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    Man, it’s been a rough year out there. For so many people for so many reasons.
    But…in the last few weeks I’ve seen something happening around me. I’ve seen so many people realizing that knowing the world isn’t fair, knowing that our leaders are flawed, knowing that people around us are hurting…that all of that knowledge can do more than just make our hearts ache and our blood boil. It can inspire us to ACT. To stop relying on anything or anyone else to make it better. That complaining about the darkness isn’t working and our only chance to beat it is with light.

    Our own light.

    And what more perfect season than this one for this change to begin?

    25 ways in 25 days is a Christmas Advent Calendar of action and service, inspired by Christ to keep Him in our hearts everyday this month.
    I was so excited when I saw this and was already plotting all of the different way our family would participate.
    I know me though and I’ll need it on my phone if I’m going to be able to keep on top of it! So I made a google calendar in case any else is like me!

    View 25 ways in 25 days calendar

    I’ll be updating our month along the way on Instagram if you want to follow along:)


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