Monday Makeover – Kayla

Kayla is my gorgeous next door neighbor. I first met her when we were moving in and her husband literally jumped on the U-Haul, introduced himself and started packing in boxes. Between him and nick the whole truck was unloaded in an hour! I know moving isn’t fun for anyone so I was really touched by his eagerness to help and Kayla is just as sweet. Every time I look at her I can’t believe her eyes. I mean they look like there’s a light on inside them! Amiright? Plus she’s got some seriously beautiful fair skin.




What I used:

She was a little on the dry side when we began so I started with a VERY moisturizing primer (and a new one I’ve been loving!) IT Cosmetics Feel The Moment
I filled her brows with Brun (of course…)
Then I gave her a once over with some IIID Foundation in Light (the new stuff) avoiding the freckles as much as possible!
Next I lined and filled her lips with (my new FAVORITE Liner) OCC Cosmetics in Sebastion
I dabbed Maskcara blush in Jem on her lips and cheeks (which made her eyes GLOW like crazy!)
On her lids and beneath her eyes on her lash line I patted in Sunrise and to highlight her brow and the middle of her lid I used Transforming Pearl, both from the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette
Then I lined her tear line with NYX Wonder Pencil in light and a touch of NYX Blue eyes liner right below her pupil to add a little extra sparkle to her big blues.
For her lashes I first primed with Dior Lash Primer then I coated them with YSL Shocking Mascara
TO finish I set her with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.
She also has a Halo Hair Extension piece she’d been wanting to put in so we added that, I loved how that pretty banana blonde warmed her up a bit!

I hope you are all having a fun long weekend!

PS On a side note – I am having some issues on the site with my subscription emails not being sent & with comments not being sifted (I have a program that gets rid of all of the spam comments and it’s not working so right now so I have to moderate them myself – you would not believe the amount of spam that comes through! Fake Prada bags and Air Jordan ads pretending to be thoughtful broken english comments out number the real ones 5-1! So weird) Anyway I’m hoping to get that fixed ASAP :)


I think I must be getting old because in my youngin days I didn’t care a lick about sales.
Sales Shmales. I thought.
Now I get almost giddy with the idea of getting something for %30 off, SUCH A GOOD DEAL!

I think it can be a little addicting and I try to not even look at sites like Gilt & Hautelook because I don’t have the self control to withstand %80 OFF…even if it’s 80% off of something I definitely DO NOT need. (although I do still follow along on istagram justincase they are sale-ifying something I’ve been dying to get)

Anyway what I’m getting at is that Sephora is having a sale today and Sephora sales are not a dime a dozen, they’re a pretty rare situation. One we should not ignore.Here are my favorites. The sale only goes through Monday and has limited supplies so…keep that in mind:)

Laura Mercier Value Pack | Laura Mercier Smokey Eye Palette | Urban Decay Face Kit | Lip Tar & Nail Polish | Three Lip Tars |  Another Lip Tar kit! | Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette | Sephora Collection Palette


Winner’s Round Up!

A few weeks ago I had teamed up with Sally Beauty for a giveaway of a $45 Gift Card and a beauty consult on skype helping the winner know how to spend it:)
The Winner was Chelsey Patti and she was an absolute pleasure to chat with, and SO BEAUTIFUL!


She also has a blog called Patti Cake, isn that the best name? I’m all about doing a play on words using your own name, so we were totally on the same page.
She talks about fashion and beauty and life, so definitely check it out:)
Here’s a round up of what we discussed and what I thought she might love:


1. Eye Shadow Quad: So Chelsey lives in Nashville where she has no shortage of HUMIDITY. One of her concerns is that her eye liner bleeds and droops by the end of the day. I told her we can combat that in two ways. One: By setting your liner with a dark/black eyeshadow (using a liner brush or angled brush) which goes a long way to keeping it put…

2. Palladio Liquid Liner: The other option is by using a liquid liner. They are reliable at staying in place as long as you have time to use the steady hand that liquid liners require!

3. De-frizz Wand: She also has beautiful curly hair, which I know can be troublesome on hot humid days. This little magic wand is an AWESOME option for taming baby hairs and fly aways. I love it’s size too, just pop it in your purse in case you have a hair go haywire!

4. Roux Color Refresh Mask: I love her gorgeous vibrant hair color! I just tried this color refresh mask last week and I love it! It’s like a deep conditioner and a hair glaze all in one. Pick the color closets to your own and throw it on in the shower , leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it out. It gives new life and moisture to your hair.

5. OPI Berlin There Done That: I can tell from her blog that Chelsey is a big fan of awesome nail colors! So I picked one of my favorite fall colors!

PLUS! Sally is giving away a tote to anyone who spends $45 or more (in-store) through the rest of August, so she’ll get that too!

Hope you have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!


Wen you’re in love, you show it.

It seems like every single time I talk about Wen I get a bundle of questions about it.
So I’ve been meaning to do a video for a while now explaining all the answers in one place!
I asked the good folks over at Wen if they’d want to team up and do a giveaway to go along with it and they were all about it.
To enter all you have to do is comment your “Dream” Wen scent or your favorite seasonal sent.
The winner will get a Wen Starter kit!

Good luck!!!

and have a fantastic day!