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    Tip Tuesday: Favorite Peel!

    One of the things I get sent the most as a beauty blogger is skin care. Sometimes I am blown away just by the sheer amount of it there is in the world! It’s really difficult to try a bunch of different skin care products, though, so I’m usually pretty conservative in what I’ll actually put on my face.
    When AmorePacific ( a really cool South Korean beauty company) asked me to try their products and collaborate I checked into them online and saw hundreds of RAVE reviews for their Enzyme Peel .  So I agreed to give it a go.
    Even with all the gushing reviews and the gorgeous packaging I was still quite skeptical (rarely does a skin care product wow me enough that I want to share it with you guys, cause I am choosy like that!) but I gave it a go anyway.


    It comes in a powder that is activated with water to become a gentle peel & exfoliant. Once you dampen your face and start rubbing the powder in it turns into a foamy (slightly gritty) paste and it tingles a bit (you know that really good tingle where you know it’s working!) After I rinsed it off my skin looked so radiant and fresh and not irritated at all (which is so nice since my skin seems to be becoming more sensitive every year!)

    Now I’m hooked. I seriously look forward to being able to use it because I LOVE they way my skin looks and feels afterward!


    If you have sensitive skin and/or if you’ve been looking for a gentle brightening & exfoliating treatment you cannot go wrong with this one! Plus it comes with enough powder to last and last, so it’s worth it:)

    Hope you’re having the best day!


    This post was in collaboration with AmorePacific

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