Makeover Monday – Joni

~Good heck! So sorry I have had some seriously fun internet issues since I moved but I’m hoping they are all worked out now!
The text wouldn’t load for me all day today so I am finally thinking it’s going to work~
Everyone meet this VERY beautiful woman named Joni.
Her whole everything is pretty darn gorgeous but I have to say my green eyed monster was definitely rearing it’s head at her brows! Just beautiful!
It might be the 1000 degree heat to blame but I really wanted to give her a sun kissed glow.
She has gorgeous fair skin so I kinda wish I was able to do two full looks on her cause the options are just endless!



What I did:
First I used the Tomas Spray for a tanned glow.
After I let that dry a bit I layered on some Milk for some silky moisture and then let that sink it as well.
For her brows you might be shocked to know that I used old trusty. Brun. Which doesn’t look even remotely the same color in the compact as it does on her skin. One thing that I’ve notice a lot of people do with redhead eyebrows is get a red toned brow color. I find for natural reds that’s generally unnecessary. They have plenty of warm pigment in their own skin to warm up an ashy brown to the perfect color. If I were to have used a warmer color on her brows it would have looks too orange and not natural.
Her green eyes are so gorgeous on their own I just wanted to define them a bit and let em shine! I used Pewter from the Lorac Pro Palette and the Windshield Wiper shadow Technique on her lids.
Then I lined her top lash line and bottom in the outer corners very lightly with MAC Teddy, which is a shimmery dark brown liner.
And few coats of mascara to her lashes.
For her skin I used IIID Foundation in Dark to HAC and cover and the Princess Peach blush.
I lined her lips with Beautique lip pencil in natural and filled them with Boxom Gloss in Boo-Ya.

Friday Favorites!



Back in my teenage years and my early twenties I used to OBSESS about my weight constantly. I thought about every teensy thing I ate, I worked out for hours a day and I hated my body. I thought about myself and my body and my eating so much that it really began to take over my life and make me so miserable.  I realized what a selfish and useless thing I was doing with a perfectly good life. I realized that even though a few extra pounds had the power to make me feel so useless and unworthy, no one else I cared about cared a smidgen if I was super skinny or not. I had to change the way I thought but the change was so drastic I didn’t know where to begin. One of the biggest things that helped me change is when I started getting those obsessive thoughts I would immediately hop up and go do something nice for someone. It was really hard to stay in that rut when I was thinking about someone else. When I was done I felt accomplished and worthwhile. It was a small thing but it made a huge difference and overtime I really gained a much healthier relationship with my body (although I still struggle from time to time). I loved stumbling on this quote because I need to be reminded that I can use that strategy with anything that is bad and it will help turn it around.

I’m really picky with candle smells these days and I’m always searching for a yummy summer scent (fall scents are SO easy) so when I found this guy on sale I was pretty stoked. It just arrived today and ‘m not the least bit disappointed.

If you think you loved Emma Stone before, you will love her twice as much after you see this.

I need this dress. It is perfect for just about any occasion.

How do I get these nails!?

I love this  makeup look and I’m thinking it might have to be my next tutorial, takers?

Have an amazing weekend!


Eyeshadow School: Windshield Wiper

Today’s shadow school technique is a pretty popular one.
You could just do this every time you did your makeup and you’d pretty much be good to go.
It cannot be screwed up. It is unscrewupable.

Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

Step One: Cover the entire lid (from lash to brow) with a shadow primer. I used MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre because I wanted to get a really clean base color.
You could also use a light color of shadow instead if you like, I prefer a creme because it looks more natural to me.

Step two: Use a crease brush (or for a softer look you can use a fluffier brush) and dip into a mid tone shadow- MAC Soft Brown Pictured (or pretty much any shadow that is darker than your eyelid – beginners should start with something neutral)

Step Three: Find the hallow area between your eyeball and your brown bone. Put your brush in that hallow and just wipe back and forth (much like a windshield wiper) until it’s blended to your liking.

Step Four: Do all of the other millions of things you have on your to do list! Cause your shadow is DONE!

Why I love it: It creates depth to the eye making it look BIGGER and frames your eyeball which is especially great when you use a color that makes your eye color pop.
Pair it with: Just about any other makeup style you want. Winged liner, heavy liner, no liner….it all looks great!
Who looks fabulous in it: Pretty much everyone. To women who already have a very prominent crease and/or deep set eyes I would try it first with a very light color, the dark colors might over accentuate too much:)



Makeup Tutorial: Pinterest Request

I fell in love with this gorgeous lady and her makeup so deeply that I had to do a tutorial.
This has definitely been one of those looks that you do once and it gets you in a rut where you can’t bring yourself to do any other look.
It’s just the right amount of definition to look very soft but still show off your eyes.
I hope you love it!

Filmed by an INCREDIBLY talented guy, Justin Stevens.

What I used:
Too Faced Bronzer Milk Chocolate
Dalton Dual Sided Brush – sold out:(
Loreal Gel Liner in Blackest Black
MAC Brun Eye Shadow
Real Techniques crease brush
Milani Brow & Highlight in Vanilla
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Esqido Lashes in BFF
Revlon Pinched Creme Blush
IIID Foundation Highlighter in Light (it’s in a sample pot because with the new generation of IIID they will be able to be sold separately and this is just a sample container from my manufacturer:)
Using the Sephora Foundation Brush
NYX Liner in Taupe
Dior Lip Glow
Dior De Rose

Nail Polish Color: Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze