Another Victoria’s Secret

Ok so after I saw the VS fashion show this year, of course, I started stalking youtube for BACKSTAGE clips. I saw that they used this technique on the models hair and I tried and LOVED it. Then… whilst searching for some hot inspiration I ran across a photo of Miss Marisa Miller. Her hair looks incredible. After some experimenting I realized the same technique was used to create her look. I am telling you I am obsessed with this hair right now! The volume is unreal.

I am not super excited about being in a photo next to her gorgeousness so..please be kind and focus on the hair…

I offer you this tutorial as an apology for my absentness lately. I hope you will accept the gesture…

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  1. Gorgeous hair!! Would you be interested in being a guest artist at the PM hair school? Call if you’re interested 435-632-1413.


  2. Is all your hair real? I’m only asking because I know that fake hair can curl better than real hair. I have extremely long and thick hair like this and I am definitely going to give this a try! It looks beautiful!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this tutorial! I’ve been looking everywhere on how to get the beach wavy look. You look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. what kind of styling cream did you use!?! by the way i have been looking for a way to make curls like that for a long time!! thanks!

  5. You are SO beautiful! Thanks for this tutorial! I never thought of doing it that way. I always use a hot tools deep waver iron, Have you tried using one of those?? my hair is super thick and goes to my waist and i can do my whole head in about 10 min. On the other hand this does look like the waves might be more full and rounded, so i am for sure going to try it this way. I was just curious if you have tried a deep waver and your thoughts on that if you have. :) Thanks Again!!

  6. FINALLY!!!! I found you on Pinterest (lucky day for me) & I’m in heaven! I own so….much makeup & it’s all so, blah. As an aspiring girly-girl I find your tips & tricks so helpful. I am making a shopping list of things I need so that I am able to try the make-up tutorials you have posted. Here is what I have so far:
    Makeup Forever HD Foundation
    Sun Laboratories Overnight Tan
    Tarte Lipsurgence lip tint
    Sephora’s Moonshadow Pallet

    So…I know I am missing the brushes. What else should I pick up? Ooh, the eyeliner……I need to go to the lists on your YouTube posts, but any other essentials?

    Thank you so much (love your hair & looking forward to the tutorial for the makeup in this pic…hint, hint).

    Your new Forever fan,

  7. I just stumbled upon your website through pinterest and I think I’ve read every single post non-stop……love it! You are soooo talented!!! It would be amazing to have a makeover from you-do you live in the states?

  8. Wow! Thanks for this….cant wait to try it! It does seem time consuming but I agree, the end result is worth it….if mine turns out like yours! Gorgeous!

  9. Found you on Pinterest, and honestly I thought you were a VS joke. You’re beautiful. I’m always looking for new ways to curl my long locks. Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to following your site from here on out!

  10. Oh my goodness! I love your blog! So, so awesome! I also found it through Pinterest, but how do I find you on there? I’d love to follow you! :)

  11. I just had to say your website is THE best and you are so talented/beautiful! I posted this picture of you on my Pinterest as “Dream Hair & Makeup” then later on found the link to your blog. So excited to try out all the looks and thank you so much for sharing!!

  12. I can’t tell you how much I love this website. You are so generous with all the info you provide. And how pretty you are.

    LOVE everything here. Really do.

  13. I just found your blog via Pinterest and I’m in love! Your tutorials are awesome and I am so excited to try out the Marissa Miller curls which I have been trying to recreate for years. Keep your awesome tips coming!

  14. Just curious about one thing, I tried this tutorial on my hair but my curls/waves turned out more like crimps. Not so cute. I was using the same size curling iron as you as well. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem? I love the way it looks on you and I am anxious to make it work for myself!!

    • did you use styling cream?That is really important to hold the s curl. Also, did you make sure the hold the curl while it cooled? if you don’t hold it while it cools the weight of your hair will drag it down and the volume is lost!

  15. I just found this on pintrest & I love your tutorials! I’ve wanted to do this forever but just couldn’t pull it off with my super long hair! You do a great job :) I’m planning on having you help me with pretty much all of my beauty needs ha!

  16. You look gorgeous!! I love the hair and the makeup! Can you list the products of makeup you used? Love the glow of the skin and the lips!!

    • Thanks Johana! I was pretty excited about how glowy my skin looked with the way I did my makeup that day. I am going to do a tutorial of the makeup this week and share all the products then so please please check back!

  17. Love it! I actually do this to my hair with my 1″ straightener, just moving it outwards and inwards, if that makes any sense.. It’s less uniform that way, and I get TONS of body! I have thin hair, but no shortage of strands, so this gives me perfect sexy-bardot-come-hither hair. :)

  18. I’m snowed in so I’ve been watching your videos all morning. I wish I could upload the picture of my finished product! I used a little smaller of a barrel but my hair isn’t as long and it looks AMAZING. I also did your Mila Makeup!

  19. Hi!!! I found the link to this tutorial through and I think it’s amazing!!! You have such gorgeous hair! I would definitely love to try this hairdo! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  20. You’re hair looks awesome, I’ve been wondering how to do the “VS Hairstyle” for forever!! Thank you!! At the end you said to stay the front pieces before you wrap them around the iron…are you using just hair spray? Thanks!

  21. I LOVE your blog! I just found this on Pinterest yesterday and have already gone through all of your tutorials! You are gorgeous! I was snowed in today and while my youngest boy was taking a nap decided to give this a try. I’m a young mother of two boys and am always looking for something new to make me not feel so “old”. :) It gave me so much volume that actually looked natural! This is my new fave hairstyle. Thanks!!!

  22. You are adorable, I wouldn’t dare put my own picture next to Marisa’s, but you look amazing, I’ve never looked at your blog, and I freaking thought you were one of the V.S. models, I’m not even lying! You’re gorgeous!!! Thanks for all the tips, a gal like me can use them!!!

  23. I”m stoked to try this! Looks like we have the same length hair and the same hair type, so hopefully it works just as well for me!

  24. SO glad I found your blog on pinterest! Your hair is gorg, and seems to cooperate so much better than mine does! I’m excited to try some of these tutorials though =) oh and your brows are great… I’m a huge fan of nicely groomed brows- What do you do??

  25. Gorgeous! You, your hair, and make up is all absolutely gorgeous! Your video is so helpful, all the little tricks and comments you make are so useful! I have side bangs that end at the top of my cheek bone and i didn’t use the iron on them. I feel like it looks a little odd and doesn’t have that “natural” look I was hoping for. Any suggestions? Thanks for the video!

  26. Hello! LOVED you’re video :) I’ve been searching for one that has a good Marissa Miller/VS model tutorial for forever haha! Just one question for you. What type of layers do you have? And how would you best describe them to a stylest? I’ve got about the same length as you, mine hits probably mid boob and my hair is fine however I have a ton of it so it ends up being thick! I know that they help break up the hair and help it to hold a curl better but I feel like everytime I tell my girl how to cut it it ends up being stacked layers that don’t blend :/ Thanks so much!!

    • UGH! It is so hard to find someone who can cut layers into long hair without looking like jen aniston from the 90’s! I have fine thick hair too. I just tell my stylist I want layers that start mid neck and then blend the crap out of them! but yes the layers are so important without them curl just won’t stay! THanks stevie!

  27. I found you on Pinterest aswell.. love all your tutorials! I love this look, you look GORGEOUS. But I have to ask.. do you have hair extensions?

  28. Oops.. found my answer. Wow.. my hair would never grow that long. haha Is there any brand of semi permanent hair extensions you would recommend? I’ve tried some in the past but wasn’t happy with how they turned out, clip in’s have been great to me tho.

  29. I am home recovering from shoulder surgery and am so glad that I came across your website. Your tutorials are awesome! I cannot wait until I am better so I can try my hair like this. I read your post about makeup brushes and went right to overstock…wow, lots of choices. Can you recommend which Morphe set would be good for beginners? :)
    Thank you!!

  30. This was awesome!! I did it today as soon as I got done with the video and am in love!! My hair is also shorter and thinner. ( I just used a 1″ barrel instead) and the overall look was about the same!! Thank you very much :)

  31. First of all, I saw this on Pinterest and I thought YOU were a VS model! I just gave this a quick trial run to see if I could do it and I can! Thanks for the video. I will definitely be wearing this hairstyle a lot!

  32. New favorite blog. You’re gorgeous, girl! I’ve watched a good chunk of your videos and everything you showed how to do are ALL things I love, the hairstyles and the makeup looks.

  33. im absolutely inlove with what you do,you are so pretty
    can you do a video on sunless tan,i always end up being orage or whatever,do you use sunless lotion or whatever? you look very tan :) thank you please share :)

  34. I came across your hair tutorial on Pinterest, and I have to say that you are way more beautiful than Marisa. I didn’t even know who Marisa Miller was before seeing your website, and I thought that YOU were “Marisa Miller” because you seriously look like a model. Absolutely amazing. I am going to try your tutorial now by the way! :)

  35. i went out today and bought a curling iron just to try this hair, i looove it!! and can you pleeease post your whole makeup look here? your skin looks amazing!!

  36. loved this hair tutorial! thanku so much for posting it! i love all ur makeup tutorials also! i’ve been trying figure out how to do my makeup more dramatic and i love how u break everything down (with the makeup and hair)! keep up with the post, i love them!!

  37. My high schools homecoming dance is tomarrow, and you just saved me some money on getting my hair done! woooo!!! Thank youuuu

  38. I did your gypsy eye make up and this hair and I love them both!!! I can’t wait to try your gypsy hair you featured on here :)! Thank you!!! I’m a hairstylist and learning new techniques is always so much fun for me!!!

  39. Hi! Out of curiosity, what basic makeup brushes do you recommend? I’ve seen a couple of your tutorials (which are awesome, b-t-dubs) and without having to go through them all again and take note of the brushes, which ones do you recommend? For cheeks, eyes, etc… As a suggestion, I think it would be awesome if you could post a picture of your brushes lined up on a white piece of paper (so we can see the angles, width, length) of the brush heads. It’d be nice to get the opinion of someone who isn’t working in a store, telling me I need every brush alive. Gracias..! =)

  40. I loved this tutorial! Thank you! I don’t like curling irons so I use my flat iron to curl my hair. It worked wonders recreating this style and was so easy. I’m going to do it again tonight for girls night out and hopefully it works out as well as the first time. Thanks for helping this mama of lots of little ones feel beautiful and educated on hair and makeup.

    • – If I didn’t know you, I would swear it was your natural color. I used to be blond, very blond, and now I’m some stnrage in between and I almost want to dye it just so that I can be concretely something.And then stress about it.And then undo what I had done.And if that’s your zombie look, WOW!October 14, 2010 4:45 PM

  41. love love love love love this tutorial!! i did my hair like this today turned out cute! wish my hair was longer though… looking forward to more tutorials iv already watched all the others :) which i intend to create! fav make up blog for sure! DONT EVER STOP!! 😉

  42. you are gorgeous. i seriously had to look at you and her like 20 times to figure out who was the blogger…and i thought it was her! haha – you should be a vs model. thanks for this. i love learning new hair tricks. this one gets the results i’ve been hoping for!

      • I used a 2″ curling iron and I got more compliments on my hair that day than I have in a very long time! Love this style and I’m going to continue to master it! I’m a hairdresser and have tried this on a few clients and they love it! Thank you for this and I look forward to watching more tutorials :)

  43. I love your hair!! My hair is about middle of my back or lower. I usually just straighten it and thats it. But, I got a new curling iron from remington 1 and 1/4 barrel. I also got this thicking cream I thought I try using called Fat Hair. But it totally didn’t work. My hair is think and long. I just curled my hair and the curles just fall back out. I used hair spray and it still really didn’t hold. If you could help me out what is the best curling iron and styling cream I would appreciate it. I really love this hair!!


  44. I have to laugh because I have never seen your blog before (now going in my Google reader), I read that part about not judging anything by the hair and I thought that YOU were the “celeb” and the blond girl was you! Just my opinion, but you are prettier than her! Love the hair btw and can’t wait to try it! although my hair SUCKS at keeping curl!

  45. You are so pretty! And your hair is to die for! I love big hair. The bigger the better, like I just had sex hair lol. Your makeup here is flawless. Please do a tutorial. Found you on Pinterest.

  46. I found your blog on Pinterest, too! I love your blog; so many helpful tips and tricks! I love this tutorial also. And while I love your hair of course, your makeup is what really is amazing me! Could you do a tutorial on this look, if you haven’t already!?

  47. I tried this hair style and absolutely loved it! But for some reason my hair would get so ratted with in an hour of having this curl. I’ve already had to brush it out four times, my hair doesn’t do this with any other girl I use. Is this normal?

  48. This is gorgeous. And to be honest, I didn’t know that was you in the original picture, I thought it was a model. You are beautiful!

  49. I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful tutorials and entertaining posts. I have struggled with getting my hair to curl just right for years now.. and your tutorials are the ONLY ones that have worked for me. My hair is very similar to yours and you’ve helped me a ton! Thanks for all the time you put in, I love this look, it turns out GORGEOUS. And seriously.. you’re hotter than Marisa 😉

  50. I am obsessed with your hair&makeup&tutorials!!! Could you make a tutorial on how you keep your hair so healthy and how you grew it out so long?! I am seriously jealous of how gorgeous your hair is!!! keep it up pretty!! <3

  51. I just found your website and tutorials and have become obsessed with trying new things every day! I love how you too search for cheap ways to bring out your beauty! Thank you sooo much!

  52. I love this!! Which cream are you using though? The cream, in the capped tube? Or the Quick slip Styling cream in the pump bottle?

  53. WOW!! thank you so much for doing this video. You are so BEAUTIFUL!!! you look like a freaking model, but without the artificial look! lol you are truly gorgeous!!!!!

  54. New to pinterest, you’re the first thing that caught my eye. LOVED the video and can’t wait to try. Pinterest should be paying you. So psyched to check out more of your info and more of pinterest if this is what it has to offer! BTW-yep, way hotter than marissa miller. ; )

  55. Just found your blog.. already hopelessly addicted. What an gorgeous hairstyle. I am very excited to try it! Thanks! Also, if you dye your hair, what brand/color do you use? I have been trying to get the confidence to dye my hair for quite some time now, and your hair color in the ‘finished product’ picture is EXACTLY what I am looking for.

  56. I know it’s been said before but I agree, you are waaaay hotter than she is. Like, stunning. I just came upon your blog and I’m loving it. Great tutorials and I love how real you are, you’ve been cracking me up. I’ve been playing around with my hair lately and can’t wait to try some of the tricks you’ve shared. Thanks!!

  57. I honestly thought you were the supermodel! Thank you for all your little tips and tricks. You’re so gorgeous and seem super down to earth. What a doll!

  58. I saw above that you had made an apology for putting yourself “next to her gorgeousness”. Just wanted to let you know, you blow her out of the water.

  59. I did this hairstyle this morning and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!! It took longer than I expected because it was my first time (45 mins) but I bet I can probably get it down to 30 mins. Great tutorial. Keep it coming!

  60. Love the video! I love the idea of a hair style like this, but I have super fine/thin hair that has trouble holding a curl. Do you have any suggestions about how I can get the curl to hold in my kind of hair? I would really appreciate it!

  61. hi, cara! so glad you’re back, you’ve been missed ; ) i tried to meet up with you last summer, but that fell through. hopefully this coming summer i can track you down. till then, keep posting. we love it!!

  62. So I stumbled upon you on pinterest and I am so glad! I just tried this hair style and I am in love I sent your link to all my girlfriends and they wanna try it after seeing how my hair turned out. It does take a while to do this since I have very thick and long hair but I went to bed and woke up and my hair was exactly the same I am in love!! Thank you!!

  63. I did this hairstyle yesterday and omw it was AMAZING!! My hair had so much volume with beautiful waves and it lasted ALL day and that was after I had a photo shoot outside with lots of wind! Will most def do it again! Totally worth the time!! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Your blogs are awesome!!

  64. Ran across your blog on Pinterest, as many others have. I didn’t know who Marisa Miller was, and from your comment about not wanting to appear next to a photo of her, I assumed she was the bottom photo and you were the top until I started watching the video. You are gorgeous! I love your blog! I am so clueless about hair and makeup, I literally need step-by-step instructions, and a video is even better. Can’t wait to try some of your tricks!

  65. I too found this on Pinterest. I’m really good with styling my hair, but I could never quite achieve this beachy look. Thanks for sharing! You’re have the most gorgeous hair!

  66. I LOVE the Marisa Miller hair you did! And I want to try it on my own hair, But what should I do if my front layers arent as long as yours? I have more of a long bang that probably wouldnt wrap around the cruling iron.

  67. She said “Believe it or not, Marisa rats.” Made me laugh.

    You really are gorgeous though and I will definitely have to try this once my hair gets longer but I don’t know if I can pull off the middle part.

  68. I absolutely love your ideas/videos/advice!! I have a funny question to ask but I also love your grey/ivory henley shirt that you’re wearing in this post. Do you mind if I ask where it’s from?
    Thanks so much :)

  69. I have relatively thin hair, but a lot of it, that is pretty straight. I cannot get it to hold a curl to save my life. The ends will curl, but it is almost like my hair is too heavy to hold any kind of curl, no matter how hot I get it on the curling iron. What can I do to get it to hold a curl like this one or the Megan Fox tutorial? I love the look, but short of a perm, it seems impossible.

  70. I don’t EVER have the time to do this on my own hair…. but your hair looks better and you’re prettier than the model you’re photo is next too. Thanks for posting!

  71. this is so pretty but did you use a ceramic curling iron or just a regular one because my curling iron is not the hard shiny barrell like most.

  72. I absolutely love your hair And this technique!! I’m so excited to try this on my hair! And u r even more gorgeous than miss miller :) thank u!

  73. I love love love this, and I think your def. more beautiful than Marisa is. I am excited to try it on my hair, I have super long sleek and very straight hair, which is great for the sleek look, but gets old and I am always looking for new ways to switch it up. Thank you so much!

  74. I cant getyour videos to play on my phone because for some reason my browser doesnt support the flash player. Ive tried downliading other players and no luck. My question is, do u have your tutorials in a text explanation somewhere? Id love to try all of them. Please help me if u know how. You are so beautiful!

  75. Uh, you put that VS model to SHAME! She looks a lil trailer park-y next to ya! Thanks for this. I’m growing my hair so I can’t wait to be able to use these tutorials when I grow my hair out!

  76. Ok, I honestly thought YOU were a VS model too!! You are simply stunning. Have they called you yet? ‘Cause they should! :) Thanks for the great tutorial, love it! Someday I’ll find the time to do it hopefully…maybe nap time? ha!

  77. Tried this today and im in LOVE!! Its just like the picture and easy and hot! Thank you! Im super excited I found your tutorials!!!

  78. Just thought you should know that I started reading over this post and decided I liked the “brunette girl’s” hair better than Marisa Millers’. Little did I know that you’re the brunette girl!

  79. I saw this on pinterest and below your picture it says something about Victoria’s Secret hair style…. and I totally thought you were one of the models! I was like “Hey they have a new model I guess!” lol So you are most definitely just as pretty as Marisa!

  80. Oh honey, i think you should not use that curling iron 😀 It must be dangerous if it’s broken!

    You look beautiful and this is great tutorial!

  81. A little late to the game, I am… but you could be next to Marisa on the run way, no doubt. I am bi-racial and wish I was blessed with your eyes instead of my brown. Awesome tutorial, Gorgeous.

  82. I love this! It’s just the look I’ve been looking for. And i just want to say, You are so pretty, I thought you were the model. Lol. But, Thanks for the video, I’m def goingt to try this. (:

  83. Hello! І’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

  84. It awesome to say, when I read “Victoria Secret Hair” and watched the video, I thought you were one of the models. Anyways, the hair is awesome! I try to do this as much as I can! Thanks and keep doing some good tutorials! I love this site! <3Bri

  85. I want to try this! My hair is thin and very fine and it’s really hard to get volume and body. Would you have any recommendations for any products I should use? I like the way your hair looks in the picture better than Marisa Miller’s!

  86. I tried this a few months ago. LOVED it!!! It took me literally 2 hrs because of how much hair I have and that is why I haven’t done it again. But I am planning on doing it again this weekend. I had so many compliments. I didn’t use any styling cream and forgot to rat the hair on the higher layers. I also want to say a big THANK YOU for giving options of products so that it is affordable to all of us.

  87. you are stunningly beautiful! I love all your tips. I am a WAHM and my hair and makeup usually get neglected. I love that your tips are easy & quick and best of all AFFORDABLE! Now I don’t have an excuse! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  88. Hi I love your blog by the way, but I had a quick question on what you use for subscribers to subscribe by email? I was trying to figure out if I should use feedblitz or something else?


  89. please…what hair products you used, because when i´m culr my hair it´s always ruined after a while…and i´m from czech republic and i want this hair but we have different numbering of curling iron, so please what is the diameter of your curling iron…i really want to try this look…by the way, the make-up is just gorgeous and i´m sorry for the mistakes i´m not good at english.

  90. Wow you are a genius! I just did this yesterday and loved it. I think I have similar hair to you (long and thick) and this hairstyle is still looking good (day 2). I just got hooked on your blog and it’s great and started following you on pinterst. I am trying the gypsy hair tonight for NYE. Have a great New Years and thanks for the amazing posts!

  91. Perfection. Using this for a formal event i have coming up. and second you are like 20x prettier than her! your photo is stunning ~Cara :)

  92. Hi Cara, I’m in love with the colors in your small profile picture of you looking down. Would you please tell me what photo editing software you used to edit that picture? Please please! I would GREATLY appreciate it. I’m going to curl my hair like you did in one of your videos, and try to edit it like you did in the picture. I’m so excited :) Thank you for the inspiration!!

  93. I came across this video on Pinterest a while back and since my bday is on Thursday and I want to look fabulous I decided that I would do a test run today with your tips. I LOVE it. Granted, I need more patience and I hurried through it while taking breaks to deal with a cranky 4 year old lol but still, it was easy. At first I was concerned it would give me this crimpy look and not be cute at all but once all of my hair was done I just tousled it a bit and it looks so great! I HATE curling my hair and have zero time to do it anyway. Since I wasn’t as liberal with hairspray and other product as I should have been, it did start to fall out halfway through the day. I pulled it back into a loose bun and gave it a light spritz with hair spray and once it dried I pulled my hair back down. Almost good as new! lol

    Thanks so much for this!

  94. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I am always looking for natural beautiful beachy waves and this is just gorgeous! The only thing that was tough to see was the where you were doing your dark hair against the dark background! It was hard to tell what you were doing! Thanks again for always sharing!

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