Baseball Makeup

The easiest and quickest makeup that ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can do. Using drugstore products.
In my high school, if you were a total mathlete you’d take Pre-Cal, if you were fairly into numbers you took geometry or algebra but if you were a total math bozo you took Baseball Math (AKA Applied Math). I think it got it’s name because the Baseball coach always ended up teaching it in the off season.
I took it in my Junior year when I had long ago given up on understanding any of that.
What I discovered was that somewhere along the line I’d missed some really important stuff that was actually key to understanding the rest of it.
Before long I was top of my class (admittedly this wasn’t much of a feat considering most kids barely showed up) something that had long been a mystery to me, now made perfect sense.
I didn’t join the mathletes or anything but after that I never saw math as being a gigantic black hole far beyond my mental capacity as I had before.

Things sometimes seem much more complicated than they actually are.
Makeup is one of those.
For those of you who are just getting to that age or who missed some of this along the way I wanted this post to obliterate the feeling of “I have no idea what I am doing with cosmetics” or the drop in your stomach you feel when you walk into Sephora and then, walk directly out because…you have no clue where to even start with that place.

I made a kit of awesome basics to invest in HERE for under $50 bucks.
This video will show you how to use them.
If you are afraid of going from No-Makeup-Nelly to makeup-faced-Mandi in one day don’t stress, this look is very natural. Plus it’ll take less than 5 minutes from your get ready time.

You can’t mess this up.
It’ Baseball Makeup.

It’s also a fun video for anyone who liked the “no makeup” look but didn’t like the prices.

Also, I’m sorry for doing not only two videos in a row but two minimalist makeup looks in a row. Just realizing that now. Will do a pictorial posts with gobs of makeup next week to ensure a balance:)

105 thoughts on “Baseball Makeup

  1. Did you start with any foundation? If I don’t start with foundation I feel like my make-up won’t “stick” to my skin.

  2. Dear Cara, I must tell you, that before your blog I NEVER used concealer or bronzer! :) Now I own even make-up brushes and I am totally in love with cosmetics and you personally. Thank you for your advice, support and hard work. Many kisses from Ukraine 😉

  3. “I’m just doing a little tree down my nose” made me laugh out loud! I thought of myself as a makeup mathlete but I learned something new (and now I’m heading straight into the bathroom to try to replicate it!) Great video!

  4. What color nail polish are you wearing in this video? :) And on a more serious note, do you recommend a certain brand of makeup brushes? I’m looking for an affordable set that are durable and work well. I can’t bring myself to pay for MAC or sigma brushes

    • If you go to Popular Posts (at the top of Cara’s page) you will find a post exclusively focusing on brushes including recommending a cheap and luxury brand. She occasionally recommends and provides a link to specific, affordable brushes within a brand she has found works well that you can nab from Target and such but those are peppered through her posts. Cara was my makeup starting point (practically) and I eventually invested in some Sigma Brushes along with some random ones she has mentioned from time to time. As far as the Sigma brushes they are cheaper than MAC and they have been amazing.

  5. Thank you, Cara. I am excited to try these techniques. LOL – I am that person who wants to go into Sephora but lacks the knowledge and the confidence so heads right back out! Also love that you showcase inexpensive cosmetics. Thank you!

  6. Loved it. I am not good with application of makeup or know much about it and this was pretty basic and simple. My question is, I have an olive/tan complexion. Would this work for my skin color too? Thank you for your great tips. I love your blog.

  7. No need to apologize for basic makeup videos! – It’s so helpful to see the basics every so often; I always spot something I’ve been totally negligent of. Love your blog!

  8. I am loving this post! I so need it. I love the concept of starting with the basics and slowly building up. Also, I love that you are using drugstore brands. I would love to buy more expensive stuff, but since I don’t know what I am doing I don’t want to make that kind of investment. Looking forward to you adding to the Baseball Makeup routine. Thanks again! Love your blog!

  9. Thank you! I really enjoyed this! I got all the make-up this week and ordered my brushes off Amazon. Can’t wait to try it! Looking forward to the add-on’s.

  10. I’m with the others at the top wondering about putting blush and bronzer directly onto skin with no foundation. I feel like it would be gone in no time with no setting spray. I’m also always perplexed by the application of concealer and no powder or bronzer to set it. It seems like it would run. What’s your secret?? :)

  11. I really love this video! My daughter will be getting old enough to wear makeup soon and this will be the video she will watch! I never wore makeup before I found you Cara. Thanks for all you do to help the confidence of women everywhere!

  12. I really need this! I never learned how to do makeup and here I am 29, my skin isn’t as great as it used to be and I would love to start looking a little more polished. This routine seems foolproof and I can’t wait to try it, but I also am wondering about foundation. I’m very pale and I have a lot of redness and acne on my cheeks, so I’m thinking I would need a bit more coverage than this makeup routine gives (you have great skin, Cara!) so how would you do this if you were going to apply a foundation as well?

  13. I love the basic makeup videos you have been making! I love trying all your full face makeup tutorials, but some days I just wanna look natural like I didn’t try too hard… These videos have been perfect! I’ve always loved makeup, but you have made me LOVE makeup. Thanks so much Cara!

  14. You are definitely the best blogger I have come across, I keep checking your blog every day and am very inspired by all your new ideas and tricks. I have always been very into cosmetics and thought about becoming a make-up artist. Is this something you have ever thought of? Why/why not? Love to hear some input. :)

    Hugs from SWEDEN! :)

  15. Hi Cara!! :):) Thanks so much for your tutorials! :):) What bronzer would you recommend for light to medium tan skin??? I have been using the bahama mama bronzer and I can barely see it:)

  16. Thanks for the video! You’re blog has helped me so much!

    I have some old acne scars, but I really like the idea of keeping it simple. If I use an luminous concealer will it look like I have bright spots all over my face? What would you suggest? Should I just stick with foundation to help even out my whole skin tone?

  17. I had never bought bronzer until I saw a video of yours about HAC (ha, I used a makeup term) a couple weeks ago via Pinterest – and I hate that I’ve gone this long without it! It makes my face look & feel so much better, I’ve even had a few compliments from random people about looking more glow-y. I love your videos and they really do make me feel like I know what I’m doing.

    This was a really great easy one that will be so useful for morning routine that involves a 2 year old!

    Thank you!

  18. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Your tutorials have made me so much more confident after a ‘frumpy mommy’ stage. I do have a question- what kind/shade of bronzer do you recommend for super-fair skin? I find myself being a little afraid of it since I don’t have any kind of natural color. Thank you so much for this awesome video!

  19. I absolutely needed this video! It was just a huge step for me to not feeling overwhelmed! I feel like I have a great place to start now! Thank you very much! :)

  20. Love it! Going to try it out today…although, I have really dark under eye circles (sometimes I mix my concealers for under eye). I have one suggestion…can you add a “pin it” button to your site? it would be so easy then to add your awesome ideas to pinterest. thanks for all you do!

  21. Loved this tutorial!! I love the simple make up look myself. I also have light skin and I find the bold makeup looks are a bit much on my skin. This one here was right up my ally! Looking forward to trying it out!

  22. You are simply spectacular. I enjoy your videos, simple and not – your sweet personallity shines through each and every time. I’ve learned so much, when I thought I was already doing a good job 😉 but I’m excited every morning to put on a fresh face and try all the new products you’ve inspired me to experiment with. I’m a newly addicted fan of yours! You’ve go something special going on here… please keep it up! (I hardly ever comment on a blog, and I hardly ever watch videos – but I’ve watched several of yours over and over and commented on all the new posts!)

  23. I know many others have asked, but is this typically enough coverage for you for an entire day? Do you start off with a primer or foundation? How would you differ a minimalist look according to various skin types ie oily, combination, dry? Thanks so much! My three sisters, my mom, and I all love you!!! :)

  24. I’d love to see a tutorial on exactly HOW to fill in brows. You’ve given killer info on shape, products to use, etc. Just need a “tips and tricks” post please! :)

  25. I love this video!! These are such simple tricks and I feel like I can actually accomplish this makeup routine! I also love that you are using such inexpensive brands, definitely pinning this for later!!!!!

  26. Oh, I really like this one! This is my favorite of your quicky looks. The bronzer/eyeshadow combination was way more effective in the video than if I had just read about it.

    My experience this summer was that in Vegas my makeup stayed on without much powder of primer ( at 104*). When I got home the humidity melted it right off (at 85*). I’d imagine that if you have oily skin that’s an issue in more places and more months of the year. I’d recommend adding translucent powder to set the concealer if needed. <–DIY mineral veil

    I'm looking forward to the "gobs" tutorial, too. I have two evening weddings in the next 6 weeks. I'm going to try to finally teach myself to apply false lashes for them.

  27. Love this and can’t wait to try it. Three reasons this is great for me. 1). I haven’t been wearing makeup for a while and want to try to look more polished but lost the knack of how to do it! 2). I live in Miami and most if your techniques won’t work here. I can’t wear any kind of liquod foundation. Once you step into the humid air it feels like you have a wet washcloth on your face. And then it all lets off/into your eyes. But this could work! 3). So few products means great for travel and/or last minute applications in the car. So thank you soooooo much. Your awesome.

    • Just had to report I tried it with similar products I already had (plus a dusting of powder to fight humidity) and it worked great!! Saw my parents that day who both said I looked really nice without knowing about the makeup. So I looked good, not your make up looks good. She shoots, she scores! Thanks.

  28. Love this one! Great advice for pre-teens, how to look naturally GORG without looking like you are trying too hard. I am so obsessed to your blog! Thanks for all you do — THIS is why you were voted BEST BEAUTY BLOGGER!!
    **Hugs from Montana <3

  29. Hi Cara,

    Just wanted to thank you for this post – I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I really needed this basics tutorial. And, the Maybelline folks should be thanking you, too – I bought some of that Baby Balm in the pink color and it’s a nice finishing touch, the first Maybelline product I’ve purchased, aside from that old stand-by Great Lash mascara, in I don’t know how long (I’d switched to using Voluminous Mascara a while back – another great choice)!

    I look forward to future videos with the add-as-you go features!

    Thanks again!

  30. Looove this, so simple and fast. I’m so glad you’re doing this little series because I’ve always been so confused with makeup and felt like the girl who has always been behind in the makeup department!

  31. Cara, thanks so much for this vid! My mom is terrified of cosmetics and I’m always trying to get her to branch out but I’m starting to realize that her fears probably stem from a lack of understanding and missing the fundamentals. I love how simple this look is. Seems like the perfect springboard to help her feel comfortable with the basics so eventually we can move on to the fun stuff! love love love

  32. Thank you, this was very informative. I’m always scared about choosing colour, especially for blush: I just feel like I look like a clown when I put blush on. Any hints on how to choose the right colour for blush, or even eye shadows?

  33. Love this! Can you please give help for oily skin plus humid conditions outside? The makeup in your video would just slide right off my face, unfortunately. No matter what I use, I end up super shiny within an hour or two, especially this time of year. But, I love the natural face look – I never know what to do!

  34. Please keep doing this feature on your blog, continuing with the lower priced products and maybe slowing working up to products you can find at Sephora or Ulta too. Though I love the idea of looking in the makeup isles in Target/Walmart, and going to stores like Sephora and Ulta, I walk in a wander aimlessly, leaving without anything. I just don’t know how to find the colors that will work on me, or how to mix and match from different product lines. The only way I buy makeup is when I go to a salon that sells a certain line, and buy a whole set of products together that they’ve shown me how/where to use – and that always ends up adding UP! I think these tutorials may really help me branch out!

  35. Hi Cara, that’s a great video! It’s easy to follow which I love and I think a lot of people definitely appreciate that. Thanks for the ‘Baseball Makeup’ technique! :)

  36. i love this! it helps give the illusion that i have actually had a decent nights sleep when that is so far from the truth. i am a 42 year old mom of two kids (6 and 2) and not able to go makeup free as i used to do. they are draining my life force! i can’t wait to see where you go next with this.

  37. I have to admit that when I saw this on FB last week, I thought, “Why would you have makeup to wear to a baseball game?” and didn’t even click on it! I’m so glad I did today because this is exactly what I needed to know!! Thank you!

  38. I loved this. Thank you! I love make up. But my Hubby prefers a more natural look, and I currently spend most of my time with women who don’t wear a ton of make up. So… I don’t like to look too done up unless it’s a special occasion. I always like to have a little something on though, and this video was perfect. I never knew a good way to use concealer and bronzer that looked fresh. Thanks again!

  39. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for a tutorial like this! I just tried it, and (I’m not going to lie) I look amazing! But it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any makeup at all. I was scared for the first minute and a half–I’ve never tried this color palette on my skin before, and I’ve always been completely terrified of bronzer. But then it suddenly, magically, came together. Thank you:) Your blog is so generous and life affirming.

  40. I love this post! I have needed a post like this forever. I live in Canada and Walmart here does not sell “Flower” line by Drew Barrymore. Is there another drug store line you suggest? Covergirl, Revlon, etc?
    Thank you!

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  42. I just discovered your blog, but I will be back again and again!
    I seemed to miss that stage of being a girl where you “learned” to do makeup (my mom didn’t really wear any). By the time I realized I was behind, it was too frustrating for my friends (and overwhelming for me) just to ask what was going on.
    My makeup routine is basic, basic. I have very fair skin, but am prone to break outs and am always paranoid about my nose- so I wear cover up, some blush and a little mascara. Now, I want to run to the store and start here and then try more!
    Thank you for giving me a starting point (and for someone with a budget too!), I feel that this is all very achievable for me!
    And reading the comments, it feels like not only are you are great blogger, but your readers seem just as nice and supportive!

  43. Going to do this for work tomorrow. Tired of taking the time to do a full face of makeup when all I do is sit in front of a computer all day…….And you are SO pretty!

  44. Do you have color/makeup suggestions for fair skin with cool undertones? Most makeup turns yellow or orange on me and doesn’t look natural at all.

    • Hi Jennifer, not cara but Barbara from holland…. I have the exact same problem. As I also posted for help I decided that I would try a simple solution. Cara states in her speeding up your routine blog: use the same product for different areas. So I did as well: I used my eyeshadow, mainly darker warm but earth tones (you know a pallet in a nice box) in a big (a colors on my brush) sweep and used that in stead of the bronzer!!! Result? No orange en nice very pretty effect….. So maybe this is worth a try for you as well. Have a great day, think a wonderful thought. B.

      • Bronzer isn’t the problem, that works fine. It’s the “skin” color items (foundation, concealer, powder) that turn yellow. I’ve even had people from high end makeup lines tell me that none of their foundations work for me.

  45. Dear Cara, wow you have inspired me! The girl without make up is now a 40 year old looker!!! I bought brushs, blush, concealer, bronzer, eye shadow and lip liner and nude lipstick! People do not tell me: oh you are wearing make up but they say: you look good, did you loose weight, you look happy! Hahahahahaha thnx! The only thing I “see” is that bronzer look orange on mu cheeks… Tips????? I do not use the BB cream everyday…. Maybe that is the key….. Please tell me…. I am a brunette fairly light skin…. Thnx B.

  46. I really love it! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I actually love make-up but I am not good in putting make- up. Glad that I have found this post :)

  47. Cara did you use a foundation??? I’m worried about being really oily without a foundation if you didn’t. I loveeeee bronzers but feel like they tend to make me really shiny all over. Any tips?j

  48. Whatttt?!!! You are just such a babe and this was an awesome tutorial. I have no idea how I just now found your blog (well I do know it was from Mandi’s Pinterest) BUT I freaking love it. Keep it up pretty lady! And I now have a whole little lite started of things I need to buy haha.

  49. Thank you!! I am always trying to teach my daughter about make-up and the importance of achieving a natural look. This video is perfect!! Also, based on your recommendations, I purchased these brushes. Usually I’m a make up snob, but they were awesome!! Thanks for all your time and training.

  50. Hi Cara, I have medium skintone….would the Maybelline Highlighting Concealer in Ivory work for my skin? If not, what shade in the product would work best? Thanks!

  51. Thank you you so much! I’m fourteen and just started wearing make up but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing too much, would you consider making a video for some younger viewers? Thanks

  52. Thank you so much for this! I have always done a little bit of eye makeup, but the rest has eluded me. This video has helped so much, I can’t wait to go pick up the suggested products!

  53. Thank you sooooo much for this tutorial, I am so excited I stumbled across your website to day, sooo needed to update what little I knew about makeup and how to apply it. This is such a fresh, clean and beautiful look. I just tried it on myself and LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to look up your other tutorials. Thank you again, so happy to have found your page : ).

  54. Soooo happy someone pinned you on Pinterest!! Do you have any suggestions for someone with the trifecta skin curse: rosetia,very oily skin, and large pores beside just see a dermatologist? :)

  55. I started reading maskcara this week after seeing some pins on Pinterest. Generally when I see makeup tips online it seem like they expect you to have skills ahead of time. This is a great background and quick tips to pulled together in the morning without missing out on much sleep! Thank you so much!

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  57. Thank you for posting this and the products to try. I’m now in my 40’s and have never used make-up and wouldn’t mind this more natural look. Only time I’ve wore make-up was for my wedding and it looked great, but had no idea how to do it myself. They did a natural look for me then too. Going to buy the products on my way home today (came here from the blogger that helped you build the make-up room and decided to click over), but being a truly novice I have some more questions.

    1. Do you only put mascara on the top lashes?
    2. Should you avoid getting the concealer when you rub it out onto the areas where you applied blush or does it not matter or do I need to reapply?
    3. Does the blush go all over the apples of the cheek or just the lower part?
    4. Should I skip blush if I have naturally pinkish “apples” that by themselves are a pretty strong color
    5. How many times should I try before I give up. Ie how long does this really take to learn to do before I stop end up looking like a clown? Any attempts in my past always have ended with that attempts that never looked good.

  58. I have been wearing makeup for years, but for me, it’s always been all or nothing: either I do a full face or I don’t wear any at all. I have been searching for a good “no makeup” makeup look for those days when I want to look put together, but I don’t have the time or the energy to put on a full face of makeup, and this is perfect. Thank you so much!

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  60. what if your skin has dry patches (eczema?) and creases (i am 57). won’t the concealer just magnify my imperfections? thank you for your eyebrow tutorials! i am officially obsessed with eyebrows! you are inspiring, karen

  61. I have brown skin (I’m indian) and I just can’t find the right shades to give me this no makeup makeup look! I’d love your advice on if there are other products or darker shades I should look for and how will i know?!!


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