A Blonding experience. (Part 1 + GIVEAWAY CLOSED!)

It would be a general disservice to you all if I didn’t start this post with one very important omission..

My choice (like many impatient choices I’ve made) to go from black to blonde in one foul swoop was not a wise one.

Thanks to Lacy it turned out exactly how I wanted it, but it could have been a disaster.
Further more it did damage my hair. Any lightening of your hair will do that so all logic and reason would suggest that an abundance of lightening on hair that has basically been painted with coats and coats of black ink for 7 plus years….well, a little damage would be impossible to avoid.

So if damage scares the begeeses out of you but you are still dying to go lighter… take this route:

Have an incredibly talented and confident stylist lighten your hair in stages. Where she artistically chooses what to lighten when. It should take about 6 months and if she is good it will look pretty at each stage.

As many folks told me prior to my switcharoo – that’s the safest option & the smartest option… but as opposed to what most people told me it isn’t your only option.

If you have access to a rockstar stylist who is willing and able to participate in what will surely be an experiment in which your hair may or may not survive and the final product may or may not leave you with crack hair where shiny dark hair once was but could possibly leave it the color you’ve been dreaming about… do what I did.

Cause, I don’t really like rules and when someone tells me that something I want is impossible…it kind of makes me want to do it even more.

I've been dying my hair black for 7 years  and went back to my blonde roots!


Without further ado, I give you Lacy…

Cara’s Blonde Hair Recipe:

Doing hair color isn’t like baking cookies where you can use the same recipe and it turns out pretty much the same. I have to customize my color formulas for each client because of different textures, colors, and previous colors. Please keep in mind just because you use what I used on Cara or take the same steps it may not look the same.

1. We used the Vanish color remover and then used the Goldwell color remover. This is the least damaging way to get previous pigment off the hair and will most likely lift it to a redish orange color. I was hoping it would have lifted it more than it did, but was happy some of the color pigment was off

2. Because it still wasn’t  light enough, we did a bleach shampoo cap. Where I mixed a little bleach and 10 vol with shampoo it lifted it a little more but still not enough…

3. I applied her base color and combed it Down 3 inches. The base Color was a level 6.1 ( each color line is different and in the color line I used  a 6.1 has beige and ash tones). We were extremely happy with how the base color turned out.. ( hope was restoring)


4. We were happy with the base color, but even with the color removal and the first bleach application I didn’t think it would be light enough to get it the tone she wanted. At this point we had been able to keep the integrity of the hair pretty well. We had two options bleach it once more so we could tone it perfectly, but risk the damage or we could just do the level 6 all over. Which would still have been 6 levels lighter… She really wanted the lighter, which as a stylist you can use your better judgment and say no, but since her hair still felt pretty good we decided to go for it.


5. Staying away from the root and base color that had already been colored I foiled and balayged every piece of hair. And she was a blonde… A very copper red blonde that is.

WE lovingly named this sexy stage "stawberries & Crack"

(we lovingly named this sexy stage “Stawberries & Crack”)

6. The hardest part was trying to decide what to tone her with. Once you’ve lifted the hair so many levels and have some really light and some bright orange, it’s hard to know what to do. Some of the pieces that were really blonde I put them in foil with conditioner to leave some of the bright blonde pieces. I use Redken Shades for my toners. For the top I mixed 9t, 6t and 8n. The middle portion I did 8n and 9t. I completely left it off her ends. ** 9t looks completely grey and ashy. (that’s how it cancels out the red and orange) when washing it out I mushed it through the ends for a quick min and then we washed it out!

Adding the blonde extensions also give it the look of more blonde than it was before then.

(find those beautiful things here)

I am so completely happy with how it turned out.
For stylists and clients, we want you to know that a corrective color price usually **starts** around $300-500. We did do it in a house (with our kids) no dryer for processing, no shampoo bowl so it obviously took us a lot longer than it would have in a salon. But it did take us a full two days to finish. I did that on purpose to get more time with Cara before she left me.

– Lacy

For girls who went back but wanna go back, here's how I did it! for girls who went black but wanna come back, here's how I did it!

I will call this post Part one because there is SO much info I couldn’t pack it all into one post, next I’ll tell you about my makeup changes (including brows!), my new love (extensions) and answer any of your questions that this post may have inspired…



Since we have been telling you a bunch about going lighter we figured it was only fair we giveaway the damage fixing mask which I am pretty convinced is made with pure gold.

Karastase Nutritive
Hair mask miracle GIVEAWAY!

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Comment and let me know that you entered and how many times:)

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  78. I like the honey warm blonde color but I feel the color still could use more ash tones to get the color less brassy looking. I am doing this technique at home and my hair is naturally dark brown. I am only doing slight balayage highlights and so far it’s pretty dark and orangy. I toned it with a blue toner and the next day it looked a lot better. It’s not at the desired color I was going for and I need to get it at the pale yellow color during the bleaching process but I want to wait at least 2 weeks before doing this process again so my hair can get back to a healthier state. I did slight damage to the ends so next time I plan on having my hair deeply saturate in coconut oil especially the ends off my hair since they take the most damage. Do you recommend I do anything else during the process of bleaching my hair and to tone it to a nice ash blonde to contrast the warmer tones. I don’t like to use Wella toner it really damages my hair. Is there another safer toner I can purchase online or at Sally’s beauty supply. I have been using food coloring with vinegar which works sort of. It’s still a bit brassy…

    Thank you,


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