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    What’s the Difference Wednesday

    It’s been a minute since I’ve had the pleasure of playing WTDW with you guys – incase you’re new here it’s all about SLOWLY scrolling so you can only see the top photo and looking if you can spot the difference in the two photos, and what I actually did to make that difference. Some are more obvious than others but it’s always fun to see exactly why we do makeup a certain way or why I recommend certain beauty efforts:)

    So go ahead and take a gander at today’s installment:


    Any guesses?

    If you said I appear to have two totally different noses you’d be right! I actually contoured both of them. One in the way that did when I first learned contouring (the left) and one in the way I use it now (right) albeit they are both a bit exaggerated for effect.


    On the left side I basically drew two dark line down the sides of my nose indiscriminately and one light line down the center. About finger width.

    On the right side, I drew two very fine (and curved at the brow) lines on the top of my bridge and a very thin line down the center then blended. One BIG different to note as well is the highlight I applied to my nostrils and to the sides of the nose below my fine contour lines. You can play with the thinness here, it certainly doesn’t have to be as pointed as I’ve done but it does help diminish the focus on your nose so other features are able to shine brighter.

    Nose contouring can be a tricky beast but one tip I’ll leave here in addition to the above is to face your source of light. Sit in front of a window or use vanity lighting. It’s almost impossible to do well with side lighting and still pretty tricky with overhead.


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