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More white > Less MONEY!

Step 1: Buy Crest white strips at Walmart (I don’t really notice a big difference between the SUPREME ULTRA SUPER WHITE and the regular so…just pick the one you want)

Step 2: After you brush your teeth at night paste those little guys on your teeth

Step 3: go to bed.

After 2 nights of this people will need sunglasses when you smile!

The package recommends leaving them on for 2 waking hours but if i do any talking at all they start to move all over the place. Not to mention I can’t find a 2 hour period where I don’t want to eat something tasty, unless I am comatose.

Plus 8 hours totally ups the white factor! …. Just don’t choke during the night, I am assuming that’s why the good people at Crest don’t recommend this themselves:)

At this rate the whole pack is going to take you FOREVER to use up, so if you are feeling SUPER cheap split the pack with a friend or two.

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    September 13, 2011 at 5:17 am

    Wouldnt that cause your teeth to be extremely sensitive? mine are sort of sensitive and I used the crest white strips only twice as it says you should use it and it caused my teeth to be extremely sensitive for months and I gave up so it didn’t even get the job done. I really want to whiten my teeth but without making them sensitive and so I’m hoping to come across the perfect teeth whitener soon with the help of suggestions.

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