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    Friday Favs

    I haven’t posted favorites in a while and they were accumulating in the notes on my phone, so I decided to spring them on you this morning!


    I’ve heard this one before but it always makes me think.

    This bra kept showing up on my Facebook feed, begging me to try it. I finally fell to the peer pressure and ordered one and I am so glad I did! It does everything I want from a bra. Holds the girls up, is so comfortable I can forget I’m wearing it, makes itself scarce underneath my top, looks pretty, has enough thickness for a cold room but not so much that I double in cup size. So if you like those things too, get one! You can wear it all you want for a month and still send it back if it isn’t working for you.

    I’ve tried the fancy dentist office teeth whitening kits and I’ve now tried this one. Happy to report that the $30 one is just as good if not better! I love when that happens.

    Now that I have two babes under two I felt it was high time I got myself a double stroller. So I asked the twin moms I know and they pretty much all agreed on the City Select Double (because it’s so sleek & incredibly versatile). Naturally, being a coveted baby item, it’s priced in the range of a small car:) In efforts of rationalization I opted for the “used” one through Amazon Warehouse which saved me a couple hundred bucks. The reason I wanted to share this is because when it came there was literally zero indication that it had ever been so much as pulled out of the box! Not sure if this would work the same for everyone but it made me very happy I’d saved the money!

    This backpack is BY FAR my new favorite bag! As soon as I opened it out of the shipping box I knew it was a winner. It is so cute, light, and has a ton of compartments and pockets. Not to mention you can wear it in so many different ways. Plus it’s Vegan and very reasonably priced!

    Am I the only person who hates putting lotion on after a shower because I feel like I have to wait 100 years to get dressed?! So most of the time I just have dry skin but recently I tried this Nivea In shower Lotion and now I’m totally hooked! It really does work and my skin is silky soft when I get into my clothes instead of sticky and cold!

    I talked about these Pocket T shirts a while back but they are finally back in stock so I had to let you know. They are SO CUTE and fit perfectly.

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and the happiest Independence day!
    Love you!


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