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    Featured What's the Difference?

    What’s the difference wednesday

    Take a look at today’s photo to see if you can spot the difference before you scroll below it:)

    (sometimes it helps to cover one side with your hand so you can see them independently:)

    Can you tell what’s different? Which side do you like better?


    Ok so on the left side my contouring is right below my cheekbone & my blush is right in the apples of my cheeks, the right side the contour is a bit lower and continues on down to my jar and the blush is along the contour line up to my temples.


    I prefer the left side. The way it lifts and enhances your cheeks is very youthful and I love putting blush were it would naturally be, right in those apples. There’s nothing necessarily wrong the the right side, expect that on some it can be aging and drag your face downward. I’ve gone too low in the past on my clients and it always bugged me when I noticed it in the photos later!


    I heard somewhere recently that you should treat your contour like a pushup brow for you cheek, that totally nails it:) If you draw an imaginary line from the outer corner of your lips up to the tragus of your ear remember that you want your contour on and not below that line. The apples of your cheeks are easy to find also, when you smile it’s the part of your cheek that sticks out:)

    So, do you agree?! Would love to hear your opinions!

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