magic and understand them, are socially awkward, have massive non-mainstream music collections, and might speak elvish.
Dorks: bad dancers (actually Celeste is a FANTASTIC dancer but in a very unconventional way…I think that still counts),  like musicals, smile with a fair amount of gums showing, bad at sports but still don’t have the decency to sit it out (like a nerd would do), and accident prone.

In all likelihood dorks will never be cool, if they ever are, by sheer definition, cool itself would cease to be cool.
But maybe nerds thought the same thing just a few short years ago and look at them now!


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