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Have you guys ever wondered things about the ins and outs of blogging as a profession? I get a lot of questions about it so I thought I’d share some answers to the ones I get most often:)


Do you ever run out of ideas on what to post?
No. I would have run out of ideas years ago if not for the readers. You are constantly giving me ideas on things you’d like to see more of and learn how to do.
Although, I do have days where I’m 100% uninspired and need a break from anything beauty related. When I was pregnant, my whole head was filled with baby thoughts and 8 months along + mid summer makeup was more or less the last thing on my mind!

Do you get a lot of free stuff?
When I began getting a lot of traffic (and mostly after I won the Allure Beauty Blogger award) I started getting sent lots of beauty products! At first it was really amazing, I was like Scrooge Mcduck swimming in skincare and body lotions! But it didn’t take long before I felt like I was becoming buried in it. My whole message is helping people use the stuff they have to it’s fullest rather than promote buying something new every day. Plus if I wouldn’t actually buy it myself I wouldn’t post about it. For instance I had a company offer to give me a $1000 stroller before Billy was born. I would have loved to have a super nice stroller but if I’m being honest I wouldn’t buy one myself so I had to turn them down and buy one in my actual price range.

How do you keep up with all of the questions and comments?
I don’t. I just do my best! For a long time I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get to them all that I wouldn’t even try. I just dug my head in the sand. Which didn’t help AT ALL I just ended up feeling guilty constantly. I decided I would just do what I could when I could. So now I have it much better handled and since I know I’m doing my best (while still being a mom & a business owner) then I don’t feel as guilty when I miss some:)

How do you make money off your blog?
Most of you probably know this but I still get asked all the time. There’s a few different ways I am able to make an income here:

#1 Ads As you can see there are a few ads on the site. Just like commercials…but way less money:)
#2 Affiliate links. So basically Everything in the universe has affiliate link opportunities these days, meaning I get a little referral percentage if you click on my link to get something I recommend.
#3 Sponsorships. Although, In the 5 years that I’ve had this blog I’ve probably done less than a dozen sponsored posts. One of the most important things to me when I began was to always be %100 honest and genuine and never driven by money but by the ability to help women feel more beautiful. That being said it’s obviously wonderful if you can do that and make money but it only works out that way for me about 1 in 1000 of the sponsored posts I’ve been offered.
#4 My Makeup Line. Now that I own a business I’ve been able to use the blog to share about it with you, my readers. I know for sure I wouldn’t have been able to start my line when I did and it wouldn’t have seen this amazing success without you all:) I’m so incredibly grateful, thank you! 

Do any of you that have blogs have an questions you get asked a lot?


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6 Tips for buttery smoooth foundation


For years I was always on the lookout for the perfect foundation. One that would make my skin look as smooth as a babies bottom. And along the way I found some good foundations, yes,  But the biggest thing I realized is that the prep work is what makes the allllll difference.

My little sister Celeste was sweet enough to help me demonstrate. I swear, she just keeps getting prettier.


Over the years I’ve come to quite a few conclusions on the subject so it’s time I share.

#1 Microderm
I love using a PMD every few weeks. They make a huge difference in skin texture! I’ve tried them all and my fav for the price is RejuvadermMD Start with just a small portion of your skin when using one though, they are a serious and somewhat harsh tool and you wanna make sure your skin can handle it before you use it on your whole face!


#2 Fuzz removal
Peach fuzz is one of those things that varies quite a bit from person to person (like everything else I guess).  I have a fair amount and I don’t really mind mine but I TOTALLY love the way my skin feels and how smooth my makeup looks when I get rid of it. My VERY favorite blades to use are Tinkles. They are BY FAR the best. (I wasn’t using them in this photo because I tried another brand and was not impressed) MM&L made a pretty entertaining video teaching you how exactly to use them (here)


#3 Moisturize
If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000 times MOISTURIZE! Every single time I do an event and get my hands on women’s faces by the 100’s I’m amazed by how many of them have dehydrated skin! (I’m also amazed by how beautiful and funny and down to earth they are:) That skin needs it’s TLC! I tend to use a handful of different creams to keep up with the change in seasons, hormones and moods but one of my all time favorites is my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. Have you tried it? It’s luscious. And affordable.

#4 Prime Properly
Primers can seem like such an annoying extra step. Trust me, I don’t use one everyday. But on days when I want my makeup to look smooth and flawless and to last longer I really need to prime it nicely. What primer you need is all based on your skin and preferences I break down my picks in this post.


#5 Perfector
Anyone who has tried a one of these babies can attest to the fact that the foundation looks absolutely smooth and flawless once you use it. If you haven’t yet tried one I have them in my shop for only $13 so you have no more excuses!

#6 Color choice
It is AMAZING how uneven and heavy foundation can look when it’s not the right color. There’s been many times that I thought a whole formula was a bust because I got it in a shade too dark (Laura Mercier tinted moisture for instance, I turned up my nose to it the first time I tried it! I thought it was sooo heavy! Just the wrong color!)

Do you guys have any tips on making your foundation go on like butta?


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