My Sit Down With Jen

A few weeks ago Living Proof invited me the chance to sit down with Jennifer Aniston and pick her brain on all the beauty things!

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I hardly ever get nervous. Scared? Yes. I get scared REGULARLY I’m a full-grown adult who is

literally afraid of the dark. It’s embarrassing. My family rips on me because if/when Nick goes

out of town I always bribe someone with treats if they’ll come have a slumber party or if no one

takes the bate me and the boys often end up in my mom’s guest room. So yeah…what I lack in

nervousness I certainly make up for in childlike fear.

That being said, I didn’t think I’d be nervous to interview Jennifer Aniston.

…But when I walked into the room to meet her my hands turned clammy and I totally lost my

train of thought. It was like YEARS of Friends reruns all came flooding back! I have been

watching this woman on my TV screen, on the newsstands and in the theaters since I was a tot!

Luckily she was incredibly warm and kind and relaxed which helped put me at ease enough to

remember to actually, ya know, ask her some questions.

As a beauty blogger I’m always interested in other influencers product testing process. I’m pretty

determined to give everything I try a very thorough use before I give it my seal of approval.

Jen said she’d been approached (understandably) for years to get behind a hair product but had

never really gotten excited about the idea. She said what really stood out for her and made her

want to work with Living Proof was that the products “ just worked.” Simple as that! They did

exactly what they said they were gonna do.

When I asked her to dish about her favorite beauty tips here’s what she had to say:

1. For beautiful skin: drink lots of water, eat healthy, exfoliate and keep you hand off your


I love that! It seems like in the beauty industry gorgeous skin is always an expensive endeavor. I

love that her suggestions (with the exception of eating healthy for some 🙋) are very do-able

on any budget.

2. Deep condition your hair once a week (she loves the Restore Mask).

She says this combats all of that blow drying and hair coloring she does for work.

3. Keep it simple.

On her days off she rarely wears makeup! It’s about taking care of your body and letting it speak

for itself:)

The entire country watched and followed suit after The Rachel, that super long layered do (my

personal fav) and The Bob but when I asked what her favorite iconic hairdo was, her answer

really surprised me…. truth is, she didn’t love any of them! She says she doesn’t like having a

“hairstyle” – she wants it simple, straight and just long enough. Talk about being the

quintessential girl next door!

It was such a blast getting to talk to her and pick her brain. I’m always interested what a gal can gather from all of the beauty experts when she’s been surrounded by so many of them for her entire career:)
What would you have asked her!?

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The Jubilee

My little sister Celeste designed a tree for a hospital fundraiser called The Jubilee of Trees here in St. George and I loved it so much I felt like it would be fun to share it with you guys! What better way to get excited about Christmas!? If you are in the area you should for sure go check it out at The Dixie Center. It’s today and tomorrow and it’s a really fun event!

Ok, so her theme was the song from A Sound of Music, My Favorite Things.
Every favorite thing in the song has a place on the tree. She even painted an original to complete the setting!




There are a bunch of photos and the lyrics if you want to find all of the items on the tree just click through!


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