This hair is foolproof.

It can outlast gale force winds, sticky baby hands and family photo induced stress.

Plus it’s super sexy, silky and shiny.

And it looks good with or without BANGS – Exibit B:

Hope you love it!

I used:
Got 2B Oil-Licious Triple Oil Styling Oil
Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron Jumbo 1″
WARNING this hairspray is PRICEY!
or for less expense try:
L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray

53 thoughts on “Hurr.

  1. Love this hair!! I’ve done all the videos and can’t wait to watch this one
    And second where’s you get ur shirt? I got the one you wore from nasty gal and I love it paired with pink jeans :)

  2. Stop being so gorgeous! But don’t stop posting your tutorials! ha. I can’t even tell you how much I have learned from your blog! I seriously NEVER knew how to do my makeup and never wore eyeshadow until I found your blog & I am 30 years old. Sad, I know. Can’t wait to try this hair do out. Now, if only my hair looked like yours…;)

    Bytheway, GORG ring! Congrats!

  3. I love this hair!!! I am totally envious of girls who have this style and wanna ask them how they do it but now i know how!!

    I am gonna do a trial run of this hair and your photography makeup tips for my upcoming family photo shoot. YAY!!!

  4. Did you mean fool proof instead of full proof either way works 😉
    I check your blog religiously!! & Often try your suggestions!
    Keep the great tips coming!!!

    • haha I swear I must have fixed that the second you were writing it! My mom, sister and husband all at once were like “full proof”? haha Jokes on me I thought it was a phrase… Thanks girl!

  5. Hi Cara! I’ve been following your blog for a while and love all your makeup and hair tips! I have super bad baby hairs around my temples and forehead near my part, do you have any tips for fixing that? Do you thread your hairline or are you just really lucky!? Keep the posts coming, love them! Xo

  6. Beautiful!!! Just curious, how long does this take you to do? The video is almost 10 minutes, many parts are sped up, and we don’t see you curl all of it. I’m intimidated! Thank you so much for all your tips. I still am not brave enough to do bold lips or smokey eyes, but I’m getting lots of compliments that my skin looks good thanks to you! :)

    • Good question! I honestly think the vid makes it seem longer! from start to finish it took almost exactly 20 minutes, I have a ton of hair though, it’s fine so it doesn’t look it and pretty long. So it shouldn’t take most people that long probably more like 15. PS so happy for your skin, no need to rush to the bold stuff! :)

      • Thanks for the follow up! I think I might try this tomorrow for church. My hair is not quite as long as yours, but I also have TONS of super fine hair.

  7. Hi Cara! I’ve been following your blog since the beginning, it’s looking great! I love the new look!

    Do you mind sharing what kind of camera you use for all these beautiful shots? I’m looking for a camera to take pics of my new baby. I’m on the quest to be a pretty mom like yourself and not give in to the “frump” so thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Yes! This is how I curl mine! And let it be known that curly haired girls can do this without blow-drying or flat-ironing prior too. I just slick mine back when wet, in a low pony and go to bed then wake up with the top half relatively straight and smooth, the heat from the curling iron smooths out the rest.

    Thanks to you I’ve been on the healthy-hair bandwagon and trying to make mine grow, grow, grow! So I haven’t blown it dry or touched it with a flat iron in months.You’re a miracle worker, love!

  9. Hi Cara. I love this! Can’t wait to try it sometime this week. Alright so this might be a silly question but as far as curling irons go is there a difference between the shiny barrel ones and the non shiny ceramic ones? Is one better than the other as far as curling goes? Thanks!

  10. Cara,

    Love the hair tutorial! I’m still growing mine out but it is definitely long enough to give this a try. Quick question though… where can I get a really good teasing comb. I’m not sure mine is the right one for the job! :( What should I look for in a good teasing comb?

    Thanks doll! You’re gorgeous!

  11. just discovered your blog on pinterest.. i’ve been on it for an hour now.. LOVE IT!!! quick question.. i have naturally curly hair.. but i love the wavy look.. so to get that, its going to require me to dry it straight, and then use the heat on top of already coarse hair.. do you recommend a product to protect my hair from the heat? i like to use redken protein about twice a week already.

    thanks for any advice. i usually throw on some lip gloss and walk out the door.. mascara if i’m really trying. i always get the “natural look” compliments, or comments on my complexion… this blog has totally inspired me to go from the classic look, to something more out there and daring- which is so much more my personality!! thank you!!!

  12. Cara thank you so much for this video! If I want curly sexy hair I usually have to ask my friend Eric to do it for me. Today I tried this after watching your video and it looks amazing! I saw Eric this evening and he was so impressed with me. I can’t believe I did it myself. Thank you so much. Your tutorials are wonderful. I am getting so much hotter with your help, haha!

  13. Love love all your videos! Is this all your real hair or is this with extensions? Thinking of getting clip in’s which do u prefer.. More perm ones?

  14. Wow. I found your blog on pinterest and it is amazing! Thank you for the tip about curling smaller sections at a time. I also have long hair and I always wondered why it was pulling so much but now I know!

  15. Hey Cara, I love reading your blog!! Quick question…I’ve tried some of these hairstyles but my hair seems to loose the curl once I’m done with that layer. My hair has always held a curl with a curling wand I have and I never use hairspray. So I’m just confused as to why my hair won’t keep this curl :(

  16. YAY! Just went to find some products on Amazon and there were several under (customers also bought this) and sure enough the reviews weref rom your readers :) YAY! Made it easy! Going out to get the maybelliene Highlighter, Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink & Covergirl Perfect Blend in Mink…I just turned 39 and figure if not now when! 😉 time to step up my beauty game :) You are so GORG!! Great hair videos (and exactly what I am wanting to try) so thank you!

  17. I love this! But when I tried it my hair just turned into a frizzy puffball when i ran my fingers through it. I also have layers so maybe thats why? It looks fab on you, I wish i could do it though :-/

  18. I’ve had this same look for years.. it looks great. i use a curling wand however, which is MUCH faster, and i also tie back the curled hair with a small elastic before bringing down a new section to curl. a combination of these two time savers means i curl my hair as quick as i can straighten it! i wouldnt have the patience to do it this way, when the results are just as good doing it in half the time. x

  19. I’m terrified to crank up my curling iron that hot and hold my hair in it that long. Perhaps I’ll work up the courage and that will get the results I’ve been looking or!

  20. Wow I absolutely love that hair with the bangs! I have bangs, and they never look like that. Ever. My hair is baby baby fine and very oily, and light blonde. I wish my hair was thicker. It’s stringy. But that’s something to shoot for! Such luscious locks! Wish it was mine. Boo hoo! I was in the ER last month and I was complaining about my body and how it takes 5 different nurses 10 times to prick me with needles just to find a vein to draw blood from, and the one nurse told me, “Well you have the most beautiful eyes, so you can’t have everything.” That was a lovely comment, but why can’t I have great hair too? Sigh… I want cool hair! Sorry for being such a cry baby. :-)

  21. When using clip in extensions with a look like this, would you curl the extensions separately and put them in after you curl your own hair, or put the extensions in before curling your whole head? I’ve tried both methods before and both give different results! Thanks :)

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