Midas Touch

I’m actually kind of shocked I haven’t already told you guys about this.
It’s one of my favorite tricks.

Add some glow to pretty much anything for nearly nothing.

A while back I decided to start making my own makeup, ordered a bunch of ingredients and thought I was a chemist…

until pretty much everything I made turned into some form of mud.
While my dreams of being a brilliant chemist died almost as soon as they were born, I was left with a few consolations.

Like a jar of gold dust pigment that I salvaged from the wreckage and have been using ever since.
I use it to add shimmer:

In body or face lotion
As eye shadow
In lip gloss
In fingernail polish
Mixed with hairspray or hair oil
& Above my cheekbones

and 3 years later I still haven’t made a dent in it.

Plus as an extra bonus? It only cost me 4 bucks.
Apparently, dabbling in your own makeup mixing can be a very frugal venture.

Get yourself some HERE and let me know if you come up with more ways to use it!

PS. My lipstick in the above photo is NYX Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink HERE with (of course) some golden glow patted into the center.

51 thoughts on “Midas Touch

  1. This is gorgeous! I love that gold glow I am definitely going to check it out. You should do a tutorial on false lashes…which ones are the best and how to apply them…just an idea :) I would love to know. Thanks for everything you do!!

  2. I love that golden shimmer! Unfortunately I have not found the perfect product for it (to buy). A shimmer bronzer from The Body Shop came close, but not nearly as nice as yours selfmade.

  3. I wish the link would work! I have been looking for an affordable way to “shimmer” my face/body. Thanks for the info…hopefully you can get that link up!

  4. I’m dying to try the gold shimmer! There is a pressed gold eyeshadow from Ulta that I love! But yours is wayyy cheaper :) The link isn’t working for me though :(

  5. Yay! just in time for Spring/Summer, this is a pretty cool tip! Hehe, it was funny to picture you going all “Walter White” on the makeup mix!

  6. Do you still make your own primer? Ever since reading your blog on making your own primer I have been on the hunt for natural chapstick and that stuff just can’t be found in this town!!! I’m wondering if they even make it anymore. Thanks!

  7. So I called Pfizer and found out they no longer make the Natural Botanical Chapstick. Wondering what you are using for primer…..

  8. Love this idea, I do the same thing with a champagne colored pigment on my cheekbones and on my lips but never thought to do it in my hair! I’m excited to try it! (I know you have heard this before but the link to the pigment doesn’t work )

  9. Thanks Cara! I have been looking for something like this. I just ordered the gold mica from your link and the pearl white mica as well. Not sure what i could do with the pearl white though.

    As always, I just LOVE your blog!

  10. Omg I would love to buy this! I would love to see how you use it or how much to put in products though!!! I am going to buy it thanks!!

  11. Hey! Love this! But I was wondering about exactly how you mixed it with the hair spray, and how much and what other products you paired it with, other than that gorgeous lipstick! Thank

  12. I have dent in my forehead from a head injury when I was a kid. Now that I am aging a bit and have gained a some weight, it always looks like I am mad. I have been told the only way to fix it is with plastic surgery and I don’t want that. I usually hide my forehead by having bangs but I don’t want them anymore. Is there anyway I can cover my dent and forehead wrinkles up? Do you have any tricks to make it so I don’t look mad all the time?

  13. I am loving your posts! I’ve learned so much just from following for the past month. I do have a question for you though! I just tried looking for past posts on primer and was wondering if you would consider writing a whole post dedicated to the different types of primer, not just for eye shadow. I have very dark circles under my eyes and need to apply a lot of concealer there every day, but the primer I’ve been using forever (Bare Minerals PrimeTime Foundation Primer for Normal skin) just never seems to smooth the skin enough to keep the concealer from making the fine lines under my eyes look deeper than they are! Should I be using a different type of primer instead, or is it simply to product that is failing me? Or am I doomed to choosing between dark circles and lines?

    So many questions, I know. Thank you for all the great posts though! I will at the very least be making my own eye shadow primer =)

  14. If you live in Canada they won’t ship the product here… do you know of a place that distributes to Canada? I tried Amazon.ca and they didn’t have it!

  15. Just bought some! Have you tried any of the other colors they offer? I think I might get the bronze if I like how the gold looks/feels. I think the bronze would look great as an eye shadow for my turquoise eyes! :) Thanks for the tip, Cara!

  16. Hi, Cara! After reading your posts about perfect nude lipstick I bought NYX Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink and it looks horrible on me(( of course it was a mistake to buy something online without trying it first(( But we don’t have Sephora here in Ukraine. Yep, it sucks. Maybe you can advice me what color of lipstick will suit me. Help me out!

  17. You are a thinker! I would not have thought of all those different ways to use shimmer!! But I am bummed, Amazon must have sold out cause it’s unavailable :( Thanks for sharing this great trick/idea!


  18. Just got mine in the mail! Oh my gosh, I already love it! Works great as an eye shadow, very light, perfect! :) So glad I saw this post

  19. Amazing post but I was wondering, how exactly do you mix it up with your hairspray? I love the idea since I have ombré hair but I don’t know how it would be possible to mix those two things up. :)

  20. Whoooo just bought some! Ever since my Victoria’s Secret gold shimmer ran out (everything else there is horrid for your skin, trust me, I am a former employee who knows first hand!) I have been searching for something just as great. I am going to put this in my Moroccan oil, primers, lotions, everything! Thanks for the tip!

  21. Do you recommend any other color besides the gold? They have a lot of pretty colors, but I’m not sure which ones would look good in lotions and such.

  22. hey Cara I have been trying to contact you for for the past couple of days but no response. I thought I would be able to reach you here. I need to return my HAC packs:( I’m so sad because I was so excited to try it !!! I had an allergic reaction on my skin from it. please get back to me if you can! I ordered 2. if it was only one I wouldn’t ask to refund but I got 2 so I spent about 60$ :/ PLEASE get back in contact with me.

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