Faking a Pregnancy Glow – Makeover Monday! Oh, and a little GIVEAWAY!

I know the glow exists.
I have seen it with my own eyes…
although, there’s one time in particular that I did not see it…

In the mirror, my entire pregnancy.
Mostly I just saw a lot more puffiness…maybe that was my glow?

 Who knows? At any rate I did come up with some tricks for makeup for my ever-changing pregnant face
My beautiful little sister Celeste is 25 weeks pregnant and sweet enough to let me demonstrate on her.. in her case we don’t have to fake it.
She is one of the glowers.
But, we sure can capitalize on that aura BLING.

My main focus with this makeup was to highlight and contour to really accentuate the cool stuff that pregnancy is offering her.
For instance her cheeks are fuller than usual.
Full cheeks are THE BEST.
They are youthful and pleasant and feminine.
And with some contour you can make those cheek bones look CRAZY good.
Plus you can go a little heavier on the eye makeup and do more of a strikingly arched brow without looking harsh. That softness in the skin allows you so much leeway.

{Click here for a video tutorial}

I used theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer under her cheek bones on the sides of her nose under her lip (to make it pout out) and around the edges of her face.
Then I arched her brow with Anastasia Brow Powder Duo Brunette.
Next I used Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink in the apples of her cheeks.
Then I highlighted her under her eyes and unto the top of her cheek to the sides of her nose, on her chin and on her nose with
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory
Lined the inner rim of her eyes and on the lash line of her lid with
L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black.
And then smudged that out with a cone brush and the dark brown from SEPHORA COLLECTION Moonshadow Baked Palette – In The Nude and highlighted her brow with the ivory.

PS I made a video tutorial of this look HERE

I used CoverGirl Perfect Blend Pencil in Mink to line her lips. And Nude Nuances lip color (which is FREAKIN’ limited!) But similar to SEPHORA COLLECTION in No. 03 Tenderness (even though the photo here makes it look ug, it’s pretty trust me.)

Speaking of Nude Nuances, I did fine ONE left at my local Walgreens, since so many of you were sad you couldn’t buy it I couldn’t really feel good about not snagging that joyous lipstick and giving it away. So I wanted to do a quick contest (nothing crazy) just comment that you want it and (if you already haven’t) like my page on Facebook. The giveaway will end at Midnight on Wednesday the 15th of August.


  • Alison

    13.08.2012 at 17:44 Reply

    love the makeover and would love to try the lipstick! :)

    • Kimmi Herzog

      13.08.2012 at 22:31 Reply

      I love all of it! I would like to be entered for the lipstick give away :]

      • April

        15.08.2012 at 21:34 Reply

        New {again} mommy to a 8 wk old & still running around with the “full” face/glow 😉 Would love a perfect nude lip color!

      • Tracey

        12.09.2012 at 11:59 Reply

        Looks great

        • beula

          08.07.2013 at 22:36 Reply

          Love everything. Just need to do some extra touch ups so that I can look great again.

    • Tracey

      17.08.2012 at 14:35 Reply

      Pretty! Pretty! Alas, I did not have the glow either…unless you call red little bumps and teenager face a “glow”! 😉 The lipstick sounds beautious – would love to join the contest!

  • Jessica

    13.08.2012 at 17:47 Reply

    Want it! =) looked everywhere!

  • tiffani

    13.08.2012 at 17:50 Reply

    i want itttt!
    also i like you and i like your facebook page. :)

  • tiffani

    13.08.2012 at 17:51 Reply

    ps. celeste really does glow, from the inside out. she has always been one of the most stunning and radiant people i’ve ever met. i look up to her! tremendously!

  • Michayla

    13.08.2012 at 17:52 Reply

    I Would LOVE the Nude Nuances lip colour! Thanks for the tips on a beautiful pregnancy glow, your sister is definitely rockin’ it!

  • kate

    13.08.2012 at 17:53 Reply

    consider me entered :) congrats to your sis! she looks great!

    • kate

      13.08.2012 at 17:55 Reply

      oh & i bought bahama mama after seeing it on your blog… love it!! it just looks like your skin!

  • Stephanie

    13.08.2012 at 17:53 Reply

    I have searched and searched for that lip color! Would love to have it!

  • Ashley Flowers

    13.08.2012 at 17:54 Reply

    I WANT it. I went to Walgreens and Target looking for it, and was bummed when I could not find it.. I love your tips. You’re the best, and I want you to do my make up like everyday!…

  • Emily Green

    13.08.2012 at 17:56 Reply

    Hey, Celeste looks so good! She came to my ward a few weeks ago and I love her baby bump! She is such a cute girl. Thank you for the tips! My makeup as of right now exists of doing absolutely nothing, so I will have to try some of these tips. I like you on facebook now too!

  • Brandi

    13.08.2012 at 17:59 Reply

    I would love love to win the Nude Nuances lipstick!

  • Chelise

    13.08.2012 at 18:06 Reply

    I would LOVE

  • Tammy

    13.08.2012 at 18:06 Reply

    I want it!

    PS Why didn’t I hear all of these secrets when I was pregnant?

  • Chelise

    13.08.2012 at 18:07 Reply

    I would LOVE to win the give away-considered my entered. Great make over too, she looks fantastic.

  • Amanda Erickson

    13.08.2012 at 18:20 Reply

    Yes please! This mama would LOVE to win the Nude Nuances lipcolor! :)


    13.08.2012 at 18:21 Reply

    Me Please!!!!

  • aron J.

    13.08.2012 at 18:28 Reply

    I would love to try that lipstick, nudes are my thing! Thanks!

  • Ella

    13.08.2012 at 18:30 Reply

    Amazing makeover like usual!
    I would love to finally win something lol especially makeup. The lipstick sounds awesome! I want it :)

  • Lisa

    13.08.2012 at 18:33 Reply

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!

  • Cassie McArthur

    13.08.2012 at 18:40 Reply

    I would LOVE to win the lipstick! Thanks again for the tips the other night! Riley and I are making a trip to sephora this week :)

  • Laura Cope

    13.08.2012 at 18:46 Reply

    Hey Cara! I love your blog! Celeste you look amazing!!! So excited for this sweet little baby to come! I am in serious need of a pregnancy makeover (27 weeks)! Can’t wait for our little boys to be friends. :) Cara, you’ve got an amazing gift girl!

  • Melissa

    13.08.2012 at 18:51 Reply

    Um, wow, GREAT makeover! I would love to win the lipstick!

  • Haley Beagley

    13.08.2012 at 18:58 Reply

    I have been looking everywhere for that lipstick!!! Didn’t know it was limited!

  • Laura

    13.08.2012 at 19:03 Reply

    Love it!!!! I need a makeover & would love to try the lip stuff!

  • Lara

    13.08.2012 at 19:03 Reply

    I have been looking everywhere for the lipstick! Would love to try it! Love the makeover!

  • Mary Zak

    13.08.2012 at 19:05 Reply

    LOVE your tips and tricks and would love to try this lipstick. Have looked around for it but cant seem to find it! Thanks :)

  • Heather Holt

    13.08.2012 at 19:10 Reply

    pick me please!

  • Ali Muzzalupo

    13.08.2012 at 19:12 Reply

    Thank you soooooo much for this tutorial! I am 31 weeks pregnant and not feeling so gorgeous all the time. Can’t wait to replicate this look. Celeste, you are so beautiful (before and after)!

  • Erin

    13.08.2012 at 19:12 Reply

    I was sad I couldn’t find it..but fairest nude is really pretty also:))

  • georgia

    13.08.2012 at 19:12 Reply

    ahh i’ve been looking everywhere! would loove that lip color :)

  • Rebecca

    13.08.2012 at 19:35 Reply

    I would love to try this lipstick!!!

    • Rebecca

      13.08.2012 at 19:37 Reply

      Oh, and I just had a positive pregnancy test, so I’ll be appreciating this tutorial in another couple of months! THANK YOU!

  • Kelly Taylor

    13.08.2012 at 20:03 Reply

    Yes, please!!! I’ve looked everywhere here in Colorado and cant find it any where.

  • Robyn

    13.08.2012 at 20:04 Reply

    Every pregnant woman should get a makeover from you! I love this and want that lipstick!!

  • Mia

    13.08.2012 at 20:06 Reply

    i would LOVE it! I have looked at every freaking walgreens near me and no luck! i am thoroughly LOVING your blog, and have tried some of your fun tutorials, thank you so much!

  • Denisse

    13.08.2012 at 20:20 Reply

    I Would LOVE the Nude Nuances lip colour!I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find it :(
    Thanks for all the tips that you give us!!!
    You are so pretty!

  • Natalie

    13.08.2012 at 20:21 Reply

    I want it! You are amazing!

  • Christi Craft

    13.08.2012 at 20:28 Reply

    I’ve been looking for the perfect nude lipstick for 10+ years! (if that doesn’t make me feel like I’m getting old……)!!
    I’d love to win, but will search for this shade if I don’t!

    I wanted to also ask a question,
    When contouring the nose, what hade should you use? I’ve tried “warmth” from bare minerals, but feel it makes me look dirty, and have tried my bronzers, but not getting the slimming effect I’m looking for! Your shade choice is fantastic! What are you using??!!!!

  • Tara

    13.08.2012 at 20:31 Reply

    I love this look and would love that lipstick :)

  • Jessie

    13.08.2012 at 20:34 Reply

    I’ve looked for that dang lipstick at three different Walgreens. Not to mention Target and CVS. Needless to say I would LOVE to win it!! So pick me, please!! :)

    Love all your tutorials! You’re the best!!

  • Brittany

    13.08.2012 at 20:42 Reply

    I would love to have Nude Nuances!
    Your blog has changed my makeup life! :)

  • Leigh Stapley

    13.08.2012 at 21:00 Reply

    I think I need this! Our Walgreens is always out of everything, anyway. ‘Liked your Facebook page. Your blog is the bomb.

  • Elizabeth Hilton

    13.08.2012 at 21:00 Reply

    I would love to try the lipstick! Your blog = my favorite of all time!

  • Madison Bell

    13.08.2012 at 21:02 Reply

    Want it!!!

  • Christie

    13.08.2012 at 21:03 Reply

    I want it! :)

  • Kutelilkittie

    13.08.2012 at 21:07 Reply

    Want!!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog btw…thank god that I stumbled apon it while on pinterest :)

  • Shelby

    13.08.2012 at 21:08 Reply

    Thank you so much for this post, I am 11 weeks pregnant and feel drab. I am def going to use some of these technique to look more awake. :)

  • Natalie Buchkovich

    13.08.2012 at 21:24 Reply

    I would love to get it!!

  • Felicia

    13.08.2012 at 21:26 Reply

    Love it! I would love the lipstick to add to my “glow” 😉

  • Lacie

    13.08.2012 at 21:43 Reply

    Awesome makeover! As always…and yes please pick me :)

  • Lauren

    13.08.2012 at 22:32 Reply

    I would love the nude nuances lipstick! I have never tried a nude lip before, but I have been looking for a good shade and would love to try it! I love lipstick. Thanks for all your tips!

  • Jennie Minor

    13.08.2012 at 22:42 Reply

    I hope I win it!! 😉

  • KathyEmma

    13.08.2012 at 22:47 Reply

    I found you because of Pinterest and I literally read every single post in your blog over 2 days because I was obsessed. Then, I spent the next couple of days buying products you recommended (yay-hoo Ulta!) and a day realizing that Nude Nuances was limited. Ebay did have it btw, but I wasn’t about to plop down 15 bucks for it. I am a thrifty girl after all. And the cherry on top of it all was that I did my girlfriend’s makeup for her wedding on Saturday and she looked exquisite. Perfect! Thank you so much for the inspiration. :) PS- I am not on facebook, otherwise I would totally like you. True Story.

  • Charise Young

    13.08.2012 at 23:02 Reply

    I want it!!! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!!!!!

  • Ambrosia

    13.08.2012 at 23:46 Reply

    i WOULD love to try it!!!!!<3<3

  • kelli j

    13.08.2012 at 23:47 Reply

    Ooo…would live to win this one thanks

  • Lauren

    13.08.2012 at 23:51 Reply

    Pick me pick me! I have lips just starving for nude nuances!

  • Brittany

    14.08.2012 at 00:17 Reply

    I would love to have that lipstick!!:) I saw your post about it as I was heading to Vegas… I looked in 2 walmarts and 1 Walgreens there and never could find it! Then I checked everywhere from Walmart to target when I got back home and nada:( it sure looks like a nice color!! And you and your sisters are beautiful too!!!;)

  • Izzy Wittwer

    14.08.2012 at 00:39 Reply

    Celeste is radiant before & after! She has always been such a sweet, kind-hearted, shining star. She will make a wonderful mommy!! So excited for her! Love your blog & all the great tips!

  • Jessica Haste

    14.08.2012 at 00:56 Reply

    Yes please! I love your blog Cara and can’t wait to learn about bold lips :)

  • Laura

    14.08.2012 at 01:13 Reply

    Ooo….ooooo….pick me…pick me….. Puh-leeeeeze!!!! :)

    • Laura

      14.08.2012 at 01:16 Reply

      Yikes!!! Sorry for spamming you. Not sure what happened there….

  • Laura

    14.08.2012 at 01:14 Reply

    Ooo….ooooo….pick me…pick me….. Puh-leeeeeze!!!! :)

  • Laura

    14.08.2012 at 01:14 Reply

    Ooo….ooooo….pick me…pick me….. Puh-leeeeeze!!!! :)

  • Britney

    14.08.2012 at 01:44 Reply

    Yay, I’d love to try! I Never win stuff lol. Here’s to trying : ) <3 xo

  • Jaimie

    14.08.2012 at 01:52 Reply

    Love it! Want it!

  • Hatice

    14.08.2012 at 01:59 Reply

    I would like to win Nude lipstick ! thanks =]

  • Michelle Forsyth

    14.08.2012 at 02:11 Reply

    I don’t want that lipstick. I NEED it! Haha. I love your blog and get a kick out of every post, you’re so witty. Thanks for making beauty funny too. :)

  • Cat

    14.08.2012 at 02:30 Reply

    I never had a pregnancy glow either. Although, I was nine months pregnant in the middle of summer in Texas. Does sweat count as a glow?
    She’s beautiful in both the before and after!

  • Celeste

    14.08.2012 at 02:47 Reply

    Thanks Caralyn. It was so fun pretty that day.

  • Chastity

    14.08.2012 at 02:48 Reply

    I would love to win it. I’ve been looking everywhere for this color.

  • Lacey Bolt

    14.08.2012 at 03:38 Reply

    Would LOVE it!

  • Kala

    14.08.2012 at 04:12 Reply

    I would love this!!

  • April Baker

    14.08.2012 at 04:14 Reply

    Would LOVE this!! It will be great for Fall!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!! xoxo

  • Harminee

    14.08.2012 at 04:19 Reply

    Hot tamale Celestial! Dang girl. Xoxo

  • Laura

    14.08.2012 at 04:25 Reply

    I want it! i love your videos! today i went to my local stores just to buy the stuff on the videos to experiment at home and i loooooved the tips! thank you so much!

  • Laura

    14.08.2012 at 04:27 Reply

    I want it! I love your website and your advice!!! I went to my local stores today just to buy the makeup to experiment with it cause i love your tips! I am learning so much thank you!!

  • Natalie Jo

    14.08.2012 at 04:35 Reply

    ok my hair is air drying as i type…because growing it out is a bee-otch so thanks so so so much for your awesome tips and inspiration! now, i have been to every walmart, target and walgreens up here and the nude nuances is nowhere to be found-not that its out of stock, it straight up isnt even a choice. guess they think we don’t need awesome nude lips up here in SLC. but i sure do have 4 new allllmost but not quite right nude lipsticks now. need that nuances!!! :) thanks so much for your blog!! also, check out the prada fall/winter campaign-there are nude lips on the model in the very last print on their site and i am dying to know your thoughts on how they achieved that.

  • Lacey

    14.08.2012 at 04:58 Reply

    I WANT IT!!! I went to Walgreens, Target, Walmart and Rite-Aid and none of them had it. I love your blog!!! Thank you!

  • Whitney Williams

    14.08.2012 at 06:01 Reply

    I so want that lipstick!! My Walmart and Walgreens were all out yesterday! :(

  • Kelsey Hansen

    14.08.2012 at 06:02 Reply

    Yay! It really does exist :) I would love to win!

  • Morgan Schewe

    14.08.2012 at 12:32 Reply

    I love your blog and especially nude lips!!! I would love the lipstick!!!

  • Angie

    14.08.2012 at 12:47 Reply

    Want. It. I looked for it at Target, but they didn’t have it either :( And I can never get my Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush to look as good as you …. frustrating :)

  • Melinda

    14.08.2012 at 14:23 Reply

    I would love to have it! I need all the glow I can get!

  • Diane

    14.08.2012 at 14:48 Reply

    Want it! Thanks!

  • Ashley Morrison

    14.08.2012 at 15:42 Reply

    I would love to win the Nude Nuances. I have been in quest for the perfect nude lip color, and I can’t find the perfect one, or the Nude Nuances for that matter. However, I am unable to like your facebook page, because I had to give up my Facebook for sorority rush. But, on September 9th, your page will be the first thing I go to (and like) :).

  • Logan Leslie

    14.08.2012 at 15:43 Reply

    I would love it!!!! I watch your tutorials everyday, I have gotten so into makeup thanks to your tips and tricks, and now all of my friends ask ME tips on makeup 😉 Keep up the amazing work!

  • sarahlee

    14.08.2012 at 16:33 Reply

    I love what you do. you are truly a face artist! I would love to have the lipstick

  • stacy

    14.08.2012 at 16:55 Reply

    would like it. dont really do my lips and i am the same shade skin as your model, so i think it would look good

  • RachelAnne

    14.08.2012 at 17:02 Reply

    That would be SO amazing! (: Keep up the great posts, I absolutely ADORE reading them!

  • Nicole

    14.08.2012 at 17:13 Reply

    I couldn’t find it either..I would like to be entered. I’m a facebook fan as well..

  • Meghan

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    14.08.2012 at 17:35 Reply

    I love reading your blog, you are amazing! And I would love love love to win that lipstick!

  • Chelsea

    14.08.2012 at 17:43 Reply

    Her makeup looks amazing. She has stunning eyes too, and you did an amazing job playing that up!!

    P.S. I love your blog.. I am SO happy I found this on Pinterest. Thanks for all your tips.

  • Tonya

    14.08.2012 at 17:49 Reply

    This mom wants it!!

  • Rachel

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    I love your blog! I also love the before and after picture of your sister, so beautiful! I would love this lipstick! Thanks!

  • Maribeth

    14.08.2012 at 19:17 Reply

    It looks like a beautiful color. How does it look on you? I have a similar skin color as you do. I would love to try this lipstick, as I don’t have a nude color, but don’t want to take it from someone else if it will look horrible on me. It’s so hard to find a good nude color for darker olive skin! Thanks for the giveaway, I really enjoy your blog.

  • Lisa

    14.08.2012 at 19:56 Reply

    Love her eyes! Beautiful! I would love to be entered in the lipstick giveaway! I think I liked you on facebook like a year ago :)

  • Susan

    14.08.2012 at 20:46 Reply

    I would love to have that lip color – I’ve looked everywhere! I keep buying “almost-but-not-quite-right” colors.

  • Ashley J

    14.08.2012 at 21:12 Reply

    The before and after on your sis looks amazing!!! Her look reminds me of Charlize Theron for some reason… maybe the light eyes. She looks red carpet ready!!

  • Ailin Webster

    14.08.2012 at 22:22 Reply

    You do magic! You are an amazing make up artist and do wonderful things on your hair! I live your blog and all your tips and video tutorials!
    I would love that lipstick! It looks natural and amazing on your little sister, consider me interested.

  • Heather

    14.08.2012 at 23:04 Reply

    You did an amazing job! I want to do make-up like that. Aaaannnd I would like the lip stuff, please. Gracias.

  • Genessa

    15.08.2012 at 00:02 Reply

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and definitely not a glower but I would love the lipstick to give me look a little oomph!

  • Stacey

    15.08.2012 at 00:19 Reply

    I would LOVE to win Nude Nuances!!!!!!!
    Oh and I am totally addicted to your blog…. just made the eyeshadow primer and will try it tomorrow!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Amanda

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    I want it! (: and I agree with everyone else, would have been nice to see this when I was pregnant! Haha

  • hannah

    15.08.2012 at 00:57 Reply

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  • nicole

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  • Lindsay

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    You have the best blog Cara. !

  • tgk

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    Your sister is gorgeous!

  • Lorna

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  • Amanda Marley

    15.08.2012 at 03:39 Reply

    I love this look! I also tried searching high and low for Nude Nuances and then learned that it was limited additon…super bummed. I liked your facebook page and want the lip color! Can’t wait for the next posting, your blogs have kept my makeup routine updated and fresh..Thanks!!


  • Donnie Flaherty

    15.08.2012 at 05:08 Reply

    I have been trying to find this lipstick since you first recommended it but have yet to find it…I would love to win it:) I liked you on Facebook and follow you on instagram and love all your helpful tips. Thanks!

  • Jen A.

    15.08.2012 at 05:44 Reply

    I would love to try this lipstick! I have been searching for a perfect nude for a while! :)

  • Veronica

    15.08.2012 at 12:40 Reply

    What an amazing job! I love it! She really looks great. I don’t know much at all about makeup and said to myself “I need to find some tips” and came across your page. I really like that you mentioned all of the products you used. I then noticed that you were doing a contest that ends today and thought to myself this MUST be fate lol! I want it! 😀

  • Sarah

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  • Loren M

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  • Alicia Moran

    15.08.2012 at 15:04 Reply

    Found two on eBay, but they were over $20 each, and the cheapskate in me just can’t spend $20 on Maybelline lipstick. But I’d love to try it 😉

  • Tanille

    15.08.2012 at 16:19 Reply

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  • jen schouten

    15.08.2012 at 16:44 Reply

    What a beautiful look! Eyes look incredible, and love the lip color. She is so pretty!

  • Mindy

    15.08.2012 at 16:52 Reply

    Wow! I need all the help I can get when it comes to make-up. Love the transformation. I had to look hard to make sure it was the same girl! She looks gorgeous!

  • Laura

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  • Melissa

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  • Breanna

    15.08.2012 at 21:10 Reply

    How pretty!!! I’ve decided my pregnancy “glow” is actually just all the oil in my face. =/ Just a few more weeks to go!!! But i’ll def take that lipstick!!!!!!!!!

  • Alyssa Yandow

    15.08.2012 at 22:39 Reply

    I would love this lipstick! My hubby prefers me to not wear lipstick but i always feel so naked! I’ll bet this would really help :-)

  • Christine

    15.08.2012 at 22:52 Reply

    I looked everywhere for Maybelline’s Nude Nuances because of all of your posts, I was going to ask where exactly you have to get it! It looks fantastic in every look! I love it

  • Ellyn Reeder

    15.08.2012 at 23:14 Reply

    After my toddler being sick for 3 weeks (final diagnosis, pneumonia) & me being sick for 2 weeks (final diagnosis, “the crud) & the chapped lips that come with all this & hitting the 30 week mark tomorrow I could SERIOUSLY use something to bring out that pregnancy glow that has been alluding me lately. Would LOVE the lipstick. Thanks for the tutorial! I have a shower next weekend & thinking I’m going to practice this look.

  • Nikki

    16.08.2012 at 00:21 Reply

    I WANT IT….. :-)

  • Rachel Schultz

    16.08.2012 at 00:40 Reply

    Her eyes look amazing!! I would love to try the lip color as well!

  • Kristin Draper

    16.08.2012 at 01:32 Reply

    Just found your blog and it is fabulous!!! I would LOVE the lipstick! I’m pregnant but with no glow. It would give me a good pick me up got the past few weeks of pregnancy and during recovery!!

  • Jennifer Chorazy

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  • Brittany

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    Want it! Looks beautiful!! I love the contouring on her nose… I’ve got to figure that out for myself…

  • Brittany

    16.08.2012 at 04:36 Reply

    I was also wondering if the nude nuances is the color you and your sis used in the long hair tutorial, with the super cute star wars and batman sweaters that nobody can have..:(?! I love you girls makeup that day! And Celeste truly does glow!! I gotta have that lip color!!:) and I would like you on Facebook, but I don’t have a Facebook!:( but I like you!!

  • Caitlyn Scow

    16.08.2012 at 16:46 Reply

    First time pregnant would love to capitalize on this so called glow that women get when pregnant. I haven seen it yet still trying to navigate the morning sickness.

  • Julia

    17.08.2012 at 01:16 Reply

    All pregnancy ever gave me was serious acne! Would love the lipstick:)

  • Jennie

    17.08.2012 at 18:27 Reply

    WOW- Like MOVIE STAR WOW! fantastic makeup job. GORG.

  • Annie

    18.08.2012 at 02:17 Reply

    Question for you Cara, do you actually use a highlighter or was it just a bronzer and blush on Celeste? Loved the look, She looks great!!

  • Annie

    18.08.2012 at 02:19 Reply

    Question for you Cara, do you actually use a highlighter or was it just a bronzer and blush on Celeste? Loved the look, She looks great!! Can I also sign up for the give away?

    • Cara

      18.08.2012 at 03:10 Reply

      Holy moly! SO glad you asked that I TOTALLY left that out! Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I used Dream Lumi Highlighting concealer! Just added that instruction to the list! Thanks again!

  • Luna

    18.08.2012 at 02:50 Reply

    Wow! The woman in the picture was very pretty to begin with but the make up was done so gorgeous that she looks like she should be famous. Me next! Me next! I really like how you put down everything that you used to create this look. Only one draw back for me… I may know what you used but I am definitely no make up artist. :( I love this and wish I was half as good as you.

    • Cara

      18.08.2012 at 03:08 Reply

      Thanks so much! You totally don’t have to be a makeup artist to recreate this look! If you watch my tutorial for smokey eye makeup and substitute the dark eyeshadow for a lighter brown it’s basically the same (that way you can get step by step instruction on video!)

  • Ashley Mohon

    18.08.2012 at 05:56 Reply

    love the lipstick! I have large eyes and have tried and tried to create the “smoky” look, but it never turns out like this! :(

    • Cara

      18.08.2012 at 17:30 Reply

      Try my smokey eye date night tutorial! It honestly looks good on anyone especially big eyes! Look at Mila Kunis she has the biggest eyes ever and ALWAYS wears a smokey eye!

  • Clarinda

    20.08.2012 at 06:30 Reply


    I have a question about your picture, though. Could you tell me how you got the Pinterest buttons to show-up when you hover over the picture? I think it’s really neat and would love to use it on my own (recipe) blog.

  • jamie

    20.08.2012 at 07:46 Reply

    love the look! would love to know how you got such a amazing arch on the brow? did you pluck or is it simpley shadow?

  • Sandy

    20.08.2012 at 11:55 Reply

    Want it paleese !

  • Valerie Baklarz

    20.08.2012 at 11:57 Reply

    I would love to try the lipstick!!!

  • Tiffany

    20.08.2012 at 19:22 Reply

    Any chance you would be willing to redo this look while videotaping? I am getting married in less than two months and I would love to capitalize on your skills.

    • Cara

      20.08.2012 at 21:26 Reply

      I totally agree, it should be a video tutorial! I will get on it! Thanks and congrats!

  • Daniella

    20.08.2012 at 23:02 Reply

    Love it! Congrats to your sis, and I would lov to try the lip color, too. SHe looks AMAZING!

  • Eva

    21.08.2012 at 15:51 Reply

    Cara you did a great job…..as always! Your sister is beautiful, I love how the smokey eyes made her blue eyes pop! I wish you could do makeover on me!

  • Kali

    21.08.2012 at 18:41 Reply

    I would LOVE to enter to win! Your sister looks AMAZING! You do an awesome job!! I wish you could do my friends wedding!!! Thank you!!

  • Denise

    22.08.2012 at 15:34 Reply

    She looks GORGEOUS! Before I spend that kind of money on the bronzer, do you happen to know if it will have the same effect on fair skin? If not, what would you recommend?

  • Jeana Kalesia

    22.08.2012 at 18:56 Reply

    Love the makeup and tips! This soon to be new mommy would love that lipstick too! :)

  • Jeana Kalesia

    22.08.2012 at 18:57 Reply

    I was wondering about the bronzer on fair skin as well!

  • Amanda

    22.08.2012 at 19:30 Reply

    What did you use for foundation? You can tell in the picture that you put something on as foundation….what did you use?

    • Cara

      22.08.2012 at 21:16 Reply

      I actually didn’t use one on her. What you see that looks like foundation is the highlighting concealer and the bronzer. I probably would have used one but I didn’t have her color and as it turns out I didn’t need it anyway:) If you are looking for a foundation, though, I posted about them today!

  • Laura S.

    22.08.2012 at 22:01 Reply

    Can I ask…. how did you apply that blush and the highlighter? Fingers? Sponge? It looks flawless on your sister and I know I don’t get the same results myself. Thanks!

    • Cara

      22.08.2012 at 23:23 Reply

      Yes! Next week I’m doing a vid tutorial on exactly how to get this look!!

      • Laura S.

        23.08.2012 at 00:41 Reply

        Very cool… thanks! I did go back and look at many of your vids (this was my first time here, via Pinterest) and got a pretty good feel for your method now too. :-) Nice blog and great vids.

  • Alie

    22.08.2012 at 22:48 Reply

    I’m a visual learner and would love to SEE how you put the makeup on her face.

  • amber

    23.08.2012 at 14:48 Reply

    Love this look! What kind of foundation did you use??

  • Jennifer

    23.08.2012 at 23:51 Reply

    Awesome!!! I am a mommy of four and need a makeover lol….if you could only imagine!! She looks beautiful! How awesome :-)

  • Anita Brown

    25.08.2012 at 16:47 Reply

    What brand is the lipstick you are giving away? By the way I found you on Pinterest and I thought it was a picture of Victoria Beckham. Your sister is beautiful. And congratulations on your pregnancy.

  • Stacie

    27.08.2012 at 03:09 Reply

    She looks amazing. Any chance you could make a Youtube video tutorial?!

    • Cara

      27.08.2012 at 14:55 Reply

      YES! I am working on one for this week!

      • Taryn Edson

        29.08.2012 at 16:04 Reply

        That’s the best news I’ve heard today! You did such a great job! Your sister is GORGEOUS!

  • Keri

    28.08.2012 at 22:18 Reply

    Love your work! great job :)

  • Marci

    29.08.2012 at 23:44 Reply

    I’m loving the lipstick!

  • Kirsten

    30.08.2012 at 15:15 Reply

    Would love someone to come do my makeup like that everyday. :)

  • Sara Rogers

    31.08.2012 at 06:47 Reply

    I just cannot believe the difference it made. I would love for you to do my wedding makeup one day!!!! Where are you located? I am most serious about you doing my makeup, honey! What an amazing, astounding transformation, your make fingers must perform miracles!!! Thank you for the site.

  • Ashlee

    01.09.2012 at 01:28 Reply

    She looks amazing! How absolutely beautiful and uh I would LOOOVVVEE that lipstick. You have inspired me to take some more time on my makeup 😉 Thanks!

  • Christina

    01.09.2012 at 03:05 Reply

    I want to try this bad! Looks amazing! I have a question- at what step do u apply all over face powder? I need it to even out my skin tone. Thanks!

    • Cara

      01.09.2012 at 03:33 Reply

      I would do the all over face powder 2nd to last and then do the shimmer powder very last! Thanks so much!

  • Rachel

    08.09.2012 at 16:46 Reply

    Looks gorgeous! Is there anyway you could do a video tutorial? I’m new to your site, so I’m not sure if you do those, but I’m 25 weeks pregnant and could use some tips! :)

  • Valerie

    11.09.2012 at 16:28 Reply

    Have you ever considered doing this on a youtube video for those of us who are make-up challenged?

  • Whitney

    12.09.2012 at 04:29 Reply

    Ditto on the video tutorial! Her eyes are AMAZING and I want to know exactly how you did it! Breath-taking!

  • Mischelle

    13.09.2012 at 22:51 Reply

    I would love to try the lipstick! Also, thanks for the tips on the make-up; I will definitely be using these for an upcoming wedding I’m in!!

  • lindsay

    14.09.2012 at 08:29 Reply

    What did you use to cover the face? bronzer?

  • madyelizabeth

    15.09.2012 at 00:18 Reply
  • Susan Howdy

    17.09.2012 at 02:52 Reply

    I wish I could do my eye makeup like that! It looks awesome

  • stephanie

    22.09.2012 at 22:52 Reply

    you totally need to do a video of how you do this, it is remarkable!

    • Chris

      03.10.2012 at 07:27 Reply

      I would love to see a video. Thanks!

  • Sheldon Bankemper

    05.10.2012 at 01:22 Reply

    Love your blog!

  • julia

    07.10.2012 at 20:16 Reply

    would this be a good wedding look? It’s an indoor wedding so we’ll need the face to look good with flash photography.

  • Erika perdomo

    14.10.2012 at 23:16 Reply

    I usually dont wear too much make up. Its usually just eyeliner and lipgloss if i do i would love.to try the lipstick.so i could.wear it when im feeling natural and when i go.out. I would like to learn new tecniques for makeup

  • carmela

    18.10.2012 at 19:33 Reply

    Are you using foundation?

  • cathie

    23.10.2012 at 21:19 Reply

    I want it!

  • Emily

    29.10.2012 at 22:23 Reply

    I love it!! I used these tips and it looked great…even with my limited skills! I used a couple of different products since I had them on hand. I used Graftobian Lip Color in Nude and it looked amazing. (http://www.paintandpowderstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=PPS-0108) I love the texture and colors of their lipsticks! And I’m now hooked on Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink!! Thanks!

  • Vivian Sullivan

    04.11.2012 at 00:02 Reply

    Love this tutorial! It even made me – a 52 year old tired teacher – look good!

    • Cara

      04.11.2012 at 01:51 Reply

      I am sure you looked gorgeous!

  • Eileen

    10.11.2012 at 14:06 Reply

    Love these product reco’s, thank you! The Maybelline concealer rivals the Make Up Forevere HD Concealer I was using, love this alternative! I am also in love with the Sephora lip color Tenderness, eek! Thank you thank you!

    • Cara

      10.11.2012 at 22:16 Reply

      Thanks Eileen! Don’t you just love that lipstick it’s sooo creamy and it smells really good too!

  • carrie

    13.11.2012 at 09:40 Reply

    There is less contrast in the left picture. So the nice result effect in the right picture is a (little) bit over-enlightened.

  • Sarah

    24.11.2012 at 15:41 Reply

    I may have gone a little overboard on the bronzer. I look like tanning mom. But I’ll keep practicing! If I can do it in four minutes, I swear I’ll actually start wearing make up again!

  • Lauren

    29.11.2012 at 11:33 Reply

    I’m actually saddened by what you’ve done to your naturally beautiful sister. You haven’t enhanced her features, you’ve created a mask that completely obscures who she is. I found this post through Pinterest and the comment I saw most was that no one recognized her as the woman before. Many were incredulous that it was the same woman. I love makeup but not to hide what I really look like but rather to enhance. Her face has more character, softness, and natural beauty in the Before pic. It’s sad that culture has decided (and that too many have bought into the idea) that you are only a beautiful woman if you follow this shallow ideal that completely strips your uniqueness from your face.

  • Susan

    04.01.2013 at 15:31 Reply

    Oh. My. Goodness. She must feel like a million bucks. I am one who loves to play with makeup, though. I don’t think of it as a “mask” (I get what you’re saying, Lauren). It’s just for play and for a bit of fun, for something totally different.

    I think she looks beautiful and she does have that glow, including in the before picture. I’m with you, OP. I never glowed, I just puffed out, LOL.

  • arwen

    08.01.2013 at 14:14 Reply

    I want the arched eye brows!

  • Carmen

    24.02.2013 at 03:05 Reply

    I looked at the Anastasia Brow Powder. There are two colors in the pack. Did you use both of them? I have never done any color on my brows before. Thanks!

  • Gina Williams

    01.04.2013 at 12:08 Reply

    Beautiful eyes!! I love it. And I sure would love the lipstick! :)

  • Shauna

    14.04.2013 at 16:05 Reply

    I love your how to! But im a more fair skin tone, like a pale ish pink. Can you suggest lighter products I can use instead of the darker ones (cus you are much more tan than I am. And I don’t wanna end up with mis matched skin!) thanks!

  • mor

    01.07.2013 at 09:59 Reply

    I was amazed at how beautiful she looked in the ‘before’, but now it looks like she’s wearing a Halloween mask. You’ve covered all of her ‘selfness’ and her natural glow and made it obviously a full cover of make-up. She didn’t need this “treatment”.

  • Tonya

    24.07.2013 at 00:04 Reply

    I’ve been following your blog and getting all kinds of great tips (thanks, you are great!) but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon these before and afters that I realized why you’ve always seemed so familiar to me. I know Celeste!! She lived in my Henderson ward for a while, we were both in primary together. I think you might have visited our ward even. Well, anyways …mystery solved!

  • Emily

    07.08.2013 at 22:59 Reply

    Wow, you did an amazing job. Your sister looks smoking hot! To be honest though, she looks naturally beautiful without any makeup. She’s definitely a glower! I NEVER looked that good during any of my pregnancies.

  • Monica Dotson

    11.08.2013 at 14:37 Reply

    I want it too! and I am so glad I found your blog!

  • Heidrun

    14.08.2013 at 03:25 Reply

    I think this is way too heavy for her, and you can’t even see her character in the after photo. She looks like a nice person on the left photo and the evil queen on the right photo. I’m sorry, I had to say it. It’s a beautiful makeup, but not for her. Not for any pregnant women.
    Here is a good makeup for pregnant women in my opinion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeJUMrCmUXU

  • val robert

    22.04.2014 at 20:07 Reply

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  • Kelly

    08.05.2014 at 18:42 Reply

    Wow, she is absolutely glowing!

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