Oscar Beauty Trends I’m lusting over

This year I watched the Oscar Red Carpet coverage with quite the motley crew.

Me, Nick, Christian, My dad & my 13-year-old nephew, Brook.

I know but, it sounds much worse than it was. They got into it. They ate candy, gave their best critiques and man crushed on George Clooney, what more could I ask for?

These are the looks that stood out the most to me and my prestigious panel of judges:

Adele. You. Are. Killing. Me.
FLAWLESS. Nude…Red? Choose your pleasure, she does them both like nobody’s business. Don’t even get me started on her contouring. Her hair was gorgeous too, side part and big full waves.




Reese Witherspoon Ala Hollywood Glamour
I could not believe how beautiful Reese looked. Her makeup was so fresh and beautiful and her HAIR. Oh her hair.




Jennifer Lawrence. Championing the chignon bun.
Question..HOW DO YOU SAY THAT? I’ve never known, so in my head I read it cling-on (like the star trek guys). Someone save me.
I had to go upstairs and put my hair up just like hers the minute the Oscars were over. I also loved her makeup, smokey lid and a mauve lip, very classic.

jennifer Lawrence


All of this begs the question…which of these should be recreated in a tutorial???

99 thoughts on “Oscar Beauty Trends I’m lusting over

  1. Love, love, love your blog! You have changed my life now that I HAC almost every day. If you ask me I would love the Adele tutorial. I thought she looked so beautiful.

  2. Thank you for doing an Oscar post. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a tutorial on Reese’s hair and makeup. It was by far my fav look of the oscars and I am getting married this summer and am tempted to do my hair this way. THANK YOU! I follow you and love all your tips and LOVE your links to amazon. This amazon prime member has definitely added more makeup purchases since I have been following you.

  3. Mmandl are doing a Jennifer tutorial- so I vote for Reese. Or you guys could have a “tutorial off”??? :) also, chignon is French, which I happen to speak and it’s pronounced “she-non”… Now that I try, it’s hard to write out phonetically…. The “non” sound doesn’t really come up in English…. Any chance you know how to say No in French? Cause that would be it… “She-non”… Well, I do love this word… Google might pronounce it for you cause obviously no help!

  4. oh if i see a cool hair ‘do i always have to run to my bathrm and try it too. lol p.s. ive been practicing your HACing for months now and i had it all down pretty well except the nose area was just never quite right…however it all clicked for me today! as someone with a rather large nose (my grama and mom also have it and “lovingly” refer to it as bozo nose) it feels great!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  5. Do them all! Please do them ALL!!!! :) But if you only do one I say Reese!!!! She did look amazing! I would LOOOOOOVE to learn how to do her makeup AND hair!!! You’re the best Cara!!! :)

    • Adele!!!!! When I close-up on Reese I see how pretty the makeup was, but man oh man Adele wowed me from afar. Those lids!! That hair!!!! Plus I just flipping love her guts lol, she’s amazing. Not that Reese isn’t but she had her Oscar year already, let’s honour Adele for hers! I liked JLaw’s too but I feel like it’s not too hard to recreate her look or a very similar one.

  6. ADELE!!!!!!! I also am trying to find the perfect nude lip and I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVED her look in the nude lip. her whole look really NEEDS to be recreated don’t you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean really, dontcha?

  7. I think you should do the Adele with the nude lip and red lip. It seems like she kept the same eye makeup and just changed up her lip color. She looked so amazing on Sunday!

  8. Reese!!! she always looks so classic and timeless and her makeup looks great with her hair so us blondies would appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. With spring and summer on there way I vote for a Reese tutorial. Fresh and springy. Love the blog. I’ve been stalking for awhile now. :-)

  10. I would really, really LOVE if you could do a tutorial for Reese’s hair and a HAC tutorial for fair skin with dark hair. I know you did one for fair skin a little while ago. But I feel like with my very dark hair and pale winter skin (no joke, i’m like casper the friendly ghost), it’s a whole other ballgame. PRETTY PRETTY please!

  11. I see that everyone is asking for a recreation of Reese – which is what I predicted most of the readers would ask for… but I say be BOLD and go for Adele! She is like no celebrity you have done before and the bold look would be a great switch up! Reese looks gorgeous, but it is a soft glam look that you have done similar things with already… Just a suggestion ๐Ÿ˜‰ I read your blog everyday – long time fan!

  12. Hi Cara – I was wondering what kind of self tanner you would recommend for fair skin? I am hesitant to go with your fave (Sun Labs) because you seem to have a much more olivey skin tone than I do. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

  13. Adele! The other looks are certainly beautiful but also a little generic? Not bad or anything it’s just Adele seems to always bring a uniqueness to the table.

  14. I vote for Reese! I am obsessed with her hair! I have a Wedding coming up in a couple of weeks and would love to be able to do this hairstyle myself!

  15. Choose?!?! Why would you ask such a thing?? :) I’m loving that bun on Jennifer, but Reese is such a breath of fresh air. Both of these have my vote.

  16. For me it’s a total draw between Reese and Jenn. I NEED a good tutorial for retro waves on long hair (think waist-length) and a summery look, but I’ve also always wanted to do the chignon and done up night-time look. I say… BOTH! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. I would love to know how to get waves like Reese. Whenever I have heard chignon pronounced it is “shin yawn.” Straight from the mouths of the E! Network.

  18. Agreed, I have always heard it pronounced “shin-yon”. Think a silent ‘g’ like champagne!
    My memere spoke French Canadian and French, then english as a third language.
    I am guessing that, plus 50years in the south adds a slight drawl to it. Imagine Reese saying it. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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