New Years Eve = Wear-as-many-sequins-as-you-want-without-getting-strange-looks-day!

OK maybe you’ll still get strange looks. But who cares? You are celebrating a FANTASTIC YEAR! WITH SPARKLE! Duh.

What are you guys doing for New Year’s Eve?
I haven’t figured it out yet…hopefully I do something cooler than watch the ball drop on TV and try to keep my eyes open til midnight…which is what I did last year.

This particular holiday has not been extremely fruitful for me in the past.

I went to Vegas a couple times which seems like the reasonable thing to do when you live an hour in a half away but it is pure MAYHEM. There are things my poor eyes have witnessed there that are burned into my memory forever. And even if I was feeling brave…
It’s definitely an activity better suited for a more single childless version of myself.

Whether I spend the evening at a celeb filled party in Beverly Hills (very likely..) or at my in-laws on the couch, I’m probably gonna look about the same. And it will probably include big hair and a whole lot of sequins. I gotsta take the opportunities when they come.

Will you join me!?

1. Line around the eye (in tear line) with a dark black eyeliner. I used SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner. I went into Sephora and literally tried every single black liner in the store on my hand to find the darkest black (I hate when black liners look gray) and the smoothest finish. This one beat out many that were twice the price or more.

2. Use a shimmery light color right on the middle of your lid below your crease. I used Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze you can apply this with a any medium shadow/concealer brush or your finger.

3. With the black liner make a semi circle in your crease right beneath your brow bone. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect (as you can see I did not) we will be blending it.

4. Using a black eye shadow (I used the one from the Lorac Pro Palette these just got back in stock! FINALLY!)and a small shadow brush blend the line at your crease and around your eye.

5. Take a light brown ( I used taupe from the Pro Palette) and a medium shadow brush and blend the edges. This gives everything a warm dimension and cuts the harshness,

6. Using a shimmery cream or white shadow (Nude from the Pro Palette) and a fluffy brush highlight your brow bone and the inside corner of your eye.

7. Fill those brows! No dark eye looks complete without some brow fillage. I used Anastasia Brow Duo in Ebony but you can also use the Pro Palette in Espresso (if your hair is dark if it’s light use Taupe)

8. I applied falsies and mascara. (tutorial for falsies here)

Glossed (NYX in Beige) , blushed (Urban Decay in Quickie), HACed and done!
BTW When you HAC you have options. You can wear foundation underneath, wear no foundation or wear a BB cream /tinted moisture. My recommendation is to always wear as little makeup as you need to get the result you are looking for. I OFTEN get in a habit of wearing foundation and put it on without even thinking about it. If your skin looks relatively even you don’t need it. A few blemishes can be covered separately with concealer.  Always think before you apply a layer of makeup. Do I need this? Our beauty routines can be very habitual but if you are having a great skin day don’t cover it up for heaven sake! Let it shine!
So if you are still unsure, try HAC both ways and decide for yourself what you prefer.

66 thoughts on “New Years Eve = Wear-as-many-sequins-as-you-want-without-getting-strange-looks-day!

  1. You look AWESOME!!! What hair style is this? It reminds me of the VS Heidi one that you did a tutorial on, but it doesnt look like waves, it looks like curls! Please do tell! And a tutorial would be awesome!!

  2. Hi gorgeous Cara!!!

    You are so VS-model-esque. LOVE your hair and lovely smokey eyes. I am definitely using this post to do my NYE makeup. Thanks girl!! Love your blog.

    XO Jenna

  3. I just got the L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in black; can I use that instead of the Sephora one you mention in step 1?

    As usual, you look beautiful. Happy New Year.

    • Thanks Rena! Yes you can use the Voluminous, it’s not quite as black as the sephora one but definitely the blackest from the drugstore. If you layer it a little you will get the exact same effect! Happy New Year to you!

      • As a woman who is a little over 40, can I still wear this exact eye makeup or, do I need to use different colors or tone it down a little?

  4. Hi Cara, I just found your blog and love it….I have a question that I can’t find the answer to. When you apply foundation what do you use??? And do you apply powder over it. I know that you use BB cream sometimes, is that the same/or what you consider foundation???? Oh and what brand if you use powder??? Thanks for all your help and Happy New Year!

    • Hi Linda! When I apply foundation I use the Sephora Airbrush #55 (there’s a link on my brush post from a couple weeks ago) It’s awesome! I change up foundation a lot just between experimenting and desired coverage but for this look I used Nars Luminous Foundation. I don’t usually use powder because I have dryish skin so I like to keep whatever moisture I have but I have a recipe for making your own mineral veil for more normal to oily skin textures. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Cara!
    I’ve been following your blog for sometime and really LOVE all of the makeup and hair tutorials! I just have know where you got that fabulous sweater from? I want it! :)

  6. I’ve been following your blog for a bit now and just wanted to say I love that you use “real” makeup that isn’t all $100 per piece. My fiancé and I are gettig married in the carribean next April and I want to do my own makeup for it, mainly bc whenever someone else does it I wind up looking like a tranny, haha. So I will be putting some of your tutorials to work soon as practice. Wish me luck!! :)

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Shai! I was actually going to do a vid for this look but I am super sick and about half way through I was hacking (not hac-ing:) so much I figured I bet go old fashioned! haha save you guys the flem! I’ll do a video as soon as I am better! Promise:)

  7. oh i have never tried using liner in the crease like that, ill have to give it a shot. love the hair, makeup and sweater!! looks gorgeous!! :) have a fun nye!

  8. Ahhh goooooorgeous! Love the hair, I should take a lesson from you and get all dress up anyways even though we will be home with the kids haaa. Do tell, how long does this look the you to complete, hair & makeup start to finish? Because I KNOW that if I attempted this it would take me like four hours and I would be all sweaty and gross at the end! I’m hoping that since you are so practiced it is fairly easy and quick…right…right?

    • Thanks so much Ariel! From start to finish (since I didn’t wash my hair) this would take me about an hour. If I didn’t apply lashes 45 minutes (cause I applied bottom lashes and they take FOREVER cause I am not fast with them yet!) This hair is actuall a lot quicker than it looks. You;ll get quicker for sure:)

  9. For years in New York i specializes in makeup for black and white photography so hiligting and contouring beccame my most valued skill and I cant tell your readers just how valuable learning this skill becomes Every celeb I do would be shocked and dissatified if I didn’t spend some time hac. I also couldn’t agree more about monitoring the amount of foundation you might need on any given day. I quit often use just tinted moisturizer.

    • How cool! I can imagine those celebs are pretty addicted to it! THank for the input Danton! It’s nice to have the opinion of an expert! :)

  10. thank you for sharing your skill!! seriously!!
    also, i’ve been trying some of your ideas and products. i’m beginning to wonder if i might have a different skin type than yours?? obviously i’m quite clueless, but some things seem to exaggerate my already large pores. any suggestions?

    • Kim! I actually am working a post right now about pores and making your makeup look lighter…some of the products I recommend do require a light hand or they will look a little cakey and all of that. (the concealer comes to mind here) The post will be about aging skin because our pores get bigger as we age but it will also apply to making foundation look flattering and yada yada. In the meantime, what products do you notice that with the most?

      • Mainly the concealer… i’ve been experimenting with HACing (eek!) I do love, the color and coverage, though, so I was very sad to see my large pores:( I also noticed the dream bouncy blush was creamier than I expected- didn’t affect my pores I’m guessing because of where it is applied, but the slight creaminess also brought to my mind that I might have a different skin type than you. So sad to me, because I have been loving following the instructions to a “T.” And again, I truly thank you. I would not have the confidence to try some of these things without your detailed instructions and explanations. It’s exciting and makes me feel like a school girl!

      • Ooooh, I am so excited for this post! I always wondered why people complained about pores… then I turned 30… yeah. I got the highlighing concealer that you recommended and I LOVE it, but I do notice that if I’m not careful it highlights all the pores on my nose.

    • Yes, often! These photos are just my regular eyes though, they look bright because I was using a ring light to take these photos and they make your eyes look POW! If you want some good colored contacts check out they rock!

    • Thanks Kristin! Here you go girl: When I apply foundation I use the Sephora Airbrush #55 (there’s a link on my brush post from a couple weeks ago) It’s awesome! I change up foundation a lot just between experimenting and desired coverage but for this look I used Nars Luminous Foundation. I don’t usually use powder because I have dryish skin so I like to keep whatever moisture I have but I have a recipe for making your own mineral veil for more normal to oily skin textures. Hope this helps!

  11. I liked the picture tutorial for this one. It was easier for me to study each picture. But it would have been a little better if you had put the directions for each step (or two) under the pictures so I wouldn’t have to keep scrolling up and down to put the picture and directions together. (I hope that made sense). Thanks for another great look and tutorial.

  12. Hey… I love the hair and make up… I have zooey deschanel “ish” bangs and hair … do you think i could still do the hair? Side part with bangs? Whats your suggestion for big sexy hair?

  13. Hi, Cara! I got a sephora gift card for Christmas (yes, I may have requested for one after being inspired by your blog and videos…). So my questions is: what are the exact must haves from Sephora for $100?? An eye shadow pallete and a foundation??? It will go fast so I want to make good buys that are staples to my makeup collection!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING!
    Girl on a budget with a Sephora addiction

  14. THANK YOU CARA!!!! I JUST started HACing last week (LOVE!!!!) but I’ve been wondering about the foundation aspect: yay or nay. Finally decided I just need a little on my eye lids and nose, and the HACing takes care of the rest (I’m RIDICULOUSLY glow in the dark, Irish and Czech pastey white so the eyelids is a must).

    Thanks for clearing that up, LOVE your site, it even got my sister who NEVER wears makeup to try out a few things!

  15. Urban Decay blush in quickie = BEST tip ever.

    I wouldnt have picked up that blush in a million years. Not a color I thought I could ever pull off, but we share skin tone and coloring and I thought why not and picked it up yesterday at Sephora.

    BAM my face is alive. Best.. blush.. ever. Total game changer for me (seriously!) Thanks so much for the tip! Now If I could just get my uncurlable hair to do what yours does, I will be set. :)

    I just love your blog!

  16. I just tried this to practice for new years eve. Oh my goodness it was so easy and fast. I feel very proud that I was able to do what seems to be a very complicated look. Thank you, Cara! Your tutorials are amazing!

  17. Hi Cara,
    I watch your make-up tutorial videos and they are great. But I love this post because you show close-up pics of your eye and the step-by-step process. It’s great to see it a little closer.

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