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    What’s the difference Wednesday

    So happy you guys are all on board with this new series (if you missed it, I introduced it here)!

    I’ve been looking forward to this one all week, and I’m so happy to have a place to share the little details like this.

    Ok take a look at these two photos (for this one I couldn’t do half the face for reasons that will become clear to you later:)

    Note: Please excuse the slight coloring change from the top being a touch more yellow than the bottom. No idea how that happened and I tried to fix it but I wasn’t able to get them exact so…that’s not the difference FYIbrow_placementDid you guess it? The top photo had a lower brow than the bottom photo.
    I’ve noticed around the internet brow guidelines for length and arch placement are addressed regularly. But for many people who don’t have much natural brow hair or who do but don’t know where to pluck the question of where the brow should sit height wise remains.


    I prefer the top photo. Or the lower placement in this comparison. The expressions we make that use our brows (so…pretty much all of them ) can be changed or sometimes distorted if our brows are out of place.  While I really don’t think the bottom photo looks bad and it might be nice to have more eyelid showing, that’s not where my brows are meant to go so it will alter my expressions. (i.e. permanent surprise, deer in the headlights, angry etc.)


    Luckily our faces come equipped with pretty solid guidelines built right in (so long as you can scrunch your eyebrows 🙈) When you do you’ll see a little line appear below your brow. Theoretically you’d want your brow to sit right on that line (in which case the line pretty much disappears or just barely above it.

    In the diagram below you’ll see how the lower brow is helping me make that furrowed expression but the higher one is just kind of stuck up looking down from its high horse:)


    If you’d like another visual this GIF of Megan Fox demos it pretty well. There’s a lot of other changes going on but if you look at the brow placement alone it’s pretty wild!

    So, what do you guys think!?  Agree? disagree? Please share your thoughts!

    And have a happy hump day!


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