Party Hair!

This hair looks like it takes forever but it really doesn’t and for me at least it lasts for DAYS!
Just throw some dry shampoo into the roots and hairspray in the morning. Easy as chocolate pie (if you buy the crust cause otherwise pie really isn’t very easy at all.)

A. When my hair is damp I run the Oil-licious through the bottom half of of my hair.
B. Spritz dry hair with some heat protectant. (I am loving all of the GOT2Be products lately! so inexpensive and awesome!)
C. 1/2 Inch curling iron. (it doesn’t need to be a wand just don’t use the clamp if it’s an iron)

1. Section off hair.
2. Wrap 1 inch locks around iron tightly and as close to the root as you can without getting burned.
Leave out the bottom 3rd of the hair out.
Hold for 8 seconds
3. Gently wrap the bottom third of the hair loosely around the iron  and hold for 4 seconds. Repeat. Curling the entire head in 1 inch sections rotating away from your face and towards your face for curl direction. leave out bang area.

4. Curl the bangs away from your face wrapping the hair loosely from root to ends and holding for 4 seconds.
Let hair rest for 5 minutes.
5. SHAKE & SPRAY!! This hair style requires a  lot of shaking to get it looking big and natural. Then spray with a flex hold hairspray.
6. Flip your hair a lot to draw attention to your total hair hotness.

49 thoughts on “Party Hair!

  1. Love this! Quick question….how does the top, near your roots stay so straight? Does it just end up not holding when you curl so close to the roots? Also, do u typically part your hair after its curled or part it before you start curling?

    • Oh, one more tip, when you wash your hair before styling, go ahead and part your hair while it’s wet and let it either air dry or blow it dry that way. That usually helps my part stay where I want it. Hope this helps!

  2. I was wondering is your hair all real? Or do you have extensions at all? If so where do you recommend getting extensions?

  3. Looks lovely!- As always.
    Question: Do you tease, then curl?…I tease my hair (its so straight) but it never seems to stay, then curl away!…How do you get your volume? And how do you get it to stay?

  4. What kind of dry shampoo do you use? I tried on and where I have dark hair it made my hair look white at the roots?? am i using it wrong??

  5. I loooove that big sexy hair! I am also curious about a good dry shampoo. I have never purchased any and don’t know quite what I’m looking for. And how on earth do you get so much volume? I want my hair to look that good! :)

  6. I loooove this style! I would also like to know what brand of dry shampoo you use – I can never seem to find one that works for me!

  7. I have really long hair down fo my back an it is very thick an heavy. I love cruls an the different styles tgat I see everyone wearing but whe. I go to crul my hair it don’t work like I would hope it would. so my question to you is that someone with long an thick hair like mines is how do I get my hair to actually hold the curls for more then 10 minutes? when I curl my hair it will curl a kinda like I want it but only last 10-15 minutes an I would love for it to hold all day an a very pretty style. please help me with some tips on jow ro get my hair to hold curls for the whole day. thank you very much!!!

  8. Just beautiful! Theres a reason you are on my Pintrest…check it out if you want, it’s under thedressychick. Tata for now :)

  9. Absolutely love your hair!!!! Wish I had more volume…..but your tips do work!!! Thanks Cara!!! You are stunning!! Happy New Year!!! :))

  10. Love it, thank you i actually requested a video with the wand so this helps, but my hair tends to frizz out by the end of the day…Any suggestions?? I LOVE WHAT YOU DO..thank you

  11. Love the hair! Must try!
    Found you via Megan Shaheen! Met them while they were here in Buffalo doing dental school. Saw she photog’ed your wedding. Loved it!
    Nice to ‘meet’ you! Never knew this existed! Love new finds!!!

  12. Ok seriously dying to know every time u talk about a hair style lasting u several days – do u brush it all in the following days or just finger comb or what?! Or put it in a bun or something at night?! Guidance needed ;)!!!! Xo

  13. I was at Giant Eagle near Cleveland, Ohio and I walked down the hair care aisle and saw GOT2B Oil-Licious styling oil for 2.74. It was 50% off (originally 5.49). Underneath the label it said that it was 50% off because it was discontinued :( I wasn’t sure if it was simply discontinued from Giant Eagle or if perhaps GOT2B was going to discontinue the oil completely. I thought I would give you a heads up because it seems to be product you go to often in your posts!

    • Megan, do you have a Walgreens? They are having a great sale right now in stores and online. You had me worried, so I stocked up!

  14. Why have I never thought of using my curling iron without the clamp? Duh!

    I appreciated your comment about this style “lasting for days!”. My hair is very similar to yours and often looks it’s best on the 2nd or 3rd day ;). My bed head is never anything that a little oil and hairspray can’t fix, ha!

    I have only been receiving your posts for a short while but I just wanted to commend you for such smart advice. You really cater to those of us that enjoy primping ourselves but don’t want to go overboard on buying overpriced products. Plus, I can’t shake the feeling that your a total sweetheart, something about your posts just seems so genuine and personal – keep it up!

    BTW – I’m mom to 4 boys so really enjoy the posts about your little man!

  15. Debbie You are ADORABLE. I just discovered you, and am hooked.

    My question is, could you show how to do mascara and eyeliner to look like faux lashes, without using faux lashes?

  16. Ooops! .. I mean CARA, *you* are adorable. :) (not Debbie. Although, I’m pretty cute too.!!! JK. My Droid it’s constantly typo-ing and auto-correcting.. Irritating.)

    I’m scared to try the faux lashes. I have short eyelashes, which is strange, because i have very long, thick hair. But not good lashes. Anyway, if i could find a pair of lashes that look ssssoooo natural that nobody could tell, I would try them. But all the ones I’ve seem, while they are pretty, you can tell they are faux. If like to find the most subtle ones on the market. Believe me, it would stool be a huge difference on my lashes.

    So that’s why I’d like to do my real lashes with eyeliner and mascara in a way that makes them look more healthy and lush. (plus I’m afraid if i did the faux ones, they’d fall out on me in the middle of the day, like at my daughter’s school or something.)

    Sorry thus I’d in the wrong place, I’m new. If there’s any way to move it to a lashes thread please do. Sorry!

  17. Gorgeous! I’m so in love with Got2Be products too! I’ve never really thought to curl the length of hair in two sections but I can see how it gives a more natural look. I’m ALL ABOUT big hair so this may be an “everyday” hairstyle for me. Thanks!

  18. Did this for my at home family NYE and loved it!! Loving your inexpensive alternatives!! BTW if you live near a Walgreens all Got 2B products are on sale 2 for 10. I of course, stocked up! It’s online too.
    PS: I’m Steph Matthews sister and I am forever thankful she told me about you! My friends in Austin are hooked on you and your awesome tips!

  19. Hi Cara! I just started following your site/pinterest and I love what you do! Thanks for posting all this great stuff! I wanted to ask, what you ask your hair stylist for to get your long layers! I have been the victim of stylists cutting too much out of my layers, leaving me with stragly ends :( Even tho, I have thick hair! I’m just growing it out now at one length and want to make sure I describe the right thing when it is time to cut nice long layers into my hair. what do you ask for?? Thank you!! xo

  20. Can you post a video of you doing this hair? Seeing it done makes it easier for me to try and do my self. :)

  21. This might be a lame question, but I promise you I’ve never learned this stuff. It’s all new to me! You say the hair style lasts you a couple of days. What do you do with you long hair when you go to bed? I have long straight hair down past the middle of my back. When I style it and go to bed it looks like a bird’s nest the next day. I’d love to know how to make it last!

  22. This might be a lame question, but I promise you I’ve never learned this stuff. It’s all new to me! You say the hair style lasts you a couple of days. What do you do with you long hair when you go to bed? I have long straight hair down past the middle of my back. When I style it and go to bed it looks like a bird’s nest the next day. I’d love to know how to make it last!

  23. I have one question: when you wrap the hair, are you laying it flat to get the ribbon effect, or are you letting the hair twist as your wrap?
    Thanks so much! :)

  24. I have problems keeping my hairstyle overnight…any tips on how to sleep on hair and wake up with it still wearable…? My hair is really curly naturally so straightening out overnight is not a problem, rather it just turns into a tangle. Thanks!

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