NYX Favorites for %40 off!

NYX is one of my favorite brands.
I’m always so amazed that they can make such great products for a such low prices! So to cut 40% off even that…it’s kind of a no brainer!
Here’s a list that of my choice favorites!


From top to bottom:

White shadow base: This is really cool for anyone who is wanting to wear a bright colored eyeshadow that you want to really pop. The white base makes it go on totally true to color and look opaque and vibrant.

Wonder Pencil: I love these! You can use it to line your inner rim, reverse outline your lips and highlight the bridge of your nose.

Brow Pencil: I just barely got this and I’m soooo excited! This is a great dupe for the Anastasia one I splurged for in the past. (this pencil is super thin and great for creating hairlike strokes in your brow!)
Butter Gloss: Have you tried these butter glosses yet? Cause now’s your chance! They are soooo pretty and smooth!
Butter Lipsticks: So smooth and pigmented and really pretty colors!
Liquid Liner: This is BY far the best liquid liner I’ve tried for the money! I still think I love Kat Von D’s a smidge better cause my tube lasts longer but this is a very close second for a fraction of the price!
Green Liner (the photo is of a white one but…) This is the pencil I used to make my eyes pop in THIS tutorial.
Taupe Liner: I LOVE contouring my lips with this, perfect color that’s not too dark or too warm/too cool.
Gloss set: Truth be told I just ordered this cause of this sale so I’ve never tried it myself, but they have great ratings and it looks like gorgeous colors so..I have high hopes!

Also thanks for all of your sweet sweet comments on my post on Tuesday! It really had me smiling all day reading your kind words!
Love you!


So easy your husband can do it.

A few months ago Nick was trying to convince my Sister in-law that she shouldn’t be afraid of trying IIID foundation. It’s not hard, he said. I could even do it, he said.

And at that moment we decided that he should do it. But when he does, he should definitely be taped doing it. Because whether he totally killed it or he totally blew it, it would be kind of hilarious to watch.

So, of course, you’ll have to watch to find out which one it is:)

IIID Foundation 

All makeup skills aside, I love watching this video because to me, it’s crystal clear when I see me looking at him, how much I love that man. It’s just written all over my face, amirite?


friday Favorites

There have been so many times in my life that I’ve put off something because I didn’t have the money, didn’t have the skills or didn’t think I could figure it out myself. My mind convinces me that if I just hold off someone will come along who can do it for me. I’ve learned time and time again that there is always something I can do if I just start. Sure I might get to a point that I absolutely can’t get to the next step but what could it hurt to get a little bit closer?
Just start.
Start somewhere.
I’m still pretty amazed by what was possible as a single mom living in my parents garage (it had carpet and AC:) Every step I took got me closer to the next and so many things that at that point seemed impossible, turned out to be just a few leaps of faith away.


These temporary flower tattoos are soooo pretty, I’m not sure how/why I would wear one, but I want to find a way/reason

Avocado Caprese Chicken Salad. Perfect summer dinner.

Anthropologie is having a pretty big sale, these beauties stuck out to me:

This candle holder is SO gorgeous

Prettiest skirt

I love barretts and this one is so delicate and lovely

Earring love

Have a good weekend, I’m headed to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding. (I’ll instagram the photos of her makeup when we’re done! She’s beautiful!)


Green Smokey Eye

When I saw this gorgeous eye makeup on Lindsay Ellington at the I knew I had to recreate it! It’s been a while since I’ve done something super glam on myself. I’m usually doing the natural thing, so this was really fun. Whenever I caught myself in the mirror I was kind of thrown off:)

I love the hint of color in the smokey eye it really seemed to make my eyes look brighter and greener. It might be fun if you mix it up based on your own eye color trying blue if you have blue eyes or maybe a gold if you have brown.


What I used:

Started with Amazing Cosmetics Anti-aging Primer

I wanted this to be a high glam/full coverage look. So I started with a full coverage (Estee Lauder Doublewear) one color foundation and used the IIID  (sunlit + stone + shadow for my nose) over it for contouring and concealing.
It looks really pretty on camera (I’m always amazed how good heavy makeup looks behind the lens!) but I will warn you that Doublewear is no joke, it’s FULL coverage. It lasts really well. But it feels pretty heavy.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer

MAC Brun

L’Oreal Voluminous Liner

Sunset & Noir from the Naturally pretty palette

Green liner

Ardell Lashes in 110 demi (for bottoms)

Maskcara Pink Grapefruit blush

Sebastian Lip Liner

Lip Tar in Hush

Maskcara Pearl Illuminator

Hope you guys are having a lovely week, love you!