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My prep.

A few weeks before the trip I was contacted by Lauren Young London (facialist to the stars… N.B.D.)

Lauren Young London, amazing facialist

to see if I’d be interested in a complimentary facial. Which was a really tough decision but I ended up going with “Hells yeah.”
She has done facials on all kinds of celebs, going on tour or fixing them up from all nighters in Vegas. She even has a client that travels from Paris just to see her! If you read her bio HERE you can see that she’s kind of a skin magician. She has a new line that just came out that’s a collection of boosters for specific needs that you can add to your current regiment. She gave me one for smoothing my skin and minimizing pores and one for reducing puffiness in my under eyes. So far I really love them both and can totally notice a difference when I use them.

Anyhow, I was peppering her with all kinds of questions and one thing that she talked a lot about was taking care of your skin with the foods you eat.
She was kind enough to write us a up a whole recipe. I started adding as many of these as I could to my diet a couple weeks before I left (mostly by way of sneaking them into a smoothie) and as well as having healthy looking skin I also had a lot more energy and felt better all around.
Dieting reaaaallly bums me out and always makes me think about everything I “can’t” have twice as much as usual but just adding a few health packed choices? That I can do.



It’s true… You are what you eat. It’s hard sometimes to always eat healthy so I try to just remember which foods are most important. Eating healthier whenever you can improves the way you feel and really works as a skin beautifier! Here are a few foods to try eating more of, that will help fight the aging process and keep you looking beautiful

1. You want gorgeous shiny hair?
Lean proteins like fish and chicken contain cysteine, which help to nourish hair. Salmon has the bonus on containing omega 3 fatty acids, which promote luster! Biotin from whole grains is also important to keep hair strong.

2. Want amazing glowing skin?
Taking omega 3s or adding them to your diet through fish, walnuts and flaxseed help protect your skin from damage and reduce inflammation the underlying cause of aging. These are great for those of you who still suffer from breakouts since inflammation leads to acne and can help get rid of toxins.
If you are serious about preventing aging and acne than look no further than grapefruit. It has tons of vitamin c which is a benefit to you since it contains
antioxidants that stop free radicals from causing damage to the skin. Another great option to feeling and looking beautiful are juicing… one of my favorite juices to make is kale, coconut and mint.. this is anti-inflammatory and helps keep skin hydrated so you stay looking younger and skin is smooth and radiant.

3. Want better looking nails?
Find foods rich in silica and sulfur. Try one of my favorites, broccoli it’s a must if you want strong healthy nails. Calcium found in milk and yogurt is also very important. I hope you enjoyed today’s tips. If you try any of them, let us know the difference it made for you! Thanks for reading… Stay beautiful!

-Lauren Young London

She also said she would be happy to answer skin care questions from readers so I told her a would compile a list for her.
What do you guys wanna know?