Baseball Makeup

In my high school, if you were a total mathlete you’d take Pre-Cal, if you were fairly into numbers you took geometry or algebra but if you were a total math bozo you took Baseball Math (AKA Applied Math). I think it got it’s name because the Baseball coach always ended up teaching it in the off season. I took it in my Junior year when I had long ago given up on understanding any of that. What I discovered was that somewhere along the line I’d missed some really important stuff that was actually key to understanding the rest of it. Before long I was top of my class (admittedly this wasn’t much of a feat considering most kids barely showed up) something that had long been a mystery to me, now made perfect sense. I didn’t join the mathletes or anything but after that I never saw math as being a gigantic black hole far beyond my mental capacity as I had before. Things sometimes seem much more complicated than they actually are. Makeup is one of those. For those of you who are just getting to that age or who missed some of this along the way … Continue reading Baseball Makeup