The science of brushes.

I don’t talk about brushes a whole ton and I will tell you why.
It’s not because they aren’t important.
It’s because I honestly don’t think about them very often.
I generally buy a set of brushes and then grab nearest brush that looks appropriate for the job at hand.
Nothing special, except that…
I remembered something the other day when I was talking to an internet guy on the phone (to try and get my site faster)
He was speaking in what sounded like plain gibberish to me but acting like it I was a total bozo for not understanding him.
This is something I like to call “too far down the tunnel to relate”
It’s when you’re “into” something so deep that you forget the difference between common knowledge and specialty knowledge.
Like when I say something in golf lingo to Nick and I am sitting there all kinds of proud of myself for remembering and he doesn’t even notice, cause he thought every girl knew what “hitting the ball on the dance floor” means!  Well, of course they don’t! (right?)

Anyway, I know that my (sometimes obsessive) love for things of the cosmetic persuasion can lead me down that road but I was totally bugged when that guy expected me to know stuff that I have no reason for knowing up to this point and I refuse to do that to any of you.

So I created a visual brush class!
My advice is to first get all the brushes you already own and match them up to my diagram so you can put what you already have to good use. Also, you don’t need 5 different brushes that do virtually the same thing. I tried to put every use I could think of on each brush so that those of us on budgets don’t feel the need to have a different brush for every little thing. It’s nice but so not necessary.
Finally I made a link for each brush photographed & some of my favs for every budget.

 Economy Brush set I love : Morphe 10 piece {here}
Luxury Brush set I love: Sephora Collection {here}
FoundationBronzerPowder | Tapered FoundationStipplingLiquid Foundation | beauty blender |  concealer | smokey | fluffy | duster | contourlip | shadow 1 & 2 | smudge | angled | Qtip | comb

34 thoughts on “The science of brushes.

  1. Thank you darling!!! Wonderful list & perfect explanations! Just what this “reformed” tom boy needed, since I’m still a beginner at all this beauty stuff.

  2. Thank you, thank you! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood at the brush display at Sephora and blindly stared into the abyss of beauty tools!

  3. I’m you posted this. I especially appreciate when you show value choices along with more expensive choices. Very helpful!

  4. I NEED a smokey brush pronto! Thanks for the input. :) Any advice on the cleaning of these great tools? I know.. boring… but how often would you suggest? I’m currently using gentle baby shampoo about once every 1 – 2 weeks.

  5. I found your blog on Pinterest a couple of months ago and immediately went out and bought a ton of makeup. I never really wore any before and had no clue how to apply it but your blog is SO helpful. So thank you! And this brush post is so informative. I love that you keep it real for newbies like me 😉

  6. This is fabulous, you don’t know how many times I have had to rewind over and over again watching your videos when you mention what kind of brush you are using at the moment. Thank God!

    -Another reformed tomboy!

  7. I just want to echo all the other comments. I’m a reformed tomboy who has been loving your blog. It’s fun and informative. This is a great post. But what does “hitting it on the dance floor” actually mean?

  8. First off I have to tell you that you have changed the way I do my makeup! I love the HAC especially the contouring, now when I look at friends I sometimes think “oh let me contour your nose please.” The nose….makes all the difference.
    I follow you on my reader and on Pinterest. You Rock!
    anyway I ordered some brushes from this website and I love them!!!! I got the 32 peice set for $25 and wish I had gotten a smaller set because like you said I don’t use half of them. It even came with a nice case (mine being much bigger than needed now) It is from China or Hong Kong but I was really pleased with the whole experience, got the best nail polish too!!!

  9. Ditto on all the comments! Thank you thank you for explaining the world of brushes in understandable lingo. Love all your tips!

  10. Amazing!!! Thank you so much for your recommendations, totally buying some new brushes! And sooooo glad that I finally know what each of them do.

  11. I went out the same day you posted this post to buy new brushes. Luckily I had a gift card for Sephora and bought their Advanced Airbrush Set on sale for $65 (Reg. $170) I am in LOVE! You do not realize how important brushes are until you go from “crap” to something worth buying!

    Thanks Cara!!

  12. Hey Cara! Great post. My mom is a professional make-up artist and even though now she does mostly airbrush she always buys her brushes at an art supply store. They are great quality but a lot cheaper. LOVE your blog! My mom is cross country now so at least I have you to go to for tips :-)

  13. Hi Cara! I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for quite a while!! I have a question: how do you store your brushes? What do you use to clean them? Do u have a makeup organizer? I’m sure having so many beauty products requires a lot of organization and I’m curious! Thanks!

    • Sorry to interupt your question but I store my brushes in a brush roll bag or a new cool way is to get a wide mouth vase/bowl and fill it with beads and stand your brushes upright in it so the hairs don’t get ruined :)

  14. I just bought a set of BHUMI brushes and they don’t really have anything to show how to use each brush so your info was so super helpful for me! Thanks so much!

  15. I recently bought some Sonja Kashuk and UP&Up eye shadow brushes at Target. Surprisingly, the Up&Up brushes were just as good as the Kashuk brushes for half the price. I REALLY like the Kaskuk angled brush for applying dark eye shadow as a liner. I kept both brushes because the Kashuk brush has a black handle which helps me remember to use it for darker eye shadow and the Up&Up brushes have white handles which help me remember to use them for lighter eye shadows. Fun, affordable and loving your make up tutorials! THANKS!

  16. The duster brush (aka fan brush) can also be used to sweep a little bit of blush or bronzer across your cheeks. It’s my face brush for that air brushed look. A MUA from Macy’s showed me that trick!! :)

  17. You are like the older sister I never had when it comes to questions on all things beauty! This is a particular subject I’ve always wanted to be fully educated on! Thanks so much for sharing, your blog is awesome!

  18. Have you used Sigma Brushes? I’ve just recently discovered them and they are amazing. Just wanted to see if you’ve tried them.

  19. Thank you for the education on makeup brushes, Cara! I so needed it! Now I need an education on good hair brushes for my super baby fine wispy easily tangled hair… :-)

  20. I literally just copy and pasted that picture of all of the brushes so I can bring it to the store with me…like a grocery list! THANK YOU! I love your blog. Very cleverly designed and your whole blog is so super useful! I’m gonna get pretty!

  21. Cara – I bought the brush that you sell on your website. Can I use the same brush for all 4 colors in the custom palette? Or should I use a separate brush for each color?

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