Friday Halloween Favorites

Every year my family has a big family Halloween party. We all look forward to it and we ALL dress up but most of us are Professional Procrastinators so usually our costumes are thrown together on the day of the party.
Incase any of you are in the same situation I thought I better share my favorites from last year so you can throw something fun together real quick!

WE chose to be a redneck family from Toddlers and Tiara’s with Christian playing the pageant princess:)



He was MADE for a mullet, right?



He made a cute girl for about 2.5 seconds and then ripped the wig off and spent the rest of the night like this:
(Don’t worry he got to be Spiderman for real halloween:)



My little Joe Dirt:

joedirt copy

My SIL Randi threw on all of her jewelry collection and some dark lipstick to become a gorgeous gypsy princess:


My nephew Brook got a leather jacket drew on some side burns and hair sprayed his hair to become a perfect Wolverine:


Hope you have fun this weekend! I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes. It’s my favorite!
Ps do you have any great last minute ideas?? I need one for tonight!


Tip Tuesday – Copper Lids!


Hi Guys!
OK so for this season’s color challenge we chose COPPER. Which is kind of perfect because I feel like I’ve been putting copper lids on everybody lately.
What I love is they go with every single eye color well AND they go well on fair or dark skin AND they go well with nude, pink or vampy lips. So they are kind of a no brainer.
I’ve been using my new FAVORITE copper shadow Milani Bella Copper:
Which is basically like a cream to powder consistency so the color pow factor is up there. It really adds a spark plug to your look and all I do is tap it on with my fingertips right on top of the lid.


Or for a little extra take a small shadow brush and line the entire eye with it.

Check out how stunning Sallie looks with her fair skin-pink lips-copper eyes combo:


Totally babe-a-licious amiright? ( I also used josie Maran Infinity tint in Always Cherry  her lips and cheeks!
Be sure to get a load of all the other fun coppery ideas below!
And PS I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten to comments in a couple days we are on a little family vacation and Billy is keeping me up all night! I promise to catch up asap!

Photography by Jessica Janae




Monday Makeover – Jessica Janae

Do you ever get off the phone with a friend and realize you were the one that was talking the whole time?
Sometimes that’s what blogging feels like. I mean I get the feedback in the comments (which I relish) but sometimes I just feel like it’s all about me all the time and I wanna hear more about you!
That is what I love so much about events like The Pinners Conference.
Last year I had no idea what to expect so I didn’t have any idea how much I would love it. But once it got started I was thrilled, I got to spend time with so many readers! It really felt like a reunion or something and completely reinforced my idea that everyone who follows this blog is really and truly a friend.
We just get each other.
And the coolest thing is it’s women of all walks of life of so many ages and in so many different stages in their lives yet they are all warm, kind and intelligent Just a pleasure to spend time with.
So if you live in the SLC area I would LOVE to meet you (and possibly try some makeup on ya. Last year I did IIID Foundation samplings on people all day, I haven’t quite worked out the kinks – with the newborn – but I plan to do as much makeup as is humanly possible while I’m there!)
I know you are all busy but if you can possibly attend it will be so worth it! There are so many amazing ladies there with a ton of great information to share!
Mandi (from Vintage Revivals), The Dating Divas, The Six Sisters and soooooo many more (check out the speakers list here) The classes have a fee but the expo is free!


(Register here use the code: maskcara for a 5$ discount!)

Another amazing class (which I’m dying to attend) will be taught by my girl Jessica Janae on Photography. So I thought it would only be appropriate that I post her before and after today as well. This girl is amazing. When I first found her photography I fell in love and was so nervous for our first photo-shoot because she’s kind of a big deal and I was sure I’d be totally intimidated. As soon as I met her I was so relieved by how funny and laid back she is. Not to mention beautiful! She belongs on both sides of that camera!

One day during a shoot we were doing together she said something about going on a date with her husband (a much needed night out she has 2 under 2 at home!) I insisted she let me make her over and she requested The Victoria’s Secret Treatment. My speciality:)
PS How crazy good is her hair!?



What I used:

IIID Foundation in Sunlit, Walnut & Shadow & IIID Blush in Dahlia (available soon!)
MAC Brun for brows
Stila In The Light Palette on eyes (in Sandstone & Kitten)
IT Cosmetics Liner Love in Black
Loreal Voluminous Mascara
Ardel Wispie Lashes

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

20 Favorite Halloween Makeup Tutorials

I need to start this list off with a very important disclaimer.
If you have anything important to do in your life today you might just want to skip this one.
Because I had important things to do and instead of, ya know, doing them… I spent the evening watching wide-eyed all of these amazing costume transformations.
So I present this list of favs. Hoping you have loads of self control or at least more than me…most people do. (just ask the empty pumpkin macaroon box in my garbage can right now)


Disney Witch {Pssst this one is like WATCHING MAGIC HAPPEN!}
Fawn {in the photo up there^)
Guardians of the Galaxy

Emoji (for when you really don’t want to get all made up:)
Pop art Wonder woman
Kat Von D
Morticia Adams
Sugar Skull
Elsa Frozen
Disney Witch
Glam Mummy (I’m a sucker for glam monster stuff…)
Lydia Deetz (Beetle Juice!)
Carnival Mask