Hairy brows are the best brows.

When we start talking about filling brows some people get a little nervous.
Usually those are the people that have very sparse brows, bare patches or are otherwise in need of quite a bit of filling.
Is it gonna look unnatural? Or like I drew them in? Am I going to look like a crazy lady?!

The answer is no…as long as  follow some really basic tips that EVERYONE can do.

Brows that look realistic even from right up close!  OH MY WORLD! So glad I know!

(also wearing HAC pack in Sunlit – highlight + Stone – contour + Dahlia  – on cheeks and lips + Pearl – glow)

1. Start by filling your brow with an angled brush and a little bit of shadow. I like to use an ashy brown like MAC Brun.  (thaaat will be news to… none of you:) I fill in brows with soft short strokes rather than drawing them in in one sold line. Think of drawing a circle – when you’re a kid you just press down really hard with the pencil and make one super lopsided circle, later you learn to draw softly in short strokes to get it right. Same basic dealio.

This is where I usually call it a brow, cause I’m short on time and it actually looks quite nice, but if I have more time or if I’m planning to draw my brows in fuller/thicker than usual I’ll need to go to the next step or else they’ll look less realistic.

2. Take a very fine tipped brow liner like THIS Anastasia one and, going in the pattern your brow hair actually grows, create little hair strokes. Here again pressing down fair lightly and simple flicking the pencil.

3. If you have “wild hairs” that have a mind of their own and won’t stay in place nows the time to set them with a wax or a brow gel – whichever is your preference. I recommend Gel for those who have light brow hair that you’d like to darker/define a little more.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

For a more in depth video of my routine check HERE

Love you guys.


And a Denim Jacket

I will admit it took me an awful long time to jump on the whole denim jacket band wagon. The memories of wearing a big bulky one in middle school were just too fresh… I needed time.
But once I finally found one that I liked + I liked the price of it proved to be a big enough reason to go for it.




Dress: Lulu’s (sold out:( Similar
Slip: Free People (this baby is AWESOME for layering under sheer things. It holds everything in and hides itself well)
Jacket: H&M

We are flying back from North Carolina today and I already miss it. Such beautiful weather, so much green and EVERYONE is nice. How does that happen? It’s wonderful. I planned to show you photos of the trip today but I dropped and SHATTERED my phone. I swore I’d get a case on it but…I didn’t. This is why I can’t/shouldn’t be trusted with nice things!

I also met up with one of my FAVORITE bloggers Kate from The Small Things Blog and I can’t wait to tell you all about that, so much fun!

Happy Hump day!

Pet Peeves & Dearest Delights

I like hearing about people’s pet peeves.
I mean, if you were to ask someone “What are some things you don’t like.” They’d probably look at you funny and if they responded at all they’d say something generic that is just universally bad, like bullies.
But when you ask about pet peeves, people get specific.
Pet peeves are sort of fun, cause they’re unique and original but at the same time when you here one 9 times out of 10 you think, YEAH! That is annoying! And then you are instantly bonded by your dislike for the same things.

I’ve often  thought there needs to be an equivalent for things that make you happy. But in the same way, like of course we love and appreciate all of the REALLY important/universally good stuff but what about the little quirky things that stick out to you? Those need a place too. Your Dearest Delights, so to speak. In honor of the two way street I decided to make a list of both.

I would so love if you’d add yours as well.


When people save seats at a popular fast food place (like in & out or Shake shack) when THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY FOOD YET! Listen. IF everyone follows the same rules and just waits in line until they have their food we ALL get a seat! Then no one has to hover over the garbage can to scarf their burger while you sit at a booth aimlessly scrolling through instagram.

When people describe perfectly normal actions as “creepy” because an a guy over 50 does it.  Too obscure perhaps? Let me give you some context: I was once swimming with a few girls at someone’s common apartment pool and this older gentleman walked into the water, did a few laps (as I’m assuming was his nightly routine) and then left. He neither gawked at any of the girls or looked unkept in any way. But when he left a few of them said “Ew that was sooooo creepy.” NO IT WASN’T! HE’S JUST GETTING SOME EXERCISE. GOOD FOR HIM!!
Another time, My dad made mention that he feels like he can’t give compliments to random people anymore because he doesn’t want to seem creepy, now that he’s old and everything. And you know what? He’s the least creepy person I know. Including myself. So there.

When people call me Cara Brooks. I know it’s a totally honest mistake and it really doesn’t bug me as much as I’m just surprised by it. There’s no S at the end and it’s one thing if I just met someone and they get confused but there are people who I’ve know FOR YEARS who still call me Cara Brooks. I will not hold it against you for pronouncing it car (as in the thing you drive)-ah on the first meeting (for the record it’s care (as in carebears)-ah) cause how would you know? But adding an S just seems a little lazy to me, like they got to the K and thought “oh yeah, I totally got this”


When I make a joke and Nick Literally LOLs. This might sound totally inconsequential but not if you knew Nick. He does not courtesy laugh period. Even if he thinks it’s pretty dang funny he’ll only give you a half smile/nose exhaling snort. But when he actually breaks out in a full on chuckle. I can’t help but beam.

When Christian makes a dorky expression that looks exactly like me. He and I share the same mouth. For years I was very self conscious about mine because it’s pretty big, lots of gums and it sort of cracks open all the time. Anyway, for better or for worse Crush has the same one. I just look at it though when it’s at its craziest and I think, I don’t care what anyone says that mouth is perfect!


Pig things. I LOOOOOVE pigs. They are the most adorable lovable little creatures ever. My grandma used to collect pigs of all kinds and when she died she left me the very best of her entire collection because she knew how much I adored him. A big fluffy plush one I aptly named “Mr. Pig” (I was big into full house at the time) and I carried on her legacy. My latest favorite is a Piggy bank that’s a pig dressed up like elvis. Instant classic.

OK your turn! What are your pet peeves and dearest delights!?



Teen Makeup: Do’s & Don’ts

For a long time I was STRICTLY against doing any kind of “don’ts” lists because I am all about not having rules because no rule really applies to everyone and I hate the idea of people worrying about “breaking a rule” and feeling less confident about their makeup skills as a result. Since then I’ve softened on that rule because many women have told me how helpful they can be.
Sometimes demonstrating a common mistake that is made can really be beneficial especially for women who are just starting out.
These are just ideas and suggestions, at the end of the day it’s most important that you feel confident and beautiful!
Tips for teens, I'm saving this for my daughter!

1. Eyebrows:

A. The Tweezing. Before you tweeze you must take the eyebrow OATH:
When you look back on yourself years from now I promise you will most likely regret the hairs you pulled, not the hairs you didn’t. I hear 5 times a day women telling me that they wish they hadn’t over plucked in high school because the hairs never grew back. Full brows are in style! So clean them up in the middle and grab the stray hairs if you like but other than that, I bet they look pretty great:)

B. The filling. Filling your brows can really be a fun way to frame your face (HERE is an in depth tutorial on how to do that) The products you use are important though. The quickest way to make your brows look like they are drawn on is to get a color that doesn’t match properly. Most of the time the brow products available are too warm . The hair on our face is usually much cooler than the hair on our heads. So be sure to find a color that reflects that. I also use a angled brush and shadow( I use magical MAC Brun on pretty much everyone) in short brush strokes rather than a pencil. It’s sooo easy for a pencil to go on too harsh and angled, shadow does take longer but I think its definitely worth it, especially for beginners.

2. Foundation. I’m partial, of course, to IIID foundation and I think it’s PERFECT for teens because it looks so natural and let’s their skin shine through. But if they choose traditional foundation there are two things that stand out to me the most:

A. Always err on the side of less is more. Don’t feel like you need heavy coverage on your whole face because of  a breakout or a couple of blemishes. You can cover that with concealer and then use a little tinted moisture in addition to that and it might be just right! Your skin is beautiful so you want to let as much of it show as possible!

B. Make sure your foundation matches well. Meaning you don’t want your face to be a different color than your neck and chest. If you are looking to get a little more color instead of using a darker foundation try using bronzer – dusting some on your cheeks and forehead.


3. Lips

I always recommend starting out with glosses or sheer lip colors for two reason, one they look more natural & two they are easy to apply. You don’t have to worry about applying it perfectly or that it might be getting on your teeth or you’re eating it off with your lunch.  Baby lips are so inexpensive and so cute! Once you get really comfortable with those it will be easier to transition into whatever lip colors you want!

4. Eyes
Start simple. For your eye shadow This tutorial on the EASIEST and possibly prettiest eye shadow technique is a perfect place to begin. I also love to use eye shadow instead of eyeliner as well because it is soft and you don’t have to do it perfectly. I demonstrate that HERE.

5. Have fun!

Don’t take makeup too seriously! Experiment with it and have fun, if you don’t like how it looks the good news is it washes right off.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!! I’l headed to North Carolina Charlotte/Raleigh with my boys so if you have any suggestions for things to do/places to eat while I’m there please share!!