Blue check Boyfriend

Why do they never make plain shirts long enough?
Am I the only one who’s been wondering this for a while now?
Long shirts are the most comfortable (no awkward pulling down constantly), they are more versatile to a bunch of different bottoms (leggings I’m looking at you) and they are, for me at least, by far the most flattering.
I’ve been on the look out for a long, soft and washable one for a while now and I finally found one!
bluecheck bluecheck2 bluecheck3


Pants: Zara (old), Throw: Happy Habitat (gift)


I came across it at a Boutique in St. George called Blue Linen (it also comes in pink, tan & green) and they said they’d order as many as they could so give them a call:435-673-9999 if you want to get one for yourself:) Cost: $39

Hope you’re having a great day!

Tip Tuesday: a review of…reviews.


Lately I’ve been thinking a fair amount about reviews. I feel like, especially in the world of beauty, they are a HUGE factor in me being interested in or trying a new product.
I also feel like they can be misleading and confusing at times…which can really muddy the waters.


I’ve tried my best to work through the upsides and downfalls of reviews so I thought I’d share some of my insights. I’d also love to hear what you guys do to make reviews work for you best.

1. Take note of the source you are seeing reviews on.
I usually find that reviews are most accurate when they are posted on a site other than the actual brand. For instance, if I was looking at say..Becca (just throwing them out there) product I would look at the reviews on Sephora before I would look at the reviews on Becca’s actual site.
For two reasons:
One because I just find that it’s more likely that if someone is actually at the brands website they already love their products so you are fishing from a smaller pool of thought &
Two: If you own a website you also have the ability to delete any review you want. I like to think most companies would never censor their negative reviews (unless they were inappropriate & offensive) but you really never know.
So if you have the option to see them elsewhere as well, I’d take it.

2. Don’t just look at the stars, look at the comments.
I get a lot more out of reading the actual comments than I do just taking stock of the star rating. For instance I was looking at a boyfriend Tee the other day and it had a 3 star rating so I scrolled down to see why, there was only one reviewer. She said the shirt wasn’t tight enough. That’s a good thing to me cause I want my boyfriend tee’s loose. I wear them with my muffin top pants and I need the extra room. So the 3 star rating looked more like a 5 star to me.
Basically, we all have different needs and expect different things out of our products, pay attention to what the writers expectations and needs are before making your decision.

3. Drop the tip top and the bitter bottom.
Some people are PASSIONATE on hating and/or loving things and I think many times they are right on the money…but also sometimes they were just having a great/crappy day and this product is the beneficiary of their mood. I try to take those with a grain of salt and focus on the median responses to things rather than get too swayed by one very compelling review.

4. Keep an open mind
A great example of my doing this would be the book some of you recommended “Girl on a Train”, when I first saw this book a few weeks ago I saw a few bad reviews so I didn’t read it, I was getting weirdly picky and would only try a book if I saw over 4 stars. After a few of you said to give it a shot, of course I did and I DEVOURED it in like 36 hours it was fantastic. There are just some things that are going to have a wide range of opinions so I have decided not to get too narrow in my review snobbery:)


Monday Makeover – Joanne

DO you ever meet someone and before they even begin to speak you can just feel how warm and kind they are?
That’s Joanne.
I fell instantly in love with her. I think you can easily see her radiance and warmth in these photos as well!
She was getting some photos taken and wanted to look like herself but with a little extra glam.
Piece a cake;)



Photos by Jessica Janae (this is her mama!)

What I used:
IIID foundation for her skin & contouring in contour: stone + highlight: sunlit + blush: pink grapefruit + illuminator: pearl

Mac Brun to fill her brows

Lorac Pro Palette on her eyes in Gold & Taupe

Black liner around her inner rim.

OCC Lip liner in Sebastian 

MAC Creme Cup lipstick

Esqido eye lashes in Little Black Lash


PS thank you soo much everyone who watched the show on Friday!! You are wonderful!

Exciting news & pretty hair

Today is going to be a quick post because I’m actually sitting in a hotel in Minnesota getting ready to go on Evine Live (a TV shopping network) to show off my IIID Foundation!! I can’t even believe it’s happening and I am SO nervous!
If you’re not out on the town tonight at 7pm Eastern and have a chance, please tune in! I need all the support I can get cause it is live! ahhhh!
You can tune in on if you have cable or dish (network Evine) or HERE online. We are going to be selling HAC packs & brushes for a steal and but its a really limited amount so if you really want one but the price is too high this is a good chance! Get them HERE.

A few of you asked for a tutorial on this look:


(This photo was taken by Jessica Janae, she’s amazing)

When I posted it last week. (It was a copy of Kim Kardashian but that was like 2 weeks ago so obviously her hair is completely different now:)

Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks so much for all of your support guys, you have no idea what it means to me:)