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    Monday Makeover – Allie

    Allie and I have been friends for a long time. She is so beautiful and an amazing business woman. I’ve actually talked about Allie before when I discussed the artist who showed me how she could use filler to completely rid me of my under eye bags. Life changing I tell ya! I also recently had her try a little volume in my lips, super subtle so it wouldn’t be a huge difference (especially requested by Nick because he’s very vigilant about me looking like me:) I’ve really liked the smidge of extra volume!
    I know it bothers some to hear about people doing that kind of thing and some feel like it’s too vain or crosses the line. I just don’t feel that way. Certainly anyone can go overboard with vanity, materialism and self centeredness. I just don’t think this one thing is the indicator of that.
    I was distracted by my baggy under eyes in the morning, if I took a selfie and often when I sat in front of the mirror to do my makeup. I bought all the creams and slathered them on hoping for a change that never much came. Then one day a few years ago I got an injection and guess what? I have not thought about those pesky under eye bags a single time since! I think that’s pretty fun!
    On the other hand I know it comes with its own set of risks and it can be overdone and look unnatural in some cases so if others are not on board I am more than supportive of that choice. Everyone gets to make their own decisions based on what they are comfortable with. I was grateful for the open and honest women who told me about it, so I feel like I should return the favor.

    Anyway, back to Allie:)

    After all these years we finally decided it was time for her to get in the chair so I could try my hand at making up her gorgeous face. I often tell my makeovers to come as they are, I don’t like for all of my before and afters to be completely without makeup vs. full makeup. For instance if you have a natural blonde, they are going to look much different without mascara, but everyone knows about mascara so it feels like cheating and when that is stealing the show it makes it harder to see the differences the other techniques can create


    What I used –

    Skin & Cheeks: IIID Foundation in amber + ash + desert sunset + rose gold

    Brows: Anastasia Brow pencil in Dark Brown

    Eyes: Shadows from the Every Single Day palette | lid and around the bottom lashes – oak + in the crease – finn + to deepen the bottom and top lash line – salem

    Fales Lashes Esqido A Lash Named Desire

    Lips: Lipsense Lined the lips with Nude + 1 layer of nude + 1 layer of Apple Cider + 1 Layer of bravo (in the middle of the lips and on the cupids bow) Glossy Gloss over top.

    What do you think the biggest stand out of her features is!?



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