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Do you ever notice halfway through someone’s sentence that you haven’t been listening to a word they’ve been saying? I never used to do this before I had kids but I feel like I really need to make it a priority to show people respect and love by listening…really listening…to what they’re saying to me. People really need to be heard, it’s such an important part of being a real friend.

Hello cutest striped top ever and only 13 bucks!? SOLD.

Burgundy lips are soooo pretty on pretty much everyone. Whiter looking teeth, bright eyes and there’s a vampy sexiness to them. This color I just ordered from Kat is gorgeous and I really like her everlasting lip colors.

Speaking of everlasting lipstick have you guys tried the new NYX suede collection!? I am totally slacking but I plan to try them this weekend. I am praying they’re as good as the Velvetines so I can use them instead!

This old navy sweater is soooo cute!

OK if you want a GOOD laugh check out these people who are setting a world record for laziness. Hysterical!



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Flying with a baby.

I flew to Boston yesterday ALL BY MYSELF!
I did miss my boys later but while I was on the plane I definitely did not!
What a joy to just sit, read and relax. I told one of my friends how wonderful it was after something like 20 flights (poor billy!) with an infant over the last year. I get so stressed and worried about him having to endure a flight and concerned we’d be bothering others. To that she said that she wished people were more understanding and nice to moms on the plane.

That totally stopped me in my tracks.

OH no! I did not mean to imply that people were at all rude, quite the contrary in fact!
It got me thinking over some of the sweet experiences I had with the goodness of strangers and I think, those people…the everyday kind hearted souls, just don’t get enough credit, so I thought I’d share a couple of those stories today.

While Billy was teething I was exceptionally stressed, he was pretty miserable and fuzzy and I went to the very back of the plane and prayed for an empty seat next to me (southwest seating). At the very last minute a tough looking man ran down the aisle. As soon as he laid eyes on the tight squeezed seat next to me and an infant he looked like he might hyperventilate and started mumbling something about being claustrophobic to the flight attendant. He thinks this is bad, I thought, wait until I have to breastfeed! There was no where else for him to go so grudgingly he sat down and put his head in his hands. I tried to keep the little wandering and sticky hands as far away from this poor guy as I could and struggled to shush him and keep him distracted even more than usual. It was going to be a long awkward flight!
But as soon as we were safely in the air the guy sat up and started playing with Billy. He was so sweet with him! He sang him songs and played games with him. He reassured me a thousands times that he wasn’t bothering him one bit. He showed him photos of his puppies on his phone and dangled his keys and before I knew it we were landing!
Before he got off he said “Man, I thought that was gonna be a terrible flight stuck in the back but it was such a pleasure to get to sit by this cute little guy.”

What a lovely surprise. He may not ever know how much that meant to me and how much worry and stress he so sweetly alleviated that day.

The next act of kindness comes to mind when Billy was exhausted during a layover and this baby whisperer took him in her arms and rocked him to sleep (in like 10 seconds flat!)


Or when this family across the aisle entertained him with crayons and toys and snacks on a long flight from New York to Las Vegas.


Not to mention to 100’s of women who gave me reassuring smiles during crying spells and offers to do anything to help during the flight as soon as they spotted me holding an infant.

It is really incredible that people would go out of their way to show kindness when it would be so easy and quite reasonable to be annoyed or indifferent instead.

It’s not easy being a parent. We can’t possibly be everything they need. But we are lucky,
oh so lucky,

that there are so many grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and perfect strangers willing to lend a hand when ours alone are not enough.



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