Birthday makeup HAUL

Remember a few weeks ago when I entered the challenge from Retailmenot for a spring essentials kit!?
Well, much to my excitement, I WON! (which really surprised me because after I saw the other entries I was like, yep, not gonna be me.)
Which meant $500 dollars at the happiest place on earth. Sephora.
My head couldn’t even handle my excitement. I sat on the card for weeks because I didn’t want to spend it unless I had done my full research.
I went in to Sephora like 5 times, read reviews and meditated rigorously on the issue.
We take $500 gift certificate VERY SERIOUSLY at this house. These are times when all of my wildest splurges can come to pass.
I even promised myself I wasn’t allowed to use it until I organized my unheavenly makeup mess I have going on…which I mostly did…

My final decision was to wait until my birthday to get the goods, you  know, to make it even more special.
So on wednesday I got my haul and then used as much of it as I could on my face at once!
This instagram post of the final look inspired many requests for a tutorial, which I take as the best compliment, thank you so much for making my day! I’ll post the tutorial next week.
(also, I didn’t spend it all cause I wanted to save some for my mom and sisters so I think this is more like a $250 haul…)

Here are my first impressions:
Of course since they are brand new they won’t be making the Prettilist yet, but if any of these get through my vetting process, I’ll let you know!

Dior Lash Plumping Serum
As I kind of mentioned before I’m looking into all kinds of lash serums and growers and mascaras, this was one I hadn’t tried yet so I threw it in. It’s really hard to give a first impression on something like this (these take FOREVER to review!) but the packing is gorgeous and the primer worked great at adding volume to my lashes when used beneath mascara.

Lip Tar in Hollywood
I looove lip tars and I especially love the new metalics! Sooo pretty. I’m a sucker for anything gold and this is a GORGEOUS apricot gold!

YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink
If I counted up all the times I’ve tried this on on my trips into Sephora I’d probably owe them a tube by now. I don’t know why it took me so long to just buy it already but the wait was worth it! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COLOR and if you’ve never tried YSL lipstick you need to they feel like milky silk on your lips and they are so rich in color. I mean, with all of the times I’ve tried it already this one might even be ready for the Prettilist.

Josie Maron Pure Argan Milk Hydrating Treatment 
Speaking of milk…I was dying to get my hands on this silky oil. I used it about 5 minutes before primer and makeup and let me tell you, my skin was glowing. I’m always looking for more ways to get more moisture and I love how silky this is because It soaks in fast.

YSL Illuminating Foundaion
Another bad boy I’ve been coveting for sometime now. I’m a huge fan of anything that illuminates and goes on sheer, this certainly fits the bill. I applied it with the Beauty Blender and WOW. I used this in Beige Dior 40 and then contoured with my IID foundation in dark (which I also applied with the beauty blender) It was such a flawless finish.

Too Faced Lip Injection EXTREME
Another thing I’ve been looking for is a new lip plumping product to recommend since someone over at Sally Hansen completely lost their marbles and decided to discontinue the love of my life plumper that I currently use. So far so good. I like the claims that it has results that build over time so we will see if that turns out to be the case!

{Sorry if I’ve been a little MIA the last few days I was kind of in my own little world with Nick celebrating my birthday in Staycation style, relaxing is NEVER better than when you’re pregnant I’ve decided. Usually indulgent relation just makes me feel a little antsy or bored..but this week I just lapped it up like crazy.
I know my body is making a baby in there and that’s got to be pretty taxing but on the outside it just feel like I’ve become the laziest person in the world! }

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!I’m excited cause I think Christian will like it this year much better than last year…and deviled eggs.


The prettiest Fake Bridal EVER

When I saw how these photos by Jessica Janae turned out from our bridal makeover I nearly fell over. She is such an amazing artist.

THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS! It took me 100 years to pick the ones I wanted to post! Feast your eyes on these morsels of loveliness….
(also, and let this be a lesson to you, I did her lashes outside in the wind and we didn’t wait a proper amount of time for them to dry  before changing her dress etc. so they got a little messy)

Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography Beautiful Bridal By Jessica Janae Photography


Beautiful Dress & slip {Free People}
Shoes {Steve Madden}
Bracelet {Express}
Head Piece – similar {Asos}
Other Head Piece – Bobby Pins & weeds:)


P.S. I’m working on a video tutorial of this makeup!

Bridal Makeup Do’s & Don’ts

How to look naturally stunning on your wedding day!

I want to start this post off the same way I start all of my “do this, not that” posts.
This is just my opinion from my experience and my personal taste.
These are not facts.
If you TOTALLY disagree with one of my don’ts and you do it all the time and love it, you are just as right as I am:)
I just LOVE these posts because it’s really nice to show the contrast between two things in helping explain why I choose them.

1. Do Make it about your beautiful face, not just the beautiful makeup on it.
When you ‘re picking your wedding makeup consider first the features you want to bring out before considering which makeup you have your heart set on.
I think sometimes we get an idea in our head or we see a certain photograph and we want THAT look, but it isn’t always the best look for bringing out your best features.
When I approach a client I usually study her features and then I set out to highlight the most beautiful ones and the makeup falls into place after that.


2. Don’t Contour with blush
I don’t know why but I see this a lot at weddings and hardly anywhere else? The thing is, when you contour you are creating a shadow but unless it’s of a balloon, shadows aren’t pink! SO instead of creating a shadow it kind of just creates a stripe. Still to ashy toned bronzers or IIID Foundation instead.


3. Know how it’s going to look before hand
I can’t stress this enough! If you are using a pro be absolutely sure to have a test run a few weeks before the wedding. Be honest with her on what you like and don’t like and be sure to take some photos when you’re done to bring to the wedding day appointment so your artist is sure to remember it clearly. It will also help know if it looks good in photos as well as in person. (check out my photo makeup tutorial for more thoughts on this)

4. Don’t make any drastic changes too close to the wedding day
Spray tans, Brow waxes, invasive facials or new products should all all be tested at least once a few weeks before the big day. So many of the wedding day crisis I’ve dealt with could have been averted if they’d used this rule!  When I had my makeup done on my wedding day (the first one :) I didn’t do a test run, I was looking in the mirror getting more and more uncomfortable with how it was coming together. Luckily my sister was there and she could tell I wasn’t loving it. She announced that she needed a moment to talk to me alone and quickly fixed it for me.

6. Pack on the lashes 
If there’s ever a day to to spend some time adding lashes today is the day! They photograph beautifully, they add definition to your eyes without looking like heavy makeup and they make your eyes look gigantic!

7. Bring your lip color along
There’s no way that lipstick is going to last during all the festivities, be sure to have your own on hand for touch ups. A fresh lip color really adds a lot of photos.

8. Wear waterproof mascara
I usually don’t advise waterproof mascara because I think it’s a little hard on lashes but for this one day, it’s a must! I like Voluminous.

9. Don’t forget to set it!
If you are oily you’ll want to set with a good powder like IT cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, more on the dry side? use a setting spray instead!

10. Look like you!
Heavy makeup that you don’t usually wear is one of those things that might make you feel really special but might leave you wondering who that is in your wedding photos when you’re looking back. Plus, I don’t know very many grooms who prefer their brides to look really “made-up” they love the way YOU look :)


All photos by Jessica Janae Photography

What I did: (isn’t Sidney gorgeous BTW!?)

I started with some moisture on her face. I like to prep with Maracuja Oil because it soaks up pretty quick.
Next I HAC’ed her with IIID foundation in Dark and dabbed her cheeks with Maskcara blush in Jem.
I filled her brows with an angled brush and MAC brun shadow, then I framed her eyes with bronzer. I blended it in down below her lash line on the bottom and almost to her brow on top, it makes your eyes look really big and give a lot of dimension to the eye socket. (I’m really obsessed with this look lately can you tell!?)
Then I went CRAZY with lashes!  Using clusters and individuals on her bottom row and on top layered over a pair of lashes (since it was a “bride” I used extra special lashes). Then I lined her tear line and on her top lash line with black liner (Loreal Gel Liner in Blackest Black)
I wanted her to be really luminous so I added some highlighter to her cheekbone and brow bone.
I lined her lips with NYX Taupe and filled them with MAC Creme Cup Lipstick and Soap & Glory gloss in Candy Gloss
Then I dusted bronzer on her cheeks and around the edges of her face and set her with All Nighter.

What do you think? Any of you have any wedding day beauty disasters to share??


Spring Fling! Party on Pinterest

Hi guys!

I am really excited about having another fun pinterest party with a bunch of my favorite bloggers (and 6 new ones, that are incredible!)
Which means an awesome night hanging out on pinterest and of course LOTS of really spectacular prizes!

Spring Fling- Save the Date1

So, mark your calendars for APRIL 29th!

…and check out all of bloggers involved in the meantime! I really love all of them.

The Dating Divas / The 36th Avenue / Somewhat Simple / Lil Luna / I Heart Naptime / One Good Thing / Maskcara / HowDoesShe / Twist Me Pretty / Living Locutro / The Crafting Chicks / Living Well Spending Less / Kids Activities Blog

You gotta love a party that you can go to in you Pjs, right?

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**Be sure to enter this HUGE kickoff giveaway below and RSVPing for the party!**


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Spring Fling- GiveawayUPDATED

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Spring Fling