It all started with a few emails sent by a few readers, who are awesome and who, lovingly took notice to the fact that I don’t know squat about home decor.
My sisters noticed the same thing a while back and spent a whole day fancying up my living area, leaving me with ONE JOB.
Put photos in the frames.
If you walk in my house today you’ll see some beautiful photos of some families who probably aren’t even family and certainly aren’t my family still hanging on my wall. Reading romantic captions like “8×10″ or “2 for $10″.

I’m a disgrace.

Luckily, Mandi saw the emails and sent one of her own, which landed her in my house, sleeping on my blow up mattress, becoming one of my closest friends and providing me with
To prove this I would like to relay the reaction that my adorable niece Oakley had upon meeting my room (keep in mind, she does not impress easily)
“WOW….Are you rich!?
Which just so happens to be the EXACT REACTION I’d always hoped for!

Also to prove this I would like for you to see the room yourself.
But first I would like to show you the room when Mandi arrived. Which is mostly just…nothing.
Well, nothing and yellow/tan walls that cast a dingy hue to makeup videos, which is nice.


Are you asleep yet?


In addition to creating rooms she also creates catapult systems for super heroes, NBD.



Are you excited!??!!
Since she’s the mastermind behind everything I think it’s only fair I let her show you first.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ROOM REVEAL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If you have time to come back (after you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of goodness that is Vintage Revivals)
I’d love to hear your reaction!



PS thank you so much to the readers who wrote Mandi, it’s all because of your kind hearts that I got to have the room of my dreams and Mandilicious in my life:)

92 thoughts on “At last… THE MAKEUP ROOM!

  1. WOW nice! Amazing difference. I have to say though I expected to see more workspace where you would put all your make up? Where would your camera go for your videos? Would be cool to see you in the space too, so therefore I think the best bit is missing!!! :-) x

  2. I love the way you write! It’s so vivid & genuine and always with a witty twist to it. “If you walk in my house today you’ll see some beautiful photos of some families who probably aren’t even family and certainly aren’t my family still hanging on my wall. Reading romantic captions like “8×10″ or “2 for $10″. Just love!! And your new room is wonderful, I adore the mirror especially (and of course the audrey hepburn picture!). xoxo

  3. Wow! I have never been so amazed by a room makeover! It’s so beautiful, but looks actually achievable. The wall treatments are just incredible. I’m so happy for you – you need a room like that!

    Funny I saw a previous post with the library card chest in it and thought it was so smart for makeup storage, no idea it was part of a makeover. Hope you’re enjoying it!

  4. Seriously, so beautiful. The only thing missing from the pictures was the closet. I was wondering what you decided to do with it! I’m also wondering where/how your makeup and hair products are stored, so I’d love to see a follow up with some nitty gritty details. This is the room of my dream future.


  5. When I saw the Kevyn Aucoin book cover framed I squealed! That was my bible in high school! That room is so gorgeous. Don’t even get me started on the blue velvet settee.

  6. Cara,
    I started following your blog this week & have been following Mandi for a few years! You both are very talented ladies …this may be one of my favorite spaces she has redone! ENJOY!

  7. Remarkable!!! I’m a renter myself and this is just such an inspiration for what can be done even in a temporary space!! Cheers to you!

  8. Cara, I have battled lipstick for years. In the summer it is not much of a problem but with fall approaching it would be. Last night while doing my nightly face routine I had an idea. I use Monistat gel powder anti chafing gel as a primer on my eyelids for eyeshadow. Lightbulb went on, try it on the lips overnight. So a small amount of gel went on then applied once dry RED LIPSTICK! After a full nights sleep and two cups of coffee they stil look fresh. Sincerely Yours, Jenny

  9. WOW! It looks amazing! You and Mandi are both awesome and creative! So happy you have a great space to do those tutorials we all love.

  10. I was wondering what was wrong with the page. How flattering it must be to both of you ladies that it’s so flooded with traffic. I’m still waiting for a few pictures to upload, but it’s well worth the wait! It’s gorgeous! I wasn’t going to say anything about the drab background in the videos, although I was thinking about it :) Your kitchen is cute… just not for filming a fabulous makeup video! <3
    I have been talking about your site since I discovered it and I am so obsessed with the tips and techniques you give. I just recently bought a instyler for $100.00 big ones, only to realize, I may just suck at using it… like "WHOA who burned your fingers? and when's the last time you brushed your hair" suck at it.
    I have looked all over online to find a good video, and alas, I haven't found one. I'm hoping (praying really) that you could tackle this beast of a question as my husband would like to see me succeed with such an investment. His response "Honey, I don't think you were meant to have curly hair". my heart sinks :( HELP Please if you can :) <3

  11. Oh Cara,I can’t believe people actually emailed you to criticize your workspace! Shame on them! You bring so much goodness and happiness to SOOO many people! In regards to your room redo,it looks like you moved to New York! Amazing! Thanks so much for all of your posts,you are such a blessing!

  12. I have been waiting for it to load for quite some time but it’s like a little treat in between my work, I check and get to see something new and pretty every couple of minutes. I think my favorite part is the library card catalog dresser, at least I think that’s what it is. And the furry chair! I want one of each for all of my rooms and my office at work! I’m so much like you, I am not a decorator, my best friend sneaked into my house and put up Christmas decorations last year because she thinks I’m a scrooge. I would not be sad if Mandi sneaked in and did this to one of my rooms! It’s so gorgeous and I’m beyond jealous!

  13. Oh my Lord, that is one helluva room! I’ve been following Mandi since before she was hot gluing two rugs together to make one zebra striped rug! She never ceases to amaze me! I want to live in that room!!

    Sooo, since guys (mine especially) aren’t the biggest fans of white, what does Nick think of the makeover?

  14. I was shocked! And I love it! And its wonderful and fantastic… but I expected to see your makeup or storage or something? What kind of makeup storage set up did she do? I love that its so bright! She did a wonderful job!

  15. Mind. Blown. This is a room where self-consciousness goes to die, because you can’t help but LOUNGE sexy-style ( ala-Marilyn-Monroe) in a room like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if you develop an accent. And start using cigarette holders. And slink around in silk kimonos.

  16. Wow! What a difference, you now have a makeup room fit for a princess! I’m just a tad curious… Did Mandi make you store your makeup in a different room? There is no makeup on the shelves, and the only storage unit I see is the beautiful old library index card drawers thingamabob. Is that your makeup treasure chest???

  17. You are so lucky to have Mandi redo your room! I follow her on everything. I’ve been wondering how you stored your makeup and what type of vanity you had since watching you tube videos. This is remarkable!! Now that you have turned me onto all the makeup and I’m becoming a makeupaholic, my husband is wanting to get some type of vanity for me!! Woohoo! (Hes cracking under the pressure of no space on the dresser and or bathroom, i suppose!!) Wonder if Mandi can do this to my room?? Love love love!!

  18. I am so happy for you! I’ll bet you don’t want to leave the room. I love how Mandi made the room comfortable and glamorous. The wall shelving treatment and art are so perfect for the space. It’s hard to choose a favorite idea/item. Congrats and enjoy! Hugs, Kim

  19. Oh Em GEEE!! That is beautiful!! I have been jealous of your card catalogue ever since you showed it in a post a while back. Is that where all the makeup is? I also love the perfume bottle and the gorgeous settee! (sp?) On a whole different note…would you be willing to do a tutorial on a person with problem skin? Because I have had acne all my life (late 30’s now) and it is different trying these techniques out on someone with skin like mine. I’m talking, acne, acne scars, melasma from pregnancy dry skin flakes around healing acne (ick, I know) the works! This is my face on a daily basis and my makeup routine takes forever because there is so much time spent trying to get the flakes off, adding visine to red spots (don’t know what else to do) before using foundation, concealing a million areas, etc etc. And trying to HAC over all of that just doesn’t have the same effect on me as on someone with a nice complextion. I also don’t know of a good foundation for covering skin like mine. (so I wouldn’t have to use as much concealer all over) The best one I have ever used was, surprisingly, Bare Minerals. But it makes my face itch soo bad that it’s not worth it. So please consider a tutorial for this situation. I really hope I am not the only one with this problem! Thank you!

  20. OH MY WORD! Mandi has outdone herself! It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see pics of you in your new space doin’ your make-up jam! Congrats!!! I literally gasped when I saw it! Tomorrow is my birthday and you would have thought I was opening up a present for myself I was so excited for you…LOL!

  21. The room is stunning! Bright, colorful and so visually interesting. It’s a one-two punch – the room and the October issue of Allure! Congrats!

  22. Omgosh! I about dropped my iPad and chocked on a taco. This room is incredibly gorgeous! Mandi did a great job. I can’t wait to see your upcoming makeovers and beauty vlogs done in this room.


  23. I actually exclaimed out loud and startled my cat when I saw the reveal. It took me a moment to realize that picture I was looking at was your room and not an inspiration pic from a magazine.

    I continue to be crazy jealous of your card catalogue. Can we get a tour of the drawers? I’ll have to take another vacation out there so I can get a consult in the new room. (It was really fun to recognize the old room.)

  24. In love with the room!!! I would love to have a piece of it for sure!!!
    By the way, I have been following you for about a month or maybe two now, and I absolutely love your blog, you have taught me so much about make up and you’re such an inspiration! Thanks for all the time you take and everything you do for us readers :) xoxo

  25. I love your room! Also, I picked up the Allure Magazine that you’re in! I wish we lived closer I would love to book a makeover!

  26. I am in LOVE with your blog. It is 1:45 in the morning here, and I have become addicted to your posts… click, after click, after click.. I’ve read a post or two in the past, but rediscovered it today because of your feature in Allure, and I must say, I’m totally impressed by you. Keep it up chica, cuz you rock! (Who am I kidding, I’m 30, I don’t really talk that way anymore) 😉

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  29. Oh my- this is a beautiful transformation. It is so clean and vintage- I can’t imagine working in there and keeping it clean! The library drawer piece is unbelievable- something that I have been looking for- but have no clue where I would put it. Ha ha….

  30. I am in love with your room! What a transformation!! My favorite is the chandelier and the little pink mirror it’s in front of, and the little 30-drawer dresser! Cara, where did you find that dresser?? For serious, I could use a 30-drawer dresser! Soooooooo, where did you find it?? I really really really really REALLY want and need one. It reminds me of the little drawers that libraries have with all those index cards in it. TOO much fun!!! :-) Please let me know! LOVE it.

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